Just Practice


Okay I’ve been dying to write this ever since a conversation with Slyc. So thanks for the inspiration and sorry for stealing the idea! Hope you like it…

To those of you out there (you know who you are) who know vastly more about fencing than I do. Please forgive misused terminology. But if there are glaring issues or even small ones that would make the story better, please PM me. I’m looking for that kind of info. It’s been a long time since I actively fenced and I was never great with the terms, or really the moves for that matter. But it was fun and I never did get it out of my system.

Without further ado…

“Foil, epee, sabre, schlager?” Jase asked cheerily, walking the long wall of weaponry. “I bet women love this part,” he teased, grinning widely. “In real life you never get to choose the size of the weapon before you have it in your hands.” Usually his bad jokes about fencing and sex being similar got her laughing. But tonight his joke was met with complete silence. He turned toward Michelle when she didn’t answer him. She had one of those annoyed looks in her bright blue eyes. Her brown hair was pulled tightly back into a pony tail. She had donned most of her equipment, but there were a number of buckles she had yet to deal with on her white canvas jacket and her mask was tucked neatly under her arm. She wasn’t really paying attention. “Michelle?”

“Yeah,” she replied and looked up at him.

“Hey, are you up for this?”

Michelle finally really looked at Jase. He was in his all black gear. Fitting, she seethed. The bad guy always wears black. She glared into his hazel eyes. “I’m always up for anything you have to offer. Remember?”

Jase immediately held up his hands in surrender. Her tone was more a little dangerous and he had no idea what he had done. “I don’t know what’s gotten to you Chelle, but I’m not here to fight. I’m here to practice. You care to share or are you going to dwell in silence.”

Michelle looked around the large private gym, giving Jase the impression that she was opting for silence. Jase was friends with the owner and he had conned the guy into letting Jase have the place at night, after close, to practice. Both Jase and Michelle worked such insane hours during the day that they never got a chance to make it in during daylight hours. It had been incredibly convenient. In more ways than one. Michelle couldn’t believe she had been stupid enough to sleep with the asshole.

That was two weeks ago now. Not a single phone call. On top of that last week he’d invited Ted and Zach to join them for practice. He sent a pretty clear message that he hadn’t really intended things to get close between them. Then he’d had the nerve to flirt with her as if nothing had happened. She had almost managed to ignore the whole thing until she heard Paula talking about going out to dinner with him a couple nights back. When Michelle had suggested dinner, nervous as a high school kid, he had turned her down claiming to not have a free night available. He made it sound as if his life was all work and no play. Right.

Jase turned and pulled two schlagers off the wall. “Since you’re in such a mood, how ’bout assault? No strip?” He inspected the tips as he spoke, making sure the blunts were in good shape and the tape would at least last through this match. Then he tossed one of the weapons to Michelle.

Catching it in a gloved hand she re-inspected the weapon as if Jase had done an inferior job or she didn’t trust him. “Fine with me,” she replied angrily as she pressed the tip against the mat and watched the blade bend, looking for flaws. “Target?”

“Whole body,” Jase offered with an amused glint in his eyes and pulled his mask on over his face. There were a number of whole body things he was thinking about doing with her tonight. “Maybe if you work out some of that aggression we’ll be able to get some real practice in.”

Michelle almost went straight for his head when he said that. She put her mask on, walked to the middle of the mat and stood at attention. When Jase got into position she only gave him a moment before shouting , “En guard,” advancing, and lunging at him.

Forced into a retreat, Jase stepped aside, parrying Michelle’s blade and attempting a riposte. Michelle attacked as if she were on fire. Confused by her aggression Jase continued to back up, barely managing to counter her advance until he hit the wall, literally. He had been so absorbed in his counters and Michelle’s behavior that he had miss-calculated the amount of space he had. The sudden stop jarred his arm and he felt a sharp thrust into his chest.

“Hit,” he called reluctantly acknowledging her point.

“I thought we weren’t keeping score. Assault,” she growled back at him. “This is only an exercise in assuaging my aggression,” she mocked.

Now Jase was getting mad. As far as he knew he hadn’t done anything to deserve this. “Alright Chelle. You wanna tell me what’s wrong?” He tried again. He was getting more and more frustrated with the situation.

