Jen’s Friend


It all started innocent enough. Just a few years ago and with just an honest mistake. Back then I lived on the beach, with my girlfriend of four years, in a beautiful two story house that my girl’s god father had let us stay in for pretty cheap. So while we had this amazing place, we weren’t exactly rich, but nor were we poor. We’d been there for about a year at the time, both of us in our mid 20’s, loving our room on the second story over looking the ocean, and its beautiful deck that looked down at our own “backyard” which featured little more than a fenced in pool, a hot tub and a sauna, each of which we used constantly. On the other side of the fence was the boardwalk. Then the beach.

One morning my girlfriend Jen had gone out to the beach with her best friend and I’d stayed behind in order to sleep a little longer and eventually head out for a run. That morning I felt particularly lazy though, and decided not to seriously take my time before running anywhere, fumbling through a slow morning routine of waking to the world. After catching up on sports highlights I got up and stood naked in my room listening to my iPod in order to have some good old motivational rock and roll to get me ready for the run. Before I even found my shorts though I took an obligatory stroll to our full length closet mirror, in the small hallway between the doorway and our room, and looked over my naked body. So I stood there as silly as can be with no inhibitions (I was alone, after all), making faces and flexing my muscles to the music, when Jen’s best friend rounded the corner wearing just her bikini and stopping only a feet from running into me.

The first thing I noticed, just before her gasp, was how poorly concealed her breasts were underneath her top. She is tall, just about my height at six feet, and since they’re that much closer to eye level than most girls tits, so it’s even harder to avoid staring at them every now and then even if she’s wearing a sweater. I felt bad about that being my first thought, but I couldn’t help it. She has amazing breasts, and I’d always admired them. Then came her gasp, and with it I caught the same soft jiggle of her breasts that had played itself out in my fantasies so many times… Then I realized the situation. There I stood, completely in the buff about five feet in front of one of Jen’s best friends and she was letting her eyes roam, taking my dangling cock in for all it was worth while I went from flexing to standing stiff and awkward. I was glad I’d stayed in shape and only felt like a sloth. In those first few seconds, she just couldn’t hide it, she just stared at my dangling member in all its glory before she ever tried to look up into my eyes in order to mutter an apology. When I think back on it, on that first stare, I almost shoot my load immediately. I love the look on a woman’s face when she first sees a cock. When she did fake hospital hastane finally look me in the eyes though, it was evident that neither of us had prepared for this, at all. I stood facing her, iPod in one hand, my other hand held up in surprise, completely naked and shocked.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were out, I’m so sorry.”

“Uh… it’s okay,” is all could stammer as she turned her back to me and bounced back out of the room as quickly as she’d arrived. Her ass looked so round and perfect as she went away.

“Let me pull on some shorts, shit, what did you need?” I called after her.

“Oh my god, I’m sooo sorry” she said again, “I just needed to grab a beach towel from the dick, I mean deck, I really had no idea you were in here. Jen said you’d be running. I called out. I didn’t hear anything.” I sprinted to my shorts and threw them on hoping the mesh could contain my cock enough to try and salvage the situation.

“It’s okay; I’ve got shorts on now. I’ll grab the towel, and we’ll just laugh about it. Come on in, it’s no big deal.”

She came back in red in the face and giggling awkwardly. I stood before her in my running shorts, no boxers, and her in her bikini. She had her long black hair tied back in a pony tail.

“Gosh I’m so sorry”

“No big deal, we’re adult. Let’s get you a towel.”

As I spoke I remained admiring her bikini clad body, she was an athlete in college and had remained a workout fiend ever since, leaving her with a well fit voluptuousness. But I particularly couldn’t help myself from sneaking another glance at her breasts, and I felt myself growing hard in her presence. Her face had grown red and the deep maroon of her cheeks reminded me of what she’d just seen, and there was nothing I could do when the erection started up.

“She said there’d be some out on the deck”

“Sure” I said, turning away from her and opening the deck door, moving to the side to let her out. She passed by but the entrance wasn’t that wide, and her hip bumped the semi-erection I’d desperately been trying to conceal.

“Ooops” she whispered nervously almost as if she had a hoarse throat, glancing quickly into my eyes as she passed, but keeping her focus on the towel hunt. I knew my growing fatness was visible from the way she tried to avoid looking at it as she went about getting the towel. When finally grabbed one from the rail and turned to face me, but I’d already retreated to the bedroom.

“Hey wait, come here so I can show you where we’re seated.”

I stood back at the door and she finally looked down directly and hard at the tent in my shorts. Something had come over her and she smiled.

“Thought so,” she giggled, “I bet you need a cold shower now huh, haha.”

“Very funny.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I was just curious is all. I fake taxi porno feel weird too; I just meant to make fun. It’s natural for a guy to get excited when a girl sees his dick for the first time.”

