Although Luci had only recently married, she yearned for the touch that only another woman could give. She had promised herself that she would be able to put her bisexual relationships behind her once she was married, but it was proving much more difficult than she had anticipated. She loved Mark so much, that was true, but she felt she was being torn apart between her desire to be faithful and the raw needs of her body that thirsted for another woman.

Yet she knew that should she give in, undoubtedly one day Mark would find out and then she would lose a wonderful man. She so needed the solid foundation that Mark had provided since they had met less than a year ago, and yet she was unsure if she could control her body’s needs.

And of course, it had all been made worse by them buying a house together and moving in next to such an overtly sexy couple. Belinda and Thomas were very friendly but if her situation was not bad enough, Belinda confided that the two of them were swingers and that she liked nothing better than being with a woman. Luci had moaned inside at the confession, particularly as Belinda had a body made for sin.

She resolved to try and keep her distance, but living next to one another that was not the easiest thing to achieve. And particularly as Thomas was forming a strong friendship with Mark, but then Belinda had told her he would, all with the specific purpose of swinging as couples. Mark could not understand why Luci was being stand-offish with their new friends, but she just could not explain what Belinda had told her. She knew he would not believe her and that Belinda would deny it.

Consequently, that resulted in tension between her and Mark, as the lack of an explanation made it appear as if she was being irrational. They walked on eggshells around each other for a while and that edginess spread to the bedroom where they hadn’t made love, or even really touched each other, for a couple of weeks. She was so trying to be good, and casino siteleri yet so horny she could cry.

That meant her sessions with her vibrator were growing more frequent as the stress of her need for some kind of release built daily. And when she masturbated, she often thought of Belinda instead of Mark. And she recalled her previous experiences with women, to such an extent she was ready to go out of her mind.

One evening, Mark told her he’d arranged for them to spend the evening at Thomas and Belinda’s and she made up a migraine, knowing that if she did go it would be the start of their neighbour’s attempts to get them to swing. But Mark was so fed up he decided to go by himself and once he had done so, it had not taken long for Luci to start the feeling of arousal that haunted her.

As she lay in the lounge watching television, she was soon touching herself and thinking of what she would like to do with the sexy Belinda. It took only a minute or two for her to bring herself to the brink of orgasm and as she played with the nipples that were now hard little bullets under her red blouse, she had to keep stopping to prevent herself from cumming. But her thoughts were so fucking deliciously wicked that she was soon gasping for breath and taking herself back to the brink of orgasm again and again.

Desperate for release, she took her vibrator from the bedroom drawer and decided she just had to let herself go. With each touch she had brought about more intense sensations than the one before and it seemed there was no escaping her desire. She began to let out her usual little grunts of arousal as she built up the pressure, the vibrator taking closer and closer.

“Fuck, girl, that’s hot,” came a voice from behind her.

She froze in mid-thrust, her hand still gripping the base of the buzzing vibrator as she looked over her shoulder.

Belinda stood there, a wicked glint in her eye as she stroked her tits through her t-shirt, clearly turned on slot oyna by what she had being seeing.

“Mark told us you had a migraine, and I came to see how you are,” she grinned, “But I see you are doing fine without me…”

She turned towards Belinda’s voice, and gestured with her other hand for her to leave. “Please go, Belinda. I feel so embarrassed!”

But instead of heeding the plea, Belinda came closer and knelt next to Luci.

“No need for embarrassment, babe. I use mine regularly too!”

Luci tried to cover herself, flicking her pleated skirt over her legs as she removed the vibrator from her thong and switched it off.

Belinda’s dropped her hand onto Luci’s arm. “Don’t stop, babe. It was so beautiful to watch, and anyway, you look like you need relief!” she said, her voice soft and encouraging.

Luci tried to struggle up. “Belinda. Go now, please.”

But the woman slipped a strong arm around her waist and held her in position on the sofa. “Here, babe, let me help.”

She eased the vibrator from Luci’s hand and deftly switched it on, the humming noise sounding deafening in the quiet of the room.

“Belinda, no…” gasped Luci, but the feel of the phallus against the inside of her thighs felt delicious.

“Please, Belinda…” she tried again, but she could feel the woman ease vibrating head against her wet thong.

“Oh fuck, Belinda, no…”

“If you mean, no,” her neighbour purred, “Why are you opening your legs?”

Luci looked down and saw that she had involuntarily eased her legs wider to accommodate Belinda’s actions, and as she attempted to bring them together, Belinda slipped the head under her thong and against her sensitive lips.

“Belinda, please…” Luci pleaded, but both women saw her open her legs wider as Belinda eased it deeper inside her throbbing body and suddenly Luci came, her amber nectar spurting across Belinda’s hand and the cushions of the sofa.

“Good girl,” she whispered, canlı casino siteleri licking along Luci’s neck “That won’t be your last cum of the night!”

She twisted the base of the vibrator to increase the speed and Luci fell back, lost to the sensations as the phallus sent electric impulses tearing through Luci’s body. All sense had gone and she immediately came again, letting out little shrieking noises as the spasms wracked through her entire being.

“So good,” whispered Belinda, leaving the vibrator throbbing inside her and moved both hands to unbutton Luci’s blouse and unhook her bra, pulling them both from her body.

“Gorgeous, Luci,” she whispered. “So beautiful. So lickable. And oh so fuckable. I’ve been waiting a while for this, you know, and now, I’m going to take good care of you.”

She pulled the vibrator away and, still buzzing, threw it on the carpet. She pulled Luci’s thong down and off her legs before crawling between Luci’s legs, lifting each of her slender legs up over her shoulders and slipping her hands up her writhing body to grasp each breast, her fingers gently tugging on her hard nipples.

Lowering her face, she softly ran the tip of her tongue across Luci’s swollen clit. Luci reacted as if an electric shock had hit her, jerking upwards and spreading her legs wider in response. She sucked it inside, her teeth pulling on it as Luci literally screamed and writhed beneath that incredible tongue. The fingers of Belinda’s right hand joined her tongue, whilst her left continued to work her breast. It took no time to bring the married woman to the boil once more.

“Want to cum, baby? Does Mark’s pretty little wife want to cum on Belinda’s tongue?”

Her words, as much as her fingers and tongue, took Luci over the edge. Her body was bucking and gyrating under Belinda’s powerful ministrations and then she cried out as her entire body stiffened before howling as if she was possessed by demons. She shuddered and trembled for longer than she knew and each time she began to recover, Belinda’s skilful thumb on her clit took her over the edge again.

“Insatiable little bitch, aren’t you,” she whispered. “Tomorrow you can do me!”

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