It Started As A Joke Ch. 2


For those who didn’t read the first part, or chose not to, a quick synopsis of it is that Don, a retiree, was hired out by his wife Ann to do some home repairs at her friend Elaine’s house. He ended up fixing more than household items!

As suggested by Don, Elaine called up Ann the next day and said “Annie, your hubby did such a great job on my living room, I was wondering if I could borrow him for some additional painting. He’s really good, you know.”

“I’m sure he’d be glad to help out some more, since the alternative is to sit around and watch TV here” responded Ann. “I’ll have him call you and set things up.”

Ann told her husband of the phone call and commented “you really made an impression on Elaine. She wants you to do some more painting at her place. I told her I thought you’d be willing to do it, so if you are, give her a call to arrange things. I still have her key.” Don nodded and said he would take care of it, careful to hide his smile at the thought of climbing between Elaine’s thighs for another session of phenomenal lovemaking.

Later, he called Elaine and very professionally arranged to stop over to review the additional requirements. He convinced his wife that she needn’t go this time because it would just be a quick overview. When he got to Elaine’s, she was naked, like she promised him. “I know we have to make this quick because we don’t want to arouse any suspicions with Ann.” With that, Don quickly shed his clothes and chased Elaine up the stairs to her bedroom. She jumped on the bed and held open her arms beckoning Don to come to her.

He pushed her gently to her back and kissed her neck nibbling his way down her chest to her beautiful tits. Her aerolas were the size of silver dollars and invitingly encouraged him to start circling his tongue around them until the nips stood at attention. Something else was starting to stand at attention, and Elaine felt his cock pressing against her thigh as Don continued to suck at her breasts. Her tits have always been sensitive to such ministrations, and in a few minutes, she was able to have a small orgasm. As her shudders subsided, Don moved down her body with his tongue tracing a path over her navel into her pubic hair. As he reached the promised land, he parted her outer lips with his fingers and found her little nub with his tongue. Again, it didn’t take long for her to experience additional spasms. This time, Don didn’t wait for her to subside before quickly inserting his turgid cock into her slit. As he drove straight in, Elaine gasped and cried “faster, I need to have your love juice in me right now.” Knowing that time was of the essence, Don plunged in and out quickly and in short order was unloading a torrent of cum inside Elaine’s love box.

“Ahhhhh, I needed that tonite” Elained gasped in a husky voice. “I know you can’t stay, but Saturday, can you make the job last all day?.”

“I suppose it’ll need two coats, with time to dry between them, so you’ll probably have to provide lunch!” said Don with a wide smile on his face.

“You have a deal…see you Saturday morning, bright and early” she said as Don got up to get dressed.

Saturday couldn’t come fast enough for him. But some things nagged him. What if his wife decided to stop by and visit with her “friend” while he was working? What if she called and wanted to talk to Elaine? These and other unsettling thoughts ran through his mind as he contemplated yet another time cheating on his wife. It wasn’t as if he hated her…..quite the contrary….he loved her, but found her passionless behavior something he needed to remedy, and right now this was the best way he knew of. “I’d better be sure she is otherwise realitykings porno occupied on Saturday, or I am not going to be comfortable over there” he thought to himself.

As it turned out, all the fretting was for naught. Ann was fully occupied on Saturday with the kids and a volunteer project she had accepted as a favor. So when Saturday morning rolled around imagine Don’s surprise when upon awakening, he found Ann softly stroking his cock and making obvious overtures that she was interested in a “good morning fuck.” Obviously to avoid this one would be definitely detrimental to his marital health, so Don rolled over and gently pushed Ann on to her back and quickly descended to the area of her crotch, licking his way down until he found her pussy already soaking wet. “What got into you?” he asked. There was no answer, as usual. Ann was not a vocal lover and very often did not say anything during or after lovemaking. That’s what drove Don nuts about their sex life. Ann got wet and moaned a lot during sex, but she hardly ever initiated it (that’s why this morning was a shock!) and never, never, never commented on satisfaction or enjoyment. One time Don asked her if she enjoyed a particularly lengthy and vigorous session, and her comment was “you really shouldn’t have to ask that!.” After that, Don was very wary of saying anything, and still didn’t have a clue as to her level of satisfaction.

