JackpotI like playing video poker at the local casino. Usually, I’m pretty focused except for looking up at the cocktail waitresses. They all wear skimpy tank tops, short, short spandex tops and mary janes. Once in a while I’ll spot a waitress popping out of her uniform strategically and I’ll just say it’s a good thing I’m sitting down because my woody would be a little embarrassing if I got up. Now, I’m a closet crossdresser (aka Frankie), I surf pretty much any kind of porn (I don’t discriminate) and I’m fascinated with other CDs and sex between and among them, although I haven’t had the courage yet to get together with anyone physically (yet). I have had some steamy cam-to-cam, but that’s it.I mention this because I had a unique feeling the other day and decided to act on it. As I was playing at a machine, I noticed that they had a couple of male cocktail servers. Obviously, they didn’t wear what the ladies did – they had form-fitting black t-shirts and long pants. One of them walked by me and I was just drawn to him. He was in his early twenties and you could tell he paid close attention to his appearance. His hair was sandy/brown and was coiffed perfectly. His shoulders and chest were broad and toned, and he had no waist. When he walked by the first time, I was drawn immediately to a beautiful bubble butt and when he worked his way back towards the bar, my eyes picked out his bulge. He noticed me looking at him and asked, “Can I get one of the girls to get you fethiye escort something, sir?” Startled, I say, “Not right now, thank you, but what section do you work in, in case I wanted something from you later?” He pointed to a bank of machines across the floor. I thanked him and told him I hoped I would see him later. I eventually made my way to his section and started to play another machine. I’d look up every once in a while to see if I could see him, but didn’t. I was beginning to think he’d finished his shift when he came up from a different direction and startled me with a “How are you again, sir? Are you interested in anything yet?”I began to try to think of something with some double meaning but stammered out a drink order instead. He smiled and went off to the bar. When he returned, he set down my drink on a napkin. I noticed that he had written his name (Brian) and a phone number on it. I stood up from the machine and introduced myself, blurting out that I was hoping I’d meet him. He thanked me with a great smile, and in just a few minutes, I found out that he was working his way through school and that this was a great gig. I got brazen and asked him what time he got finished. This was the first time I had done anything like this and I wasn’t sure what to expect. He apologized and said that he had an early class but then volunteered that he had a half-hour break coming up soon and I could meet him at the casino bar.I got to the bar early and he said escort fethiye that he really couldn’t drink (he was still working). “How about we go outside?”The back of the casino faces the river and we walked to a spot in the middle of the wall, just outside of the view of the external cameras. He then pulled me behind a couple of large bushes against the casino wall. Before we got to the wall, I turned him around and pushed him gently up against it.I put my left hand around his back at the waist and pulled him in closer. I kissed him deeply while my right hand caressed his hair and then around to his chest. I stroked his hard chest and played with his nipples through his shirt. I felt his rock hard abs. My hand went back up to his neck and then down to his strong thighs. I put my hand on his cock through his pants and felt his manhood. It throbbed in my hand and he let out a gasp. I undid his belt and pulled the zipper down. He was moaning a little louder now. A couple walking on the path by the river thought they heard something and stopped briefly, but that didn’t stop my from sliding my hand into the waistband of his boxer briefs. Knowing he didn’t have a lot of time, I then slid his pants and briefs down to his knees and I was able to feel his cock’s blood vessels fill up quickly. I got down to my knees and was able to finally get a look at his magnificent, young cock, about 7 inches long, cut, with a beautiful head. He had just a bit of peach fuzz and his fethiye escort bayan balls hung low. My mouth was already watering. I tried to deep throat him but couldn’t get it all down. I gagged slightly and backed off. I pushed his cock up against his stomach as he held up his t-shirt with one hand. I licked up and down his shaft and then flicked around his balls. Grabbing the base of his dick, I put him back in my mouth and ran my toungue under his cock back and forth. I sucked him furiously, jerking him at the same time. With my free hand, I caressed his sack and slid a finger up and down his ass crack. I tasted his pre-cum and that just made me suck him harder. As big as he was, he grew larger in my mouth. It was all I could take to keep him in there. After a few minutes, I put the tip of my finger into his ass. That was all it took. He moaned, “Fuck, I’m cumming!” and started to spasm into my mouth. It was a tremedous load, five or six spurts, and it was warm and tasted so good. I swallowed as much as I could, and when he popped out of my mouth, one more spurt went all over my goatee. I wiped it up with a finger and sucked that down, too. Spent, he just leaned against the wall, breathing heavy. I just leaned back on my haunches, admiring his retreating cock glistening in the moonlight by the river. He looked at his watch, and said he had to get back. He put himself together, we kissed and he went back inside. I collected myself and re-entered the casino, too.As I found my way back to his section, he brought me a drink and said that I might need this. He hoped that I would call him sometime so that he could return the favor (another story). I said thanks and remember tipping him way too much.

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