Joy in Bed Ch. 03


My heart was beating just a little too fast and the butterflies in my stomach fluttered a little too hard. These were old feelings that I had not felt and didn’t think I was capable of feeling. Since Phoenix, I had not slept with anyone. It was silly, I admit. Katie and I had no official titles for our relationship, but I had lost interest in other women. Katie and I kept up through texts and FaceTime. It was nice to have her in my daily life. Our friendship had grown. My favorite time we spent was when we watched movies together, virtually. Her perspective was deep and colorful. Mush to her annoyance, I was sure to point out big boobs, artistically of course. While she monopolized my free time, I still went to sleep by myself. I would take care of my urges to the memories of us. Her full breasts, erect extended nipples, soft full ass, butterfly labia, the most exquisite clit I have ever pleasured all made for masturbatory fodder. Within minutes Katie and I would be united and I could not be happier or hornier.

I was never one to get ahead of myself, but I did wonder what happened next after this visit. While our relationship was new and fresh from our romp in Phoenix we didn’t feel the need to address the distance. The promise of reuniting here in Orlando kept me motivated to happily invest time into our relationship. I shook those feelings free for another time to address. A text! It was Katie, “Baby just landed. Can’t wait to hug and kiss you!! ;)”

A huge smile formed on my face. Those words brought warmth to my heart. “Hey, who is this? Sounds like you are crazy into some lucky guy. But I bet he is looking forward to seeing you twice as much.” For some psychological reason, I enjoyed keeping up with the pretense of misdirected texts. It was a theme we carried from Phoenix. I found it charming but also knew it was a way to keep some distance if I spoke in the third person.

“You are right LUCKY is what that guy will get… Often! ;x”

Looking around quickly, I wanted to see if anyone saw my instant erection. I am a seeper, so I needed to calm myself down or I’d have a more permanent issue to deal with. From experience, having a huge wet spot in the front of my pants sucks hard. “Deep breaths and count slowly,” I reminded myself. “Mmmm well he probably deserves it and I bet he is looking forward to breaking your orgasm record. What is your record? Asking for a friend? LoL”

“Too personal for a stranger… Ok, Ok did you miss me?”

“Nah… I freaking missed you! You have no idea how much I missed you gorgeous.”

“Mmmm, how much?”

“I have been a very good boy so I am all kinds of missing you! My body is about to shut down and go on Katie strike. :)”

“That is quite a missing… Flattered. Quiz time and this will determine what level of LUCKY you will get. Tell me about what our first time together and don’t leave out any naughty details :}”

Do I think this was a unique request and quiz? My mind couldn’t stop trying to wrap around the term and mouthed, “Level of luck”. Motivated, I recounted our initial meet up. I tried to be as detailed and erotic as possible. She would text back cooes, rewarding my bad behavior. I felt pressure on my penis. I jumped and let out a loud yelp causing an embarrassing scene. Then a hug from behind. “I missed you, baby,” the familiar voice of Katie whispered in my ear.

My eyes rolled back and my body melted as I felt her full breasts against my back and the scent of Joy wafted over me. I was in heaven. Savoring the moment, I held her arms before spinning around and hugging her. We embraced like lovers as if we were apart for years. The world faded away as I shut my eyes, enjoying every second. I had it bad for this woman. After my divorce, I had sworn off emotional attachment but here I was wrapped in the arms and the essence of this woman. Long lost feelings stirred. After our embrace I peck kissed her, keeping it tasteful. “You minx, you were just buying time to catch me off guard… Do you need to pick up any bags?”

Her laugh bellowed as she was quite pleased with herself,” Nope, just my carry on.”

I scrunched up my face,” That’s pretty light.”

“Oh, I have skills beyond the bedroom. I have stuffed this bag to the gills.”

Giving another disbelieving look, I hoisted her bag upon my shoulders. The look on my face communicated my surprise. “Told you, skills.” She smiled and walked away.

I hurried and grabbed her hand. She smiled a coy little smile. She got away with the first power play, walking away, causing me to chase her down. I smirked, patted her on the head,” Sweetie, you are going the wrong way.” The dance continued.

We got to my car and I opened the door for her. She spun around quickly, “Oh no you don’t, you dirty old man.” She pointed her finger at me, scolding me. She remembered my affinity for grabbing her butt as she got into the car.

I played dumb and then hurt, “You would think we would have moved on from such childish games.” Throwing my nose in the air, I feigned arrogance as I walked around the car. While focusing vivid porno on her, “Now are you going to behave, too?” I questioned after swinging open the car door, knowing a hand could be waiting for me as I sat down.

