It’s Been 10 Years


We’re at dinner. It’s dimly lit, the food was delicious and light, the wine an excellent choice. I’m satisfied and humming. We had talked about it, what it would be like to satisfy each other. We’re both happily married, but this had been 10 years coming. 10 years of working together, of mutual respect and admiration, and of sexual tension. 10 years of wondering what it would be like to have your hands on me, touching me, owning me. And now it’s here. The tension is thick, my body is ready, tensing and tingling with anticipation. I can feel your eyes on me. Bright and blue under your horn-rimmed glasses, your broad face steeled in my direction. I think quickly about your mouth between my legs, under the table, right here. Right now. I blush just thinking about it. You are too far away to touch me, but I know you are looking at my cleavage. Thick and rich in my conservative but sexy black lace dress. I know you’re wondering what I have on under the dress – and about spilling my enormous breasts into your mouth. I smile at the thought of you slowly unwrapping me… like a watch you’ve been pining over. I can feel your anticipation as your eyes dart from me to the waiter, in just a bit of a hurry to get me where you want me. You pay, thanking the server and we stand.

“Let me,” you say, and come around to pull my chair back.

You watch as I peel myself off the chair, dress sliding from the top of my thighs back into place, black stilettos and freshly painted toes now in clear view. At 6 feet tall, I literally have legs for days. All these gentlemanly gestures, it’s all for show, I know what you really want. And I know you will take it from me. The thought of it makes my clit swell and my stomach clench.

“I need to use the girl’s room,” I say quietly.

“Ok, I’ll walk with you,” your huge, bear-like paw on the small of my back.

Telling the other men nearby that took notice when I stood up – this is mine – and guiding me firmly into a hallway.

“But this isn’t the…” before I can finish you have a fistful of my hair in your hand and my back against the wall.

I can feel the weight of you pushing into my pelvis, pinning me down. My breath catches, this is what I want, this is what I need. I start to drip, my slit wet with anticipation. I let out a small gasp and my hands go to your dense chest. I can feel your hair, thick and full, through the shirt. The thought of rubbing my hands through it sends blood rushing between my legs. My knees are weak, but I am determined not to show you how much I love this, how I ache for it.

“Stop teasing me. I want it. Give it to me,” you growl in my ear.

Your hot breath makes my thighs tighten and I want to pull my skirt up right there and take you inside of me that second. But I know you love the chase. Instead, I push slightly on your bear chest, making you lean in even more aggressively and raise my chin an inch, eye to eye with you, look into your now stormy blues and say very calmly, “No.” But you know this game, and my rebuttal gets you immediately hard, you decided long ago you wanted to dominate me, and I’m playing right into it, you will have what you want. You can sense me quivering under you. My breath is short, my pelvis betraying me by slightly grinding into the swelling in your pants. I ache for just a brush of your hand, a touch, anything, my clit is pounding for it. The hand holding my hair gives way and circles my throat. I let out a small whimper at your blatant dominance. Your other hand cups my breast, circling my nipple, feeling it harden at your touch. You tweak it softly and it sends shockwaves to my pussy. My eyes close as I enjoy the intensity of your touch, anticipating what you’ll do next. You move a leg between mine and I lean my hot slit over your thick, muscular thigh and sink down slightly to apply the sweet pressure. illegal bahis You crack a sly smile. You know I’m yours, and you will take it. Someone walks by the end of the hallway and you abruptly release me, grabbing my wrist. Hard enough that you are in control. I am yours now. Without a word we walk to the elevator, I have to walk quickly to keep up in my heels. As we wait in silence, my mind is spinning – are we really going to do this? My heart is pounding so loud I’m sure everyone in the hotel lobby can hear it. We get on the elevator, you still holding firm, sensing my anticipation and the real possibility I might still run. Slowly, you turn your head to me. Your usual wide, frat boy smile is a straight line. Your serious nature sends shockwaves to my pussy, just thinking about what you will do to me. It is clear you are a man with a mission, to conquer me. Before I have time to move, we are in a blur of a hallway, and you deftly open the door with one hand, then pull me, more roughly now, into the room. It’s dark, but the curtains are open and the lights from the city below are enough. You again grab my hair, harder this time and I am back up against the wall. Your hot mouth is on mine. I taste you for the first time, a combination of whiskey, cigarettes, and unquenched desire. My legs are weak, I have to lean on you to stand up, my clit is on fire, my ass cheeks tight. I want your hands on my body. I want to touch you, it’s been such a long time coming, I want my skin on yours. I start to unbutton your shirt, your hands are in my hair, on my breasts, cupping my ass, holding my waist. Suddenly you pull away. Abruptly, too abruptly. Your shirt is open but I am fully dressed. My body needs more. I am wet, I can feel the dampness of my lace panties and my swollen clit is too hot. I want it now. You take a step back and then grab more hair, I let out a whimper as you use it to bring my chin up. It hurts now, making my ass clench and I think about your hands on my ass, dominating me. But you have something else in mind. With my chin up, you lean in and bite my year, making me yelp in pain, sending my clit fluttering. I am on fire.

