Julie’s Family


This is a sequel to one family in The Women of Honey Hollow series. To appreciate the story you should read the first few chapters of that series. The first chapter will let you know who Mike Trance is.

Julie’s Family


I was glad to see the twins, Kim and Carrie register for college, they had so much to offer as adults. Carol was graduating in the spring and I was sure she had a string of college boys chasing her around. Julie had been coming around about every ten days or so I got a running account of what Carol was up to.

The other women in the hollow had their regular schedule and I was kept busy keeping up with everyone. The younger women had found someone when they went away to school or to work out of town and from the news I got from time to time they were happy with their lives.

Life went on for a few years without major drama when Julie announced that Carol was engaged and was planning to be married this summer. I was told that I was expected to walk her down the aisle so I should save the date under severe penalty if I forgot. Everyone knew that I would be honored to walk any and all the young women of the hollow down the aisle when the time came. I had adopted the roll as stand-in father since I got here years ago.

Julie called one morning and asked if I had time to talk to her and Carol. I readily agreed and they opened the door a few minutes later. I had enjoyed a nudist lifestyle for quite a few years and as they came in they removed their clothes to be comfortable with me.

“Mike, I have a problem and hope you can help me solve it. You know I am going to be married and I have told my intended husband about our lifestyle here in the hollow. I told him I was involved with you since I was eighteen and he accepted it as part of my former life. The problem is that I don’t want to give it all up. I want to be my mom’s lover as well as my sisters. I think I can convince him that loving my family will not be a conflict in our lovemaking but sharing me with you might be asking too much. I love you as much as my family so what do I do?”

I thought about it for a minute even though the answer was obvious.

“Carol you know how much I love you. And because I love you I want only the best for you. Once you are married your loyalty is to your husband and I fully support that. Should the time come when you decide to have an open marriage and if that includes me I would be honored to take you to my bed again. All that being said I don’t want you to worry about my feelings being hurt or feeling rejected.” I took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Julie had been quiet and I had the impression that they had discussed all this before coming over.

I fixed some lunch and we sat at the kitchen table talking about the wedding plans. The twins were already looking for bridesmaid dresses and Julie was going to be Maid of Honor. I was truly expecting it to be a great time. After all the parties we had here in the hollow that ended up in an orgy I wondered what a clothed party would be like.

I had a chance to meet the intended groom a few weeks before the wedding and he seemed to be a nice guy and very at ease around his soon to be family. We had a chance to talk privately away from the women and he asked very bluntly what he needed to know to keep Carol contented. I chuckled a bit and told him all he needed to do was go with the flow because it was a lot easier than bucking the current. I told him that he didn’t need to worry about her because once she made up her mind to love someone, that person would be first in line for her.

He was worried about the closeness between Kim, Carrie, Julie and Carol. I said that they had been close their whole life and his best bet was to be understanding and accept what would happen. He looked confused and I thought I had better talk to Carol or Julie.

When I got a few minutes I told Carol about our conversation and she said this was the weekend that she was going to bare her soul to her fiancé Tom.

The day of the wedding was warm with clear bright blue skies. I stepped up to the plate and when Carol took my arm I felt a tear slide down my cheek. She reached up and pulled me down to her and kissed the tear away and we made our way down the aisle. I handed her off to Tom and went to my seat. Julie and the twins were beautiful as they stood in witness for Carol.

The reception was quiet compared to our normal parties but everyone had fun. I knew I would have company before the day was over and wasn’t surprised when the twins each took an arm and led me away.

The twins got married a few years later in a double ceremony and it was almost a carbon copy of Carols wedding. The girls had all moved away with their new husbands and news filtered in through Julie and Grace.

As the girls got pregnant and had children Julie would spend more and more time with them at their homes. Not surprisingly the three sisters lived in the same town and just a few miles from one another. brazzers porno Julie’s visits with me got less and less as she spent more time away.

Julie, her daughters and their husbands.