“Me? What kind of girl do you take me for?” She batted her eyes, looking debonair.

I conveyed no trust, pump faking sitting in the car. No movement by Katie, just a sweet smile. I slid into the driver’s seat. Yes, there it was a hand, her hand grabbing my butt. Wishing I didn’t give her the satisfaction, I yelped. 2 for Katie, 0 for me. She was quite pleased with herself as she chuckled. “Getting out dirtied. Slowing down in your older years?” That mischievous smile was so damn sexy.

Pouting my lips,” Didn’t take my Geritol this morning.” Then broke into a warm smile conveying my fondness for her. I enjoyed her playfulness. While not quite at my level, she was formidable. “Okay, couple rules. Number 1, keep your hands to yourself. Lots of highway miles ahead of us, so I want to get home safely. Number 2, again, keep your hands to yourself so we don’t wreck. It’s been a while for me so I can’t promise any level of safety.” I gave her one last look of mistrust, winked, and pulled out of the parking garage.

“Huh, I am hurt that you think I would do anything to put our safety in danger.” She places her hand on my thigh, grazing my cock, patting, and then pulling away. It caused me to jump slightly. Her accompanying smirk was so damn sexy.

“Minx,” is all I muttered. We chatted as I drove to my condo. We talked about what was happening in our lives. Because we kept in touch regularly, there wasn’t much new. I got an update on Alex and the kids. And then there it was our comfortable silence. We enjoyed each other’s company, just sharing space. I looked over and smiled and she greeted me with one in return. We pulled into my gated community and I pointed out the clubhouse that housed the gym and the pool. I warned her that the pool would not be as refreshing because of the ambient heat to Orlando. She smiled and shrugged. We parked and I did our usual, I opened her car door. My hands were in the air to assure her that her derrière would not be molested. She got out of the car with a knowing smile and tenderly patted me on the cheek, “Good boy.”

“Hey, hold up, let me get your bag.” She turned and I made a phony attempt to grab her bag. Turning around I goosed her beautiful ass. “That’s what I remember,” I announced after hearing her yelp loudly. She spun around in time to see me wink.

“Consistent, dirty old man.” She feigned anger.

I grabbed her bag and we climbed a set of stairs up to my condo. I punched the door code in and whispered it loud enough for only Katie to hear. She nodded, signifying understanding. I had given her the virtual key to my home. It was a small gesture, but one I felt significant. I opened the door and she walked in. I intended to give her a quick tour. As I was pointing out the location of the bathroom, I noticed she was ignoring me and walked to my office. She took a quick look and kept walking. This was a little perplexing and my voice tapered off. She peeked into the second room, which was my bedroom. Following, I saw a smile form. She looked over at me and curled her finger in a come hither motion and disappeared into the room. I dropped her bag off on the couch and followed her into the bedroom. She was waiting for me at the foot of the bed, overlooking my spread. With carnal intentions, I pulled up behind her. I gently grabbed her shoulders and then caressed the length of her arms as I closed the gap. She shuttered, looking over her shoulder with a wanton look. Leaning in, I kissed her lips and sauntered down to her neck. I knew this to be one of her spots. I took time alternating between kisses and bites. She responded with a long sigh and nuzzled into my kisses. This felt familiar and comforting. I took the time to appreciate our chemistry. I grabbed her hand and invited her to face me. We kissed, it was sweet and soft. Our kisses were gentle and precise. We were perfect dance partners. Lust brewed from within. My tongue broke the barrier of her mouth. She greeted me as a welcomed guest. Her tongue was warm, her taste natural and sweet. Our tongues whirled in a choreographed waltz. My hands pulled her in tighter, pressing her breasts up against my welcoming chest. I felt her hands on my butt, squeezing, and grabbing. Our kisses grew more passionate, introducing greed into our actions. Our pace hastened to meet our desires. We peeled our inhibiting layers off. First to go was her blouse and bra, freeing her lovely breasts. My kisses traveled down to her breasts, leaving wet footprints. Arriving at her nipple, I traced her areola with my tongue. Little elevations formed where my tongue once traveled. Orbiting her nipple multiple times, her vocalizations indicated she was poised for more. I latched on to her nipple and she responded,” Yessss… Yesss.”

