Joe and Susan


Note: The following fictional story is a joint effort between the two authors and is not intended to reflect any true life adventure (although the male author wished it did!).

Friday had been a long day at the end of a long week. Joe Jarius had been working all week on reorganizing the company’s warehouse to reflect their recent change in product lines. His two forklift operators had worked well with him, occasionally throwing out suggestions to make access easier or to maximize storage. Still he hadn’t been able to finish the job until just a half-hour ago, 45 minutes after he had told his buddies that he would meet them at the Ace of Hearts Bar. This was the opening night for the new band and he knew the bar would be crowded.

He found his friends – Bill, Jamie, Jeff, Tony, and Les – at one of the big round tables right off the bar, right where they usually parked when they went out together. The place was crowded even beyond the usual Friday night people celebrating the end of the work week and the start of two days away from the stress of work. Jamie stopped a waitress long enough to order a beer for Joe and it soon appeared in front of him. The new band was already wound up and had the place rocking.

Knocking back a third of his drink in one refreshing swallow, Joe began to check out the crowd. As usual it was a mix of young professionals as well as people with more callouses on their hands than on their butts. One of the nice things about the place was how well the variety of careers … and sexes … got along here.

Joe’s gaze was more than half way around the room when his attention was snared by a woman he had never seen before. She was sitting – if you could call it that – right in front of the band. Actually she was dancing in the chair, her whole body moving to the beat of the music. Even the legs of the chair seemed to rock and roll while she moved.

Another girl sidled up to her and bent over to say something in her ear. Joe watched the woman’s beautiful face spread into a wide smile and she took the other woman’s hand, standing and following a few steps onto the dance floor.

Joe thought that he should have gone on about his crowd watching then. With two women dancing together, her orientation was immediately questionable. He also noted that she was a big beautiful woman, a body type that usually didn’t interest him. Yet for some reason, he could not turn away from the woman. In fact he realized that watching her hips sway as they danced had turned him on. He became light-headed as his blood pooled in his “southern” head, causing a strain against the front of his pants. The more he watched, the more Joe knew that he must have that woman!

Excusing himself to his friends, Joe danced out into the crowd, working his way toward the table where the woman had been sitting. Before he got there, the song ended and the women headed back to their seats. Joe stopped one of the barmaids, dropped a bill on her tray, and asked her to give the two ladies another round of whatever they were drinking. A few minutes later, the waitress nodded to Joe as she served the two women their fresh drinks.

Susan and Tammy had been great friends for several years. They met while going to college later in life. The women had clicked from day one. The two women looked like opposites do. Tammy was blond, petite and slender. Susan was a tall, sensuous BBW. Tammy was married to Steve. He played bass in a rock band known as The Rockers. The band made the rounds at most of the local bars and Tammy went to show support and have a good time. The band played to have fun and break even. They often rented some local hotel rooms and drank while they played. It made for some interesting renditions after midnight.

On this Friday night, Susan had managed to get away from her staid life as a pre-school teacher. She had the room next to Tammy’s and the two women were looking to break loose and have a good time; they were also there to show their support for The Rockers in their first night at the Ace of Hearts Bar.

Susan finished her second drink and let Tammy tease her from her chair. Jimmy, the young lead singer, always said he sang better when Susan danced for him. Susan thought he was a sweet kid, but just a kid. The women gyrated onto the dance floor. Susan and Tammy danced to the throbbing beat. They were laughing at the men in the band and themselves. The Rockers ended the song with a flourish and took a fifteen minute break. They put down their instruments and gladly took drinks from the waitress. Most of the band went to walk around the Ace and check out the scene. Steve smiled and shook his head at Tammy when she held up her fresh drink. He had seen the man working his way towards Susan. Steve knew who had bought the drinks. Tammy and Susan looked up at the waitress who placed the two margaritas down on the table. Tammy picked up one drink and smiled at her husband. He was retrieving his drink and she thought the drinks were from him. He just smiled and shook his head. Tammy and Susan both looked student sex parties porno at the waitress with questioning looks. The waitress smiled and gestured to a table by the bar. Both women looked and saw six men at a large round table. Only one wasn’t laughing with the rest of them. He was looking at Susan with a small smile on his face. Susan picked up her drink and smiled, nodded her head as thanks and took a healthy sip. When Susan had swallowed, she looked at Tammy and said,”My, my, I would not mind a long tall drink of that!” Tammy had to laugh. Susan might not be the string bean type, but she was fresh, full of good humor and oozed sex appeal.