“On your knees,” you demand.

I make eye contact and my stomach clenches, you are an animal ready to pounce. I resist slightly.

“Do it,” you command, squeezing the back of my head, the pain driving me to my knees.

I see it, your rock-hard throbbing cock in your pants. With a practiced hand you unbuckle and pull it out. The tip hits me in the face and I feel my nipples harden. I look at your beautiful cock, then up at you with big brown doe-eyes. I am hungry for you. To taste you. You guide my head down onto your shaft using my hair, controlling every stroke. I grab your balls and tug them slightly while you shove my open throat onto your throbbing dick. I feel it get rock hard in my mouth. Your sounds of pleasure make my slit drip and make me work harder to please you.

“Fuck yes, suck that cock.”

I am worshiping it, worshiping you. You have me exactly where you want me. I look up with tears in my eyes as your whole cock fills the back of my throat. Abruptly, you stop and pull me up. You slam your body into mine, your hot mouth on mine again, harder this time, your hands and body pinning me against the wall. My pussy, wet and hungry for you, searches for your cock, I was to sit on it now, take it all in. But you have other ideas. You kiss down my neck, hands on my breasts, I run my fingers through the soft, dark hair on your chest.

“Turn around, hands on the wall,” you command.

My breath catches with excitement. As I turn you kick off your clothes and slowly unzip my dress. Your teeth come down on my skin, at the tender base of my neck, the shock and pain making me pant and intensifying the wetness between my legs. I step out of the dress, heels illegal bahis siteleri still on, facing the wall. You are clearly happy with the black lace bra and panty set, you let out a moan as you see for the first time your trophy. Your hands are on me, on my waist, my back, unhooking my bra, sending my enormous breasts spilling into your hands, and taking my nipples between your fingers. You twist and I immediately push my ass out to meet your still-glistening dick. Your hands are on my ass cheeks, spreading them and leaning into me. I can feel your cock on my skin, still wet from my throat. The apprehension of what you will do next makes me pant. You still haven’t touched my pussy and my clit is burning for you. I want you to fuck me, but I also want to please you, and make you wait, so I push my ass back onto your dick as hard as I can. You reach down and grab my breasts with one hand and a handful of hair with another. It’s too much for me. My knees go weak, my panties are dripping, I need you to touch me.

I whisper, “Please.”

You take my wrist and move me to the bed, with my back still to you, you slowly remove my panties then push my hands down on the bed. The cold air hits my wet slit and sends shivers down my spine and makes my clit pulse again. You are going to make me beg for it, I know, and the anticipation makes my ass cheeks clench again. I am naked, bend over the bed, utterly vulnerable, trembling for you to touch me, suddenly you are gone. I look back and you are moving something, now you are blind folding me with your tie. I want to scream, it’s too good. Instead I smile and a small whimper escapes me, I am hot to the touch. Your hands are on my body again, but I NEED them on my clit, I want you in me. I want release from this torture. Every sense is heightened now. Suddenly, I feel your fingertips. So light, so different, sensual even. On my ankles. I think I might pass out if you don’t fuck me soon, the change in pressure is a surprise, adding to my anticipation, sending a wave of blood back between my legs, I am aching for you. Your hands continue to the backs of my knees, my thighs, you reach between my legs and I realize I’ve been holding my breath. The sensation is so intense when you finally slowly, deliberately, run one finger across my swollen clit.

Your breath catches now, “Fuck, you’re so wet.”

“Touch me. Please,” I beg.

It’s not enough. The sensation has released the start of much needed pleasure for me, but now it’s imminent, I need more.

“Are you begging me?” you ask playfully, sliding your finger back and forth in my wetness. “Yes.” I whisper harshly between pants.

