JenJen’s wardrobe malfunctionJen was dressed in a sexy checked mini skirt with a lace frill to the hem, topped with a nice tight low cut vest top showing her ample cleavage, she looked really sexy in her black high heels and summer tan coating those long legs. She slipped on her favourite denim jacket and her large sunglasses; she wore them as a screen between her and the leering onlookers she knew she would encounter.Simon drove her to the other side of town to a small shopping precinct; Jen could tell that Simon appeared even more excited than usual. She set off down the street, her skirt swaying with her hips the sound of her heels alerting the male shoppers of her presence and the leering looks began. Guys looked her up and down, hardly able to believe their eyes as Jen walked toward them her heaving tits bouncing with each stride. As she passes they can’t help but look back, frozen in their tracks as they spot the globes of her fat round ass cheeks dipping each in turn below her hemline. Simon captures them gawking, the ones with wives or partners being chastised for looking. Women scornful that she turned their heads, that’s disgusting! “You can see her arse” guys meekly agreeing with them but inside their minds wishing they were alone to look at their leisure. Jen strode on purposefully taking note of her male admirers from behind her shades; she noticed two cool looking black guys who were taking particular notice. Jen turned into a busy pound store and made as to peruse the she shelves at the back of the store. Simon noticed a couple of guys follow her from the street; they were eyeing her from head to toe. Simon positioned himself at the end of the aisle and waited for Jen to bend over. Jen glanced around spotting one of the guys from the street in the aisle; he was talking on his phone feigning interest. Jen adjusted her position and bent straight legged to the bottom shelf, the guy’s attention was caught as Jen’s skirt rose revealing two large ass cheeks framing her pussy lips divided by the thin white material of her thong, a couple of young female shoppers passed looking back, one said to the other oh my god what a fucking slut showing her ass like that.Jen had this flashing off to a tee; she stood upright as to make the guy believe she was unaware of her exposure. Si noticed his friend round the end of the aisle to join him. Jen moved along the shelves as if browsing unaware she had two watchers and the guys followed. Pausing Jen parted her legs again, she was preparing to flash again and let Si get some good footage.Si could feel his cock hardening with the excitement; he wondered would his plan work. Jen’s thong hadn’t snapped when she put it on and she didn’t notice the cut in the elastic. He wondered had he cut the strap deep enough. Jen bent right over pretending to look at an item on the bottom shelf the illegal bahis guys couldn’t believe their luck, as they stared at her arse and pussy poking out from between her chubby thighs, Jen held her pose giving them a good look and Si plenty of time to film her display. Jen stood up again and turned to move back along the aisle toward the guys. She was surprised to see two guys and was a bit unnerved, they looked Caribbean and Jen thought one of them really good looking with an athletic build. He was aware of her game sure her sluttish displays were no accident but he was trying not to show it and avoided eye contact. Jen felt a strange panicked excitement struggling to decide whether to continue. She spied Si in the background and felt reassured, pretending to be interest in some more items she slowly bent to the middle shelf with her back to them, she was teasing them, with a glimpse of the bottom of her ass. The guys were beginning to wonder how far she would go and decide to move closer if there was another show they wanted a good view.Jen parted her legs again, wider this time bending right over from the waist, “what a fucking tart”, one said to the other. Her thong was stretched like a bow string over her fat arse and hips the thong string dipping between her moist pussy lips. Jen felt a wicked excitement and she held her pose much longer than she would normally. Then it happened! The thong elastic snapped and Jen felt a twang as the elasticised waist band contracted and her thong flopped to the floor between her legs, leaving her slightly gaped and moist shaved pussy fully exposed to her watchers. It was more than her watchers could stand, “that fat bitch wants some cock in that pussy for sure”. Jen stood abruptly horrified and too embarrassed to pick it up, not daring to turn she headed briskly for the door. Si watched as the guys scooped up the thong and made off after her. Si followed at a distance t once out on the street he could see her in the distance heading to the car park, followed by the two guys. Jen felt the cool air running over her pussy as she strode down the street toward the car park, she had always refused to go commando. Here she was like a cheap whore on a public street with only a tiny skirt hiding her bald pussy, her tits bouncing as her long legs strode out. Jen neared the car park and began to relax knowing the safety of her car was at hand, still high the adrenalin rush making her feel horny. Walking across the car park she was surprised by the two guys one each side of her. Well if it isn’t our slutty exhibitionist, they each grabbed and arm “what do you want “pleaded Jen. We want you to give us a proper look at that pussy of yours, said the handsome one. Yeah and those huge titties to said the other, Jen said I’m not into that I have to go now. Oh no you don’t not till you give us a illegal bahis siteleri proper look slut, you can’t tease us and walk off. They steered her toward the back of the