Tammy asked Susan if she was going to say a proper thank you to the man. He was still watching Susan. To Tammy’s practiced eye, he looked like a wolf zeroing in on his dinner. Well, it’s about damn time some man decided to have his way with Susan! Plans began to take shape in Tammy’s mind. She urged Susan to go say her thanks as well. Susan stood up and carried off her drink to get a closer look at this man who had caught her eye. Then Tammy turned with a gleam in her eye towards her husband. He would willingly help Tammy’s friend find at least lust this night.

“What can we do to help the cause I see gleaming in your eyes, Love?” Steve asked with a matching evil grin.

“What’s on the play list for the next set?” Tammy asked.

Steve grinned back at her and pulled the set list from his pocket. The two sat with their heads together working to help Susan find fulfillment. As the rest of The Rockers floated back towards the stage, they were pulled into the scheme as well. The Rockers took the stage with an expanded goal in mind.

Susan sauntered over towards the man. He stood up with his beer and met her half-way.

“Thanks for the drinks. I’m Susan and Tammy is over there with her husband, Steve.”

Susan was wondering why her voice sounded breathy and more disturbing, why her womanly mound was oozing with damp, steamy heat. She had laid eyes on the man less than ten minutes ago!

“Joe. You’re welcome, any time.” Joe turned loose a smile that made his dimples show and hoped he didn’t scare her off. His voice came out as a low growl. He also hoped it was too dark for Susan to notice the bulge his cock was forming at the front of his pants.

Susan ended up pressed up against a support pole with Joe resting a forearm over her head. The press of people left no available tables. They didn’t mind. They traded immediate past histories. He liked that she worked with kids and she admired the brain power needed to organize and manage a warehouse.

Joe was almost drooling. Every time Susan breathed in, he could see the deep valley of her cleavage. If he was not mistaken, and he rarely was, he could smell her scent. Sliced peaches heating in the sun came to mind. He wanted her. He would have her.

Susan wanted to put her drink down and drape herself around Joe. Every time he spoke in that low growly voice, her insides quivered, her nipples ached. She wanted to lick his dimples and nibble his lower lip. Heck, she wanted to tear his clothes off and have her way with him on the floor. Susan cursed her scruples for not allowing her to be a slut with a hunk she just met.

The Rockers took the stage. As they tuned their instruments, Joe took Susan’s hand and began leading her to the dance floor.

“Dance with me,” he more commanded than asked. Susan smiled and allowed herself to be led.

When the band resumed playing, the first number was a fast one and by the time it was finished, Joe and Susan both were hot and out of breath. Joe started to guide her back to the table but the band immediately went into a slower number so he pulled her close and they danced together, letting their heart rates return to some semblance of normal.

Joe thought it was amazing how easily they danced together, how light a woman of Susan’s size moved in his arms. Some part of Joe’s mind was already in the process of revising his list of attributes that make a woman desirable.

Interesting that the third number was another slow dance and they just kept moving together. However Joe became acutely aware that some of Susan’s assets were pressed closely to his body: her breasts pressed into his chest and her abdomen rubbed against his growing erection. Or was that the other way around?

And his hand at her waist was sending delicious messages to his brain about her curves; he couldn’t seem to keep from letting his hand slide – just a little – down her back and rest at the lush curve of her hip. No matter how he tried, Joe could not keep his mind from wandering into the realm of sexual fantasies, all about this beautiful woman.

Trying to hide from his obvious excitement, Joe tried asking Susan questions about her career, hoping to take his mind from his attraction to her, at least for a while. He listened as she talked, prompted her when she faltered, and learned that the more she submissive cuckolds porno talked, the more he liked this sweet lady. But ultimately his ploy to distract his own mind failed. She even giggled at him a couple of times when he pulled her so close that she was blatantly poked by his hard-on.

Ignoring his predicament, Joe pulled Susan close enough that they danced cheek to cheek for a few minutes. Her hair smelled freshly washed, with just the faintest aroma of “woman” while a very soft bouquet of wildflower scented perfume wafted to his nostrils She smelled good enough to … to eat!

