Keeping it between Friends and family -Part II


Keeping it between Friends and family -Part IINow that I have one slut, it was time to see Darla. This one would be very easy to take over. Her husband is out of town a lot. His company sends him all over the country and he might be gone for weeks at a time. This gives Darla a lot of playing time. And her playing time will include me from now on. Darla is short. She is 4′ 10 inches tall and weights 145 lbs. She has shoulder lenght brown hair. Her mouth is very small, as well as her tits. She has a fat ass and short legs. She is quiet spoken but I am sure that will change soon. She has 2 daughters who are beautiful as well. It was June and her daughters were both working days. Her husband had just left for 5 weeks of work. Now was my time to take charge of her play time. I had sen t her a dvd of her night fucking with her friend. Along with the dvd, I also told her how to dress when she came to my place. If she did not show up, her husband would recieve the dvd as a gift. I left no phone number, but only an address. I could only image what she look like when she got the dvd. I knew that her friends would be over for a little hot tub party on Friday afternoon, so she was to be at my place Thursday morning 9 am. I waited for the door bell to ring. It was almost 9 when the ringing sound of the front door bell sounded. When I open the door, she went front confuse to down right mad. She was call me every name she could think of. Then I reach out and grab a handful of her hair and pull it back causing her head to jerk up. Looking down into her eyes I said, one more word and the dvd would be sent by email to her husband. Then she could go home and start packing. I saw a tear roll down one cheek and she said, what do you want. I jerk her in and shut the door. Looking at her, I said bakırköy escort I have what I wanted. I lean forward and kiss her deep. As I was kissing her, I reach down and began to rub her ass. I stood up and told her to turn around slowly. I could see plainly that she was not wearing a bra. Her nibbles stood out through her tight blouse. She was not wearing any stockings with her very short dress. Her high heels show off her fat ass more. When she finish her turn around, I told her to lose the blouse. As she was taking of the blouse, I lifted the dress and found only a hairless pussy. She did follow my orders very well. I took her my the hand and took her into the kitchen and bent her forward leaning on the table. Taking both of her wrists and holding them behind her back, I raised her dress and rub her ass more. Leaning forward I whisper in her ear if she ever fuck anyone else but me again, she would get twice the ass spanking that you are about to reicieve now. And with that, I hit her ass cheek with a solid slap from the paddle. She began to cry as the tears roll down her cheeks. I gave her 20 more slaps to each cheek. When I had finish, There was a bright red mark on her ass cheeks where I had just spanked her. I reah out and grab her hair and jerk her up and said walk to the bedroom. When we enter, I spun her around and push her onto the bed. I strip off my clothes and told her to spread her legs. I got down and began to lick her pussy and gently kiss it. I look at her and said for a 49 year old cunt, it tasted pretty good. Then I went back to licking it. I notice her breathing picking up so I push two fingers into her and begin to finger fuck her. She was shaking and moaning loudly when she came. I kept up my pace until she calm down. beşiktaş escort Then I position her on the bed and told her what I wanted. I told her to keep at arms out from her body. She was not allow to touch me at any time. She was not allow to wrap her legs around me as well. With her looking at me, I began to drive my 8 inch cock into her. She gasp at how big my cock was. I slowly began to fuck her. With each thrust into her, she let out a moan. Then I began my assult on her. I drove my cock into her hard. She was moaning and breathing harder with each thrust as she was about to cum. I could feel myself building as well. We both came at the same time. I could feel my cum flowing around my cock in her pussy. We both rested for a little bit.I pull out of her pussy and place my cock against her mouth. I said to her, I know your mouth is too small to suck my cock, But you can lick it. And without saiding a word, she licked my cock. She lick my cock until if was hard again. I turn her over and place her on her hands and knees. I push my cock back into her pussy and fuck her a little. Without saiding a word to her, I pull out of her pussy and shove half of my cock up her ass. She cry out in pain and try to get my cock out of her ass. But I held her fast. I grab her hair and jerk it back causing her head up. I ask her if she was ever fuck up her ass. Through her crying she said no. I told her that today she was getting ass fucked and everytime I fuck her I would do her ass as well. Then I went back to fucking her ass. She was really tight, but soon I was gliding in and out of her ass. Her crying was replace with moans and soon she was fucking me back. Taking one hand I reach around and drove 2 fingers into her soaking wet pussy. The other beylikdüzü escort hand reach around and found her little tits and play with them. We both came again at the same time. She was shaking from her orgasm when I unloaded into her ass. She fell back down on the bed and I fell ontop of her. We rested for awhile, then got up and went to the shower. Durning the shower, she stroke my cock and suck the head of my cock. It was the only part she could get into her mouth. I shot another load into her mouth and she swallow every drop. It was mid afternoon when we kiss and I told her I would be over to take her again. And with that she was gone.The girls party was in full swing when I enter on Friday afternoon. There was 6 girls in the hot tub and drinking and laughing. I notice Darla wearing a 2 piece swim suit. I stood off in another room out of sight while each of them came in and went to the bathroom and got another drink and headed back to the tub. Then it was Darla turn. She came in and use the bathroom and went to the kitchen and began to get a drink. I walk up behind her and rubbed her ass. I told her it was time and push her forward down to ths counter. I reah down between her legs and push aside the bottom of her swim suit and push my hard cock into her. She was telling me to stop, because if one of her friends came in we would be caught. Pushing her hands away, I began to thrust harder and deeper into her. I then reach both hands up and push her top up and squeeze both tits hards. She let of a little cry and a moan at the same time. She was shaking and moaning as we both came a short time later. We both could see the other friends and I told her that the blond with the short hair was next. She nodded her head and agree to film her next. I pull her up off the counter and kiss her. I then pull out of her and slap her ass and that I would be back later. She straighten her swim suit and went back out to the tub. I left the house feeling good and knew that tonight Darla would beg for my cock. But that is not all she will be doing.To be continue……….

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