Michelle female agent porno pulled her touch and stepped back to the center of the mat without answering him. She briefly considered that she still needed to adjust the buckles on her jacket. But when she noticed that Jase was already headed toward her she let it go. She took her position up again. “En guard,” she said back in a deadly soft voice.

If she hadn’t already managed to get his attention she had it now. Jase adjusted his jacket and stepped to the mat. She wasn’t going to catch him off guard again. “En guard,” he answered holding his left hand well back, leveling the tip of the schlager at Michelle’s mask and waiting.

Michelle paced around forcing him to adjust his stance several times. The strap that should have come up between her legs and buckled at her back was dangling and she could feel it brush her legs as she walked. It wasn’t long enough to step on. But it wasn’t exactly regulation to be fooling around without fastening it. Tonight she was feeling cocky and angry though. There was a little part of her that believed both Jase and she were good enough to manage without all the frills of the safety equipment.

Michelle had always been better at free play than Jase was. He preferred line fencing. Michelle had a nasty tendency of forgetting rules or stepping out of line. She was usually caught on technicalities. He’d only suggested this because he thought it might cheer her up. In truth, Michelle had only started fencing for fun and had proven to be a natural. But she hated the logistics and was much happier with friendly swordplay than serious work, usually. Michelle watched with amusement as Jase awkwardly side stepped in order to keep her in front of him. She knew his style fairly well. He’d wait for her attack. He always did. This seemed to be the one area of his life that Jase didn’t show a natural up front aggression with. He actually bothered to try and learn about his opponent, locate weaknesses, and determine the best move before attacking. Unfortunately Michelle had proven to be a tricky opponent. He had yet to completely figure her out and that made him cautious while dealing with her.

Without warning, Michelle’s blade came up and she stepped deliberately toward Jase. She beat his blade off as he tried to close the line and thrust at him. Jase parried and Michelle countered. The next few moments were a flurry of thrust, parry, counter, lunge. Neither of them was willing to give ground. Finally Jase saw an opening and took it. Beating Michelle’s blade down, he thrust at her chest. She ducked just in time and the tip barely missed her shoulder. At the same time she brought her own blade up and managed a hit to his stomach.

Swearing, Jase stepped away from engagement. “Hit,” he spat out as he walked away. “You ready for a real bout yet?”

When he turned back Michelle was already advancing on him. “What the hell Michelle?” Jase got his blade up only barely in time to deal with the next volley. This time Jase managed to get the upper hand when Michelle went for a low line attack and tripped on her loose jacket strap. He got her with a vicious thrust into her hip, where the padding wasn’t quite as thick. He hadn’t intended to hit her that hard and he knew there’d be a good half dollar sized bruise on her creamy skin. A flash of the night they’d spent in the locker room a couple weeks back went through his mind as he pictured the purple circle taking shape on her hip.

For a moment Michelle sat on the floor. God what am I doing. It was only one time. I don’t have any claim to him. If he wants to go out with Paula, that’s his business. Some friend she turned out to be. “Sorry,” she said despondently. “Maybe we should call it quits for tonight. I don’t think my heart’s in it.”

“You’re heart’s here alright. You’ve been beating the shit out of me,” he growled. Here he was again. The woman was impossible to read. When he first met her he had called her the ice queen for a reason. They only ended up spending time together at all because she had been interested in getting into fencing. If it were for that he never would have even considered getting together with her. Over the past couple months as they got to know each other some, he’d found himself more and more attracted to her. Then the locker room happened. He thought the ice queen had finally thawed. “If this is about the competition—”

Michelle scoffed. Men are so damn clueless. “This has nothing to do with the competition.”

“Well if you don’t want to practice I can always find someone else. Don’t let me force you into this,” he said angrily. “You may not take it seriously, but I thought I had a genuine chance here.”

“You did have a chance,” Michelle said, knowing he didn’t get the insinuation at all. Find someone else, she thought. “Alright,” she growled back with renewed annoyance. “Let’s go.”

Michelle stood up and returned to center floor. “En guard,” they both managed at once. The blades clashed violently female fake taxi porno as the bout took a nasty turn past reasonable practice.

