Just A Quick Flash


Just A Quick FlashAnother story from the randy old folks home in North Wales.JUST A QUICK FLASH I was sitting on a bench outside the small block of flats where I live. As I sat there enjoying the warm afternoon sun, my neighbour, Hazel Evans reversed into her space on the car park. I don’t think she even noticed me and, as she got out of her car, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She was wearing a pink top and a pale green, flower patterned, light summer skirt. As she opened the door and dropped one foot out of the car onto the tarmac, the skirt slid up her legs, displaying a good expanse of her thighs. That in itself would have been enough to get my cock hardening but it was what else that was on display that almost had me coming in my pants. It wasn’t just her thighs I could see but what was between them. She wasn’t wearing any panties and as she swung her leg off the seat, her pussy was on full view. I could see every horny detail. The light covering of pubic hair above her puffy outer lips and the glistening entrance to her sex, beautifully framed by her pink inner lips. It wasn’t just a fleeting glimpse either. She rummaged about on the passenger seat for something or another and I got a good long look up her skirt, that lasted at least two minutes. Eventually she got out of the car and noticed me and waved. I don’t think she even realised that she’d flashed me. As she walked past me she smiled. “Good afternoon Mike,” she said, “what a lovely afternoon.” I nodded. “Yes it is Hazel,” I replied, “and you’ve made it even more lovely.” She gave me a quizzical look and carried on to the outer door of the flats. As she walked past me, I couldn’t take my eyes of her ass, knowing there was nothing between her thin skirt and her gorgeous pussy. I made my mind up then that I was going to get closer look. Much closer.That evening, around 9-00 o’clock I popped round to see Hazel, after the flash she’d given me, a plan had started for formulate and I was about to put it into action. It would be either the end of a good friendship or the start of something much more intimate. I didn’t know which but I was willing to take the chance.Hazel greeted with a broad smile as usual, but I could see that she was wondering why I’d called round so late but didn’t say anything, just invited me in and asked if I’d like a coffee which, of course I said I would. As she busied herself in the open plan kitchen, I was pleased to see that she had the same skirt on, that made what I was about to do a little easier. She came back into the lounge and handed me my coffee and sat down on the couch opposite me. She was about to say something when I spoke. “That’s a pretty skirt Hazel.” She smiled and thanked me for the compliment. “Yes it’s nice and light in this weather,” she replied. “Yes,” I agreed, “light and very revealing.” Her knees were already together, meaning I couldn’t see anything, but she instinctively pressed them even closer together. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she blustered, “I didn’t mean to errr….” I smiled at her obvious embarrassment, but assured her I couldn’t see anything. “Oh don’t worry Hazel,” I said, “you’re not showing anything.” I paused for effect then added. “This time!!!” I saw a bemused look on her face. “This time?” she questioned. “Yes,” I continued, “this time. It was different when you were getting out of your car though.” Now her cheeks went really scarlet. “You really should wear something under it when you go out,” I said. “Oh my god,” she gasped. “Did anyone else see?” “I don’t think so,” I replied, “not that I know of but you can see into the car-park from most of the flats.” I could see that she was shocked and leant forwards towards her. “Anyway,” I said, bursa escort “I don’t think the old dears would have thought anything of it and I know none of the men would’ve complained.” Again I saw her blush. “H-h-how much did you see?” she asked. “Everything,” I replied, “absolutely everything and I have to thank you for making it the best afternoon I’ve had in ages.” Hazel blushed again, looked worried for a moment, then burst out laughing. “Well I’m glad it was you, who got the view Mike,” laughed, “the thought of showing my errr…., you know, to some of the dirty old buggers round here makes me shudder.” This wasn’t quite the reaction I’d expected, but at least she hadn’t slung me out on my ear. I took another sip of my coffee then smiled across at her. “Do you often go out with no underwear on,” I asked. I saw her smile. “Only when it’s hot,” This was it, my next remark would tell just what I wanted to know. “Well it certainly got me hot,” I laughed. I saw her raise an eyebrow. “Really?” she said, “this old thing got you hot?” As she spoke, she patted her lower tummy and my cock stiffened instantly. It was pretty clear now that Hazel wasn’t offended at all, embarrassed maybe, but certainly not offended. I decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak and came right out with it.