Susan was in lust. Joe had danced a fast number with her and then pressed closer and closer to her through the next two numbers. She was in a quandary. Push back into the hand almost on her ass or into the raging hard-on she could feel rubbing her front? Susan went for the frontal attack. She rubbed on his hard-on. Joe continued to talk to her and Susan had no idea what she said. “I’m surprised I am not stuttering like a fool!” she thought.

Joe decided he had to get Susan off the dance floor before they put on a show and were arrested. “Let’s go get a drink.”

Once again he took Susan’s hand and led her off to the bar. Susan went along, glad for the breather. Joe ordered drinks for them and Susan went off to the rest room.

Tammy accosted Susan in the bathroom. “How’s it going?” Tammy asked with a big grin.

Susan looked at her dear friend and asked, “Will I be a huge slut if I fuck Joe silly tonight?”

Tammy grinned and said the entire Rockers family would be sorely disappointed if she did not get satisfied tonight. Especially after the work they were putting into it! Susan grinned and hugged Tammy. The two women left the rest room. Tammy went back to the dance floor, Susan went to lust after Joe.

Joe met her at the bar. He had made his own quick trip to the men’s room to try and adjust his cock. He thought he had it under control until Susan walked up to him and smiled. She reached in front of him to pick up her cola. He arched a brow at her drink choice. She looked at him and smiled, her face full of lust and intent.

Joe and Susan talked and flirted while they had their drinks. They discovered that they lived within five miles of each other. They often went to see the same movies and were both allergic to cats. Susan was especially glad that she had stopped drinking. Her brain was clicking along at a merry pace. Her thoughts revolved around Joe. Beyond the incredible lust, he was making parts of her stretch and wake up. Susan wondered what she was getting into. To her, this felt like it was going to be more than just a good hard sexual release. She looked at Joe, trying to read his mind.

Joe finally had to ask why she was drinking the cola. She had already shared the fact that she had a room next door and wasn’t going to be driving anywhere that night. Susan took a deep breath, then another. She looked at Joe and told him flat out that she didn’t want to be drunk off her pins when she fucked him silly.

Susan looked at Joe, searching for a reaction. She didn’t have very long to wait. Joe let loose with that dimpled smile again. He put his drink down, took Susan’s from her, but kept her hand in his. Then Joe made for the door, keeping Susan tucked next to him with his arm around her waist.

The couple made it outside, barely. Susan felt the fresh air on her face and was pushed into the wall of the Ace. Joe growled that he had waited long enough. Joe’s lips took control of Susan’s mouth. His tongue played with hers. He sucked on her lower lip. He bit it and then stroked it with his tongue. Another couple came out of the Ace and startled Joe. He stood there, one hand in the luscious hair at the back of Susan’s head the other clamped onto her hip. He blinked at Susan and his face stilled.

Susan was stuttering with lust. She was glad for the wall; it kept her from forming a puddle on the cold walk. Then she looked up at Joe’s face and she too went still. Joe looked angry. Susan froze still and waited. Joe tipped his head and leaned his brow against Susan’s. He shuddered. Finally he growled.

“Damnation, woman. I am very close to wanting you naked on this sidewalk. You make my self control nil.”

Susan smiled up at Joe, took his hand and said, “Let’s go.” She led him to the hotel next door, took out her key and dropped it. “Goodness, Joe. We met less than three hours ago and I want you so much I can’t open a door!”

Joe picked up the key, opened the door and kissed Susan as they stumbled inside. He shut the door with a solid click and turned the bolt with a loud scrape. Joe leaned on the firmly shut door and let fly with his grin. He pulled Susan to him and they wrapped their arms around each other’s neck and commenced to kissing each other silly.

Joe was amazed at how they seemed to glide to the bed. Susan just wanted skin, Joe’s skin, under her lips. She tore his shirt up over his head and licked a nipple. taboo heat porno Susan continued to tongue Joe’s nipples as her hands explored the slightly furry skin of his chest, back and arms.

Joe wanted some of Susan’s skin. He pushed her back onto the bed, yanking her shirt over her head as she fell. Joe smiled and left the shirt tangled around Susan’s hands. He followed her down onto the bed. He nipped at a still quivering nipple through Susan’s bra. Joe straddled Susan’s legs and pulled her bra over her breasts. Joe visually feasted. Susan wriggled, thrust her hips into Joe and fought her shirt. Joe growled and Susan stilled.