“Corps-a-corps,” Jase growled when Michelle hip checked him during a pass. He whirled on her. “I had the right of way.”

“Assault,” Michelle through back at him angrily.

Jase jumped and lunged at Michelle with more force than he intended. His blade was met with a parry that snapped the foible of Michelle’s blade, near the tip. The sharp jagged end ripped into Jase’s black canvas jacket and bit into skin before Michelle could pull the stroke.

“Shit Michelle!” Jase stepped back and paced away from her.

“Are you alright?” Michelle temporarily forgot how pissed he was with the prospect of him being hurt. But when she started to approach him to see how bad it was Jase turned and attacked again. She might as well have been weaponless for all the good the schlager with a broken tip would do her. She used it to parry, but couldn’t return the attack without risking hurting him. Before Michelle knew what had happened she had retreated flat into the wall. Jase pinned her blade above her head. She had hold of the sword with one hand and his wrist with the other. All that time Jase spent on weights paid off. His grip was like iron.

“What the hell is your problem tonight Michelle?” Jase ripped his mask off, tossed it aside and tore Michelle’s off as well. Her hair hung in sweaty wisps around her face. Again his mind drifted to that night in the locker room. He hadn’t had a single chance to be around her since then. There was always something: work, his friends, Paula. By the time he got home at night he collapsed into bed. Not that he hadn’t thought about calling. But what he had in mind, he knew, would take more than a phone call.

She glared at him. “I guess you’re not as hurt as you looked.”

He couldn’t take it. Between the smell of her sweat and all the adrenalin pumping through him, he had to taste her. Two weeks and too much anticipation of fencing with her. Hell, even the shit she had been giving him all night was somewhat of a turn on. The woman had no idea what she did to him. Jase leaned in and kissed her. His lips forceful against hers, insistent and demanding a response.

Initially Michelle was too shocked to respond. She stood pinned against the wall with his lips burning against hers. After an eternity of uncertainty Michelle began to melt. Her mind spun. She had wanted this so badly. Indecision warred within her. One moment she was telling herself that he was a creep, dating who knows how many women and the next moment she was telling herself that it didn’t matter because he was here with her now.

Taking advantage of her temporary lapse in fight, Jase reached down with his off hand and began working his way under the fitted jacket. Admittedly the fact that she had never buckled all the straps was helpful. Michelle drew in a sharp breath as his fingers found flesh. Jase’s eyes bored into hers demanding that she let him win this fight. Every time Michelle opened her mouth to protest Jase pressed his lips against hers again. She couldn’t believe she was giving into this.

Jase felt his need for more growing, but he was afraid to let her out of the pin. There was too good a chance she’d go off on him again. Right now he had control and he intended to take advantage of that. He hooked his fingers in the elastic waist of her stretch pants and tugged them down. Jase got them to mid thigh and began stroking her thigh, hip, and around to her butt cheek. He squeezed her hard as he kissed her again.

Michelle felt like her heart was trying to beat its way out of her chest. Jase’s hand stroked around her thigh and found its way to her mound. Michelle bit her bottom lip and let her head fall back against the wall as he pressed his fingers between her thighs, against her slit, across her clit, into her slit. Michelle whimpered with each progressive sensation. Her hands gripped her sword’s hilt and Jase’s wrist more tightly. She tried to spread her legs for him, but found that they were trapped by her pants.

Michelle gasped as his fingers wiggled lightly against her. Jase kissed his way along her jaw line with a feather light touch. He nuzzled her hair back and Michelle turned her head so that he could kiss her earlobe. Jase smiled at the soft gasps as he sucked on her lobe and moved to her neck, nibbling at the sensitive flesh while his fingers worked inside her.

Michelle seemed to forget that all she needed was to let go of the sword and she could escape. The last thought in her mind before he had begun his onslaught on her senses was to get her sword back. Unconsciously her hands pulled at the sword futilely as if part of her wouldn’t acknowledge what was really happening.

Jase hooked his fingers up into her and began stroking the clenching walls inside her sopping folds. Michelle began moaning again. Between the smell of her arousal, the sounds that his touch and glory hole secrets porno kisses were forcing from her, and the feel of her soft wet flesh pulsing around his fingers, Jase was starting to think he might lose it in his pants. No woman had been able to do this to him since his inexperienced days in high school. He pulled his hand from between her thighs and her head snapped up to glare at him as if he had done something wrong.