I am moving my hips back and forward to get more, more from you, but you will only give me what you want to. You are in control. You tuck my knees on the bed so my ass is in the air and finally, I feel your tongue on my swollen clit. The pleasure makes me weak and I moan into the bed. My toes curl as your tongue stabs my perfect hot clit. I am breathing heavy from the pleasure, feeling it in every end of my body when you slowly, strategically, slide one finger into me and push against my Gspot. The combination of your tongue and finger and how long I had waited are too much. I am shaking in an orgasm that comes from deep inside me. I want to thrash, but you hold me steady while my body is ravaged. You can feel my pussy get tight and my clit swell under your tongue and lips as I scream in ecstasy. I want your cock inside me. Before I can say anything you are out from under me and I feel a sharp SNAP of pain on my ass cheek. I am writhing in both pain and desire for your cock. Your belt is in your hand, and you will do with it what you please. I collapse under the pain, my body flat against the bed. You lean your heavy body onto mine, pushing your cock so close to my open, welcoming canlı bahis siteleri slit, gushing with wetness for you. But you refuse me. You pull my hair, making my breath catch.

“I will decide when you cum. You will give it to me when I am good and ready. Not before.”

With this you bite my shoulder again and run your hands down my flesh, dragging your nails. The pain sends waves to my clit. I arch my back and CRACK, another belt comes down on my other ass cheek.

“Oh.” I let out a moan of pleasure and pain.

I want it. I want you to fuck me. I start to whimper.

“What is this? Begging?”

Your hand are on my shoulders, and you turn me over in one motion. Your cock is hard and ready. Slowly, you climb between my legs. I take off the blindfold, I need to see you. I stretch out my arms above me and my nipples harden in the air. Your hands and mouth are on them, burying your head in the soft skin, tweaking the nipples and biting gently. I try to slide under your cock, I want it so badly.

“Please,” I utter, pitifully.

You smile, and grab your rock hard cock. We watch together as you enter, slowly, my warm, wet pussy.

“Fuck yes,” you say, as the whole cock slides in, my wet slit clenching around it.

I feel every inch. Your face goes from relief to angry again as you push my legs down. I feel the weight of you as you pound my sensitive pussy with your rock hard cock.

“Fuck yes, all of it.”

I take every inch of you inside me. You pump slowly at first, then start a steady rhythm, my back arches to meet you and I cannot be quiet, I am moaning in pleasure. You reach down and press my clit with your thumb. It is too much for me. My body explodes again and I cum a glistening juice all over your dick.

“Yes, fuck, yes,” you yell as my moans turn to screams.

Your pounding turns into a soft throb, working me into another orgasm.

I say quietly, “I brought something for you.”

“What did you bring for me?” you ask with a smile.

“It’s in my bag.”

You deftly grab the black clutch and shake out a silver ass plug and a bottle of lube. Your face is unreadable. Your eyes are wide and then you break into the shit-eating grin I know so well.

“You are a bad girl, I knew it.”

The silver ass plug reflects the city lights. You rub lube on it as you walk over to the bed and lay next to me. I turn over on my stomach and look up sheepishly.

“You want both your holes filled? You are a naughty, naughty girl.”

Seeing it in your hand makes me wet again. I need it. My husband refuses ass play. This is my only chance.

“Yes, I say quietly. I want you to fuck me and fill every hole.”

Slowly, gently, you push the ass plug against my tight hole. As it enters, my breath catches from the pressure. Half pleasure, half pain, you reach around and slowly, expertly, rub my clit, I come to life. Your fingers make me focus on the pleasure, the full feeling you are giving me. I reach out and stroke your cock, making your eyes roll back in your head. You push faster. It fills me up and feels strange. I need your cock now, more than ever. You step back and admire your work, stroking your cock to get ready for me. My ass is in the air and you take the opportunity to bring out the belt. I wince in pain with every crack, rubbing my clit and feeling the pressure of the plug. You do it until my ass is red and hot and I beg for your cock.

It’s too much, I beg, yelling, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

You ram your dick into my smooth pussy. You’ve never felt anything so tight the plug pushes against the tip and shaft of your dick.

“Holy shit,” you whisper, surprised at the added pleasure, each pump better than the last.

The combination of the ass plug and your cock sends me over the edge. You ram your hard cock into my pussy, pulling my hair and driving your hips into me until I scream. Another orgasm shakes me.

“Cum for me, do it!” I yell.

You cum a giant load into me, filling me up and spilling out. It had been worth the 10 year wait.

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