Jessi’s New Mistress Ch. 2


Diana had Jessi sit in the front seat, next to her, as she drove Jessi back to her apartment. She smiled at Jessi, and said, “I hope I see you again. Mistress E really likes you, you know. She has been looking for a girl for a long time, but she told me she has never found anyone like you before.”

Jessi smiled at Diana. “Mistress E is pretty amazing herself. I KNOW I have never met anyone like her before. And what was really amazing, I don’t usually do this, but I knew within about 30 seconds of meeting her last night that I would be going home with her.”

“She told me the same thing about you. I guess you and her just clicked, on some deep level. Like I said, I haven’t seen her this happy in the entire time I’ve worked for her, which is three years now.”

“So tell me about that, Diana. How is it that you came to work for Mistress E?”

“Both of my parents worked for Elise and her late husband for years. I have always lived in this house, and thought of Mistress E as a cross between a big sister and a crazy aunt. My parents died in a plane crash, and when Elise asked if I would become her driver, I couldn’t refuse. She pays me way too much for what I do, plus she covers all my tuition and books in medical school. I owe her a lot. In fact, I owe her everything.”

Jessi was stunned. It was becoming clear that Elise was an amazing woman, strong and beautiful yet with compassion enough to support this girl who she could easily have thrown away. “What do you think about her ummmm, “girl friends”, Diana?”

“Wellll… Let’s just say that there are times I wish it was me with her. I’ve been with guys before, but lately I am almost exclusively women. It’s been at least a year since I was with a man. She is an utterly amazing woman, and I count myself lucky to know her even if I don’t end up as her girl.”

“I know what you mean… May I ask, how old are you, Diana?”

“I’m 20, if that matters.”

“No, it doesn’t matter at all. In fact, I think it’s great. Medical school, huh?”

“Yeah, I am in my first semester, it is a real bitch sometimes. I graduated high school when I was 16, and even took some college courses before that. I was 19 when I got my BS in Biology, and now I’m in med school.”

“Wow, beautiful AND smart!” Jessi laughed.

“Thank you, but you are the beautiful one…” Diana said, her voice fading away on the last syllables.

Jessi turned, and Diana had her head down, looking at the road rather than at her.

“Diana, can I ask a favor? Would you take off your cap, let your hair down?”

Diana turned and said, “Okay, I’d love to.” She took the cap off and shook her head, freeing her long, wavy auburn hair which flowed down around her shoulders and nearly to her waist.

Jessi reached out and began to stroke Diana’s hair. “It’s beautiful, Diana, thank you…”

Diana took Jessi’s hand and held it. “You probably should stop, Jessi. I think you are an incredibly sexy girl and I wouldn’t want to come between you and Elise.”

Jessi smiled and said, “Okay, Diana… I feel the same way, both about you and Elise. But we can at least be friends, can’t we?”

Diana smiled, “Of course, we can. But you will find that Elise will be demanding on your time, at least at first. She tends to always want her girl close by, to serve her…”

“So tell me, Diana, have you and Elise ever… ummmm…”

“Do you mean are we lovers?”

“Well, yes… It seemed like she likes you a lot, I could tell by the way she watches you walk. Kind of the way a cat looks at a bowl of cream or something…”

“Yes, there have been times when I have served my Mistress. I know her needs, probably better than anyone, and there are times when she needs my assistance. And I am only too glad to serve my Mistress… I hope that is not going to be a problem, Jessi.”

“I wondered last night… Problem? No way, I think it’s cool! You and she obviously love each other a lot, and part of love is showing it. I don’t have a problem with it at all… I think you are lucky to have found someone that cares so deeply for you!”

“Well, I definitely feel that way, and I’m glad you do, too. I hope we can become good friends, Jessi. Between work and school and studying, I don’t have a lot of free time. If you move in with us, I will at least have someone close to my own age there.”

“I know exactly what you mean, Diana, I am working full time and going to grad school right now. Last night was the first ‘play day’ I have allowed myself in several months. But I will be done in a couple months, and then I will be free. Most people wouldn’t understand, but you might have some idea of how much I am looking forward to that day.”

“You know I do, Jessi. Only I have about 8 more years to go…”

Diana pulled the limo to a stop in front of Jessi’s apartment. They hugged tight, and Jessi said, “Don’t worry, Diana, I am pretty sure that I want to be with Mistress E. And with you, too…”

Diana said “Great, I can’t wait.” then hopped out and ran around to casino siteleri open Jessi’s door. Jessi’s landlords were working in their garden, and she smiled and waved at them as she walked barefoot, carrying her shoes, up the driveway to her basement apartment.