car park, “where are you taking me “demanded Jen. Our van is over there by the wall, the van was backed up to the high wall and the man handled her between the van and wall. One guy opened the doors out to the wall securing them in. Lean in there you fucking slut and show us that fat arse and pussy, they man handled her to bend over her big bare arse stuck up in the air. Jen kept her legs together her chubby thighs protecting her pussy but they were demanding she spread them. One of the guys forced his leg between hers and made her part them. Come on bitch wider, you weren’t shy in the shop. Jen submitted opening her legs wide, “there have a good look and let me go “don’t be in such a hurry we want to savour the view said the handsome one. Jen felt his warm hand grasp her arse; “look at that pussy b*o” he said to the other and slipped his hand down to fondle her mound. Man this whore is wet; he slipped two large fingers knuckle deep into her wetness. His mate had his dick out it was a large fat 7 inches, grabbing Jen’s hair he pulled her up sliding to sit on the van bed. Suck this you fat slut, he pulled her head down toward it, Jen turned sideways to avoid it. I’m not sucking any cock she retorted, oh yes you are you cheap tart and he forced her face to his dick whilst holding her hair. Open up he commanded but Jen refused clamping her lips together, he took his other hand and roughly pinched her nose. Jen unable to breathe was forced to open her mouth and as soon as she did he pushed his big black cock in back to her throat. Jen gagged, yeah that’s it you cheap whore swallow it! Jen submitted and began sucking on him, “oh yeah that’s it suck you tart” and grabbed her tit through her top. Mr handsome behind was frigging her with three fingers now; he dropped his shorts and unleashed another impressive dick not so fat but easily 8”. Jen felt it rub on her thighs and struggled trying to stand but she was being held firmly down on his mate’s fat cock. Jen closed her legs and tried to push away and off the dick but Mr. handsome pulled her denim jacket down her arms trapping them. He forced her legs apart and she felt his hot bell end push at her pussy lips, they parted and inch by inch he invaded her vagina until he was balls deep. That’s what a teasing slut needs a good spit roast and he began pumping into her, there was no finesse he just gave it to her hard and fast. This bitch is soaking man! She’s fucking loving it, in truth Jen couldn’t help but feel aroused. The large warm cock filled her wanton pussy and was giving her what she needed. Jen felt herself losing control as her body quivered, she pulled off the cock in her mouth letting out canlı bahis siteleri a yelp of pleasure and thighs tightened and her inner muscles gripped onto her assailant’s dick sending him over the edge, and he filled her with hot spunk. His mate stood up his massive thick cock standing upright out of his trouser fly glistening from the coating of Jen’s saliva, he moved around behind her waiting to replace his pal. Mr handsome slimy cock slipped out and his pal wasted no time slotting his thick dick into Jen’s sopping pussy. Jen felt it stretch her wider taking her breath away momentarily, he too was giving it to her hard and fast crashing into her fat arse, both cheeks rippled forward with each thrust. Mr handsome freed her from her jacket, pulled her top off over her head and unclipped her bra throwing them in the van. Jen’s heavy big tits swung back and forth so hard they were getting painful; she used an arm across them to steady them. Mr handsome shoved his cock to her pink lips, Jen just enveloped the slimy cock teasing her own juices, “that’s it you fucking cock teasing tart clean it good” he demanded. Jen was over come and new another orgasm was building, she had a mixture of pleasure and pain when the massive cock bottomed out in her womb, she’d never had such a big cock. Jen crashed to a massive orgasm that caused her knees to buckle and she went light headed. It felt like an age later when it started to subside and Jen realised shed squirted pissing herself in the process. Fuckin hell man look at the slut said Mr. handsome, his friend was grunting and although Jen couldn’t feel it she knew he was filling her womb with his spunk too.Jen couldn’t stand any longer and had to sit on the bed of the van for her arousal to subside. As she came back to reality she realised they were groping her tits, Jen pushed them back. I need to go now have you got some tissue I can clean up with, they pushed her on her back “let us see that cum filled hole”. Open those legs up tart and let us see, Jen lifted her heels to the bed of the van and splayed her knees to reveal her gaping gash full of seeping cum. Mr handsome’s pal dipped a finger in her and pushed it to her lips forcing her to taste it, Man look at that sluts hole. Jen pleaded again for tissue and release, I can’t walk back with all this running down my legs. Mr handsome reached in his shorts pocket and pulled out her thong. This will do the job, Jen stretched out a hand for it, no no he said and started inserting the thong up her hole, ”this will stop it leaking. Jen went to hook it out; they laughed at her, oh no you don’t pulling her out of the van gathered up her clothes throwing them on the floor. They shut the van doors and got in driving off leaving Jen standing against the wall her skirt still ruffled up around her waist and her big bare tits hanging free in the fresh air. Jen was aghast she spread her legs and pulled the cum drenched thong out to the floor, pulled down her skirt and scooping up her jacket buttoned it and picked up her bra and top and tottered off across the large car park toward her car .

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