Just One Drink Pt. 02


Caitlyn collapsed on top of me. She was exhausted. Three relatively quick orgasms can do that to people. She laid on my chest for what I guessed to be 5 minutes. Her breathing slowed to the extent I thought she fell asleep. My dick was hard and she was still impaled on it. Did I dare wake her or let her sleep?

Much to my surprise, she looked up, grabbed my face with both hands, looked into my eyes, and asked the question, “Do you think it’s time I help you ease the pressure in that hard dick?”

I stared back into her baby blues and could only give her a nod of affirmation. She slowly pulled herself up and off. Just prior to sliding off the bed, she leaned over, slid her mouth over the head, swirled her tongue, pulled off, and then walked seductively to the couch.

She looked over her shoulder while pulling up her dress and declared, “you should come over here, bend me over the edge of this couch, and slide that hard dick into my warm, wet, and very messy pussy.” illegal bahis

As I started to sit up, she wasn’t waiting for me. She leaned back and sunk two fingers into that warm, wet, and very messy pussy. My eyes bulged and my dick twitched. She opened her eyes, looked at me, slid one of those fingers into her mouth, and sucked her nectar from her finger. Damn! That girl knows how to be wicked!

As she pulled her delicate finger from her mouth she confessed, “No wonder you like going down on me. I am sweet like honey.”

I never thought my dick could get harder. This vixen pushed all the right buttons. Her hair was tousled. Her dress was wrinkled. I didn’t care. She was beautiful standing there in that wrinkled, black dress and her four-inch heels. I pulled her to me. We kissed. I could taste the lingering effects of our mixed flavors on her lips. I turned her around pushed her over the edge of the couch, pulled her dress higher, and pushed into her. It was heaven. illegal bahis siteleri She was so warm. So wet. So slick. So inviting.

There was no resistance as I pushed into her. The head of of my dick slipped past her lips, her lips enveloped my shaft, and I was bottomed out.

She reached back between her legs and alternate between rubbing her clit, to letting her fingers form a ‘v’ and slide aling my shaft, to tickling the underside of my balls.

She then started with the language. “Oh that’s it, fuck my pretty little pussy! God how I love it when you slide your dick into me! I love being your dirty, wicked little girl. Where do you want to cum?” Do you want to cum in my pussy? Do you want to cum on my ass? Do you want to cum in my mouth? Do you want to come on my tits?”

Her choice of language did the trick! After all the teasing and bringing her to three orgasms, I was ready to pop. I pulled out, she quickly spun around, and knelt in front of me. canlı bahis siteleri My dick was soaked and covered in her cream. She grabbed it and started to stroke.

The first blast was by far the most powerful. It shot out and it hit her chin. Her eyes grew big and she had this devilish look in her eyes, but she continued to stroke me. The cum flowed out of me and coated her hand all the while her eyes never left mine. With her hand that wasn’t on my dick, she reached up, swiped the cum from her chin, and sucked it into her mouth.

That devilish smile. “Oh Carlos, I love being your wicked girl!” As soon as she said it, she slid her mouth over the helmet and down the shaft and didn’t stop until her lips where at the base. I could feel my head lodged in her throat. It wasn’t until her eyes started to water that she relented and pulled off my dick.

I thought she was done, but she had other plans as she continued cleaning my dick of our mingled juices until I was spotless. She then crawled up and kissed me passionately. The taste of us was fresh on her lips and tongue.

With her body snuggled up to mine and her head on my chest she stated, “we are so good together. I love you!”

Part 3 coming soon!

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