She let herself in, then plopped back on the couch. She couldn’t believe what had happened over the last 24 hours, her life seemed to be upside-down. A day earlier, she had been looking forward to completing her MBA and finding a real job, to making her mark in the business world. Now she wanted only to go back to Elise’s house, to serve her.

Jessi couldn’t believe how she felt. Her body was sore all over, but it was the good kind of sore. The kind you get when you’ve had your brains fucked out all night long. Her nipples were tender but erect, her clit felt a little buzz. And when she had thought of Elise and Diana, she could feel herself getting wet all over again.

There was a message on her answering machine from James, so she called him. “You would not BELIEVE what happened last night, James!” she said.

“Oh, yeah, girl? Do tell…”

Jessi went through the whole story, including how she had met Elise, how she had fingered her and made her cum right in the club, then how they had gone back to Elise’s house and fucked all night. James was amazed at what happened. He and Jessi go dancing fairly often, and James has seen Jessi get a little nasty before, but nothing like this…

“Oooooh, Jessi, I had no idea you were such a slut!”

“Neither did I, James, but with Mistress E it just feels right!”

“Lucky girl… To find the one who makes you feel that way!”

“That’s how I feel, too… I actually just got home, I’m still kind of in shock. I haven’t been fucked like that in a long, long time, and my mind is a little numb. She wants me to move in with her and be her ‘personal assistant’, whatever that means.”

“Girl, what about your school? You’re not going to bail with only a little bit to go, I hope?”

“No chance, James. What I think I will do is offer to go to work for her now but tell her I have to finish school. I will be there all day, then have classes in the evenings. And it’s only a couple of months, I am sure she will understand.”

“I hope so… You can’t throw away three years of grad school over a piece of ass, Jessi…” James laughed.

“I know, I know… But she really DOES have an amazing ass, James. And the other parts are incredible, too! I can’t wait to get back over there, and get my hands on her again…”

So that was how it went. That evening she talked to Elise, and Mistress E agreed that Jessi could finish her school. The next day was Monday, and Jessi’s boss was very surprised when she walked in and said, “Sorry, Dave, but I quit. You guys have been good to me, but I’ve found a much better job. And I would really appreciate it if you would not hold me to ‘two weeks notice’.”

Dave gulped, but said, “Sure, Jessi. Let me talk to the payroll folks and see how soon they can have your check ready.”

Jessi then went to her desk and started cleaning it out. She was surprised to find that even though she had worked at this company for four years, her personal possessions fit into one small box.

She went and found James. She was positively beaming, and James smiled at her. “Girl, you look like you just died and went to heaven!”

“To tell the truth, I think I did, James…” Jessi said with a dreamy look on her face.

“Girl, you’ve got it bad! So will we ever see you again?”

“Here? I seriously doubt it… Socially? I hope so, James. You know I appreciate what you have done for me in the past year. You have been a dear friend, and I hope you understand how much I needed your help. Helping me figure myself out, letting me know that who I am is okay. I will never forget you!”

“Good, Jessi… You are too fun a person to disappear off the face of the earth.”

Their conversation was interrupted by Jessi’s boss, who needed her to go finish up her paperwork. After that was done, he handed her the final paycheck and she was free. She went back and said good-bye to her co-workers. She didn’t like them very much, except for James. They were, in her words, “a bunch of old biddies, putting in their time and waiting to retire. They wouldn’t know ‘fun’ if it bit them in the ass.”

Jessi called Elise and gave her the good news. “I can start whenever you’d like, Mistress E.” She kept her voice down, she didn’t want her co-workers to hear.

“That’s excellent, Jessi. When do YOU want to start?” was Elise’s reply.

“Ummmm… Would this afternoon be too soon?”

Elise laughed, “No, Jessi, that would be fine, I was hoping maybe tomorrow. You continue to please me… Shall I have Diana fetch you?”

“I think I will drive myself, Mistress, so I have my car there. I have class tonight.”

“Okay, Jessi, we can work out the details when you get here. Do you need directions?”

“No, Mistress E, I was watching when Diana drove slot oyna me home yesterday. I am pretty sure I can find my way there.” Elise gave Jessi her cell number just in case, and they hung up.

Jessi went home and dropped her personal things from her office, then decided she should probably tell her mom she had changed jobs. Her mom was surprised, but then her mom was almost always surprised at things Jessi did. She loves her mother dearly, but knows that she does not like change and is not adventurous at all.

