Just How Identical Pt. 02


‘This isn’t fair and you know it,’ Kat’s conscience insisted.

‘Oh c’mon, the expression alone will be priceless. And what happens after should be interesting,’ Kat assured herself.

She spotted her sister enter the restaurant and stood up from the table.

Ann walked over and they hugged.

“Hey! How are you?” Ann said.

“I’m good, where’s Jack?” Kat asked, not too eagerly.

“He’s parking the car, where’s Kyle?” Ann asked.

“In the bathroom. I’ve something secret I have to tell you,” Kat whispered and they sat down.

Ann leaned in and looked at her expectantly.

‘She’s your own sister’ Kat’s conscience admonished her.

‘Exactly. She deserves to know at least some of the truth,’ Kat readily justified to herself.

“I think I may be pregnant,” Kat said in a hushed tone.

“Oh my god! Does Kyle know? Is this your announcement?” Ann asked quickly.

“No, I’m not even sure it’s his…concern right now,” Kat finished after pausing. She had to be more careful, especially with her twin. That was far closer than she intended.

“Hey Ann,” Kyle said and sat down at the table.

“Kat didn’t let the cat out of the bag, did she?” Kyle asked.

Ann hesitated before replying.

“No, just talking about other stuff,” Ann replied weakly.

‘Good, there’s hope yet,’ Kat sighed.

“Hey Kyle. Kat,” Jack said and sat down beside Ann. He pecked her on the cheek while looking toward Kat in the corner of his eye.

Jack hadn’t seen Kat since their morning together a few weeks previously. Despite their best intentions, they had been blindsided by work and other commitments.

“Hey Jack,” Kyle replied, oblivious to the fact Jack was the cause behind Kat and his bedroom issues.

“Hi Jack,” Kat answered, entirely aware of the fact Jack was the cause of her and Kyle’s issues in the bedroom.

“We have an announcement,” Kyle said excitedly.

“We’re getting married,” Kat said with a wide smile and showed them her ring.

Ann burst into a big smile, Jack however was surprised. Though he quickly smiled and expressed his congratulations. Not quick enough for Kat not to notice though.

They had the celebratory meal and wine flowed.

“I’ve too much, you take it,” Kat said to Kyle and started scraping chicken onto his plate.

“I won’t eat all that. Jack, care to share some of Kat’s?” Kyle asked.

Kat felt her eyes widen slightly at the wording. Jack nearly choked on the mouthful of wine.

He recovered and gasped.

“Sure Kyle, I’ll share what Kat offers,” Jack said with a small smirk, the alcohol helped him find the humour in the comment.

Kat felt a tingle at his response. She knew he had been drinking, but it was still oddly arousing that he had said that to Kyle, in front of Ann.

After the meal, Ann and Kyle as the designated drivers went to get the cars.

Once they had left, Kat turned to Jack.

“You didn’t seem thrilled at my announcement,” she said mock-pointedly.

“Well I was surprised, considering our time together a while ago,” Jack admitted.

“Well, that was a factor. What Kyle thinks is, I’m ready to marry him. What Ann thinks is, I’m ready to marry Kyle and that I may be pregnant. What I know is, I’m definitely pregnant and I said I’d marry Kyle. So, when I tell him, there isn’t a doubt in his mind that it’s his,” Kat explained slyly.

“Have a doubt?” Jack asked dumbly, the truth rushing towards him.

“Well Jack, I’m fairly certain fake agents porno you’re the father of my baby. But I don’t think Kyle and Ann need to know that, do you?” Kat said calmly, with a playful smirk on her face.

“I think you’re right,” Jack answered, his cock beginning to stiffen in his pants.

“Well tomorrow you better join me for the shopping, so while Ann and Kyle think we’re buying dinner we can head to my doctor and get a paternity test done,” Kat added mischievously.

Jack had to control himself, he was so tempted to lean across the table and kiss the devious seductress across from him, with a face so similar to his beloved, yet coloured with illicit sensuality.

Kat registered his restraint and let herself lean forward on the table. She opened her mouth slightly and placed her hands on the cleared table.

Jack noticed her movements and followed suit with his hands. He leaned forward slightly, narrowing the distance between them. Part of his brain was warning him about the other patrons and the staff, but he was losing himself in those grey-blue eyes.

