Indian Kholi


This was my first trip to Bombay. As it was know then in the year 1963(now its mumbai). I had never seen the sea before. All my life I had lived in Delhi. I was a 27-year-old IAS officer. I was not married. Even though I had many relationships and had been with a number of women. I never committed to anyone. I liked my freedom. I had arrived in Bombay for a short vacation. It was a city, which had always fascinated. I was staying in a government guesthouse at versova. I was the only guest there at that time. There was only one keeper who looked after the guesthouse. His name was narayan.

Versova is a place along the Bombay coastline. In 1963 it was hardly inhabited by anyone except the

Kholi’s (fisherman). Most of the fisherman stayed in versova village but some had their huts at edge of the beach.

It was a Friday, I had a early dinner. There wasn’t much to do. So I decided to take a walk on the beach. It was beautiful full moon night. The beach was only at a 10 minutes walking distance from the guesthouse. As I was walking on the beach I heard a moaning sound coming from somewhere. I looked around the beach. At not a very far distance away in the front I saw a small hut. It was dimly lit. From this distance I could only make out two silhouettes. My curiosity got the better of me. I decided to find out what was going in there. I softly tiptoed towards the hut. I didn’t want who ever were in the hut to know that I was present there. As I got closer the moaning became louder. The people in the hut were under the impression that they were the only ones in the area and didn’t make an effort to keep their voices down. I found a perfect hole in the wall of the hut that gave me a clear view inside. As peeked through, I saw a girl sitting on the lap of a guy. The guy was completely naked. The girl was wearing a Kholi dress (like the one Dimple wore in a song in Bobby). She would be 20 or 21 year old. The guy looked a little older than that. She was the most beautiful creature I had seen. She had a round face with big bright sparking brown eyes. Her body was voluptuous. She had big breast that her blouse was having a hard time to contain.

She was sitting on the guy’s lap and his hands were on her breast. He was squeezing them hard. Scrambling them around. Her blouse eventually gave up and her beautiful boobs came out. They were quite big in size and had really dark nipples. As her breast came out the guy hungrily dug his face into them. Her moans increased and become much louder. This man was very violent in handling her. He got up and shoved his enormous dick into her mouth. She was having a hard time swallowing it but he caught her head and kept pushing it back and forth. I had a very hard erection myself. I was shaking my cock desperately. I wanted to cum when he cum her mouth. Both our intensities were increasing. It was a thrilling experience. As I started to cum I looked up and saw her mouth flooding up.

After loading her up he pushed her on the cot nearby. He started to remove her dhoti like thing, from her waist below. Now she was completely nude. She had a really big ass. I couldn’t get a look at her pussy. But I was sure it must be terrific. He again violently shoved his dick into her pussy. He was ramming her at a very fast pace. Her moans were loudest anime porno now. After having rammed her for 10 minutes he finally came and collapsed on top her. I couldn’t take this anymore and left without drawing any attention.

In the night lying on the bed I couldn’t think of anything else. The picture of her beautiful naked body kept flashing in front of my eyes all night. Those beautiful breasts, that enormous ass kept me up all night. I had to relieve myself more than five times. As dawn was breaking I had made up my mind. I am going to have her for myself, come what may.

While having my morning tea I spoke to guesthouse keeper. His name was narayan. He was a local and had been living in the area for more than thirty years. I was sure that if anyone could help me it was only he. After narrating him the whole episode and I told him my desire. He immediately refused and advised me to forget about her. He said “sahib, you don’t know these kholi folks. If he even comes to know you have your eye on his women, he will kill you” at this point I didn’t care I was overcome by the lust for this kholi girl. I told narayan that I was ready to do anything and ready to pay any price for one night with her. Narayan pondered over this for a while and suddenly out of no where shouted “Gold”. I asked what he meant. He said “sahib, these kholi women love gold, they cant get enough of it. If we make a really generous offer than maybe she might agree” I was really thrilled to hear that and told him I was ready to buy her as much gold she would want. Narayan further added that today being a Friday the men must have gone to sea to catch fish and would return in a day or two. So if we had to make our move it would have to be today.

I was sitting on the beach at a distance of 500 meters from the hut that I had visited last night. It has been half n hour since narayan went inside the hut. For the first ten minutes I heard loud angry noises. I was scared that she might not agree. But the last twenty minutes had been quite.

Narayan came out of the hut with a big smile on his face. My hopes were suddenly raised. “She has agreed!” narayan said coming near me. My excitement didn’t know any bounds. “She wants gold jewelry worth RS. 3,000 before hand and only then she will spend one night with you” narayan said laying down her terms. But nothing mattered. I didn’t care for money I just wanted her. I agreed to all the terms and asked him to call her out. He shouted out loud her name “Meena”. Ahhh sweet Meena tonight you will be mine.

She looked even more beautiful in the morning. Her brown eyes were still sparkling and her wheatish complexion was glowing in the afternoon sun. Her hairs were neatly tied at the back and she was wearing a kholi dress like last night. The mangalsutra around her neck confirmed that she was married. She had a large red tikka on her forehead. She didn’t look at me and kept her eyes on the ground. I wanted to run over and take her in my arms at that moment. The moment I had been waiting since last night would arrive very soon. The three of us started walking away from the beach.