“Why would you give up that good accounting job, dear? Being a ‘personal assistant’ sounds like you’re a glorified secretary. You need to use your skills, dear, or they will go to waste!”

“Oh, I’ll be using ALL my skills…” Jessi thought, as a wicked grin slid across her face. But she said, “Mom, I will be much more than a secretary. Elise has said she needs someone with my skills to manage her affairs. And this lady is incredibly wealthy, mom, and the hours will be very flexible and the pay is unbelievable. She even has a guest house that I will be moving into after I graduate.”

“But how about a husband, Jessi? When will you have time to find one of those?” Jessi’s mom has been single since Jessi was 12, when her father left her for his secretary.

“Mom, you’ve done just fine without one. And I’m not ready to get married yet, but if I find the guy to marry, so much the better!” Jessi has not told her mother that she is a lesbian, she has been waiting for the right moment. Her mother is deeply religious and she is not sure how she would take it. Her father, she is sure, will be very supportive. They talk a few times a year, but he lives all the way across the country with wife number four (or is it five…).

“Well, as long as you’re happy, dear…” Jessi knew that was what her mother would say, she just didn’t have much clue at all what “her baby girl” was like these days.

“I am, mom. This is a great opportunity for me, and I can tell that Elise will be wonderful to work for. She has already said that we will be travelling some, and you know that I want to do that.”

“Okay, dear, just let me know what your new work number will be, in case I need to get ahold of you.”

“Of course, mom, I’ll call you tomorrow with all the information. Bye bye, mom.”

“Bye, dear. Talk to you soon, and I’m glad you like your new job.”

With that, Jessi hung up the phone. She was trying to decide what to wear for her first day on her new job. She settled on a little sun dress, white and sheer almost to the point of being see-through. She wore just a tiny thong underneath, a little wisp of white lace held in place by thin strings across her hips. Jessi’s nipples were erect and poking out against the thin fabric of the dress. She packed some school clothes in a duffel bag as well as some of her personal things, and headed over to her new life.

Jessi found Elise’s house with no trouble, and Diana showed her where she could park her car. Jessi’s 10 year old Honda looked pretty pathetic in the huge garage, parked between Elise’s Lexus and the Mercedes limousine. Diana took Jessi’s bag, and they headed to the house hand-in-hand.

Elise opened the door as they approached, and smiled warmly. “Welcome, Jessi. I’m sure you will enjoy it here!”

Jessi stepped close to Elise and slipped her arms around the taller woman’s neck. “Thank you, Mistress E, I am sure I will enjoy it, too!”

Elise hugged Jessi close and said, “I’m glad you and Diana get along so well. She has needed someone closer to her own age around the house. I am sure it gets pretty boring, when it is just she and I.”

Diana laughed, “Boring? You? Oh, please… Mistress E, you are the most un-boring person I have ever met! But I am still glad that Jessi is here!”

Elise said, “Okay, Diana, please show Jessi to her room and help her put her things away. Then bring her to my office.”

Jessi untangled herself from Elise, then followed Diana up the stairs. Jessi was watching Diana’s ass as she walked, the tight pants accentuating how firm it was. The pants were tight enough that Jessi could see the outline of Diana’s thong. It was almost mesmerizing, watching her cheeks flex as she walked.

When they entered Jessi’s room, Diana stopped short and Jessi almost ran into her. Diana turned to face her. The two girls were almost exactly the same height, and Jessi pressed her body against Diana’s.

“I hope we are going to be able to spend some time together…” she whispered.

Diana replied, “Me, too, and I don’t think that will be a problem. Mistress E loves to watch, so if we want to put on a little show for her I am sure she would like that.”

Jessi leaned forward and the two girls kissed. Jessi’s hands went to the other girl’s ass, and Diana slipped her hands under Jessi’s dress and cupped her bare cheeks. Their tongues were dancing together and Jessi moaned softly as Diana slid a finger inside her thong and along her slit. Jessi opened her legs for the younger girl, and Diana responded canlı casino siteleri by getting her fingertip wet and rubbing it across her clit.

Diana broke the kiss and stepped back. “Mmmmmm, wet already! Mistress E will be glad to know that! Come along, Jessi, you have work to do.”

Diana handed Jessi the collar, and Jessi placed it around her neck and fastened it. “God, girl, that collar looks SOOOO good on you!”

Jessi smiled and took Diana’s hand. “Okay, Diana, take me to our Mistress.”

