Justice Served


It had been three years since they last saw one another. The two lost contact under auspicious circumstances but there was surely no bad blood between them. They ran into each other quite literally on the street one day while she was on her lunch break. Sure she usually changes to her ballet flats to conquer the sidewalks of New York, but she was in a rush and had only 20 minutes to eat. So she dashed down the block to the local Ray’s Pizzeria to grab a slice and a root beer. With her lunch in one hand and her iPhone in the other, she was walking distractedly and did not see the crack her heel was about to get caught in. As she stopped to quickly assess the damage to her new Choos, a guy whom was also distracted bumps into her and knocks her lunch out of her hand.

“Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!” he said looking at the lunch he has just destroyed for this woman.

“Oh! Dammit! Fuck!” she yelled and looked up to see who had just bumped her. She smiled as they met eyes. “Well hello stranger!” The two embraced and laughed.

“So I guess I have to buy you lunch now,” he said pointing at the slice on the ground.

“Yeah. And I think it’s about time too. Don’t you?” she said.

“Well, yes, I do. But how about dinner, then?”

“That sounds good, but what am I gonna do for lunch?”

“Why don’t you text me your work address and I’ll send you something to eat within the hour?”

“That would be nice too! But I don’t have your number…” she said raising an eyebrow.

“Duh! I know…let’s put that fancy phone to use instead of looking at shoes!” he said, glancing at her active screen.

“Well these flash sales are just that and a girl needs her Choos on the cheap when she can get ’em!” she joked. They hugged goodbye and went on their separate ways.

As she rushed past security with tummy grumbling and the ‘buy’ screen on pause, she couldn’t help but think of what had just happened in only a few seconds- a man she had met for business purposes, fell for, and subsequently and unsuccessfully tried to woo for six weeks had just re-opened the door to fun in just minutes and a wink. She shook her head. “It’s funny how things turn out” she thought. Just as he had promised, lunch arrived within the hour consisting of a grilled chicken Caesar salad, a side of dressing, and a Naked juice for her enjoyment. As she unwrapped her long awaited food, she noticed it came with a note like flowers do. It read “Eat me” with a winking emoticon. If there was any doubt before, it was erased now. He knew and was finally up for whatever she had to offer him. And it was about time. With the ball in her court she smirked and decided to sit back and wait for his next move.

After another late night at work she decided to take a taxi uptown to her apartment. Only a few minutes after reaching her door at around 10:15pm, her phone dings with a text alert. It was him. She sought out his legal expertise a few years back concerning some property she was thinking about purchasing, since he was recommended as an excellent real estate attorney. Needless to say she never bought the property but became thoroughly distracted by his wit and smile. Her friend had not warned her of his boyish good looks and sense of humor, so she was helpless when she was finally face-to-face with him. He had the generic but slightly exotic good looks of a catalog model and the swagger and charm to match. The attraction was instant for them both but as she pushed up, he backed down. He blamed his work and fiduciary duties but she knew that he was just a bit intimidated. So she backed off and soon lost touch altogether-until now.

The text read, “Did you enjoy your meal?” She had to think for a moment whether or not to answer and then what should she write back. She didn’t want to seem so open but the truth is she was very open to him. She just couldn’t show it and have him play her again. She is not the type of woman many men say no to on the regular. She was a tall, slender but shapely, sexy, and smart woman. She had round almond eyes that flashed smiles when mascara was present to all who looked her way. Her lips got her the most second glances from men and women alike, which she used on both, be damned. She usually got her way with folks once they were in her sights, but there were a few whom got away- and he was the most wanted of that list. He bewildered her since he was obviously attracted to her but chose not to act on it, despite her pressure. She wasn’t rejected often but when she was she usually shut the door on the person. So what was it about this guy that made her come back for what could be another upset? Well, honestly, she wanted the satisfaction of reeling him in and upsetting him this time. Maybe. Or at least the opportunity to make him rethink his prior moves.

She answered, “I certainly did. Thank you. Now about that dinner…?”

The phone immediately binged, “I was thinking I would make you dinner- at my place.”

She threw her bag on the floor and flopped down on her couch, thinking. She replied, “When?”

He answered back, “Is tomorrow okay? Around 8pm?”

“Sounds good” she replied.

“I live at 27 Mercer, bell 3. And wear something that’s easy to take off . ?”

She was surprised marks head bobbers porno at his gall, but welcomed it anyway. She winked back.

