Keep it in the Family


Keep it in the FamilyHe was nineteen and I have been fucking him for several months. I fucked his dad for over three years as his dad had knocked his mom up twelve times and wanted tight cunts. They lived just two door down from me. The boy had a nice eight inch cock that was thick and a great set of balls. Dad was about nine inches and also thick. Both loved tits and pussy and could fuck like rabbits. The first time I took the boy to my bedroom, I undressed him and laid him naked on my bed. His cock looked amazing and was just semi hard. I spread his legs and stroked his cock getting it rock hard. I then stripped slowly showing off my large tits. I watched his cock jerk. I pulled his mouth to a nipple and told him to suck as I went back and stroked his hard dick even more. I moved his mouth back and forth between the nipples. I took two of his fingers and rubbed my clit with them and then I poked them in my cunt deep and used them to finger fuck me as I kept stroking his long hard cock. I put a foot up on the bed spreading my cunt wide open. I grabbed his head and pulled it to my dripping pussy and told bursa escort him “Stick out your tongue. As he did I ran his tongue over my clit then I told him to suck it. It took me no time to cum rapidly. I then moved his mouth and tongue to my wet soaked cunt and he licked around it till I told him to push his tongue in and he tongue fucked me as I coated him with my warm cream. I told him “Harder, faster. Fuck that wet cunt. Make me cum all over your face. Swallow my cream.” He did a great tongue fuck job. As he tongue fucked my cunt his cock jerked and I could see the big head was wet. I pulled his head from my pussy and put a leg over him and slid that cock deep into my fuck hole. As he went deeper he moaned and I slid all the way down on that amazing cock. I humped his cock hard and when he came he filled me full. He stayed hard and I let him stay in me and after a few minutes I began humping him again. Youth was wonderful and I got quickly got two more huge loads of cum. I slid off his cock and went to his face and told him “Stick out your tongue.” As he did I slid my cunt over his tongue and felt him bursa escort bayan go inside me. I told him “Clean my cunt. Take all the cum out of it and then I will give your cock a great treat. Go deep. I want to feel that tongue in my cunt.”  After he got my cunt clean I slid off him and stood by the bed and pulled him to his feet and took him to the wall mirror. I faced him to the mirror and got behind him and let him watch as I played with his cock and balls. I was jacking his cock and he was watching me and then I ran a hand over his ass cheeks and between his crack. I found his ass hole and as I stoked and jerked his cock I rammed a finger in his ass and finger fucked him as I really jerked that cock and squeezed his balls. I said “Look at your big cock as it jerks and loves your ass fingered. I am going to make you cum so hard you will beg for more fucking.” It did not take much longer till he pumped his cum all over the mirror. I then put him on his knees as I spread my legs wide. I told him “Now use my pussy how ever you like. Lick it, tongue it, finger it, just do as  you want but make me escort bursa cum and make me cum hard. Don’t forget to finger fuck my asshole as you turn me on. Then I am going to suck your dick till I have you screaming for mercy.” For over an hour he licked and sucked and tongue fucked me as he finger fucked my asshole and he did a great job. My cream was dripping off his chin. I then took him back to my bed and spread his legs wide and began sucking his cock and his balls and finger fucking his asshole with first one, then two and finally three fingers as he screamed. I took his cock down my throat and sucked him hard as I squeezed his balls and rammed my fingers deep in his ass and swallowed the first large load of his cream. I kept it up and got a second load. We fucked the rest of the afternoon. He was a great learner. He loved fucking and loved anything I did to him. He really loved when I finger fucked his asshole as I sucked his cock and balls. We fucked at least three times a week. He never knew when he wasn’t at my house his dad was in my bed. I loved fucking both of them but the son had the best stamina. His mom was now knocked up with her f******nth baby. Dad says they are no way done yet. He likes fucking her as she nurses a baby on each big milk filled tit. They are going to fuck and breed as long as they can.

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