Jet Skiing Leads To….


All my stories have a kernal (or more) of truth in them. The location here was the Florida keys.

Sue gunned the jet ski as she circled around Mike and took off like a rocket.

Her skimpy bikini top had been removed and tied to the handle bar – leaving her rack not only exposed to the sun, but the salt water spray as well. He couldn’t tell, but for all he knew her bottom was bare as well.

The way she straddled that machine gave her vibrations that made her wet inside as well. As she varied the engine speed back and forth, it was like a giant version of Mr. Blue (her favorite vibrator)- thus proving the old adage bigger IS often better.

As she increased the distance between herself and Mike, she wondered if she manipulated the throttle control just right whether she could give herself an orgasm right out there in the open ocean. The deep-throated growl of the 4 cycle engine as it varied in pitch with each turn of the throttle control added to the sexual excitement that was building up within her.

Mike knew he probably couldn’t catch up with her if she put her mind to it. She was now nearly 150 yards ahead of him, somewhat to his left. At times, all he could see of her and the jet ski was the bright yellow top that was flapping around in the wind. He did his best to keep her in sight.

When they first set off, their goal had been to find a secluded strip of beach that was only easily accessible by water. They had put a lunch, ice, and wine in the storage compartments of their water craft.

Because she was now rapidly increasing and decreasing the rpms, Sue had lost most of her lead. Just as she started to cum, she lost engine speed and hitting the edge of an 18″ swell caused her to lose her balance a she fell into the warm waters. A few seconds later Mike pulled along side.

“Just like a woman driver”, he yelled.

Sue’s face was red, not from being embarrassed for falling into the ocean, but by the after effects of a massive orgasm that came to a screaming (literally) halt by her falling into the drink.

She was still a little unsteady and had a little trouble climbing back on her jet ski. Mike didn’t notice that. He did notice that she was, in fact, bottomless.

“Let’s head to that little strip of beach over there”, Sue yelled, still trying to catch her breath. “I don’t see anyone there and it seems that the jungle comes down to the ocean on both sides – so no one will likely be strolling along there. We’ll have it all to ourselves.”

As they pulled up, Mike said “We’ll have to find some way to tie these up so they don’t drift off and leave us stranded. OTH, can’t think of too many other people I’d rather be stranded with!”. A couple hundred feet down the beach they saw a tree whose branches almost reached the water. They threw a tie rope around one of the branches and tied one boat to the other.

They had put sun screen on their face arms and legs before leaving the dock. “Let’s go for a swim before putting more sun stuff on”, Mike suggested.

“You’ll have to take your t-shirt and bottoms off, naughty america porno because I have proclaimed this a nude only beach. Nudes, not prudes allowed”, proclaimed Sue.

“I’m afraid that my cock might which is now somewhat hard gets soft in the water, some fish might bite it thinking it’s a fat worm”.

Mike ran into the water still wearing his stretch seamless underwear. “For now it’s stretching ability can contain my modesty.”

They swam for a few minutes. Sue, as is her want, swam underwater, and when she saw Mike turn from his back to his stomach suddenly came up underneath him and grabbed his pokey thing through his underwear. While still holding her breath she tried to suck it – but lost a hold of it when Mike started splashing and flailing around.

They both choked a little on the water and headed the short distance towards shore. As they got out of the water Mike took off his briefs, which were now stretched to the limit by the blood that had rushed to his shaft.

“See what you’ve done! It will probably never regain its original shape!”

“Are you talking about your penis or your shorts?” Sue laughed.

“First, before we do anything, we need to put on sunscreen”.

As she handed Mike the plastic bottle with a big 24 SPF emblazoned on it, she took out the small blanket she had stowed. “Don’t stint on the quantity. Put a lot on my shoulders and back. Put an extra amount on my ass, which rarely gets exposed.”

“Gee, any excuse to have someone rub your bare ass.”, Mike teased as he quickly took the bottle.

By the time Mike rubbed her taut ass and back of her thighs, his pokey thing was, to his surprise, becoming enlarged. It almost never does that out in the open. It didn’t at Mt. Lassen where he once had a nude photo shoot.

He was careful not to let his finger tips get too close to her pussy fur when doing the upper part of her legs and thighs.

Mike started to hand the bottle back to her. “Aren’t you going to do my front?”, Sue asked. “Get the front of my shoulders, and make sure you get my nipples. I wouldn’t want them to get so sore I wouldn’t be able to get them tongued and sucked by someone at the club tonite. I’m sure you’ll find that at the clothing optional resort where the disco is, some of the women will be topless and virtually bottomless as well. Even some of the men “dress”, i’ve been told. Anyway, nothing is more painful than having a piece of clothing touching a sunburned tit.”

“Make sure you rub more into my pussy fur and the rest of the crotch area. I don’t have enough fur to block out any UV rays. Just like my nipples, I don’t want to ever refrain from indulging in heavy petting, much less sex with real intercourse, because my outer lips and pussy are sunburned.”

By the time Mike had finished he was beginning to stiffen. “Let me do you – do you in the sun screen sense, I mean”, Sue laughed. She used her talented hands and finger tips like an expert.