Carol knocked on the bedroom door that her mother was staying in and waited for her to open it up. At home they never had closed doors but with a new husband and a toddler running around sometimes a person needed some privacy.

“Mom, can I talk to you for a few minutes?” Carol asked Julie.

Julie sighed as she removed the vibrator from her pussy and slipped it under her pillow.

“Yes honey, of course you can, come in, the door is not locked”

Carol came in and sat on the bed next to her mother.

“Mom I know you are missing Mike. I wish he could come here to help you out but I don’t trust myself to keep from jumping his bones. I don’t think that Tom would appreciate me fucking Mike.”

“Don’t worry about me baby. You know I have my toys and once in a while you and I get together but you are right I do miss Mike and his super brand of lovemaking”

“Well I may have a solution.” Carol said as she raised an eyebrow at her mother.

“Why do I have the feeling that you are going to blow my socks off.”

“Mom, you know how horny I am all the time. I really love to fuck and I know you are the same as me. I have talked to Tom about the problem and he has agreed that he would be honored to go to bed with you if you agree also.”

I must have been sitting there with my mouth open because she reached over and putting one finger under my chin pushed up and closed my mouth for me. I didn’t know what to say to her proposition.

Tom is a very virile man and from listening to Carol wail and scream when they make love I would have to think he is a very good lover. I hugged Carol to my breast and whispered in her ear that I was more than willing to share her husband, alone or with her.

That evening we did our usual after dinner picking up and playing with little Jack. Around eight or so I look Jack into his bedroom to get him ready for bed. Carol and Tom came in to kiss him goodnight and I was only half way through his book before he was already asleep.

I went to my room and stripped off my day clothes and walked to the bathroom for a shower. Stepping into the warm water I let the soothing warmth wash over me as I soaped my breasts enjoying the sensuous feeling my hands gave me. Finishing up I dressed for bed and donning a light robe went down to the kitchen for a snack before bed. I surprised Tom as he was rummaging in the fridge looking for a snack also. Carol had gone to bed which was not normal for this hour and I suspected that Tom was going to bring her a treat. I sat at the island waiting for him to finish his search and being relaxed I didn’t realize I had spread my knees apart so if he turned around he would see my naked pussy. Tom was down on his knees and spun around to ask me if I wanted him to get me anything while he was there. I heard him give an almost silent whistle and I looked at him just in time to see he was admiring my bare pussy under my robe.

“Like what you see Tom?” I asked as he blushed knowing he was busted.

“As a matter of fact I do, if I didn’t know better I would think there was a twin to it in the bedroom.” He said, recovering his wits, joking with me.

I pulled up the hem of my robe and nightgown to give him a better look and raised an eyebrow in invitation. He crawled over to me and pushed my knees further apart causing my nether lips to part exposing my delicate flower. I watched as he licked his lips. I put my hand on his head and gently pulled him into my moist pussy. He didn’t disappoint me as he used his tongue to explore every nook and cranny, making my moist pussy turn into a dripping cunt. I was getting close to an orgasm as he serviced me, digging deep into my tunnel as his nose bumped my clit.

I had slumped down on the barstool and as he licked and slurped my cunt I pumped my hips fucking his face with my legs wrapped around his head. He still hadn’t taken off his sleep pants and I desperately needed a cock. I released him from my vise like grip on his head and he fell back catching himself with his hands. I dropped off the barstool and grabbed the waistband of his pants and stripped them off. His hard cock sprung out of his pants and if I was a little lower it would have slapped me in the face. I grabbed it and lowered my face to take him in my mouth. I sucked the large head, swirling my tongue around teasing the rim and deep V under it.

He was still propped up on his arms watching me and I stared into his eyes as I slowly slid down his substantial cock taking it into my throat. He moaned in approval as I sucked him slow and deep. I could feel his cock swelling getting ready to spew and I backed off enough so I could suck just the head. I felt the first twitch and prepared myself to suck all the cum I could from his hard cock. He didn’t disappoint me and filled my mouth clip4sale porno with his baby batter. I continued sucking keeping him hard so I could slide my cunt over his steal like shaft.