Her nipple grew in my mouth to full erection. I took pleasure licking the underside of her nipple as I sucked, coaxing additional woodman casting porno length. She cooed and gasped. My hand massaged her free, lovely breast. I took the time to appreciate the shape of her firm and ample breasts. They were beautiful teardrop-shaped. As I massaged, I enjoyed the travel afforded by the natural hang of her tits. I alternated between her breasts, turning up the sexual heat. She made known her intentions by guiding us to my bed. We moved to the center of the bed. Shedding clothes, my pants and boxers were stripped from me, freeing my member. I let out a deep breath and then held it in anticipation. She kissed my tip, carefully collecting my precum, and slowly drawing it into her mouth making a spectacle of it. She closed her eyes, savoring it. Jarringly, she snapped out of her trance and took me deep into her mouth. I gasped, my breathing hitched. She looked up and we made eye contact. Those eyes, those mesmerizing eyes have haunted me since our last meeting. Pictures and video chat failed to capture the tail her eyes could tell. They were a fusion of deep green and blue, surrounded by a haloed accent of charcoal grey. I was lost in her eyes as she teased the sensitive spot under my shaft with her tongue. Her suction was relentless. She was skilled, not wasting suction to the popping sound of release. She bobbed slowly, bringing pleasure, but ensuring duration. I lost track of time and reality as she pleased me. “Yes, baby. Baby, yes.” It was all I could unconsciously muster.

I willed myself out of my selfish haze, pulling my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop. Katie fussed through sound versus words. I flipped her on her back, and with a gleeful squeal, she welcomed my advances. She still had her skirt on and rather than deal with taking it off, I flipped it up. My eyes were wild with hunger. She welcomed me with a look of promise. I tongued the wet spot of her panties, teasing her. I smirked, knowing that I was in the driver’s seat. She gasped at my taunting and reached down to take off her panties. My hands met hers in an embrace, impeding her intentions. I was going to take my time and work her up to an explosive orgasm. “Don’t tease, it’s been a long time for me, too.”

“Oh, you’ve been good for me?” I managed between teasing.

“Yes, yes, I have been good for you. Now please fuck me with your tongue.”

I released her hands and inched her panties down. The exposed skin was met with one continuous meandering lick. Down to her mons, the valley between her pussy and legs. It grew excruciating for her as she gasped and cooed. Once her panties were off I forgoed making the trip up, rather skipping up to her outer lips. They were moist with an abundance of her honey. I basked in her familiar scent. Into her honey pot, my tongue went. I savored her nectar with slow thrusts of my tongue. I moistened my fingers and then massaged her clit in lazy motions matching the pace of my tongue. She was ramping up quickly. My eyes widened and I hastened my pace to meet her needs. A small squirt splashed on my tongue. I knew this was a preamble to much more. She announced the arrival of her friend, “Don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop. Don’t… .” Her words tapered off to sounds of sexual contentment.

While continuing to gratify her clit, I opened my mouth at her slit and was treated to her gift of three strong squirts. Her pussy rained down a storm of cum into my mouth. After I was satisfied she had ridden out her first orgasm. My tongue licked upwards, finding home on her clit. I am no stranger to pussies in person or via porn. She has one of the most impressive clits I have witnessed and by far the most stunning I have pleasured. Her love button was sizable but very feminine and appealing. Patiently I brought her back into the zone. It did not take long. I increased the liveliness of my tongue, letting it unconsciously draw patterns at various pressures. My fingers entered her tight pussy and worked its way up to a furious pace. Her body reacted by becoming more rigid, I flipped my hand palms up to pleasure her G-spot. Finding the rough patch in the roof of her pussy, I applied heavy pressure. Her pussy responded by clamping down on my fingers requiring me to use more strength to overcome her resistance. She ramped up to another squirting orgasm with telltale vocalizations. She rode out the orgasm as I reassured her,” Yes baby, cum for me baby.“

