Intern Lauren


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.


It was our first day in the new office space and things were pretty chaotic. I’d forgotten that we had training for our new photocopier billing system until Lauren, our intern, reminded me. Since our last names both started with letters early in the alphabet, we were in the same training group and she stopped by to grab me on her way downstairs. We’d moved from the fifth floor to the twenty-fifth but our old space still had a lot of our junk in it and the training was being held in our old conference room. As soon as the elevator doors closed behind us, Lauren stunned the shit out of me by suddenly turning and kissing me. I responded just as any red-blooded male would; I kissed her back and squeezed her ass.

Lauren was in her twenties and had a nice figure so I wasn’t sure why she was throwing herself at a guy in his forties. I wasn’t going to question my good fortune, however, so I just kept making out with her until the elevator started to slow down. She pulled away from me and smiled just before the doors opened. Luckily, the elevator lobby was empty so I could try to figure out what was going on before our training started.

“What was that all about?” I asked.

“Just wanted to let you know that I’m interested,” she replied.

“This could be very complicated,” I explained, “We need to discuss this.”

“How about after our training?” she suggested and I agreed. We’d have our entire former floor to look for someplace private to talk. She definitely had my interest, with her athletic figure and an impressive rack, but I wasn’t willing to risk my job for her. We exchanged a few smoldering glances during the training, but not enough to raise anyone’s suspicions about us. After we’d finished, we took a walk through the vacant floor and decided to sit out in the open in case anyone came by and to limit ourselves to just talking.

“You’re a beautiful and desirable woman,” I told her, “but any indiscretion could result in my job and possibly yours as well.”

“I’m not interested in anyone finding out about anything that happens between us,” she assured me, “What I am interested in is sex. I’m not looking for a relationship; I’m looking to benefit from your experience for the few months that I am here this summer. I can tell that you have experience, especially compared to the guys my age who think they know everything but actually know nothing.”

“You’ve got a place nearby for the summer, right?” I asked and she confirmed that she did. “Then nothing happens at the office and we never leave together. I assume you’d be okay with everything occurring at your place.”

“Yes,” she replied enthusiastically, “can we start today?”

We czech streets porno agreed to meet near her place at lunchtime and I was glad that I had unpacking of my office to distract me for the rest of the morning. I couldn’t help but look her over whenever the opportunity presented itself as I pondered finally seeing those sweet tits not restrained by the sports bras she apparently favored. I also wondered about what sort of panties she might prefer and how she liked to groom her most intimate of areas.

I was pretty fired up by the time she was letting us into her apartment and I suspected that she was, too. We went straight to her bedroom and she locked the door in case one of her roommates came home unexpectedly.

“I want you to decide what we do and how we do it,” she requested, “so I can get your perspective.”

“Okay,” I agreed, “First, I’m going to undress you completely, then I’m going to eat you until you cum but that’s all I’m going to tell you for now.”

She seemed very excited, which I expected would translate to a juicy pussy, so I was anxious to start eating it. I raised her tight top up her arms and over her head and was not surprised to see a sports bra. I left that for the moment and started to open her low-rise jeans, dropping to my knees to work them down. Her panties were pink and low-rise as well. Once she’d stepped out of her jeans, I kissed her abdomen while squeezing her ass then stood again. Her nipples were pressing out against her bra, so I caressed them and ran my hands over both tits before removing it. I pulled out the bottom of her sports bra to raise it over her succulent tits and was not disappointed by the works of art I found underneath. I had been correct that the sports bras were compressing them and, while still allowing their size to be displayed, their fullness was sacrificed.

My focus remained on them even as Lauren raised her arms and I slipped the sports bra off. Her skin was fair and smooth and her light pink areolas were quite large. Her nipples were erect and ready for sucking, but once I’d tossed her bra aside, I first caressed the soft, smooth skin and brushed my palms over her hard nipples. Her tits were substantial, but not enormous, and I was confident that they were 100% real. I lowered my head and started to lick and suck her hard nipples, alternating from one to the other while still fondling and caressing her tits with my hands. Lauren moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair.

My hands gradually gravitated down to her ass, which I massaged through her panties, then I started kissing my way down from her tits to her abdomen. Kneeling before her, I grasped the waistband of her panties and started to slowly slide them down while my attention was focused on the region of her pussy. My hands were caressing her bare ass as her panties slid down below it and I was watching closely while her trim, light brown bush was slowly revealed. I’d been rock hard practically since I’d walked out of the office, but seeing her bush and knowing that I’d not only be eating her pussy but fucking it as well had me throbbing.

I slid her panties down her legs and had her sit on the edge of her bed once she’d stepped out of them. I admired her fully nude figure laid out before me then kissed my way up her czech taxi porno smooth inner thighs from her knees. I paused briefly when I reached her pussy, then jutted my tongue out and started to lap up her copious juices, which had her moaning loudly and holding onto my head. She tasted so young and fresh that I was quickly devouring her dripping pussy, trying to lap up every bit of nectar that she was abundantly producing. I glanced up as I was eating her to see her arms squeezing her tits together and her hard nipples pointing toward the ceiling. I smiled as I thought about fucking her tits then started to lick and suck her clit while slipping a finger into her snug, slippery pussy.