Moving up his body I held his cock vertical so I could line it up with my dripping cunt hole. I felt it probe my hole and slid down until I bounced off his groin with one drop. If he was going to be a mother-in-law fucker I was going to make it worth his time and energy. I rode him like a mad woman and since he had just shot his nut I knew he would last a long time. I was so horny I used all my tricks to make sure he would remember this evening.

I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye and turned my head to see Carol in the doorway masturbating as she watched her husband fucking her mother. Watching her watching me set me on the path to one of the biggest orgasms I ever had as I fucked Tom and myself into oblivion.

Carol came over to us and helped us up leading us into the bedroom and their king sized bed.

Tom climbed on the bed lying in the middle with Carol on one side and me on the other. Our hands met as we reached for his cock and Carol smiled at me as she leaned forward for a kiss. Our lips met over Tom’s belly as we shared playing with his semi hard cock. This was the first time Tom had seen Carol and me preparing to make love. I was drooling as I remembered how she tasted the last time we had been together. Carol had the sweetest cunt and she would squirt just like her sisters and I could. I knew the bed would be soaked before morning.

Carol climbed over Tom and pushed my legs apart diving into my wet juicy cunt. She wanted the cream pie that Tom had left there. Her tongue was busy licking and sucking at my folds as Tom’s cum drooled out of my cunt hole. She was pushing me toward an orgasm and at the first spasm I expelled a huge dollop of cum onto her waiting tongue.

Turned around and she lowered her steaming pussy to my waiting mouth. My tongue delved into her tunnel as she ground herself down on me. Her big tits with their hard nipples dug into my belly as she slurped at my fountain.

I felt the bed move and dip near my head. Looking up I saw Tom kneeling by my head, his erection swollen and mean looking as he knee walked closer and closer to Carol and me. I knew what he wanted so I moved down a little so he could slip his cock into his wife. Catching her clit I sucked it hard as Tom bottomed out in a single push. Carol screamed in pleasure as we serviced her dripping cunt. Mike and I had done this often but the fact that it was me and her husband made it hotter for her.

Tom’s balls were slapping me in the forehead as I sucked my daughter’s clit. She couldn’t suck me and scream at the same time so when she rose up to give Tom a better angle I reached down and twisted her nipples hard. That set off a chain reaction of orgasm’s for her and Tom grunted as he bottomed out and filled her with his cum. She continued to spasm forcing his softening cock from her pussy and as the cum drooled from her I lapped it up as if it were the elixir of life.

We lay in a tangled mess of arms and legs as we tried to catch our breath, eventually falling asleep.

I woke up sometime in the night and after washing up a bit made my way to my own bed.

Morning dawned and little Jack was demanding some attention so I got up and after relieving myself went in to change his pants. Carol and Tom had adopted him and he was a perfect match for them.

I cleaned him up and took him to the kitchen for some breakfast. Carol had started coffee and was all smiles as we joined her. I asked her what was making her smile so much and she told me she finally felt like a family.

“Mom you know how much I love you and Tom. Now that we have finally shared that love physically with each other I feel like we really have a family. You know how much I loved making love with everyone and since Tom and I married I have missed that so much. I really missed the closeness when we shared Mike and the only thing that would make it better is if Kim and Carrie were here with us.”

She rushed into my arms and we hugged and kissed like a couple of school girls.

Tom finally straggled in looking like he had been dragged thru a knothole.

“What the fuck are you two planning now? You nearly killed me last night. Was Mike really able to take care of both of you at the same time? I have to talk to him and find out his secret.”

We just laughed and I asked Carol if she wanted to tell him or should I. She pointed at me and I had to compose myself a little before starting.

“Tom I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but Mike used to take care of all four of us at the same time.”

I thought Tom was going to have a stroke when I said that to him. He must have felt that he was being compared to Mike and I sure didn’t want him to feel that way.