“Are you wearing panties now?” I asked. Without batting an eyelid, she eased up from the couch, pulled her skirt up and proved she wasn’t. I couldn’t believe it, my neighbour of four years was sitting opposite me displaying her naked pussy to me. It goes without saying that my cock was, by now, almost bursting out of my pants. “Does it still make you hot?” she asked, an impish smile on her face. “You bet,” I replied. Then I saw her smile again. “Well Mike, I’ve shown you mine……. It’s only fair….” When I’d gone round to Hazel’s flat, I’d had a plan in mind, but now it seemed I was marching to a different drum, I was following Hazel’s own plan. “Well…..,” she said and I was more than happy to comply and stood up and unfastened my pants, letting them drop to the floor around my ankles. We must have looked like a couple of k**s playing ‘You Show Me Yours’, Hazel sat with her pussy on full display and me standing in just a tee shirt and my underpants. I saw Hazel raise an eyebrow. “Mmm, it has got you hot hasn’t it Mike,” she purred, “that’s the hottest thing I’ve seen in years.” I was about to finish uncovering my ‘hot thing’, when Hazel stopped me. “No Mike,” she said, looking down at the floor infront of her. Come over here I like to unwrap my own presents,” she laughed. I got up and kicked my pants from around my ankles and took the two steps it took to cross the room and stood infront of her. I saw her smile when she got a close look at my Lycra covered cock and the obvious wet patch where it’d been leaking pre-cum. Reaching out, she placed a hand on each of my hips and pulled me towards her and I heard her sigh, as she moved her face forward and placed a kiss right on the wet patch. She patted the seat beside her, inviting me to sit down, which I did. Now I was within two feet of what I’d seen yesterday and it looked even better close up. She had a light thatch of blonde pubic hair, flecked with grey, which seemed to drift down to the top of her pussy lips with just a hint at the cleft between them. I knew what was between her thighs, but at this moment in time I couldn’t see it, her legs were still held together, not as tightly as they were, but still blocking my view of the flower between them. Slowly, as if she was scared what her reaction would be, she reached into my lap and ran the palm of her hand up the bulge in my underpants mersin escort and I heard her sigh again. “Oh Mike,” she breathed, “it’s been so long.” “So long?” I questioned. “So long since I’ve felt anything like this, so long since I’ve had anything like this,” she seemed to put an emphasis the word ‘had’. I suddenly realised she was talking about my cock, but I found it hard to believe that this beautiful woman had any problem finding male company. “How long have you been on your own Hazel?” I asked. She told me she’d been divorced over twenty years and had been looking after her mother for the last five years and her social life had gone out of the window. Her mother lived in the same block of flats on the floor above me and I knew she spent a lot of time up there. I decided it was now or never and placed a reassuring hand on her knee. I felt her muscles tighten as I squeezed it gently but she made no attempt to move it. Spurred on by her lack of resistance, I started to slowly move my fingers, massaging just above her knee. I heard her sigh softly and her legs moved apart slightly. When I looked at her eyes were closed and soft moans were escaping her lips. As I increased the pressure, her moans grew louder and her legs parted even more as I massaged higher up her thigh.Her skirt was still around her waist so I could clearly see my target and slowly worked my way towards it. The higher my hand moved, the wider her legs parted and now I could just see her pale pink inner lips, framed by the much deeper colour of the outer ones. I could see that they were already moist, a thin sheen of moisture, coating them. Continuing upwards, I carefully avoided touching them, instead, moving up her thigh until I was just above the line of her pubic hair. As my fingers traced their way down through her soft thatch, Hazel slipped her hand down the front of my boxers and I breathed in sharply as, for the first time, I felt her warm fingers on my naked cock. I didn’t know exactly how long it had been since she’d done this but I soon found out that she hadn’t forgotten what to do, as her slim fingers wrapped around my shaft and began to work up and down it. With each upward stroke, another bead of pre-cum was forced from the tip and Hazel’s fist smeared it over my knob, increasing the sensations she was causing. As her fingers worked their magic on my erection, her free hand moved to my hand, which was still resting above her pussy, and pushed it lower, guiding my fingers down between her legs. I could feel the heat from her honey pot as I slid my middle finger over it. As she felt the light contact, her hips jerked upwards, once again