Joe was having a sensory overload. He felt incredible heat from where Susan was pushing into his cock through her skirt and his jeans. He could see the blue veins running down her arms and through her breasts. She had the largest nipples he had ever seen. Areolas as large as silver dollars and nipples red as cherries. He palmed both breasts and felt Susan’s nipples grow harder. Silk, Joe thought. She feels like hot silk.

Joe ran his hands down to Susan’s waist and opened the button to her skirt. Susan finally freed her hands. She leaned up and took off her bra. Joe discovered he liked this position. Susan could reach his fly and not much else. She looked at Joe and unbuttoned his jeans. They stared at each other for a long moment, hands clutching hands. Finally, Joe backed away from that incredible heat. He almost went back when he heard the moan from Susan’s throat.

Joe pushed his jeans to the floor and kicked them away. His underwear soon followed while Susan was tugging her skirt from her waist. Quickly Joe rejoined her and bending over her, met her sweet lips with a tender, searching, yearning kiss that bared their innermost secrets. With a desire to taste her, to consume her, he moved to her forehead, lips kissing, tip of his tongue licking. To her eyelids, he planted little tender kisses, then moved to her cheeks, where the licks and kisses became more demanding. Her ear got special attention that nearly drove her wild as she squirmed under him.

Almost reluctantly Joe’s tongue slid down Susan’s creamy smooth neck, to her soft shoulders, back and forth from one side to the other, leaving no part of her skin untouched. He reached her breasts, started with the luscious curve where the soft globe began to protrude from her side. Kissing, licking, nudging, nuzzling, Joe moved tantalizingly slowly along the curve of her mammary, tracing the point where it joined her body underneath, the skin soft and warm and slightly fragrant.

Susan could feel her own juices flowing freely from between her legs, soaking the thin crotch of her lacy white panties. She wanted Joe between her legs in the worst way but she couldn’t bring herself to stop what he was doing. It had been a long time since she’d had a lover spend so much time with her and make her feel so hot and so wanted that she couldn’t hurry him. Instead she ran her fingers through his hair and moved with him as he kissed his way up around the inner side of her left breast, knowing that he would – he must – be heading toward her aching nipple.

Susan wrapped her legs around Joe’s waist, tugging on him while his mouth worked its magic. She would love for him to continue his ministrations, if only he would slide his cock into her yearning core. Instead Joe resisted, pulling back slightly to keep from pressing himself against her. His mouth and tongue continued their explorations and she sighed loudly when his mouth closed over her distended nipple, sucking it into his mouth. She loved the feelings that seemed to run straight from her nipple to her wet pussy.

However she was mistaken if she thought Joe was going to camp out on her breast. After dallying for a few moments, he shifted to her other side and repeated the same questing search of that globe. She felt the little trail of his saliva in the form of an extra coolness as his mouth passed an area of her hot flesh. Again when he closed over her nipple, her body jumped involuntarily at the delicious feelings he gave her.

Not waiting long, Joe left her breasts and resumed his quest for licking every bit of Susan’s exposed skin, moving from side to side, inexorably moving down, down, down until, slipping out of the grasp of her legs, he lowered himself into the valley between her thighs. Easing her panties down her legs, the heat assaulted him immediately, as he knew it would. Her outer lips were blood-engorged so that they were puffy round mounds protecting her inner being, yet they were thoroughly coated with a clear sheen of slick liquid, a sure sign of her excitement, of her welcome for his attentions. Gently, carefully Joe spread Susan’s lips and he reached out his tongue to taste her. Mm, she was sweeter than his wildest dreams had imagined.

Susan’s hips came right up off the bed at the touch of Joe’s tongue. Joe gently placed his hands on Susan’s inner thighs and pushed her legs back open. He spread the outer most lips of Susan’s pussy open and looked at her weeping flower. Clear, liquid heat dribbled out and was running down the smooth crease between thigh and ass. Joe put his lips and tongue to lapping up the overflow. A man could quickly become addicted to this pleasure. Joe thought as he tuned in to the gasps and moans flowing from Susan’s mouth.

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