“Sorry about that” I replied, “but you’re right, I guess that kind of worked me up. It’s only natural.” I tried to laugh it off, feeling a bit more relaxed with her new attitude.

“It was a little bit erotic huh” she said. “Well, I feel awful about it, I should have called louder or at least heard you frolicking about in there.”

“It’s okay, we’ll move passed it.”

“Good. But, I feel like I should tell you. You’ve got a great cock, Jon.”

I was speechless.

“I want to make up for my intrusion, I feel so guilty.” She edged towards me until she stood with her bare thigh brushing the tip of my hardness, with only a thin layer of mesh between us. I was still speechless. She looked me in the eye and reached out for me, grabbing it through my shorts with a tight grip I’ll never forget. She had a vice.

“You need me to care of this?” she asked.

I remained silent.

“You need me to.” She moved me back into the bedroom and sat me down on the bed, never relenting in her grip of my mesh covered cock. She sank to her knees and pulled off my shorts. It sprung up and hit my stomach. She giggled again and whispered, “Don’t tell Jen.”

“Okay” I finally spoke.

She placed her hand back on my erection, this time with no barrier, and her soft, cold hand felt incredible. The blood was rushing and I felt like I could pass out. She started stroking, nice slow strokes, gentle up and down, but with the grip of a cliffhanger.

“Take off your top” I said.

She did.

She has perfect tits for her height, size C-cup, small brown nipples, hard. She continued to stroke me, relaxing the grip a bit now, letting her hands brush me on the way up and down and every so often tightening on my rod for a long full stroke.

“I can’t wait for your cum. I want you to cum for me, in my hands.” She kept stroking, keeping a nice rhythm with her right. Her left she left sitting on my thigh, every now and then caressing my balls with her finger tips. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t believe I’d let it go this far, and at the same time I couldn’t believe she wasn’t sucking me off. Who gives or gets a handjob in their twenties? But she just stroked for a couple of minutes, looking me in the eyes or sometimes staring at her hand as she guided it up and down my erection. I watched her face, her eyes, her perfect tits. About three minutes had passed since she first grabbed me before either one of us spoke again. All we heard was the ocean outside, the sound of the beach, and the slight rubbing of flesh meeting flesh,

flesh pulling flesh.

“You like my tits, Jon?”

“Yes. They’re perfect.”

“You family stroke porno like my lips too, don’t you?”


“You want me to blow you?”

“Oh god, so bad.”

“You want your girlfriend’s best friend to blow you? To suck your dick?”

“Yes, please.”

“You’re so close to coming Jon, it would be a waste of my talents, which are considerable.”


“I give a great hand job, don’t I?”

“Yes” I muttered and she picked up the pace for a few more moments. Just as I felt my cum start to build up to the boiling point she leaned in and kissed the head. It felt magnificent. She looked me in the eye and opened her mouth in a wide smile.

“You’ve got a great cock Jon.” She pursed her lips and engulfed me, her warm wet mouth sliding all the way down my seven inches of shaft, and when I felt the back of her throat on my tip, and her lips at my base, I knew I would explode any second. I was too out of it to warn her but she knew it too, and before I got even a bubble in her mouth she’d pulled back off and reinitiated her light carefree style of stroking for a second until I raised my hips and the stroking lost all hint of sweetness, leaving only a the fierce, tight pumping of a girl on a mission and after a few of these I erupted with a vengeance. My first blast, a long thick glob, slammed her across the face from the base of her hairline to the bottom of her opposite cheek. She smirked and wrinkled her nose, shutting her eyes, but she kept on stroking violently, holding my rod like it was a paddle in the rapids. The next few reached her face as well, leaving her totally and completely facailized, and the last couple of blasts splattered her tits with a clearer fluid. It had been awhile since I’d last come, and she looked like she’d been bathed in Vaseline by the time my last few efforts dropped onto her breasts, running down her nipples and onto her stomach. She let out a little sigh as I came down from it and I realized she had just cum too. I never would have guessed she was such a cumslut. She kept jerking my softening meat for a good minute before she gave up on coaxing anything else out of there.

“Feel better, Jon?” She wiped up what she could with her hands and sucked it down her throat, all while looking into my eyes with a sly grin.

“Yes.” I muttered.

“Please don’t tell Jen. I just couldn’t help myself. We’ve known each other so long it was bound to happen eventually. I can see how much I turn you on and I know you guys haven’t been going at it as much any more. Try to think of it as a favor between friends, no strings. Now you won’t be tempted to cheat on her”. This girl sure could rationalize.

“It’s okay. Our little secret.”

“She’s expecting me, so I better get going. Don’t tell. Our secret. Maybe you can let me know the next time you need some relief, huh?”

“Okay.” I answered.

She stood up, wiped what was left of my cum off her face and tits, put her bikini top back on winked at me. She had only been in the house a few minutes and she walked back out of the room as quickly as she’d cum. Come. I decided would need relief again soon.

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