Jennifer’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 06


6 The “Picnic”

6.1 Planning

‘Alessa, David’s found a nice secluded place just out of town where we can go and sunbathe in complete privacy. Would you like to join us?’

‘What do you mean “secluded?”‘

Jennifer, having just come from having a shower, was wearing only her robe.

She let it fall to the floor then raised her arms, clasping her hands together high above her head. Totally naked, she arched her back, stretched upwards and turned around slowly showing a beautifully evenly tanned body.

‘Hey, you haven’t got any tan lines.’

‘Even that bit is tanned,’ Alessa said, pointing at Jennifer’s pubic mound.

‘That’s what I mean by secluded. You won’t need your bikini. I’ve already been there, twice, and I can guarantee that you can’t see another living soul for miles.’

Alessa’s interest was roused immediately.

‘Oh?’ she said.

‘And you can bring your boyfriend too because when I say “secluded” I mean “SECLUDED”. No one ever goes there.’

‘In that case, I’ll definitely join you.’

‘Good, because there are some things I want you to bring along.’

‘Oh yeah’ said Alessa, her interest piqued even more. ‘What?’

‘Your vibrator and the double-dildo, the ones we tried out when David and Michael went on the field trip. I’m taking my vibrator. One thing, DON’T tell the boys about the little extras we’re taking with us. In fact, don’t tell them about our, er, “excursion” at all. We’ll tell them in the morning only that we’re going on a picnic and not a word before then. It MUST be a surprise for them, otherwise it won’t work, ok.’

‘When then.’

‘How about Saturday? If we make the boys go without between now and then, they’ll have built up quite a head of steam, won’t they?’

‘Hmm, four days. Do you think we can make them go without for four days and not make them suspicious?’

‘We can try. And by Saturday they’ll be really gagging for it.’

‘Saturday it is then.’

Although Jennifer and Alessa tried to avoid giving the impression that this particular Saturday would be any different to any other, and didn’t mention sunbathing or picnics, it was impossible to avoid giving away their increasing sense of anticipation of the day. But they did manage to find plausible reasons for avoiding any “intimacy”.

6.2 Saturday

Saturday morning arrived and the girls “suddenly” suggested a picnic and a spot of sunbathing, as though the idea had just occurred to them, but they carefully didn’t suggest a possible location. They arranged to meet the boys back at Jennifer and Alessa’s room three hours later. The boy’s were told that this was so they could get their college work done and out of the way but the girls knew they had to get them out of the way so they could have enough time to prepare.

When they got back to their room, the girls both realized they should have a shave as it had been a few days and their pubes were starting to feel ever so slightly rough.

They decided to choose what clothes to wear first and each tried on a few different combinations. Alessa opted for a thin white cotton halter-necked-top while Jennifer chose a white cropped-top that was cut rather short and only just covered her nipples, showing rather a lot of tit-flesh out of the bottom. Both decided on short white, pleated miniskirts and neither would wear any underwear. They realized they had spent too long picking out what clothes to wear and they still had to shave and dress in their chosen outfits so, with only half an hour left before the boys arrived, they got their razors and sat down facing each other with a bowl of warm water on the floor between them, ready to begin their final preparations.

Then Jennifer, smiling suggestively, said she should do Alessa’s pubes and Alessa should do hers. ‘To make sure of a really good job,’ she added.

So she put her own razor aside, knelt down on the floor, and wiped over Alessa’s mound with the shave-stick.

As she was running the blade across Alessa’s skin she saw a few drops of moisture appear and noticed the clitoris she was working around starting to swell a bit. Alessa’s breathing became deeper and a flush appeared in her face so Jennifer pushed a couple of fingers inside her slit.

Alessa said she didn’t want to cum now as that might detract from the full enjoyment of their “picnic” but Jennifer told her how she knew from her first such sunbathing experience, the one where she had first met David, that if she brought Alessa to the brink of orgasm but stopped just short, then her eventual release when Michael was fucking her would blow her mind. Jennifer carried on working at Alessa’s pubes until she had finished shaving them. However, she didn’t think Alessa had been near enough to cumming so she insisted on checking the smoothness of Alessa’s skin with her tongue.

This did the trick and Alessa was soon whimpering with the effort of holding back from her cum and only just succeeded.

