Kiki Gets Caught


It is the middle of the afternoon and I’m lying in my bed wearing only panties. My mind starts to wander and my thoughts turn to John- that is pretty typical lately. I think of all the different ways he turns me on, of all the things he did to me in that hotel room in Cleveland, and of all the wicked and dirty things I want to do with him when we see each other again. Actually since John and I met I have been in what I would call a constant state of arousal. Sexually our relationship has been very eye-opening for me. I definitely have learned a lot about what turns me on and also how to be more upfront about sharing it, which is really very nice.

I wish I could be with him now- suck on his cock at this very moment! I have never truly craved someone like this. I actually fantasize about giving him head- just getting on my knees in front of him and giving him the most perfect blowjob he has ever had.

Mmmmm thinking about going down on him gets me worked up as I lay here. I let my hands roam around a little under the covers. I slide my hand down to my crotch and move my panties to the side so I can feel myself. God, I’m wet already! That was fast. I take my middle finger and slide it into my pussy and finger myself a little. I have masturbated countless times over the years, but it wasn’t until I met John that I started actually fucking myself. I would always lightly stroke my clit through my panties just enough to cum and release the sexual tension. But since I have met him I have learned to enjoy all aspects of pleasuring myself and even did myself with a dildo for the first time while he instructed me over the phone.

I continue working on my pussy until it’s really wet- I love to get it really dripping and sloppy so I can use my juices to lubricate my clit- that feels so fucking good. I also like my nipples to be nice and wet while I play with them. I LOVE to have my tits played with and my nipples teased- if you do that while you lick my clit that’s a guaranteed cum.

I take my hands out of my panties so I can prop up the pillows and make myself comfortable and really get orgasmic. GOD I wish John were here right now- he knows what I need more than anyone every has- probably better than I even know sometimes.

But he’s not here, so I have to improvise. I bend my knees and spread my legs. My pussy is on fire. I take both hands and grab my right tit and bring it up so I can just about reach it with my mouth and tongue my nipple as best I can, then the same with the other side- get them both wet with my saliva and both of my nipples are hard as rocks and pointing straight up. I let my left hand linger at my tits while I put the right hand to work between my legs. I could probably cum right away if I let myself just from circling my fingers over my clit. But I want to prolong this and I feel so naughty and horny. illegal bahis What I REALLY want is to be fucked every which way until I can’t take it anymore and I cum and cum and cum. My favorite fantasy of him lately is actually this same scenario- that I am in my bed playing with myself getting really really worked up….

The need for a cock in my wet cunt is overwhelming- I reach over to the bedside table and grab my toy, anxious to shove it deep into my pussy, when I have this weird feeling that I am being watched. I open my eyes and it is John standing in the doorway- too fucking good to be true! But then I realize the scene he walked in on and I am extremely embarrassed. Before I have a chance to explain myself he walks over to me

“Well well well you horny little girl, what are you up to?”

I’m totally speechless and he grabs the dildo from my hand, “What’s this you bad girl? Were you about to fuck yourself with this?” He reaches down between my legs and rubs his entire hand into my pussy “I can’t believe how wet you are you horny little slut! What do you think about when you’re alone that gets you so wet?”

“You,” I answer shyly.

“What about me?” he asks as he reaches down and squeezes my tits.

“I think about you inside of me, making love to me….fucking me.”

“Oh REALLY,” he says, handing me the dildo, “Now show me. Show me how you fuck yourself with your toy my dirty little slut. Fuck your cunt and show me how you get off when you’re alone.”

I open my legs and slide the toy into my still very wet hole. He encourages me while he undresses…”That’s it baby. I want to see you get nice and horny for me. Fuck yourself with that toy. Rub your clit with your other hand. Oh you’re so wet, I can’t wait to have you to myself all night and do anything I want with you.”

Mmmm, that thought gets me really hot- the thought of being his plaything, the thought of being there to give him sexual pleasure- to suck him, fuck him, and be a total sex object to him in an interlude of complete and total lust. I WANT him to use me for his pleasure- cause I know I will be getting LOTS of pleasure in return.

By now I’m really moaning and twisting around on the bed, and I feel a pretty good cum building up. Just as it approaches, John abruptly grabs the dildo from my hand. “Not yet,” he says. “I’m going to take over.” And with that, I know I’m in for it!!! I know he is going to give it to me good!

Just as he slips the dildo into my pussy I feel that craving for his cock return and I position myself on my side. With him standing over my bed I can suck him while he works the toy. I start to tongue his cock hungrily. “Oh yeah,” he says, “I like how you suck my cock without even being told.”

“Mmmmm,” I answer, “That is because I have been dying to taste your cock for weeks. Can I suck it as long as illegal bahis siteleri I want? Can I suck all the cum out of it?”

He keeps working the dildo with one hand and with the other he alternates between teasing my nipples (mmm) and my clit- with the occasional spank to my pussy- god that makes me feel so naughty but I have to admit I like that occasionally.

