Kelly and Billy


Kelly and Billy”Billy”, Kelly asked, “did you steal a pair of panties from my laundry basket last week?”. Nervous and penitent, Billy acknowledged that he had. “Why, Billy?”, Kelly asked, as though she didn’t know the answer. “Because they smell pretty:”, Billy told her. “Well, its not right to steal things, Billy, and smelling girl’s underwear is naughty.”. The knoledge that Billy was interested in scent of her vagina was flattering to Kelly, and even though she had told him it was naughty, there was part of her that awakened with the thought of Billy’s boyish pleasure as he breathed in the musk of her arousal.”Was there part on the panties that made you aware of my hormones going crazy, like I’d gotten all wet in them or something?”, Kelly asked, Billy said bakırköy escort yes, and explained that the part he liked most on the panties was the part where her wetness had flowed onto the crotch and left a thick white stain there.”I get wet really easily, Billy”, Kelly told him, “I use a towel underneath myself when I masturbate, and I think about guys getting horny for me and rub for a while and it feels so beautiful. Next thing I know, I’m getting off, and its flowing out really fast. Is a turn-on for you to think about me cumming like that?”Billy said that that was pretty much all he could think about while he had been smelling her panties. “I want you to give me an orgasm, Billy”, Kelly said with quiet sincerity. She beşiktaş escort pushed the books off the bed, raised her skirt, and scooched up to where she could be comfortable. The tutoring session was curtailed for the time being, and Billy did as Kelly asked, massaging her vagina through her cotton underwear. Her warmth and slipperiness were abundantly clear from the moment he began the massage. Billy alternated between tender and firm caresses, and his tutor approved of his technique. The juices flowed, and Billy, without being told, knew right where Kelly’s clitoris was located. He drew circles around it with his forefinger and stroked its little firmness through the cotton. When Kelly’s clitoris palpitated, Billy held beylikdüzü escort still for a second, his finger lighter than air, allowing her female pleasure to express itself with delicate wildness, and being just at the place where her palpitating clitoris could push itself urgently outward, meet the firmness of Billy’s fingertip through the panties, and just as urgently pull back. She said the F-word, quietly, and whispered Billy’s name. Her lubrication made a large dark stain on rear of the tight pink underwear as she climaxed. She was Kelly Kapowski on “Saved by the Bell”, this occured 2 months after her 17th birthday.BBilly was a few years younger, and Kelly had been tutoring him in his school work for an hour a week for the last five weeks.. Having the the tutoring sessions in her bedroom in skimpy clothing and with the door closed, it is not all that surprising that naughty happened. Afterwards, Kelly asked that Billy return the stolen panties, and he went home and fetched them for her. Before leaving his house, he enjoyed them one last time.

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