Alessa did the same thing for Jennifer, though casino oyna how she avoided succumbing to the temptation to bring herself off as she did so was, she thought, a credit to her self-control.

They managed to get finished and dressed with only minutes to spare but Alessa got into a bit of a stew when she couldn’t find the toys. The rest of the stuff was ready, the blanket, the mobile phone, the cold-box with the bottles of iced water, the beers sandwiches and spare batteries for the vibrators in it and the sun cream.

But no vibrators and no double dildo.

‘Come on, Ally,’ we’ll just have to do without them, we haven’t got time to look now because the boys are due to arrive any minute and I can see the taxi outside.’

There was a knock on the door at that very moment and, when Jennifer opened it, she found the boys waiting outside in black shorts and tight black sleeveless t-shirts that Jennifer thought, with a little shiver of delighted anticipation, showed off their muscles quite well.

‘And here they are’ she said.

When the boys saw them they couldn’t help but notice the flush on Jennifer and Alessa’s faces, and the way their nipples were sticking out like organ-stops through the flimsy material of their tops.

‘Where are we going?’ asked David.

Jennifer and Alessa exchanged glances, and Jennifer replied, ‘You’ll both find out when we get there. Come on, the taxi’s here.’

Jennifer gave the taxi driver whispered directions of where to go, saying she would give him further directions when they got near to their destination and saying the boys were NOT to know anything.

The taxi driver saw the way the girls were dressed, gave Jennifer a knowing look and agreed readily to her request with a grin and a wink. She got into the back of the cab with the others.

They sat the boys in the seats facing the rear of the cab, put their seatbelts on them and then sat down opposite them facing forward.

They sat in silence for a few minutes while they left the campus grounds and got out onto the open road then Jennifer and Alessa each brought their hands up to caress their own nipples through their thin tops and, staring deep into their boyfriends eyes, slowly parted their legs, exposing their newly shaven naked pussies. Then each then very sensuously and seductively put a finger in her mouth, making it thoroughly wet. In perfect synchronization, they then brought the wet fingers down to their open pussies and traced along the lines of their slits.

After a few minutes of this tantalizing display, Jennifer suddenly closed her legs and said ‘Now, where we’re going is to be a surprise so you two have got to put these hoods on over your heads so you can’t see. Right Alessa.’

‘That’s right,’ came the reply.

When the boys were blindfolded, Jennifer told the taxi driver to go left at the next junction, right at the one after that, then drive on till she said stop.

The boys felt the smooth road suddenly change to a rough track, then each felt hands unzipping their flies, releasing their hard cocks, and warm mouths engulfed their now free members, taking them each in right down to the base of their shafts. Up then down a few more times, then the mouths were taken away and they heard Jennifer’s voice speaking to the taxi driver.

‘Right, you can drop us anywhere here, thank you. We’ll want a ride back in about eight hours or so and we’ll call up your firm and ask for you if you’re still on duty, since you know where we are.’

The hoods were whipped off as the taxi pulled to a stop and the boys looked round to see where they were, then realized their state of undress and struggled to put their cocks away and zip themselves up before the taxi driver noticed that they weren’t moving to get out of the car.

6.3 “Worth Your While”

Jennifer and Alessa got out of the taxi first, then had to stifle their giggles as the boys tried to do the same whilst make it appear to the taxi driver that they were moving normally.

The taxi pulled away and David finally got the chance to have a look round. That was when he realized where they all were and he looked at Jennifer with such an expression of sheer animal lust that she felt her knees go weak and her nipples tingle.

Today will be worth it, she thought, and there was such a sudden surge of moisture to her pussy that she felt her juices trickle down her legs and she only managed to retain control of her senses by the slimmest of degrees.

Michael saw the way David looked at Jennifer and couldn’t help but see her obvious response, the red flush that covered her face and shoulders and the upper part of her breasts. He couldn’t miss the way her nipples suddenly stuck out even more through the thin material of her top or the way her eyes widened slightly, or the other signs of immediate arousal.

He looked at David questioningly and, at his look, David said, ‘I don’t know what these two girls have got planned either but I’m sure it worth our while to do slot oyna whatever they say. I think they are going to fuck our brains out.’

