Induction of the First Years Ch. 02


Delina threw her teacher’s legs over her shoulders. She had spent the last five minutes playing with her boobs, licking and sucking them until Mrs Mwera was groaning like a patient in a Flying Doctors’ ambulance. Now, she stared at her language teacher’s dark pussy lips shining with the juices of arousal. The sparse cunt hairs clung to the sides as if fearing they would fall into the pink depths. Delina lowered her mouth to wash the thick lips with her outstretched tongue.

“Tss-aah” wailed the poor teacher. Arms supporting the thick thighs, the girl lapped the lips up and down, spreading saliva and cunt juices all over the outer lips, which were gaping open ready for anything. “Aaaaah,” wailed the teacher again, this time because Delina’s partner in crime Marge, behind the sofa and leaning forward, had taken their teacher’s boobs in her hands kneading them, and squeezing the nipples gently. At the same time she was running wet lips over Mrs Mwera’s very sensitive neck and ear region. The young Ruthie sat in the opposite sofa watching all this going on, remembering how she had felt two days before, when her bathtime was invaded by these two girls. A wild mixture of pleasure and embarrassment came over her again. She clamped her naked thighs together, yet the smells, sights and sounds of girl-on-girl sex were getting to her. Delina’s bottom as she knelt between the teacher’s legs seemed to invite her, but she had been ordered to sit still.

Then Delina invaded her teacher’s inner lips with her tongue, flattening them against the sides of the wide-open cunt. “Wuuuui!!” the teacher gasped in ecstasy. She ran her wicked tongue along the gash left by the inner lips, stopping just before touching the clit. Mrs Mwera had been expecting the tongue to visit her clit.

“Oooh, don’t casino oyna torture me that way, girls!” For answer she felt a finger at her cunt’s entrance, rimming the hole. Slowly as the tongue continued its depredations, the finger pushed into her hole. It set up a fucking motion, before it was crooked to attack the roof of her channel, where folds and grooves lay hidden. As this was rubbed, by the tip of the finger, the teacher’s boobs were being sucked. At one and the same moment, Marge sucked one nipple into her mouth, Delina’s tongue eventually arrived at the clit and the rubbing of her G-spot hit a peak.

The teacher’s thighs trembled, her mouth let go of a high-pitched scream while a powerful jet of warm liquid rushed out of that pink flesh drenching Delina’s lips and chin. The girl drank it all up, save for a few drops that ran down onto the sofa. Ruthie’s emotions were in a violent swirl imagining that their teacher was going through what she had been subjected to by Marge and Delina, but without the shame; she could see Mrs Mwera was in paradise.

Marge was moaning into the teacher’s titflesh licking slowly, while Delina was finishing the cleaning up the cunt of the various juices. “Ruthie, come sit at Mrs Mwera’s other side!” suddenly commanded Marge. The youngster came timidly and sat. Before she knew it Marge, behind and above her, had attacked her small half-lemon tits with her hands, squeezing them and pulling at the nipples gently. At the same time Ruthie felt Marge’s mouth on her earlobe, causing her to shrink her neck. Delina’s hand, unoccupied for some time now, drew Ruthie’s legs apart to rub the inner thighs. Despite being just past her nineteenth birthday the girl had them quite thick. Delina laid her head against Mrs Mwera’s thigh, keeping her eyes slot oyna towards Ruthie’s body as her hand rubbed and squeezed the thighs. She ran her palm the whole length of the girl’s thighs, approaching the sparse cunt hairs. Without being asked to she opened them to let Delina’s hand fondle her thin outer lips. Ruthie heard herself moan quietly. Marge stuck her tongue a little into Ruthie’s ear bringing a louder moan to her throat.

Cupping the whole pudendum with her palm, Delina squeezed it a few times before letting a finger roam along the slit. ‘She’s wet, dammit!’ said Delina to no one in particular. Mrs Mwera, by now recovered from her marathon run, circled her arm around the girl’s shoulders bringing her closer. Marge, on the far side did not let up on the half-lemon tits. The teacher pulled the girl closer and placed a well-aimed kiss on her lips. The tongue then took permission from the lips to delve further into Ruthie’s mouth. The tongue was wrestled this way and that, causing the poor girl to squeal under this triple assault.

“Put one leg on the seat, girl!” commanded Delina, her head still resting on her teacher’s thigh. Ruthie obeyed only to feel her pussy invaded yet again but this time in a friendlier atmosphere. She could not help squirming slightly in the seat as Delina’s finger furrowed her clit up and down. “Excuse me,” said Delina to their teacher.

She lifted her head and brought her body between Ruthie’s thighs. Before proceedings could open, Mrs Mwera said, “Delina, lay Ruthie full on the seat and eat her in that position. I want to try something.” Little did any of the girls suspect that while Delina kneeled over Ruthie, her bottom would be high in the air, which is exactly what Mrs Mwera wanted. Within no time she lay on the seat, bringing canlı casino siteleri her mouth up to Delina’s cunt, now running copiously with juices from the excitement of the previous hour. Her legs hung over the armrest giving her a very comfortable posture.

“Tsss-aiiie, teacher!” screamed Delina little expecting an attack from that quarter. The teacher manouvred Delina’s body so that one leg went back to the floor, the better to open her up. Then the attack began in earnest. The teacher’s tongue was long and could be flattened out like a German Shepherd’s. Delina almost lost her rhythm of Ruthie’s cunt. Ruthie was sent sky-high with excitement when she smelt Marge’s cunt over her own mouth. Much as she had never sucked another woman’s cunt, she found the idea so powerfully exciting that she swung into it with gusto, adjusting herself according to the owner’s input.

Pretty soon, Marge said, “Fondle my boobs, Ruthie!” The girl extracted her hands from between the bodies and searched for the body floating above her. She felt the ribs, but at that moment, Delina’s tongue flicked her clit causing her mouth to stop eating Marge and the progress of her arms to be arrested. But she soon recovered, digging her tongue viciously into Marge’s cunt and her hands eventually found those tits far up in the air. Delina’ s assault on Ruthie’s cunt soon bore fruit. She felt those thick, young thighs clamp about her head as a muffled scream came from Ruthie’s mouth.

Hearing this Mrs Mwera redoubled her sucking of Delina, bringing her to a crisis borne of Ruthie’s orgasm and very competent pussy eating by the teacher. Poor Marge was left hanging when Ruthie fell away in her climax. But the teacher was not just a teacher of languages. She had other skills. She could hear that Marge had not been brought off by the young girl and quickly rearranged the already-come Delina and Ruthie away from the action to bring Marge over her mouth. Hands on tits and mouth on pussy, the teacher brought Marge to a climax in scant minutes.

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