Just for Fun


True + Humor:

I’m not sure how sexy this will be, but this happened last night. I get a call around midnight from a girl I’ve hooked up with a couple times in the past. She was drunk and horny and wanted to hook up. We have an odd friendship because we hardly ever see each other and the only time we do is when we’re getting down and dirty. I actually took her number out of my phone because I was feeling bad about it. But of course when she called, I was ready right away. haha.

Her roommates have a lot of friends over, so she has me come pick her up and bring her back to my place. As soon as we’re in the door we start casually undressing while finishing whatever we were talking about. I’m already getting hard in anticipation of what’s to come.

She lays on the bed and beckons me to her. I crawl over and we start to make out. I get up on my knees and start to finger her already dripping pussy. I purposely put my dick near her face as czech taxi porno a hint. 😉 She almost didn’t notice at first. She tends to get into her own world of pleasure and actually a lot of fun to fuck because of her moaning and crazy constant orgasms. After a couple minutes she reached up and grabbed my cock, stroking it at first then taking it in her mouth. I really enjoyed watching her laying on the bed below me, seeing my dick disappear into her hot mouth.

After a few minutes, she squirms around and moans on my dick as her first orgasm hits her. From experience, I know it was just a mini one. But now she’s ready for more. She spread her legs wider to give me the hint. I took it and crawled between them. I gradually slide my saliva coated cock into her wet pussy. She gasped and squealed. I thought I was hurting her at first, but no, she wanted more. So, I thrust into her fully and repeatedly.

This girl defloration porno is a squealer for sure and cums a ton. She’s had at least 10 orgasms every time we’ve had sex. Last night, I lost count. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that we go at it for so long. However, the more she cums, the harder it is. She starts twitching and shaking all over the place and can’t handle my dick in her. It’s just too much stimulation. The problem is that she cums pretty often. And that’s the funny, yet frustrating part of this story.

Every time I got close to cumming, she would cum first and twitch so hard I’d be pulled out and have to build the urge back up. haha. This went on for 2 1/2 hours! I’m not going to lie, it was actually a lot of fun and felt great. But I started getting frustrated and decided I needed to be dominant and aggressive. So, I told her I wasn’t taking anymore of it and she was going to have to let me keep fucking doktor ofisi porno her during her climax or else she was going to have to hold off her orgasm.

So, every time she got close to orgasm, I’d demand for her to hold it in and not to cum. Surprisingly, it actually worked for a while. I could tell she was about to die though. haha. Finally she couldn’t hold back any longer and came harder than ever. Her entire body was convulsing and spasming like she had been electrocuted. I just made it worse by holding her down and making her take my continued pounding.

Finally I reached the point of no return. I pulled out and sprayed her with what seemed like gallons of jizz that had been building up for the past few hours. She finally stopped shaking and we talked excitedly about how great it was. I’m not sure of the exact definition of tantric sex, but if that’s it, it’s amazing! All that building up makes the final release insane! I highly recommend it and encourage you to share your experience after trying it 😉

There is a LOT more that happened last night. Enough that when I took her home this morning she was walking funny. haha. I know this probably wasn’t the most erotic story, but I had a lot of fun last night and wanted to share it 😉

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