After a few more minutes of him teasing me and me slobbering all over his cock he positions me on my hands and knees in front of him while he stands on the floor behind me. He grabs my hips and has my ass hanging off the edge of the bed while my hands grip the sheets. I’m ready to get fucked- I know he’ll give me his cock any second. But instead I feel his hot breath at my pussy and his wet tongue flickering around at my clit. I almost cum right on the spot.

“God that feels good,” I tell him, “Oh yes, eat me for while baby. Lick me. Flick my clit with your tongue. Mmmmm oh God, I could cum like this!”

He laps at my slit and takes his index and middle fingers and drives them into my pussy. He twists them around, then pulls them in and out slowly, and then actually fucks me with them while he lightly slaps my ass with his other hand. I let out a little yelp and he is amused. “Oh, do you like that? Do you like to be smacked on the ass a little?”

Once again I find myself fessing up to him about another one of my deepest darkest turn ons. And he plays right into it. He continues, “Naughty little girls like you who play with toys when they’re alone in their beds deserve to be spanked! It’s your fault for being a horny little slut.”

He quickly shoves his dick in me without warning and continues to play with my ass, rubbing it and squeezing it between light spanks. GOD it is hot, his little spanks send vibrations throughout my pussy.

Next we concentrate on some serious fucking as he drills me from behind. I’m on the verge of coming again and when I’m about to cum I really let go of my inhibitions- I want to get off no matter what it takes. He has me so fucking crazy for his cock, which he keeps hammering me with from behind.

“Oh, yes baby, fuck me nice and deep. MMMmmm.” I push myself back into him so I can feel him all the way in me up to his balls and I grind myself onto him as he pushes back into me. God it feels so good. He reaches underneath me and starts to rub my clit really fast back and forth and I feel the cum start to build up.

“Oh yes baby, just like that, rub it, rub my clit while you fuck my pussy. I’m gonna cum soon”

“Not yet!” he answers as he flips me over suddenly, “I’m not done with you yet.” Now he has me on my back with my ankles on top of his shoulders and he slips his cock into my slippery hole. He starts to fuck me with long, slow strokes that drive me crazy. Mmmm, I love it like that. I look up at canlı bahis siteleri him and we lock eyes. I love to see his face while he fucks me. I lower my legs and wrap them around his hips so he can lean down and kiss me and we share wild tongue kiss. God I want to suck his tongue down my throat and keep his cock buried inside of me forever.

After a few minutes of this I feel like I really won’t be able to keep from cumming much longer. I know it is going to be big! “Baby let me get on top of you now,” I tell him, “I want to ride you and cum all over your cock.” He has no problem with that and we switch positions.

I slide myself right on to him and start fucking nice and steady while I grab hold of both of my tits. I tell him, “Oh my god, I love to fucking ride you baby. Your cock is so deep inside my cunt. Can you feel it? Can you feel how hot and wet you have my pussy? Mmmmm I love to squeeze your cock with my cunt. Do you like it?” I reach around and play with his balls a little. Then I lean forward some and brace myself with my hands and pick up the pace. I’m really fucking him now- we are both getting worked up and sweaty.

Then he puts his thumb on my clit and starts circling and circling in the wetness and looks up at me, “I want you to cum for me now…cum on top of me you little slut…I know you want to cum you horny little vixen.”

Just as I start to cum I tell him, “Oh YES baby, I’m cumming all over your cock…can you feel it? Feel me cum all over you…oh god you make me cum so hard…oh my god there’s so much cum in my pussy for you…oh yes” and my cunt is spasming all over his cock while my juices are flowing out all over his cock and balls. Oh god it feels so good to let it all out.

I keep riding him with even more intensity cause I REALLY want him to shoot a load inside of me. “Baby I want you to cum inside of me now. Can you give me a really big load baby? Mmmm I want to feel it…please give it to me now…give me all of your cum baby.”

He is shaking and sweating and just about to shoot and as soon as I feel his warm cream inside my pussy I hop off and put my face between his legs, trying to catch the rest in my mouth. Mmmm it feels so good to taste the cum of someone who has just fucked me so well. I swallow whatever cum he has left and suck and lick his cock for a few minutes, loving the combination of my cunt juices and his cum.

God, I have done things with him and shared things with him over the past few weeks that I have never experienced in my life…and I have enjoyed it fully. I want more and more and I know that this is just the beginning…

We both regain our composure and wrap our sweaty bodies together. I kiss the sweat off of his forehead and he gently caresses my pussy and we kiss and kiss for the longest time. I know we will never be able to get enough of each other! I close my eyes and drift off to sleep feeling so much love and joy in the fact that I have learned to let go of all my hang-ups and have GREAT SEX with someone I trust with my heart and my body…and also with the excitement of knowing there is more to come.

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