As he licked her pussy and tugged on her clit with his lips, Ann writhed, moaned and got even wetter. When he thought she’d cum, he lifted up and lay beside her, figuring that she’d be satisfied. To his further surprise, she climbed on top and inserted his still very hard cock into her pussy and started to rise and fall on his manhood. “Oh shit…..what am I going to do. I want to save it for Elaine and if I give it to her, I may have problems later” he thought. Ann was working it very hard and Don decided to do what not very many guys do….fake an orgasm. He figured she was so wet that he had a good chance to get away with it. So, he returned her thrusts and shortly exclaimed “I’m cumming!” and pretended to pulse so it seemed like he was shooting his load. Ann collapsed on top of him, completely worn out by the lovemaking session.

As he came out of the shower, Ann said “there’s not a lot of stuff leaking, did you cum?.” Don chuckled and said “of course I did, but you know sometimes I don’t leave a lot. Besides, I buried it so far in there, it’ll be Wednesday before it comes out!.” Satisfied, Ann went in to take her shower, and Don went downstairs to grab a quick bite before heading to Elaine’s house.

When he got to Elaine’s he decided not to tell her about his early morning escapades and see what happened. Elaine was dressed this time and gave him a hug and a kiss once he was inside with all his tools transferred from the car.

“I figured if I greeted you naked, you’d never get the first coat on, so I stepped out of character and got dressed” she said with a grin.

“I appreciate that, especially considering we do have to show some progress in case Ann wants to check out my work!” he responded.

“She’s not planning on coming over today is she?” exclaimed Elaine in a quiet panic.

“No, I made sure of that, but who knows about tomorrow?’ Don said.

Elaine went about her household tasks such as washing and vacuuming while Don worked hard at getting the first coat on the dining room walls. It was nearing noon when Elaine came up from the basement stark naked. “I had to wash the clothes I was wearing anyway, and since you are close to finishing, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem.”

“No problem as long rip her up porno as I don’t look” he responded. Elaine suggested that Don join her in her nudity to make things even. “Ok, what the hell” Don said as he stripped off his clothes. Of course, his erection was harder to hide like this, but he figured, it would make Elaine feel better to see the effect she had on him.

He was almost finished and was stretching up toward the corner of the wall spreading on the last few passes of the roller when he felt a hand on his cock from underneath. Elaine had come up behind him and was gently stroking his already partially erect cock. “Hmmmm, this is going to taste good for lunch” she murmured. “Just let me finish this one spot, and you can have all you want for lunch” Don said, as he finished the last stroke of the paint roller.

“Lunch is being served in several stages, the first being appetizers on the counter in the kitchen” Elaine whispered as she went into the other room and climbed up on the counter and spread her legs. Don could see the glisten forming on her pubic hair, and knew she was ready for some good loving. He squatted down and moved his face right into her mound, searching out her little “love nubbin.” As his tongue touched it for the first time that day, Elaine jumped a little at the contact, but soon relaxed and rolled her head back a little to take in all the pleasure. As he continued to lick all around her now enlarged clit, she began to move about the counter top, obviously enraptured by his tongue in her pussy. “I can’t take this anymore” she cried out. “Put it in before I scream” she continued. Don dropped his jeans and jockeys and prepared to insert his cock in her steaming hole when he realized he didn’t have any condoms with him. The other day they had used one from Elaine’s night stand, and that seemed like a million miles away at the moment. “I don’t want to go in there bareback, so hold on while I run upstairs and get a rubber” he exclaimed. When he came back downstairs with the condom already on his rock solid tool, he saw that she didn’t just wait for him, but was feverishly playing with her clit and appeared to be just seconds from an intense orgasm. Don walked over, and instead of inserting his cock, placed his tongue directly on her clit and rapidly stroked it as Elaine had a mind bending climax. It took her a few seconds to recover, but when she opened her eyes, she saw him ready, willing and able to take the next step.