The next morning all she could do was think about her redemption dinner date. She was happy that he was being more forward so she had no issues with wondering his stance on things. But she was also cautious since he was being so forward that it seemed almost out of character. But really how well did she know him anyway. Anyone can have a change of heart! Maybe he spent the last three years kicking himself for turning her down so now he was going to make up for it. Or maybe he was building her up to let her down again- naaah! He must’ve realized the err in his ways and knows he must make up for it. And she will definitely let him do so.

Work seemed to fly by as everything went according to schedule. She finished just after five with enough time to run home, relax a bit and get into sexy mode. She had a get-ready routine before sex with someone, so she’d take a bubble bath to relax and get rid of the nerves. Then she’d pick out her outfit and lingerie while sipping on something bubbly with Maxwell playing in the background. All this made sure she was relaxed and in the zone so she could be clear-headed with all she said or did. “No regrets- only learning opportunities” was her motto.

She arrived twenty minutes after just to make him sweat a little. She rang the bell and he buzzed her in. He greeted her at the door with flowers in hand-lilies.

“Did you find the place alright?” he asked leadingly.

“Oh yeah,” she shrugged off nonchalantly, “I just ran into some traffic on West Broadway- new gallery opening.”

He looked skeptical, but accepted the excuse. After all, he was just glad she was there. He was wearing dark denim straight legs with a pink button down, a blue velvet bow tie and grey leather loafers. He was indeed a well-dressed man and he knew it. He flashed his big pearly natural whites and led her to the kitchen.

“By the way Loni, you look stunning,” he said.

“Thank you”, as she mentally refused to return the compliment.

“Are you ready to get cooking!”

“Huh? What?!” she asked incredulously. “I thought you were the one doing the cooking?”

“I thought so too…until I saw you dressed like this…” he gestured to her long, toned, and shiny legs.

She blushingly smiled, “You’re the worst! What’s for dinner, silly?!”

She sat at the breakfast bar on the kitchen’s island as he offered her some pinot gris.

“Well I’ve managed to rustle up some roasted leg of lamb with whipped sweet potato and baby greens. Dessert is your choice along with something sparkling for drink. How does that sound to you?”

“It sounds excellent and smells wonderful!” she inhaled deeply, rolling her eyes.

“Well that’s good, but if I can see that eye roll a little later too then I’ll know I’m on point!”

“Oh, stop your teasing,” she scoffed. The table was already set as he ushered her towards her place across from him. His style was modern with a dash of the irreverent. After all, this was a man that was wearing denim AND a bow tie. All of the furniture was sleek in warm, neutral and dark tones of gray, black, and cream with metallic accents of chrome and copper. There were pops of blue and white in his scheme which kept it from being too dreary and bachelor-y. She noticed the placement of candles in the room as strategic and well thought out. He was definitely hitting all the right notes. He served her and the two ate and laughed all the way through. Once they were done, he cleared the table and asked her if she was ready for dessert.

“That depends,” she responded, “what are my choices?”

He smirked coyly and said “Well for drink I’ve got some Cliquot on ice- as for substance, I’ve got some chocolate cheesecake and fresh strawberries. How’s that?”

“Well that sounds excellent,” she remarked, licking her lips slowly. He brought the goodies to the sofa and set up the tray on the giant leather ottoman. He motioned for her to sit next to him on the shag rug in front of the sofa. Even though she was in a skirt, she obliged. She was wearing crocodile Jimmy Choos in her skin tone with a wine colored bandage skirt and a loose fitting cream tank top that seductively and coolly revealed her black lace bra. He began to imagine what her panties looked like- whether they matched or were there at all.

“Hey sunshine!” she said snapping her fingers at him. “Whatcha thinking about?” as she noticed him lost in thought.

“You,” he stated simply and smiled smugly. He poured their glasses and began to feed her the cheesecake. “How is it?”

“It’s goooood”, she said. “You know I’ve never had chocolate cheesecake before, and for this, now, I am sorry” she jokingly hung her head.

