Josh’s surprise………..


Josh’s surprise………..The next morning I was awake with the larks, that what an early night does for a girl. After showering I quickly dressed, nothing fancy, a soft cup pale pink bra, with lace trim, a matching pair of panties, as much as I like thongs, when I don’t have an erection I find my cock finds it’s way out the side and leaves an unsightly cock bulge. I choose a simple blue and white stripped cotton stretch shirt, a darker blue stretch pencil skirt and 3 inch kitten heeled sling back sandals. I put on a small gold chain and hoop earrings, the sleepers and done their job and my pierced lobes were healed. I put on a simple gold bangle and squirted on some perfume. I didn’t need mascara with my new lashes but just wiped on some eyeliner, in a pale powder blue, and a soft red fuschia coloured lipstick with a gloss top coat, with a little foundation and powder I looked simply sophisticated.I walked down stairs and firing up the Apple Mac and gripping my Mistresses’s credit card thought it would be rude not to do some shopping.3 hours later and a sizeable credit card bill I had click added to basket some gorgeous outfits, shoes, jewellery, sex toys, play wear etc.About midday I received a text from Mistress, head office want to continue investigation on Monday, so putting me up over the weekend. Have fun shopping hopefully home Monday night. Smiley face and a kiss. I replied no problem, have a good weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t! Wicked smiley face and a kiss, I signed off Simone x . I thought Alistair was probably there as well and so my Saturday night was now free so I decided to text Hannah. She replied quickly to say she was just leaving work could she pop round and chat through the scenario. Of course I said.About 20 minutes later a small white polo pulled into the drive and Hannah came to the door, I opened the door and she was still wearing her white Spa uniform, and low white patent pumps. Hannah is a pretty girl, a little thin and did not have large breasts. I would describe her a petite.I put the kettle on, so what have you been up to Simone, she asked. I told her all about my shopping and she giggled and said I was becoming more and more girl. So Saturday night, what did you have in mind. Well şişli escort bayan said Hannah smiling. Josh is gorgeous, quite athletic, I met him whilst his parents were over in the forces. He is an all American sports type. Not very hairy but a very sensual lover. I was just shocked when I found all the TV porn. Then it kinda turned me on and when I was doing your transformation I was getting quite excited seeing you as a half girl, you okay with me saying that. I patted my b**sts and cock and said well I am. She connoted and moved on the sofa exposing her white pantie gusset. I could see a large wet stain. Well I must be honest she continued. I have seen you naked and if we are going to surprise Josh I thought I should get to know you a little better. She lent forward. I got up and silently taking her by the hand led her to my sinful lair.I started by gently stoking her hair and running the back of my hand over her small pert breast, she panted and sighed. As I gently placed my lips against hers she opened her mouth and a small pink tongued darted out. I gently but with desire sucked her tongue into my mouth. She broke of and said, oh my goodness if you kiss like that I can’t begin to imagine what else you will do. She stepped out of her white pumps and seductively undressed. As I suspected she was a 34 A or B at best. But perfectly formed breast. I let forward and gently kissed her nipple, drawing it into my puckered lips, I flicked my tongue over the nipple and then switched attention to her other nipple. As I knelt before her I eased her crisp white panties down, she was clean shave with the exception of the smallest tuft above her opening. I extended my tongue and flicked her clitoris. She nearly jumped out her skin. You know your way around a women body. I do I said and yours is all women. I tasted her musked juices and stood up kissing her again. She gently unbuttoned my top whilst seductively biting the corner of her own lip, she knew how to seduce this one did.Having unclipped my bra she returned the nipple favour, so this is what it’s like to be a lesbian I thought….She continued her journey down my body, removing my skirt and slipping my panties down. My own hairless cock sprang out, she merely meciyeköy escort bayan kissed the tip and then standing up pushed her body against mine. Being shorter than me her breast pushed into my lower rib cage and my cock erect seeking pleasure pressed against her tummy.I guided her to the bed and enjoyed the pleasure of young soft female skin. We tangled and moved as if one, she was panting with desire and confessed she had never had anal and was unsure, no problem I said, I can teach you, Yes please she purred. I know Josh would love to have anal. I took her hand and led her to my bathroom. On entering I explained the importance of douching, and how in its own right it could be very pleasurable. I showed her the correct flow and temperature of the water and attaching the correct insert showed her how to insert the probe. I douched myself and washed myself out. She did the same, whincing slightly as she inserted the probe. It is easy to forget as a butt plug wearer that stretching is not easy for a first timer. When she was cleaned and powdered I led her back to the bed.She laid on her back and her raven hair, I haven’t mentioned her hair, she had the most gorgeous red hair full and curly.She opened her legs and I spotted the wetted labia, I sucked one of the labia into my mouth and she began to moan, I repeated this with the other labia and then turned my attention to her clitoris. It was small but very hard. I thought with repeated sucking I can enlarge this, so I sucked and probed with my tongue. I sensed she was close to coming so I slowed down and with a lubricated finger began to circle her puckered anus. She flinched and I continued on her clitoris, bringing her close to orgasm again I disengaged and began to slowly lick across Biffins Bridge, the small section of sensuous skin that connects the bottom of her vulva to her anus. She was in deep pleasure. I licked and ran my tongue around her anus. I felt her body relax and her anus opened slightly. I darted my tongue inside and she came, her body racked by successive powerful orgasmic shock waves. Her whole body shook. I moved up and taking her in my arms strongly hugged her, after about 30 seconds the waves subsided and she became soft in my arms. şişli escort I sensuously kissed her and she responded passionately.I noticed a tear in her eye and thinking I had hurt her enquired if she was okay. Thank you Simone she said. That was just amazing. I would now like you to take my anal virginity. I smiled and returning to her anus kissed it gently. No I said, that should be for Josh but I can help you prepare for it. I rummaged in my bedside cabinet and finding my smallest butt plug showed it to her. It was no wider than possibly two fingers. I said to her start with this and then work your way up. Depending on how big Josh is you decide how much you need to stretch. I gave her two butt plugs and she quietly slipped these in her handbag.What about you she asked, me I said. Just enjoying your body is pleasure enough. Don’t you want to fuck me she asked, worried that I did not yearn her loveliness. Of course I do, I replied. Who wouldn’t want to fuck you. Lie down then she said. I was used to doing what I was told so I obeyed. She ran her hands up my legs, around my cock and pulled and teased my nipples. They responded immediately by becoming pert and erect. She lowered her head, her hair tickling my tummy and breasts, she bit my nipple with just the right amount of force. My cock with so little attention was now rock hard and standing proudly to attention. She straddled me and with on fluid motion lowered her self onto my cock and took me deep inside her. Note to self. Josh is bigger than me as her pussy was stretched nicely. She began to use her leg muscles to ride my cock whilst playing with my breasts and tweaking my nipples. Oh my goodness this girl was good. My orgasm started at my feet and worked it’s way up my whole body. I flooded her pussy with man cream. She used her muscles to milk me fully. I offered to lick her out but she said she would use it for lube later with Josh.We held it other for a little while kissing and then she dressed and left.I was to come to her flat, she gave me the address, at 8pm, the door would be unlocked. She wanted me to come in a dominance role and between us we would pleasure Josh like never before.I had an early supper, did a bit more online shopping and sent Mistress a text before going to bed.Again early rising I was pleased as packages and parcels began to arrive. I was so pleased I had opted for next day delivery. I spent an uneventful day awaiting sunset and the beginning of Josh’s surprise!To be continued……………

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