They walked away from the road a little and got to the centre of a large open space in the woods when Alessa asked ‘Hey, what do you mean “What we’ve got planned?” I don’t know any more than you do. This is all Jennifer’s idea. The only bit I knew about for definite before now is what happened in the taxi. I can make a good guess about the rest. But that’s all it would be, a guess. You’re right about one thing though…we ARE going to fuck your brains out.’

‘What do you want us to do first then, Jennifer?’ asked David.

‘David, you skin up. Alessa, Michael, you spread the blanket out.’

When they opened out the blanket they found, in the middle of it, the vibrators and double dildo that Alessa couldn’t find earlier.

‘So that’s what happened to them, Jennifer.’

‘Yes, so let’s put on a show for Michael and David?’

They sat the boys down next to each other near one edge of the large blanket and told them to open four beers.

Jennifer and Alessa knelt down facing each other, with their legs together, while they skinned up another joint each. They took their time over this in order to heighten the sense of anticipation being experienced by the boys.

They all knew it had something to do with the vibrators and double dildo. But only Jennifer knew what it was.

What could she have in mind?

Jennifer decided the tension wasn’t quite high enough yet so she asked Alessa if she had ever had a blowback.

‘What’s a “blowback?” I know what a “blowjob” is. Is a “blowback” a “blowjob” to the back of your throat, like “deepthroat?”‘

Jennifer described it, how one of you fills your lungs with smoke from the joint, how you then reverse the joint and put the lit end in your mouth.

‘Then comes the good bit. You immediately kneel down legs together facing whoever you’re with, put your mouths (the plural of “mouse” is “mice” so the plural of “mouth” should be “mithe”) close together and the one with the lungful blows out gently through the joint while the other sucks ALL the smoke in. AND you stand up very slowly at the same time. Are you ready to try it?’

This had the desired effect and Alessa keeled over giving the boys a quick flash of her shaven snatch as she got the sudden rush.

‘Now me. You have to make sure you don’t burn your tongue though.’

Jennifer got the rush this time and flashed her pussy too.

Then they did it again, and both boys got the two flashes again.

Jennifer decided it was time now for stage two and had a drink from the bottle of iced water (an excuse to get the bottle of iced water in her hand), as they stood up then turned to stand before the boys.

Jennifer was in front of David and Alessa in front of Michael.

They began a sensual dance, each running hands over their bodies, lifting their skirts to give the boys tantalizing glimpses of what was beneath. Jennifer still held the bottle of water which she raised and poured over her breasts, the sudden shock of the ice-cold fluid on her flesh giving her a little shiver and making the cloth completely see-through. She handed the bottle to Alessa who, taking her cue from Jennifer, did the same before putting the bottle down. They turned to face each other, held hands and rubbed their breasts together. Then they embraced and shared a long, passionate kiss. Alessa felt her fairly big boobs pressing against Jennifer’s enormous ones and started running her hands up and down Jennifer’s back, lifting her skirt and caressing her bum cheeks.

Jennifer turned Alessa so that she was facing the boys, slightly nearer to being in front of Michael, stood behind her and untied the lower knot of her halter-neck. Then she started running her hands up and down Alessa’s front. She raised Alessa’s skirt, giving Michael a quick flash of “the promised land” before hiding it from view by cupping Alessa’s mound with her palm, slipping a finger into her pussy at the same time. Her other hand was on Alessa’s breast under the now loose halter neck and she grasped her nipple, pulling and squeezing it. She tugged loose the knot at the neck of the halter-neck top with her teeth, letting it fall to the ground and unzipped Alessa’s skirt, letting that fall too.

Alessa thought, ‘This is such a different Jennifer from just a few weeks ago, when she wouldn’t even say “boo” to a goose,’ and then she closed her eyes and couldn’t think of anything but Jennifer’s fingers on her clitoris and nipple.

The girls then swapped places so that Alessa was behind Jennifer, on David’s side of the blanket, and this time it was Alessa’s hands running over Jennifer’s breasts and pussy. However, when she reached up to lift Jennifer’s top off over her head, Jennifer just grabbed the neck and ripped it off. After Jennifer’s skirt had fallen too, she noticed that Michael and David had their cocks out by now and started wanking slowly at the sheer canlı casino siteleri eroticism of the show the girls were putting on for them.

Jennifer leaned towards David, tweaking her left nipple, and put her other hand on his hand that was grasping his cock.