“Tom colette porno you need to sit down and I will tell you all about it.” He calmed down a little and I proceeded to tell him all about the women of honey hollow. I told him all about how all the women traded him back and forth for sexual pleasures. I made sure he understood that it wasn’t just sex but he was kind and generous with all of us. I told him how he did the repairs that we couldn’t do ourselves and had acted as a father figure as well as a mentor to Carol and the Twins.

“Tom you have to understand that he was a giant of a man among 30 women, not in stature but in his kindness and understanding. He never talked about what he did with anyone but we gossiped a lot trading stories. He came to the valley when Carol was 16 and the twins were 14. They wanted him so bad but he held them off until they were of legal age. If he were a different person he would have taken advantage of them without a second thought but he wasn’t that kind of person.”

“How in the hell did he take care of that many women? I don’t think I could do that in a million years.”

“We took it easy on him.” I said chuckling. “He would meet with a few of us a few times a week. A few of us got to see him a little more than others as a lot of the women worked out of the valley and some had friends with benefits. But putting all that aside if one of us needed him he was always available for that person. I think there was only a few times that we almost fucked him to death. I think that Carrie was one of them but in the end he had to carry her into the house.”

Carol and I both laughed as we remembered how fucked out that little cunt was. She had all she could do to ask to be put to bed.

Tom just sat there trying to absorb all the information I had related to him.

“I have to ask you this, How do I measure up?”

“Tom you are measuring up just great, you don’t have anything to worry about. I was just telling mom how after last night I finally feel like we are a family. You know I grew up with sex all around me and now between you, me and mom we can share each other like I have been missing.” Carol answered him.

“So where do we go from here, do I have to just be available to fuck one or both of you whenever you want me?”

“No baby, you just have to take care of me and if mom needs you once in a while it would be nice if you took care of her also. If you come home and find us together you can feel free to join in and pleasure yourself as well as us. I learned early in life not to be jealous of others. I know you love me first and foremost but Mike taught me a lesson I will never forget.”

Tom cocked up an eyebrow as if to ask what the lesson was as Carol continued.

“He said that you can love a person with all your being but at the same love another person. He pointed out that love wasn’t like an apple that you cut a piece off to give to others. Love is what you feel in your heart and that can be share fully with many people. Sex is just an act that you share with others but everyone’s love for each other is unique. For example I love you with all my heart but love my mom and sisters just as much. It doesn’t take anything away from our love and doesn’t take any away from how much I love them.

He was quiet, thinking about what she said and finally asked if Kim and Carrie would be included in their intimacy. Carol smiled at him and shrugged.

“I haven’t said anything to them because I was just trying to take care of us but if they wanted to share with us would you be up for it?”

“Christ Carol, I don’t know. This is all so new I don’t know what to think.”

On the other side of town Kim and Carrie were sharing a pot of coffee while their kids played at their feet. Kim was saying that her husband Neil was going to be out of town for a week on business and she had better get a supply of batteries in to power her favorite toy. Carrie laughed and said he favorite toy didn’t need batteries, just a little suck and Luke was raring to go.

“You know Kim, we have always shared everything, I don’t see any reason we can’t share our husbands once in a while. We should try to see how they think about it. Luke fucks me bow legged but I wouldn’t mind something different at times.”

“Do you think they would go for a swap. Maybe we can break them in by a group sex session to get them comfortable with each other. We can go on to other things little by little if they are having a good time.”

The kids were getting tired and their mothers put them in for a nap. it didn’t take long for them to drop off to sleep as Kim and Carrie continued their conversation.

“Kimmy, I have to tell you something, I have missed being your lover. We took care of each other most of our life and I have missed that so much.”

She leaned over and kissed her sister hard on the lips. Kim responded and soon they were totally involved with each other, their hands groping each other, trying to get inside the others clothes.

Kim was the first to get a blouse open and twisted Carrie’s nipples causing them to stiffen and grow into long points. Kim’s didn’t need any stimulation as hers were trying to burst thru her shirt. Neither woman wondered why the other didn’t wear a bra today as they stripped the other.

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