Lauren started moaning even louder and wriggling on the bed as I did what I could to provide her with a significant amount of pleasure. My goal was not to torture her by drawing out her orgasm for too long, denying her relief; I wanted her to experience a highly pleasurable build-up, then a long, intense orgasm. Since she was obviously quite worked up by the time I started, whether due to anticipation or me undressing her or both, I knew that she’d be looking for relief pretty quickly and figured I could indulge my desire to eat her pussy plenty in the coming days and weeks, so I was pushing her toward an orgasm. The longer I ate her, the more wet and engorged her already snug pussy was becoming and the more her body seemed to be tensing up.

She let out a longer, louder moan as her body started to tremble when she started to cum. I continued to finger her and lick and suck her clit while she came, raising my head only once she’d gone completely still. I was still in awe of her incredible body so I stood and just stared at her nude physique until she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“What now?” she asked as she propped herself up on her elbows, her tits bouncing.

“Why don’t you undress me,” I suggested, “then we’ll see about getting a stiff cock buried in your hot pussy.”

She stood and we made out while she worked my polo up out of my khakis then pulled it up over my head as I raised my arms. She kissed my neck and chest while undoing my belt and opening my pants, then dropped to her knees as she worked my pants down. She slipped my shoes off then helped me out of my socks and pants, leaving me in a pair of tented-out jockey shorts. She caressed the bulge in my briefs then slowly started to lower the waistband. When my throbbing tool popped out, she pulled her head back and looked it over while sliding my briefs the rest of the way down. When we were both naked, she sat back on her heels while waiting to see what was next.

She had a funky chair in her room that looked to me like it was made for fucking, so I gestured for her to follow me over to it. It had no arms and reclined a bit plus it was low to the ground and narrow. Once I was seated in it, my cock standing straight up from my lap, Lauren was able to straddle me while still standing and lowered herself over my rigid tool. I held her by the waist as she reached down for my tool and guided it to her hot pussy. We both moaned as she eased herself down onto it then sat there for a moment feeling it fill her. My hands were down on her ass and my lips and tongue were on her nipples as I waited for her to start fucking me digitalplayground porno and the stimulation seemed to get her going. She started to slowly ride up and down on my cock.

Once she started moving faster and riding me harder, I leaned back and watched her titties bouncing until she leaned down to kiss me. We made out as she fucked me and my hands explored her ass cheeks and her bouncing titties. Her pussy felt absolutely amazing, though depending on how she was moving at any given moment, it felt even more amazing at some times than at others. She was experimenting with different motions as she determined which provided her with the greatest amount of pleasure. Once she settled on her favorite, she started out moving slowly but gradually increased her pace as she was feeling better and better. I slipped a hand between us and helped her along by gently stroking her clit.

She pulled her mouth from mine as she got closer to cumming and I watched the passion play out on her face when I wasn’t still entranced by her boobs. She was becoming ridiculously wetter as she approached the verge of cumming, just as she had before her first orgasm. I was relishing the feel of her hot pussy on my cock while feeling grateful for the opportunity to be embedded balls deep in it. She went from riding me hard to riding me in slow motion as a shudder passed through her body and a low moan escaped from her lips. I just sat there as she rode out a long, intense orgasm before opening her eyes and smiling at me again.

Once she’d caught her breath she leaned down to kiss me again and I played with her tits before asking if she’d like to finish me off with her mouth. She nodded enthusiastically and dismounted me, kneeling on the floor between my legs. Taking my cock in her fist, she pumped it while licking around the head and tonguing my balls before wrapping her lips around it and sliding them down as far as she could. I moaned and ran my fingers through her hair while watching as my cock slid out from between her lips then was engulfed again. She was pumping the base of my shaft with one hand as she sucked it and was fondling my balls with the other.

She definitely had some experience and some talent when it came to cocksucking, which didn’t surprise me given that she clearly went after what she wanted and was proactive when it came to her own sexual satisfaction. My orgasm was beginning to build fairly rapidly when she stopped sucking my cock and leaned forward to wrap her tits around it. The feeling of the soft, smooth flesh sliding up and down my shaft was heavenly and I let her know that with no hesitation.

“Which do you like more,” she asked after fucking me with her tits for a bit and bringing my orgasm even closer, “fucking my tits or my mouth?”

“I’m afraid that will require further research,” I replied, not having selected a favorite yet.

“Well I’ll just finish you off with my mouth this time,” she decided, “so I can swallow your load rather than wearing it.”

She wrapped her lips around my tool again and focused on bringing me off with her oral skills. It didn’t take long before I felt my cock swelling even more in anticipation of blowing my load down her throat. I was savoring not only the feeling of pleasure that she was providing but also the visual of her young mouth inhaling my tool like a pro. My breathing rate definitely picked up as I got closer to cumming and, when I finally exploded into her hot, talented mouth, I let out a groan of both pleasure and relief. She swallowed my load and nursed every drop of cum out of me before letting my spent cock fall from her mouth.

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