Invalid Love


I got a call from my friend Tom. He said I should come over to his house one evening. I drove over and was greeted at the door by his wife Abby. I felt so sorry for Abby. About five years ago she was involved in a car accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. She had to be around twenty-nine at this time and she was confined to a wheelchair. Abby invited in inside and we went into the living room.

“Tom said to tell you he would be a little late,” Abby told me.

I knew what that meant. I am pretty sure that Tom had himself a lover and I knew that Abby was aware of this. I sat down and we began to talk. Abby seemed to be in a sad mood.

“You know what I miss the most since my accident?” She said to me.

I said I had no idea.

“Sex,” she told me. “I miss feeling a man in bed with me.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. She went on to say she knew about Tom and his love affair. She had smelled another woman’s perfume on Tom. She kept quiet and didn’t confront him. She felt sorry that Tom couldn’t have sex with her.

“Can I ask you something John?” She said.

I told her she could ask me anything.

“Can I see it,” she asked.

“See it?” I asked.

“Your cock, it been so long and Tom won’t undress in front of me anymore.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. Tom might show up any minute.

“I understand if you don’t want to do that. Tom is your friend and all.”

I figured what could it hurt. I could quickly pull my zipper up if Tom came home suddenly. I stood up and slowly unzipped my pants. I reached in and pulled my cock out. Abby’s eyes went wide. Abby wheeled over closer to take a look. I was standing just inches liseli porno away from Abby. She reached out and took hold of my dick. I was totally shocked. Abby began to stroke my prick up and down.I hadn’t had sex in quite awhile. That felt so good.

Abby was making me hard, that much was for sure. She moved a little closer and then leaned in and brought my cock up to her mouth. Abby surrounded her lips around my growing prick. I didn’t know what to say. Abby wasn’t just sucking on the head, she was taking me down right to the root. Abby would suck on my rod and then look up at my face to see my reaction.

I was moaning, that much was for sure. Abby moved her hand down to my balls and began to squeeze them. I was getting worked up and I could feel my nuts pinching. I didn’t know what to do.

“I’m getting close,” I told Abby.

She didn’t stop or pull away. She raked her teeth across my dick and I finally lost it. I let go and shot a load of cum down her throat. Abby kept bobbing up and down my dick and I saw her swallowing my seed. Damn, I kept squirting my load and Abby kept taking it all down. Maybe a few minutes had passed and I felt drained. Abby must have sensed that I was finished. She pulled her mouth away. Some of my cum was on her lips. She moved over and got herself a few tissues to clean up with.

“That is our secret, okay John?”

What was I going to do, tell my friend Tom that his invalid wife had sucked my cock? I pulled my zipper up and Abby went into the bathroom to get rid of the traces of me cumming in her mouth. Tom did finally show up and he didn’t seem himself. I didn’t stay long and I told him maybe we can get together another time. meet suck and fuck porno He seemed agreeable to that and then I left. Not before Abby and I exchanged phone numbers.

I went home and my mind was spinning. I wasn’t sure what I got myself into. All I could think of was how good that blowjob was that Abby gave me. A couple days had passed and I got a call from Abby.

“Tom will be home late on Tuesday, he told me. If you wouldn’t mind stopping over.”

I know how foolish it was but I told Abby I would stop by. When I arrived on Tuesday, Abby was upset.

“I never should have married Tom,” she told me. “I have tried to look the other way but Tom is so cold these day. I wish I had married you instead.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Abby said she had been attracted to me but Tom had got her attention first. He was so different back when they first met. I didn’t want to get in the middle of a domestic dispute. I just kept my mouth closed and heard Abby out. After she vented she made another request.

“Can you take all of your clothes off for me John.”

I asked her if she was sure Tom wasn’t going to come home soon. She said not to worry, he would be spending time that evening with the girlfriend. I did as Abby asked. I stripped off all my clothes and was standing naked in front of Abby. She got closer to me. She lifted up my cock and started to lick the underside of my dick. Abby sure knew what to do to get a man excited. A few minutes of that and Abby took me in her mouth once more.

She seemed to be very aroused and went up and down my cock as fast as she could. Abby then lifted her hand and placed it mobil porno on my chest. She was massaging me as she sucked on my rod. There was something about how Abby was getting me hard. I began to push my hips forward and fuck her mouth. Abby seemed to get into that. I was thrusting down her throat as she worked her lips all around my erection. We both got ourselves worked up into a frenzy. I was getting closer now and Abby must have sensed it. She took her nails and raked them across my chest.

I think she surprised herself. I could see there were red marks on my chest. Having her scratch me like that helped me to lose control. I shot my load of cum down her throat one more time. It seemed like I had so much more to give her this second time. I could see her throat moving as she swallowing my sticky load. I just kept firing one load after another into Abby’s mouth. We finally finished and I pulled away. Abby began to apologize.

“I am so sorry John, I didn’t mean to scratch you like that.”

I told her not to worry. She didn’t really draw blood. She said she had been upset with Tom and she let her frustrations out on me. I did hurt some but that pain made me cum like crazy. I got dressed and Abby went to clean herself up. When she came back from the bathroom we had a talk. She said she was so upset with Tom lately. She wanted to be free from him but she was tied to him because of her condition. I didn’t know what to say.

She said that sucking my cock made her feel like a woman somewhat. She hoped we could continue what we were doing from time to time. I just nodded and then kissed her cheek and left. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Those blowjobs were fantastic. I had to admit it to myself. I didn’t want to get in the middle of anything. I should have told her we should cool it for awhile but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her.

I have the feeling we will continue to have our oral sessions until Tom and Abby finally come to grips with their relationship.

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