Hazel had taken control and I found my finger bathed in her wetness. Now to me the taste of a woman is like a fine wine and Hazel proved to be no different as I took the finger and put it to my lips. I saw a look of disappointment on her face as my finger left her pussy, but it was soon replaced by a smile as she watched as I slid it into my mouth and sucked her heavenly nectar from it. Her fingers were still working up and down my shaft as I reluctantly stood up, parted her thighs even more and knelt between them. I heard her moan softly in anticipation as I moved my face towards her sex. The heady aroma was almost overpowering as my lips moved closer to her. With a finger on each side, I opened her pussy and looked directly into the entrance to her love tunnel. It was pink, shiny and wet and seemed to glow as I lowered my face towards it, extending my tongue as I did. She cried out at the first tentative touch then settled down to low moans of pleasure as I slide it up and down through the soft, sakarya escort moist folds, flicking at her clit at the top of each pass. Now her legs were closed again, but this time, trapping my head between them. I continued working my tongue up and down through her pink petals for a minute or two before dipping it inside her. That was the trigger that sent her over the edge, and gripping my cock tighter, she thrust her hips up at me and almost screamed her release. “I’m coming Mike. Oh God, I’m coming.” With that her pussy erupted onto my tongue, flooding my mouth with her sweet juices. I swallowed it down like a man dying of thirst, not wanting to waste a drop of her womanly nectar. She came so hard and long that eventually I had to admit defeat and trickles of her cumm ran from the corners of my mouth some even running down between her ass cheeks. I was almost drowning in her juices, when I felt her thighs relax, allowing me to pull back slightly. I looked up over her stomach and saw that her eyes were closed and her chest was rising and falling deeply as she too fought for breath. Her face seemed to be glowing in her post orgasmic state but slowly her eyes opened and looked down into mine. “Mike,” she said, between breaths, “that was fantastic. Thank you Mike, thank you.” I got to my feet and sat down beside her again. “My pleasure, Hazel,” I said, “my pleasure.” We sat there for a further ten minutes as I kissed her, transferring her juices from my lips to hers. As soon as we’d both recovered, Hazel stood up and smiled. “After that Mike, I think we need something a little stronger.” I smiled and nodded my reply and watched again as she went to the fridge and fetched a bottle of wine, handing it to me to open. When it was three quarters gone, she turned to me, kissed me lightly and said. “I really owe you Mike but I think we’ll be more comfortable in the bedroom. Don’t you?” I certainly wasn’t going to argue with that and stood up and helped her to her feet.Wait here a moment Mike, I have a little surprise for you, I won’t be long. With that she walked out into the hallway and I heard the bedroom door open and close. I sat there for about five minutes, wondering if she’d changed her mind, then I heard her call out. “Okay Mike I’m ready come through to the bedroom.” I walked down the hallway, wondering just what her surprise was. I found out as soon as I walked through the bedroom door. Hazel was standing infront of the wardrobe in a black lace bra and pantie set, complete with matching suspender belt and stockings. She smiled at the expression on my face as I stood in the doorway. “Just to prove I do have underwear Mike,” she laughed. Supporting herself against the wardrobe door, she did a slow twirl. She looked fantastic!!! The lace panel at the front of the panties did little to hide her mound and the light thatch of trimmed, blonde pubic hair covering it, while the swell of her pussy lips and the cleft between then was clearly visible between her slightly parted thighs, as was the damp patch where they covered the entrance to her love tunnel. The back of the panties was shiny satin and moulded to her buttocks like a second skin. The lace trimmed straps of her suspender belt stretched down her tanned thighs, where they met the lacy top of her fully fashioned stocking. Her thin lace bra pushed her breasts upwards and inwards, creating one of the most magnificent cleavages I’d ever seen. At the centre of each lacy cup I could see her erect nipples pressing against the inside and just a hint of the dark circles of her areolae surrounding them. I was totally in awe of the sexy, mature woman standing before me!!!Smiling at me again, she walked over to the bed and sat down on it and patted the mattress beside her, inviting me to sit down. “Do you approve?” she asked smiling broadly. I leant in and kissed her gently on the lips. “Hazel,” I said, “you look beautiful, with or without undies. Anyway I like unwrapping my presents too,” I laughed.

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