“Well then, how about another bite? Open wide…”

“Don’t worry…I will,” she said with a wink. She was definitely ready to get the party started. And now he was too. As she licked the fork clean, he leaned in for a kiss. Their lips pressed gently together as he cradled her face. He softly slid his tongue across her bottom lip and she nibbled his top lip. She pulled him in closer massage porno by wrapping an arm around his neck, urging him on. He obliged and continued to kiss her with increasing intensity. She stood up on her knees to reach him better as they continued to kiss deeply. His long, strong arms pulled her in close and slowly began to roam her frame. They quickly found a home on her round and tight ass, which he happily held on to for dear life- squeezing and jiggling. She began to undo his bow tie as he quickly unbuttoned his shirt. He stopped kissing her for a moment long enough to quickly push the ottoman over so they’d have enough space on the rug. He then came back to her and pulled her shirt over her head, tossing it aside to reveal the black lace bra that had been preoccupying his thoughts. He took her in for a moment as he surveyed her soft and full breasts as her nipples strained against the lace. They were hard and begging to be suckled.

She reached out and pulled him close to her again, grabbing the waist of his jeans. She held his face to hers with both hands and kissed him roughly, sucking on his tongue. His hands found their favorite place again- on her ass- as they squeezed her cheeks playfully. He began kissing her neck as she moaned approval, making his way down to her breasts. She pulled his shirt off behind him and caressed his arms and shoulders as he licked her nipples over the lace contraption. Her nipples instantly hardened and she began to ache for more. He could begin to smell her sweetness so he reached his hand down between her thighs and started to rub her clit. He was happy to finally know the answer to his questions of exactly what kind of panties she was wearing- none. This fact turned him on even more as he imagined her on the cab ride over playing with herself in anticipation. Her moans brought him back to the task at hand as she began to writhe under his grip. He looked up into her big brown eyes as she bit her lip in pleasure. He knew he had to taste her.

He pulled his hand away from her crotch and patted the sofa seat behind him. She abruptly stood up and lingered over him for a few seconds- long enough for him to admire and stroke the back of her thigh and calf, on down to her feet still in heels. She sat down, cross legged, with the sexiest, most sly grin on her face he’d ever seen. As if she was hiding something, she began to bite her lip and reached over for the champagne. She took a quick swig from the bottle and said “eat me”. He pulled the stretchy material from her body as she sat, almost giggling, to leave her there in only her bra. He grabbed the bottle from her hand and took a swig for himself- but did not swallow. He pulled her to the edge of the cushion, holding the backs of her knees, and forced her legs apart. He smirked as he dribbled the sparkling wine over her already wet mound. Her breaths became shallow and high as he immediately lapped at the shiny, trickling stream between her thighs. She tasted like the clear and salty waters of the Caribbean- fresh and smooth. His tongue explored her cavern, flicking back and forth over her clit. She urged him in deeper as he began to suck her button and finger her cunt slowly.

“Oh god Jay…please don’t stop,” she begged him, as she clutched her breasts roughly. He appeased her as one finger joined the other and he pumped in and out of her pulsating cunt to the rhythm of the soft jazz in the background. Loni began to shudder and clenched her thighs around his neck and head as she came for the first time under his touch.

He laughed, “Well so much for holding back, huh?”

Now she knew that all this time he knew what she was doing. They had had such a connection that even with knowing each other for a short time, it always felt like they had already known each other. From the start they were like old friends- that of course were attracted to one another- but boundaries had just gotten in the way. It seemed as though that would no longer be the issue.

Her chest heaved as she barely collected herself, “Well I guess it’s on to Plan B then!”

“And what is that?”

“Don’t worry- you’re about to find out.” Loni leaned forward to kiss him ever so slightly on the lips as she whispered, “bedroom…now.”

She quickly made her way to his sultry and darkened bedroom as he closely followed, leaving the champagne and dishes as they lay. He couldn’t wait to plow her as he began stripping off what was left of his clothing hastily. She lay on her back with one leg bent and slightly open to tease him with her wetness as she glistened in the dim light. Her eyes bore holes into him as he knew what she wanted. He stood at the foot of the bed, staring back intensely, when that familiar sly smile crept across his face. Jay let his boxers fall to the floor as he revealed a surprisingly massive dong. Loni’s eyes widened as she gasped and choked a little, as she had no idea he’d been smuggling weapons of mass destruction in his spare time. Loni smiled and nodded with great approval, sat up, removed her bra, then turned over onto her stomach. And with that, Jay knew what he had to do. Jay pounced on the bed and straddled her backside. She lay with her arms slightly crossed and her face lying upon them, meet-suck and fuck porno on its side. Jay massaged her neck and shoulders allowing her muscles to release whatever tension that might have been left in her body, as she relaxed further under his grip. She smiled warmly as he leaned over to hear her words- “Fuck me”.