Mike was standing up the whole time. “Turn around so I can do your front”, Sue ordered. nubiles porno Mike was only semi-hard, so his cock was pointed straight out rather than upward. She did the top of his head, shoulders, chest and the entire circumference of his penis and the surface of his balls. “I need to do that because your testicles will be exposed if you walk around with Mr. Boner all day. Normally it would be covered by Mr. Dick.

By the time she finished his thighs, calves, and top of his feet, Mike’s boner was pointed upward. “See, it’s a good thing I put lotion on everything since you are now completely exposed.”

They drank all of the chilled large bottle of lemonade. Mike ate half a chicken sandwich, Sue a chicken leg.

“Even out here in the middle of nowhere, Sue brought her Star magazine to read. Mike read an old NY Times mag. Five minutes later Mike started rubbing Sue’s bottom. “Just wanted to make sure the lotion was spread evenly. No. actually what I am doing is making sure the lotion I applied earlier is turning out ok. When done, one cheek will read “Keep your” and the other “Hands Off”. I figure that might send a message to someone you may meet when wearing your thong, or nada at the club or on a beach. OTH, tHat might be considered a veiled invitation. If I were really artistic, I’d have you wind up with a red “stop” sign burned on each cheek. Problem is, your ass is so small the writing has to be small – thus encouraging those for whom it is intended to get within touching and sniffing distance to read it.”

“Anyway, my handwriting is often so bad it might turn out to read simply “your hands”.

“I want you to take my “beach cherry” now! I have fantasized intercoursing you on a beach for a long time. I’m your virgin. Take me now!” Mike commanded.

“I want to see my cum ooze out of your pussy and disappear into the sand.”

“A beach is one of the top locations for making love or simply for having raw, physical sex.” One just needs to be careful that even a couple grains of sand don’t enter the woman.”

“My cock is perfectly clean. Not one grain of sand on the shaft or adjoining pubic hair. Put your hands on that driftwood log and put that ass of yours up in the air. Since this will be my first time at this, you’ll get the extra rush of popping yet another poor boy’s cherry.”

Mike stood behind her, and, as usual, entered her pussy with no problem.

He had figured this was a better position than if she were on her back. That may have caused sand to get where it wasn’t wanted.

He loved looking into her face when it was turned to the side. He liked the look of her pussy juices glistening in the sunlight on his pole when it partially withdrew, only to slam back into her again and again. In this position, because the light was so strong, he could see her swollen and distended lips almost grabbing and holding on to his shaft. In the quiet moments between the gentle breaking surf he could hear the slurping sounds caused by her wetness each time he drove ever deeper into her vagina. He could feel rumblings olgun porno and vibrations beginning to emanate from deep within her body – just the way a San Francisco earthquake feels just before the actual shaking begins.

Mike alternated between grabbing her hips and drawing her into him, and cupping one or both of her breasts and nipples. He took her hand that was, at times, just hanging down, and pressed her own fingertips on her clit his hand.

As he could feel the change in the texture of her sex juices and the enlarging of her lips as it grabbed at his cock, he yelled “I can’t wait. I’m going to cum!” He let out a yell that would make Tarzan proud. He almost didn’t hear Sue’s shrieks. Even though his feet were digging into the sand, his cock slipped out of her dripping, swollen cunt and the last jets of his sticky cum wound up on her lower back.

Spent, they fell onto the sand. Sand stuck to where it met the white gob of

cum on her back, just like it was Elmer’s glue. Grains of sand stuck to her bottom which was coated with pussy juice and cum.

Just as they started to get up, Sue and Mike heard cheering and clapping from the area where the beach met the jungle. They couldn’t see them because the half dozen or so people who had gathered were in the dark shade.

You see, this wasn’t the secluded beach they thought it was. There was a path from a nearby resort that led through the jungle down to this very spot.

Sue stood up and took several bows, which elicited more clapping. Mike ran over to where his briefs were, shook them out, and put them on.

“I need to go back in the water and rinse off,” Sue said, unflustered, and started to put on her bottoms.

“You don’t need to put clothes on here”, one of the onlookers who had come out into the open exclaimed. “This is considered a clothing optional beach and is used mostly by the resort which, by law, is hidden from view a hundred yards back from shore. Just because it is a clothing optional resort doesn’t mean we necessarily believe in public sex. We could tell right away when we saw your jet skis you weren’t from our place. Betty, here, just said we should be courteous and not disturb you. My name’s Jack. Why don’t you join us and have a beer?”

The other two couples, somewhat sheepishly, came and joined them.

It turned out this was the same resort Sue had planned to go to later that evening for some partying.

The three men all had towels around their waist, but they hardly hid the condition of their penii. Two of the women were nude, one just had a skimpy bottom on. It was pretty obvious their voyeuristic activity had turn them all on. One of the women was completely shaved and you could easily see her swollen inner lips protruding out into the open.

When the men sat down, Sue couldn’t help but slightly stare at the different shapes and sizes of bodies and penii. One of the men was shaved.

After leaving their belongings on the beach, the men all ran into the water. Sue thought it looked funny to see men running with their penii in some state of arousal. As has oft happened before, she once again had caused males to become erect.

This was her first time in ever turning on a woman. OTH, maybe it was Mike who turned her on when she saw the flaming reddish-orange fur surrounding his beautiful cock.

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