She pulled his hand away, saying ‘No, you’re not allowed to touch yourselves until I say so. Take your clothes off. You too Michael.’

The boys hurried to comply as she picked up the vibrators, handed one to Alessa and said ‘Alessa, just do whatever I do, ok,’ then stood near David so that her pussy was inches from his face.

She pushed a finger in her pussy then bent her knees, opening her legs wider and took her hand away. Then she slowly inserted the vibrator up to the hilt. Alessa followed suit, getting an idea about what the next bit would be.

David put his head forward and stuck his tongue out to lick Jennifer’s now exposed clitoris but she put her hand on his forehead and pushed him away.

‘Uh uh, naughty, naughty.’

She pulled the vibrator out, then pushed it all the way in again.

She had to tell David once more not to touch his cock.

Jennifer turned and told Alessa to sit down in front of Michael facing the boys then pushed her shoulders back so she was lying flat. She picked up the double-dildo and fed it into Alessa’s hungry pussy, licking her clitoris as she did so. Jennifer then lowered herself onto the double, dropped down flat so she was resting on Alessa’s chest, rubbing their breasts together, and started to rock her bottom up and down. When she looked back she could see the boys wanking furiously, bent so close to the double going in and out of the two pussies that their heads were almost together.

‘I told you, no touching.’

She felt her own tension rise, and pumped faster, and faster, watching Alessa’s eyes and waiting for the right moment.

Alessa looked up into her eyes. She was almost there, almost, almost.

‘Now,’ Alessa screamed.

Jennifer lifted herself quickly off the double, pulling it from Alessa and throwing it aside as she did so, rolled over onto her back and screamed at the boys ‘FUCK US.’

They lunged forward each to land on their girl, shoved cocks into pussies, and all four came immediately in a huge explosion of simultaneous orgasmic frenzy.

After they descended from the plateau of their ecstasy, Jennifer asked, ‘Well, what do you think, people? Did you like my idea?’

Murmurs of ‘Yeah’ and ‘Phew’ and ‘Wow’ (this last from David) were the responses.

‘Good’ said Jennifer, ‘because, although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to improve on that one, I’ve got a few other ideas to try out.’

David said ‘Alessa, I thought you said you didn’t know what Jennifer had got planned? How did you know what to do with such perfect timing?’

‘Go on, tell him, Alessa’ said Jennifer.

Alessa related to Michael and David about their shared shaving experience that morning, and how Jennifer had pointed out that she knew from a certain earlier event in her life (not giving any details) about how the pleasure of an orgasmic release can be intensified by forcing yourself to wait. She went on to say that although she hadn’t actually known exactly what was planned, she had suddenly realized as Jennifer was fucking her with the double that she knew just what to do.

‘What was this “certain earlier event”, Jennifer?’ asked David, though he thought he knew.

Jennifer replied by describing in detail what had happened the day she first met David. She told of her shaving experience in her room and slipped two fingers into her pussy to massage her clitoris when she got to the part about her near-orgasm. She then spoke of how she had staggered up to the roof and lain down to read her book, then how the book had turned her on to an uncontrollable degree, of how she had then ripped her bikini off and then masturbated herself to an incredible four orgasms while imagining David had been with her only to open her eyes after her orgasms to find that the subject of her desires looking at her.

She could tell that her narration was having the desired effect by the two rapidly hardening cocks and by the way Alessa’s nipples were stiffening, so she went on to tell, in even greater detail, of what had happened when she got back to her room.

‘Would you like to see what we did when I got back to our room after the roof?’ she asked.

‘Oh yes’ the boys said in unison.

Jennifer laid back, spread her legs and eased three fingers into her pussy.

‘This isn’t precisely right because I couldn’t do this, at that time…’ and she then eased four, then all five and eventually her whole hand into her pussy up to her wrist. Then she took her fist out of her pussy with loud sucking noise and replaced it with the vibrator. Jennifer turned round so that she was looking sideways up into David’s eyes and so that Michael had a close-up view of the vibrator going in and out of her pussy.

Alessa got on top of her in a 69 and they took over control of each other’s toys, working them in and around the pussies held only inches from each other’s face.

‘David, I think this pussy needs a cock in it, if you would be so kind.’

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