‘Oh, he’s becoming more fun,’ Kat praised inwardly.

‘You’re in the middle of a crowded room. You can’t be serious,’ her conscience scolded her.

‘Once they see us kiss they’ll realise Kyle and Ann left to give the newly engaged couple a moment to enjoy their evening,’ Kat assured herself.

‘You really want to go for public infidelity?’ her conscience said incredulously.

‘Well I’m a ring short of adultery, but I think I can start with this,’ Kat smirked to herself and leaned across the table.

Jack kissed her, their tongues joining and they kissed passionately. Kat imagined people looking and deepened the kiss.

Jack’s head was swimming, from the wine and the thrill of this public display of illicit affection.

Kat slowly broke the kiss and they both glanced around. No one was even looking at them.

“As much fun as that was, we better go. The others will be waiting,” Kat said and got up.


“I don’t know, we’re just not ‘clicking’ as much in the bedroom. I’m having to fake it,” Kat confessed.

“Did anything change?” Ann asked, sipping her coffee.

‘Well you got her boyfriend to fuck you bareback in her bed after seducing him, when he initially thought you were her,’ Kat’s conscience chimed in snidely.

“Nothing I can think of,” Kat lied.

“What about you two?” Kat asked curiously.

“Yeah, we’re fine. Occasionally he tries to roleplay that we’re not using protection, but I can’t get into it. Also, he slapped me on the ass once, but I put a stop to that,” Ann said firmly.

‘You’ve got him trying to recreate your affair with your sister!’ Kat’s conscience cried indignantly.

‘Well, he’s realising who satisfies him more, so I guess I can’t be annoyed at that,’ Kat chuckled to herself. She was wickedly proud that she had left such an impression on Jack.

“Well as long as you’re laying clear lines then he won’t try them with you,” Kat said, trying to sound supportive.

‘He’ll come back to you for that,’ Kat’s conscience scoffed.

‘Exactly,’ Kat answered.

Jack walked into the kitchen. Kat subtly looked him over, she felt a warmth between her legs as she imagined him without his clothes.

“Ready to go?” he said innocently. He was putting on a very convincing performance for his girlfriend, considering he knew where he was going with her sister.

“See you later, fake angets porno you two. Have fun!” Ann said cheerily.

Kat grinned at that.

‘Oh we will,’ Kat assured her twin.


Kat grunted as Jack pushed her against the wall.

She had explained to the receptionist she was going to ‘help’ him make a deposit.

What she hadn’t added, was she intended that sample cup to collect was what was left after he filled her up.

“I hear you tried spanking my sister,” Kat giggled as Jack bit her neck and fucked her with his full length.

“Yeah, she is not as fun as you like this,” Jack confessed as Kat’s nails dragged down his chest.

“Well of course not, I’m the fun one,” Kat smirked.

“Getting married though?” Jack asked between thrusts.

“Well, I think you and I will be able to have some real fun, maybe the bachelorette and bachelor parties?” Kat winked suggestively.

“Really?” Jack asked hopefully.

“Well if you bring Kyle to a dark enough strip club, then I could be just a working girl who takes you into a private room for a special dance?” Kat suggested.

‘You’re serious. You’d pretend to be a stripper at your fiancé’s bachelor party. Just to fuck your twin’s boyfriend?’ her conscience sighed.

‘Well, it’d be a thrill, taking him away with all the boys, including my fiancé cheering him on,’ Kat thought sinfully.

Jack was very, very close. Kat talking about her plans for them was hotter than anything he had ever heard.

“Why not go further? You could join me for wedding dress shopping with the others. I could come out to my sister all in white, with your seed filling me,” Kat whispered deviously.

“Oh fuck!” Jack groaned and he exploded inside his girlfriend’s twin.

Kat’s eyelids fluttered at the delicious sensation of his thick cum pumping deep inside her.

Jack withdrew and Kat begrudgingly collected a small, but sufficient volume of his seed.

The cup was still warm when then dropped it off with the assistant.

“The doctor will have the results back in a few days,” the assistant stated.

“Good, let’s go honey,” Kat said and put her arm around Jack.


“I think you should relax, I’m wearing her perfume. Christ, the neighbours thought I was her.” Kat assured him.

She kissed his neck hungrily while he fished the keys out of his pocket.