Diana said, “Well, you need to make one slight adjustment…” She stepped close to Jessi and unzipped her dress, then had Jessi step out of it so she was wearing only the collar and her tiny thong.

“There, that’s MUCH better… I know Mistress E will love this outfit!”

The two girls walked together to Elise’s office. Jessi was surprised that it had lots of windows and plants, it was more like an atrium than an office. Elise was sitting at a desk in a silk dress, and she rose and approached as the two girls entered her office.

“Mmmmmmm, nice outfit, slut!” Elise cooed as she ran her hands over Jessi’s body. When the older woman’s hands cupped her breasts and squeezed the nipples, Jessi moaned softly.

Diana said, “Mistress E, I checked and she is already wet for you… Shall I leave you alone for now?”

“Yes, Diana, that will be fine. My little slut has some work to do…” Diana left the room and closed the door behind her, then Elise clipped the leash onto Jessi’s collar.

Elise led Jessi to her desk, then sat down. Elise pointed at the floor, and Jessi knelt at Elise’s feet.

Elise’s dress was a wraparound, and she undid the belt and let it fall open. Elise opened her legs wide, pointed between them, then said simply, “Jessi…”. She was not wearing underwear, and Jessi could see that her Mistress was already aroused.

The younger woman leaned forward and began to lick Elise’s pussy. The older woman slid her hips forward in her seat and put one leg over Jessi’s shoulder. She took Jessi’s hair in her hand and said, “God, slut, it’s only been one day but I have missed your sweet tongue. Lick me, slut, suck my pussy, fuck me, slut…”

Jessi was busy doing exactly that. Sliding her tongue deep into her Mistress’ pussy, wanting only to please her. Jessi was aroused to think that she could give this beautiful, strong woman such pleasure.

Suddenly the phone rang. Jessi raised her head, but Elise pressed it back down between her legs. “It’s okay, slut, just keep doing what you were doing.”

Elise’s hand was on the back of Jessi’s head, pulling her face tight. Jessi was sucking Elise’s clit, sliding a finger into her. She could hear Elise’s breathing getting a little ragged, so she was surprised to hear her pick up the phone. “Elise Andrews… Oh, hi, Jana! Good, how about you?”

Jessi was amazed… Her Mistress was carrying on a normal phone conversation while she was having her pussy eaten! Jessi decided that she must not be doing a good enough job, so she intensified her efforts. She used one hand to spread Elise’s lips wide, then slid two fingers inside and started sucking Elise’s clit harder. Her efforts were rewarded with a moan from Elise.

“Yessssss… That’s a good slut…”

Obviously the person on the phone heard those, and Elise said, “Yes, I have a new girl. And she is VERY good, she is between my legs right now.” A short pause then, “Yes, she is wonderful. And how is your slut, Jana? Uh-huh, I thought so… I agree, it’s very hot, talking to you as we are both getting our pussies licked by our sluts. Let me put you on speaker, so we have our hands free.”

Jessi heard the other woman’s voice, and it was obvious that she was very close to cumming. She was panting and moaning, talking to the girl between her thighs. “Yes, little slut, suck my pussy, make me cum. How about you, E, is your slut girl sucking your cunt for you?”

Jessi was sliding her fingers in and out, twisting them, and she could tell that Elise was near her climax. As Elise arched her hips up into Jessi’s face, she was moaning and grinding herself into the younger girl. Jessi could hear her panting, “Yes, Jana, she is fucking me and sucking my clit. God, she is a good slut… Ohhhhh… Fuck yes, fuck me Jessi, fuck your Mistress, give me that sweet tongue, baby!”

With that, Jessi felt Elise’s pussy begin to throb around her fingers, and she sucked her Mistress’ clit harder. Elise was moaning and grinding, and it sounded to Jessi like her friend on the phone was in the midst of her orgasm as well. The two of them were moaning and talking so nasty to each other. Jessi couldn’t believe it, this beautiful cultured woman, saying the filthiest things, telling Jessi to “…suck my cunt, slut. Give me that tongue, make me cum all over your face, slut, I love how you suck me, slut!”

As Elise’s orgasm wound down, Jessi slowed her tongue so that she was just giving Elise little licks and kisses on her pussy. Elise had her hand stroking Jessi’s hair, and holding her face gently against her thigh.

Jessi heard Elise say into the phone, “Hey, Jana, it was good to hear from you, it’s been too long. We should get together and let our sluts play together, wouldn’t that be fun?”

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