Infinite Sensuality

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Infinite SensualityInfinite SensualityDaydreaming, fantasizing,His mind wanders, realities dim,Feeling immersed in the moment,Unable to stop thinking of her.Sexual images fill her mind,Utterly carnal and erotic,Lustful thoughts envelope him.Mesmerizing and hypnotic….Arousing her completely,Capturing, enrapturing him,Infinite sensuality,Feeling desire simmer and stir….And then, he looks around,Becoming captivated by her gaze,Returning her glance seductively,His mind and soul ablaze.Seeing him approaching her,Naked, her soul laid bare,Exposed and ever so fragile,Unsure and vulnerable there.His eyes filled with such passion,Peering straight into her soul,His touch, electrifying,As she loses all control.Then kisses, deep and passionate,Consumed by lust and desire,Sparks flying unencumbered,Setting their bodies on fire.Embracing, holding bayan escort istanbul her tightly,Chemistry heightened, intensifies, Revealing the depth of his feelings,So apparent, he cannot disguiseHow she melts when he kisses her,How breathless he makes her feel,Overcome with deep emotion,Impossible to conceal.Slowly, he starts to undress her,Revealing nipples, hard and erect,Staring fixated, his eyes widen,Caressing, then feeling the affectThat touching her is having,Feeling completely turned on,Aroused beyond description,Passion, desire…. and beyond.Kneeling down, touching her pussy,Then probing fingers into her slide,Feeling the wetness that’s forming,Exploring, so deep inside….Licking, sucking on her nipples,With his fingers still deep inside,Feeling the way she’s respondingSuch passion can’t be denied….Then istanbul escort bayan pinching and squeezing her breastsAs his other hand runs down her leg,Then bringing his hand to her ass,Gasping, she moans and starts to beg,”Oh baby, fuck me… please fuck me now,Put your cock…. deep inside of me,”Standing, nearly limp in his arms,Panting, almost breathlessly….Impassioned, their bodies merge,Entangling together, becoming one,Sensuality intensifying,Awestruck by what has begunTo develop and form between them,A connection they cannot define,So much more than sexual,As their souls begin to combine.Asking her to get on top of him,She quickly moves into place,Wildly riding his hard, stiff cock,Dangling her tits in his face….Gyrating there on top of himAs he sucks on her nipples again,Feeling increasing sensationsSurging istanbul escort through her body, and thenCrying out, yelling excitedly,”Oh baby, I’m going to cum,Oh yes, I’m cumming…. I’m cumming,”As her orgasm starts to becomeEven more strong and intenseAs she wildly moves up and down,Then grabbing her by the waist,Rotating her hips around, around….Then feeling her squeeze her cuntTightly around his hard cock,Over and over again, squeezing it,Making his dick as hard as a rock,And sending electrical charges,Or at least that’s how it seems,Throughout their entire bodies,Until he loudly screams….”Oh baby, I’m going to cum,I’m shooting my load into you.”And hearing this, her cunt tightens,And she yells, “I’m cumming, too.”Their bodies joined and united,Connected, completely in tune,Cumming together, intensely,As they spiritually commune….Transported, another time and place,Drifting, floating endlessly,Just the two of them existing,Wrapped in sensual ecstasy….And as they lay there, embracing,Feeling spent entirely, lusciously,Understanding and craving,Infinite sensuality….

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