Jill waiting in suspense for what Jack has planned


Jill waiting in suspense for what Jack has plannedWhen you start telling me what you are going to do to me, my hand cant’ help but slip down into my pants. Feeling the dry warmth of my hand against the wet heat of my pussy does nothing but turn me on more. I love to feel the outside, so dry and deceiving and then I slip my fingers into the crack and slide into the delicious heaven waiting for me. It doesn’t take much and I am dripping. I like to swirl it around, getting it in all the different areas, feeling my muscles swell and bulge from bakırköy escort anticipation. Taking my middle finger, I like to trace a line from my vagina, up and around the little mound that is my clitoris, lingering on the sides and feeling how easy it is to slip and slide into all the right places.In a very round about, slow fashion I bring my finger back down to my vagina and push more of my wetness, down this time to my ass. I love how tight and sensitive that area is and I can’t help but think of you beşiktaş escort licking it, fingering it and then slapping my ass; damn it that really gets me going. Sometimes I even dip into my own honey jar, just to take it to that next step ;). As things get more exciting I like to add more fingers – maybe one on each side of my clit, really dividing and conquering my pussy. I like to squeeze them together, pinching and playing with my clit – then I like to add another finger, so now there is one on each beylikdüzü escort side and one just resting in the middle; perfect for playing with my clit and then letting that middle finger dip into my vagina, getting all the juices going and moved around. I like to let that middle finger trail around, sometimes it goes deep into my pussy, pushing all my buttons; sometimes it stays top-side to tease my clit, where I need it there it goes. When things start to get really intense I bring in the whole hand. There are times when I just need a good fuck and so I just starting rubbing it and slapping it like I need to get punished – all the way down to my ass and back to my clit, getting in all the little crevices, feeling my muscles ache with need – and then finally it comes, that wave of tightness and then sweet release . . . . ahhhh

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