Jay shuffled backwards as he parted her thighs slightly to get the right angle. She purred as he slowly entered her from behind. He took two pumps when Loni reached back and spread her cheeks for him, urging him to pound her kitten. If Jay was a fool, he would’ve continued on, but he stopped and pulled out. Before she could shoot him the most evil look he’d ever see on her face, he forcefully plunged into her, forcing her to let go and yelp with delight. Jay commenced to pounding her backside as Loni yelped and crawled and tugged at the sheets. He was driving her absolutely wild! He took pleasure in making her squirm as she had done for so long. He quickly recalled the nights he was forced into a public bathroom to relieve himself as she offered herself willingly. He knew he had to tell her the real reasons why he refused- he owed her at least that. Well, and this pounding, of course. He wanted to make her feel everything he couldn’t before since there was no guarantee of a return to this happy place. Jay slapped her on the thighs as he Superman’d into her back with his monstrous dick. He lay on top of her, smashing and grinding deep into her pussy. Loni wailed and could barely speak as she shut her eyes so tight with mouth forced open that no other sounds could come out. Jay whispered in her ear as he continued to pummel her from behind.

“Was it worth the wait bitch? Tell me…”

“Yes daddy! Keep fucking me, please! Don’t stop!”

“What’s my name?”

“Daddy Jay…”

“Wrong answer”, as he quickly pulled out and repeated the question- “what’s my name?”

“Big Daddy” she screamed. “Put it back in, please, Big Daddy.”

Jay smirked his contentment and pulled her by her hips to her knees, shoving her face down into the pillows. This turned him on because Jay wasn’t a big burly man, but he wasn’t petite either. Although they stood about the same height, Jay was only a size 32 and knew that most underestimated him because of his build. He wasn’t muscular either, but toned, and had the body of a swimmer. Jay was strong but lithe, so whenever he unveiled the goods, he enjoyed seeing his partner’s reaction- and she was no different. But at the same time she was. He wanted to show her how he could take control, as she was known to be quite the mouthpiece. And he could barely wait to have her use it more appropriately. Jay continued to thrust into her rapidly as her legs began to tremble and shake. He slapped her hard on the ass as she tried to steady herself. Jay shoved her shoulders down with his elbow as he began to plan his dismount. Loni bit her lip so hard it bled, wincing at the enormous amount of ecstasy being bestowed upon her. Slapping her again while still holding her down with ass up, Loni’s thighs began to clench and bring him in deeper. He could feel her cervix as she panted in vain. Jay thrust faster and harder, now clutching her shoulders for maximum depth. He could feel himself about to blow but he knew this was not the place. As Loni began to shudder to climax and almost taking him with her, Jay deftly pulled out, turned her over, and shot his hot load all over Loni’s luscious lips. To his surprise, Loni opened her mouth and swallowed all she could, licking her lips and chin clean. Spent, Jay collapsed backwards onto the bed.

“Oh. My. God. That was fucking amazing!”

Loni sat up and crawled between his legs, “Well it isn’t over yet cowboy.”

“I think I’m gonna need a few minutes to…”

Before he could protest any further, she engulfed his entire shaft with her mouth and tongue. Jay stared in amazement as he had only one prior lover able to do this without having a conniption. He always thought she was special but now he knew it.

Looking up at him she said, “Did you know that men are capable of being multi-orgasmic?” She batted her eyes with his dick still in her mouth.

“No, I have never heard that before.”

“Well,” she continued, “it’s all about timing. And I’m going to show you the benefits of such.”

Loni engulfed his length once more as she gagged and choked him down to the balls. Jay’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt himself stiffening, surprisingly. He didn’t know if she was the devil or an angel. She released him and began sucking his balls one by one while licking his shaft. Loni looked up at him to take a mental picture of the time she made him squirm. She began to tease the tip with her tongue and cheeks, poking it in and out while licking its circumference and pumping his shaft with her fist. His toes began to curl as he stood at full mast and Loni knew it was time to go to work. She pumped his shaft with a kung fu grip while alternating between sucking his balls and the head. Now Jay was the one grabbing fistfuls of sheets! His hips began to buck upwards as he tried to keep from shoving her face down on his cock. He tried to maintain some composure and keep his gentleman ways, but soon Loni was cupping his ass and searching for the right time to BINGO. She sucked both balls at the same time then went back to the shaft with her mouth only, releasing her hand, when he shoved her face onto his hard prick. She returned the favor with a BINGO finger up the ass as he clenched from this new but pleasurable sensation.

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