Jack opened the door and Kat discreetly slipped in behind him as Ann watched them come in.

“I’ll drop these in the kitchen,” Jack said quickly, using the shopping bags to cover his crotch.

He pecked Ann on the cheek and headed into the kitchen.

“Was he good?” Ann joked.

‘No, he was bad,’ Kat’s conscience admitted.

‘Well, he’s getting there,’ Kat conceded.

“As always,” Kat replied.

“I think I’m going to shower before work,” Ann said.

“Good idea, I’ll help Jack,” Kat offered.

“Thanks,” Ann said and headed up the stairs to the ensuite in her room.

“My pleasure,” Kat replied with a naughty smirk and headed into the kitchen.

Kat walked over and grabbed Jack by his shoulders.

She turned him around and kissed him deeply, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Jack pushed her away.

“What are you thinking?” Jack hissed.

“My sister has decided to shower, Kyle is at least half an hour away, I wanted some of my sister’s boyfriend’s cock,” Kat purred.

She undid his belt forcefully and kneeled in front of fake cop porno him.

Kat pulled his pants down enough to free his cock.

“One second,” Kat said and took her t-shirt off.

Jack looked down at her mischievous grin and deep cleavage and felt himself smirk.

‘Fuck it,’ he thought to himself.

Kat took his cock between her lips and started sucking him.

Her full lips wrapped around his length and her slender fingers stroked him. Jack had to admit her engagement ring gliding along his length was sending shivers up his spine.

His hand rested on the back of her head and began guiding her movements as he thrust forward.

Kat’s other hand reached inside her jeans and between her legs.

She could feel the mix of their cum was seeping out between her pussy lips and soaking her panties.

Jack’s grunts and his more involved thrusting excited her and her pussy became wetter.

He started entering her throat as she took more and more of him.

Jack closed his eyes with Ann now, imagining it was Kat blowing him. With Kat, he kept his eyes open, he wasn’t going to imagine anyone doing a better job than her.

Kat could see he was close, the risk and danger was turning them both on more than she thought possible.

She took his cock out of her mouth and set to driving him over the edge.

Jack imagined firing thick streams of his cum across her face and felt he was about to cum.

Kat thought the same too, but she had become more cunning since she had decided to continue fooling around with Jack.

Jack grunted and came, just as Kat aimed his cock at her chest.

He fired up her neck and down her chest to her full bust.

Kat sighed at the feeling of fresh cum on her skin.

“Oh Jack, you’re so good to give me a pearl necklace for my engagement,” Kat purred and stood up.

They both froze at the sound of footsteps coming down the house.

Jack immediately shoved his dick in his pants and rushed to make himself look presentable.

Kat grabbed the discarded t-shirt and immediately threw it on. She brushed the water from her eyes and saliva from her chin.

She turned around as Ann entered the room.

“Kat! Seriously?!” Ann cried.

Jack felt his heart stop. Kat felt hers sink.

‘Well it’s about time you face the consequences for your actions,’ her conscience reprimanded her.

“Stop wearing my t-shirts! You know Jack got me that one!” Ann exclaimed.

Jack’s heart started again, now he remembered buying it at the gig.

Kat did her very best to suppress a wide grin and look appropriately apologetic.

“I’m sorry,” Kat lied.

‘You have got to be kidding me?!’ her conscience yelled.

‘Man this is almost too thrilling,’ Kat admitted, her pussy tingling at having gotten away with that near miss.

“I’ve to go to work. Make sure she takes that off,” Ann insisted and kissed Jack.

“I will,” Jack agreed.

Ann turned, shot her sister a dirty look and left.

Jack walked over to Kat and took her in his arms.

“That was way too close,” he said before kissing her.

“Yeah, but still. Pretty fun, right?” Kat asked.

“Yeah, just a bit,” Jack joked, his hands reaching to her waist.

“As much fun as that would be, I have to clean myself up. Kyle will be here any minute. We’ll find another time,” Kat assured him.

Jack was initially disappointed before agreeing, once close was fun. Twice could be disastrous.

Kat left the kitchen, and started climbing the stairs.

‘God I hope he’s the father,’ she said to herself.

‘You’re not just happy with you both cheating, you want to entirely corrupt him too,’ her conscience scolded her.

‘What can I say? A girl knows what she wants,’ Kat admitted with an evil smirk.

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