I was sitting on the sofa in the drawing room at the guesthouse. Narayan was out in veranda drinking a bottle of whisky that I gave him for his service asyalı porno plus a note of RS.500. Meena was in the kitchen preparing fish for dinner. She had bought gold jewelry worth RS.3800 in a three hour shopping spree. I didn’t mind because the only thing I wanted was she and very soon I was going to have her. She served dinner. It was some type of masala fish that went down very with a bottle of scotch that I had been saving for a special occasion. She stood at a corner staring down at the floor. I couldn’t wait any longer. I asked her to sit besides me. She moved forward slowly and sat down besides me like a obedient servant. We couldn’t talk much with each other. I didn’t know her local language and she could only manage a few broken words of Hindi.

As time passed I could felt she was getting more relaxed. I put my arm around her shoulder. Surprised and she shook with fright. I slowly clamed her down and with a little persuasion made her head rest on my shoulders. I moved my hands on her choli. It had a very soft feeling to it. I took one breast in my hand and squeezed it softly. She let out a soft moan. Then I moved my hand on her bare stomach. I put my middle finger in her belly. She was shivering. With my other hand I pushed her chin up and this was the first time our eyes met. Our lips met. She was a hesitant and didn’t open her mouth. But after the initial struggle with herself she gave up. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths passionately. It was time to move all this in the bedroom. I held her hand and lead us to the bedroom.

She was standing in front of me in the brightly lit room (I didn’t turn of the light because I wanted to see her naked). It was time to unwrap the present I had bought for myself. I undid her choli first. Her huge breasts popped out. Her breasts were soft as butter and I pressed them in all possible ways. I started to suck on her erect and dark nipples. I licked cleaned both her breast and bite them then I released her of her doti. Now this beautiful goddess was standing totally naked in front of me. She didn’t have a very thick bush and cunt was quite visible. Her clit walls were thick. The fragrance from her pussy was quite misty. I rolled my tongue against her tick clit walls. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was like an electric shocked passed all over my body. There I was sucking the pussy of the girl of my dream. I probed my tongue deeper in her womanhood. I could taste her salty cum. I let my tongue explore her for more than 10 minutes. She was very close to an orgasm. I changed strategy and pushed two fingers in her hot pussy. My fingers were squeaking through her pussy. She was shouting out loud like a crazy bitch. She came. The palm of my hand was full of her vaginal juices. I smelled her juice. The fragrance was intoxicating.

I took of my clothes and sat on the edge of the bed. I saw she was admiring my cock like a hungry beast. Boy! Was she in for a treat. I carefully guided her head to my cock. She gobbled up the bastard like kids eat candy. She sucked my cock cleaned with her tongue. I wanted to face fuck her. I started trust my dick in and out of her mouth. My cock was on fire. Later she swallowed both my balls. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! MAN THE ECTASY!!!!. Now my cock was really on fire and only her backroom casting porno pussy juice could put if off. After kissing passionately for 5 minutes I very lovingly laid her on the bed. I brushed my purple knob against her pussy. She was breathing very heavily that time. It was time, with full force I pushed myself in her. She let out a very loud cry. I started with rhythmic motions. My balls were banging against her butt checks. Slowly and steadily I increased my speed. The decimal level of her moans matched my speed. Now I was fucking her with full force. I was about to cum.


We both came at the same time. I laid there on top of her with my dick still in her pussy for more than half n hour.

It looked at the watch it was 3 am. I devilish planned started to develop in my mind. I asked her to dress up and I put on my clothes. I was going to fulfill a long-standing fantasy to mine. I grabbed her hand and we left the guesthouse.

We were standing in front of the sea. The sand beneath our feet was quite cold. The cool breeze hitting my body was making me really horny. We started to fool around. This time I opened her choli and dhoti with my teeth. After some initial licking and sucking I was eager to get down to some serious buiness. I saw some big stones at the edge of the beach. I asked her to bend on one of the stones. Now her ass was facing me. In the moon lithe night her ass looked very desirable to me. I slowly started to squeeze and play around with her butt checks. I pulled them apart. There it was! Her ass-hole was shining in the moonlight. I put my finger in it and teased it. I took my face closer to it. The smell from it almost gave me an orgasm. I put my tongue in it and stared to suck it. Meena started to moan again. Her moans were driving me mad. I wanted to BANG HER! I got up furiously and just shoved my 8′ inch cock in A-hole. To my surprise, my dick slid inside quite comfortably.

This showed that she was not an ass virgin and must have got her ass fucked at lot of times. It started to bang her really hard. Her moans very were getting very loud. The cold sea wind was hitting our bodies. All this was driving me to the peak of my ecstasy. I stared to ram her even harder. I came with full force in her ass. We both lay naked on the beach embroiled in our sweat and love juice’s till dawn started to break. She started to dress but I didn’t let her. I told her that we are walking back to the guesthouse butt naked! She was reluctant in the start but I forced her into it. As we left the beach the cool sea breeze was blowing even more fiercely and hitting our naked backs hard.

It was a cool morning. Our naked bodies throbbing against each other as we raced towards the guesthouse. To our luck there wasn’t a single soul in sight. We reached the guesthouse. Narayan was still fast asleep in the veranda. I took her into my room and we cuddled our naked bodies together and slept in each other’s arms.

I got up and looked at the clock. It was 10:00 am. Meena was standing in front of mirror. All dressed up and ready to go. She had the bocks of jewelry that I had bought for her in her hands. God I wished she didn’t have to go now or ever go away. I looked into her eyes. Maybe some part in her also wanted to stay. But we both knew it would never work out. She gave me a smile and left.

I have never seen or heard from that kholi girl again. Even now when I remember that night in the summer of 1963 the hair on my body stand up.

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