She rode it out to silence and calm. Her eyes were closed and her breathing labored, causing her breasts to rise and fall. Moving up, I positioned her tenderly onto my body to let her recover. Smoothing her hair and then teasing her nipples, her breathing normalized. Her eyes opened and locked onto mine. She started to kiss me tenderly and started to quicken the pace. I kept up with her vigor and went to climb on top of her. She blocked me with a raised knee. Confused, I returned to my original position. We were still kissing passionately, leaving me more confused. In a fluid motion, she swung a leg over me and pushed her upper body up. I was half a step behind. türkçe alt yazı porno She managed to land in a full mount. I smiled, amused by the fact she had outmaneuvered me. I welcomed the reversal, knowing the consultation prize was a riding to sexual release. She returned my smile and slowly a look of determination took form on her face. She lined up my penis and gingerly slid down to home. Her eyes closed and she began to ride. Slowly, her body rode sexual swells, up and down. Our eyes locked as she rode using my chest for stabilization. Katie slid her hands up my chest, resting on my shoulders. This enabled her breasts to stroke my chest with each thrust. The alternating sensation of her breasts and nipples painting pleasure was enough to drive me crashing to the edge. My eyes widened and a roar rumbled deep from within. Sensing the end, Katie leaned back, steadying herself on my knees and drove my cock deeper inside herself. This pushed me over the edge. I came and came hard. My body tightened as my roar rose to full volume followed by my body shuddering violently. Katie did not let up, she reached behind and massaged my balls. This was her calling card, another way she separated herself from the other women in my past. She used precise tugs in harmony with my ejaculations to heighten my pleasure. My orgasm was stronger and the duration longer due to her adept milking skills. As I crested, she greeted me, “Baby, that’s right. I want all of it. Give me all of it. I feel you. Come on baby a little bit more.”

I was spent. There was nothing left. She left me a pile of muscles and bones. She did not pull out, rather leaned forward and kissed me. I held her unable to do much more. I managed to mumble,” Thank you for coming… and oh visiting, also.” We giggled at the weak joke and welcomed an afternoon nap.

I was the first to wake up and took the time to replay the coincidences in Phoenix that got us to this point. Katie had slid off me and was cuddled in my arms. I held her and listened to her breathing. She moved out of my arms and I released her so that she could roll over onto her side. This freed me up to slip on a pair of boxers, use the bathroom, and go out to the kitchen to get a drink of water. With a tumbler full of ice-cold water, I reclined in a chair to catch up with emails. My mind slipped from emails to plans for the weekend and back. I had loose plans for going to the springs on Saturday and the beach on Sunday. Most come to Orlando for theme parks. I loathed them. They represented crowds and noise, things I did not value in my off time. Of course, I would be a good host. I would be game if Katie’s wishes were to visit any of the parks, but I hoped to visit the local natural attractions. I heard a stirring in the bedroom and got up to greet Katie from her slumber. I flopped on the bed next to her,” Hey you, how was your nap?”

She stretched and let out a yawn. “Mmmm, that nap was delicious. How long was I out?”

“About an hour. Do you want something to drink?”

Katie smacked her lips,” Yes baby. Just some water, please.”

I winked and left to fetch water. I doubled back leaning into the room, “If you want to shower, towels are in the closet in the bathroom.”

She smiled, “That’s a good idea. Somehow I got all sticky.”

As I left I heard her leave the bed. I got her a large tumbler of water and met her in the bathroom. Placing her water by the sink I slipped out of my boxers. Her back was turned to me in the shower. I didn’t want to startle her, so I gave her a heads up, “This shower has never looked this good.”

She turned and smiled, “Damn straight, it needed a lady’s touch… This lady’s touch.”

I leaned and pecked her lips. “I love our banter.”

“Baby, You act like I am the only one that keeps you on your toes.” She bit her lower lip with a smile in her eyes. She was baiting me.

Pretending to think long and hard I didn’t say anything. She reached down and grabbed my balls giving a firm squeeze, bordering on uncomfortable, “I’m sorry, I am the only one that keeps you on your toes.” Her smile widened as her eyes twinkled.

“Yes, yes, I was just thinking about to what degree. I have to say, and under no duress, you by far are the best and the only one keeping me on my toes.” I tilted my head down a smidgen to be in her direct eye line and smirked.

She pulled me in for a hug. I melted in her arms as I felt her breasts against me. My flaccid cock perked to life. Resting her head on my shoulder, she whispered,” You are so good to me baby.”

We finished our shower and dressed casually. That night we had Colombian food at a local cafe. That was another side of Orlando I wanted to showcase. We are enriched by a thriving Hispanic community. I had never had anything other than Mexican food until I moved into the area. We dined on grilled flank steak, rice and beans, and fried plantains. We managed to only eat half of our delicious meals and set off for a bar celebrated for their Cosmopolitans. She had a few while I nursed a Tito’s and soda. I stole quite a few glances on our drive home. Katie acknowledged my flirtation with a smile. It was a nice quiet ride. We communicated our fondness nonverbally. When we got to my condo, I had another chance to grab her ass. She didn’t flinch. “You’re crazy about my ass aren’t you, consistent dirty old man?”

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