Michelle was about to berate him and snap out of the trance he seemed to have induced, when he put his fingers in his mouth. Watching him suck her juices off his fingers, Michelle began to melt against the wall again. When Jase was sure he had her attention he reached down and forced her pants to her knees, standing up again he kicked his own shoes off, unbuckled the crotch strap to his jacket, and yanked his own pants down. He stepped against Michelle and kissed her again. His tongue snaked out of his mouth and tempted her lips apart so that he could taste her.

Jase’s cock was pressed hard against her stomach. At that point Michelle had lost all will to fight what was happening. She kicked the shoes off her feet and wiggled her pants the rest of the way off her legs. Jase slid his arm around her waist and lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around him. They both groaned hungrily as his cock found its way into her warmth as if of its own accord.

Swords lowered slightly as Jase maneuvered for better leverage against the wall. Pushing up into her dripping heat Jase could feel her muscles grip him eagerly. Slowly at first he forced himself up into her then withdrew. It was almost more than he could take. As their pace increased it was impossible for them to do anything, but hold on and grunt with the force of each thrust.

Leg’s trembling with the effort, Michelle felt the pleasure building. “Jase,” she warned breathlessly as she gripped his shoulder more tightly with one hand and her sword with the other. He felt her legs constrict around his waist almost painfully.

Jase groaned uncontrollably as he doubled his thrusts. The intensity was too much. He growled out his orgasm as it flooded through him and into her. Michelle felt him come inside her as she came. Felt their combined juices overflow and begin to run out of her. Felt him convulse inside her as she shuddered around him. They stood there against the wall panting as the waves died down and the spots cleared.

“God,” Michelle said breathlessly. “How can it be like that?” She sounded like she was talking to herself.

Jase smiled at the seemingly unintentional compliment. “Because we’re meant to be like that,” he said softly and moved to kiss her.

Suddenly Michelle was pissed again. His lips were pressed to hers and she was kissing him back, but her mind was spinning. She couldn’t believe she had let him get to her like that. She couldn’t believe she had been so easily seduced. When they finally parted Michelle stood dazed, embarrassed, and angry.

At first Jase thought he may have found a chink in her armor and managed to wiggle in. That the night was going to turn out the way he had originally intended after all. But then she started to lash out again. Tugging at her sword pinned to the wall she glared at him. “What the hell is my problem? What the hell is your problem,” she yelled at him as if the sex had never happened and they were still in the middle of the original argument. “You think that just because I let you get to me once that you have the option of putting your lips and everything else on me any time you like? Maybe you can get away with this kind of shit with Paula, but—” she began pushing at him. Her legs fell away from him and tried to find the floor. But he had lifted her up to fuck her against the wall and she couldn’t quite reach. Tears started to form in her eyes.

“Whoa,” Jase pushed against her, stopping her from getting away from him. “What’s Paula got to do with anything?” Now he was really confused.

Michelle glared at him heatedly. The tears began to fall. God I can’t believe I’m crying now. God, she cursed herself for not having enough self control to tell him no. “I can’t believe you’re trying to deny it.”

“Deny what? Michelle you’re not making any sense. I think that you want to be with me. I don’t get this at all.” He forced her to look at him. Finally he released her sword from the pin. He dropped his own to the side. Jase’s arm was sore from holding her up the way he had. Rolling his shoulder once, he reached up and wiped the tear off her cheek. “I don’t want to hurt you. Please tell me that I didn’t hurt you,” he said softly.

Her blue eyes were accusing as Michelle turned her teary gaze on Jase. “Paula was talking about how you took her out to dinner the other night. You told me you were busy. I know we didn’t say anything about being exclusive or ever really dating officially. I guess I just though… After that night… Then you brought the guys in last week. You didn’t even call or anything.” Her tone shifted from hurt and upset to angry in one fell swoop. “Well fuck you,” she yelled at him, through the schlager across the floor, and started pushing against his chest with both hands. “You’ve got me acting all stupid. I don’t need this.” She wasn’t getting anywhere with her struggling. Jase was just too much stronger than she was. She felt like a complete fool.

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