Don moved forward and inserted his cock, which seemed to have grown and inch in anticipation, into her steaming cunt. One swift stroke and he was buried to the hilt. He could feel the tip of her womb as her pussy gradually opened up to accept the invasion of his shaft. Elaine wrapped her legs around his waist, and he lifted her off the counter. As she kissed him and sucked on his tongue he decided to see how strong he really was, and began to make his way to the stairs to take her up to her bed where they could both be comfortable. They made their way up to the bedroom with very little difficulty, the whole time enjoying the feelings in their genitals that the walking and climbing created.

As they fell on to the bed, they came apart, and Elaine said “no problem, I wanted to suck your magnificent piece of meat anyway. She stripped off the condom and tossed it on the floor while shifting her body so she was over Don with her pussy in his face and her mouth over his cock. As she dropped down to take it in her mouth, she also dropped her hips so that he could have access once again to her pussy.

Don sensuously licked her outer lips and gently probed with his tongue, making love rus porno to Elaine’s pussy in a very slow, deliberate manner. This drove her nuts and he could tell she was having a hard time controlling herself because she was working his cock like it was the last time she was going to see it. “I want you to cum in my mouth” she said between slurps. “I don’t want to cum yet, I want to experience more of you before I shoot” he replied.

Don knew, that at his age, the recuperation time was at least an hour, maybe more, and there was more he wanted to do with a hard cock. Besides, there was the requirement to put a second coat on the walls!

He reached for another condom and handed it to her. “Do you want to learn how to put it on without using your hands?” he asked. “I’ll try anything once, but how is that possible?” she replied. Don told her to take it out of the foil and place it in between her lips with the nipple on the inside. “Now go down on my cock like you are giving me head” he said softly. She did as she was told, and after a few misses, she got the point, and managed to get it halfway down his cock. Don chuckled and said “you did great for the first time,” and then completed the task with his hands.

As he rolled her over and mounted her, his strokes were slow and deliberate, using his familiar five deep strokes followed by five shallow strokes repeating the process until she was begging him to cum. “Were you serious when you said you’d try anything once?” he whispered in her ear. “Now you’re scaring me” she said. “What did you have in mind?.”

“Roll over and put the two pillows under your belly” he said. Elaine did as he asked, knowing that what Don wanted was to penetrate her anally. This was not new to her, but she wasn’t going to tell him right then. She wanted to see how he did it. She wanted to see if he was as gentle there as he was everywhere else.

“In the nightstand drawer is some KY jelly” Elaine told him. “Hmmmm, wonder why she has KY so handy” thought Don, but decided discretion was the better part of valor. He took a big glob of it and massaged her little brown hole until she was sufficiently lubed and seemingly ready for entry. He then placed a generous amount on his cock and prepared to penetrate her from behind. As the head of his cock started in, there was an involuntary closing of her anus. Don did not press on, but waited until she relaxed, and as she did, with his cock head gently pressing against her nether hole, her ass seemed to open up and suck the head of his cock in. Once past the sphincter muscle, his cock slid right in with no resistance.

“How does that feel” he asked with a concern in his voice.

“I can’t believe how wonderful it feels. I feel so filled, yet I want more” she exclaimed. With that Don began a gentle stroking in and out of her ass and the longer he did it, the more excited she got, finally screaming out “Ohhhhhhhhhh, cum in my ass!” Needing no further encouragement than that along with the pulsing of the muscles of her ass, he unloaded a torrent of cum into the condom before collapsing on her back, full of sweat and affection for the woman who had given him her ass so willingly.

As he withdrew holding the condom so it wouldn’t come off, he rolled on to his back. Elaine looked over and saw the condom on his still semi-hard cock and said “lay still and let me help you with that. She took his cock in her hands and massaged it with the condom still on it. Then she gently took it off making sure to leave plenty of cum on his cock. Then she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him until it was clean of all his juices.

“See, I got to taste you in my mouth after all!” she laughed.

Don was completely exhausted, but recognized that he had to get back to work. However, Elaine suggested they shower first to remove the evidence of their lovemaking.

The shower is the subject of the next chapter in this story!!! I hope you’ll stay tuned for that.

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