I’ve Missed You


He opened the window, letting in the cool November air. She giggled, being reminded of how much she loved the Autumn season. To her, it felt as if there was a sense of wonder on the winds, holding limitless possibilities.

The cool breeze slipped through her negligee.

As he crossed the room toward the bed, her nipples began to harden in anticipation of the evenings activities. She thought of how wonderful it would be, to have his cock inside her. It had been so long since she had felt his warmth against her smooth, ivory skin.

She looked into his eyes as he approached her.

Although the room was dimly lit, she could still see a hint of green in his eyes. He stepped between her and the bed, slipping his arm around her waist.

She turned so that they both now faced the mirror. He leaned in and ran his chin along her neck and shoulder. She could feel his breath against her skin. He reached up into her nightey, and gently cupped her left breast. He extended his middle finger up to her nipple, which was even harder now, after she felt his skin against hers. He ran his finger around her nipple, slowly expanding out until he added all his fingers into the motion.

He gently ran his hand across her tummy, until he reached the edge of her panties. He brought his other hand around to her waist and gently slipped her negligee amatör porno top up, to remove it.

He leaned in and kissed the back of her neck after slipping the top over her head.

She let out a small moan when she felt his hard cock rub against her buttocks. She tilted forward slightly, and pushed back against the bulge in his boxers. He turned her around to face him and began kissing the left side of her neck. He licked along her collarbone, and gave a small nibble to the edge of her breast.

As he got down on his knees, he switched between kissing and licking her smooth, delicate skin.

When he reached her navel, he circled it with his tongue, continuing down to the edge of her panties. Without stopping, he pulled her panties down, stiffening his tongue as he reached her pussy.

The taste of her was better than he had remembered.

He let out a satisfied moan as he began to search for her clit with his mouth. He grabbed her hips and turned her toward the bed. As she collapsed onto the mattress, he turned his body toward her torso, into a sixty-nine position.

She pulled his boxers down to expose his rigid cock.

She licked the head, then circled it with her tongue. Without a pause she grabbed his right buttock as she took the full length of his shaft in her mouth. They shifted their bodies anal porno so that she was now on top. She grabbed the base of his cock and began to stroke him as she worked the head with her tongue and lips.

He, in turn, licked up and down the lips of her wet, delicious pussy. As he reached her clit, he stiffened his tongue and began a circular motion around it. They continued their oral pleasuring as she announced, between gasps…

“Nnnuuhhh… I want you… Mmmnnhh… inside me… Please… Nnfff… fuck me… fuck me NOW!!”

He dug his fingers into her flesh and flattened out his tongue. He licked the full length of her pussy one last time. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and spun around on one knee. She reached down and stroked his cock as he positioned himself over her body. He tilted his hips and gently rubbed his hard dick against her wet labia. He slowly inserted the head, and began to rotate it inside her. He kept the motion going as he slowly inserted his shaft.

Once he was fully inside her, he began to kiss her neck, moving down to her breast.

She tilted her hips up, so that as his cock slid back and forth, she could feel the base of it rub against her clit. He circled her hard nipple with his tongue, then gently bit down on it. He reached down and pulled both of her legs up, increasing the speed of anal breakers porno his thrusts. After several seconds of intense action, she pushed up on the back of her arms. She was ready to be on top… her favorite position… so she could ride his thick, hard cock.

He leaned back and released her legs, and grabbed her shoulders to help move her into the top position. They moved in synch as he shifted his legs around under hers. She pushed up off of the bed, keeping his cock inside her pussy during the entire switching of positions.

She leaned forward and they kissed as she began to ride him.

He felt her skin against his and let out a small moan. He kissed her breasts as she began to sit upright. He slid his hands down her body, until they reached her hips. He locked his fingers onto her skin and pulled her forward each time she took his cock inside her. She pushed down on his chest as she moved her hips back and forth, faster and faster.

She leaned forward, increasing the friction against her clit.

The bed began to shake as she rode his cock harder… faster… harder.. faster. She started to moan as the orgasm built. He pushed his hips up off the bed and they kissed, their bodies moving together. They both began to cum as they embraced, still shaking the bed. Their rhythm slowed as they moaned and gasped in the wake of their final pleasure.

As the waves of each orgasm subsided, they locked their hands together and kissed. They laid their heads together on the same pillow, and he nuzzled into her neck. He gently kissed her neck, and whispered, “I’ve missed you.”

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