Kim’s First Lesbian Experience


Chapter 1

Kim was 18 and was having a sleep over with two life-long friends… Jen and Lisa.

Kim has long red hair and a great body. Starting at her cute face and dimples and down to her C-cup breasts and huge pink nipples and finally to her thick pussie lips with just a little bit of red hair that she leaves behind to prove that she is a true red-head. Jen and Lisa were hot as well. Both 18 also, Jen was a short blonde with a great body. She also has great bountiful C-cup breasts and she shaves any hair that grows between her sexy legs. Lisa is a brunette and is in between the other two girls in height. Kim is taller than her and Jen is shorter. Her breasts were not as bountiful as her friends, but still looked great. She had A-cup breasts that were right on the borderline of being B-cups, but even though her chest may not have been as large as her friends, she made up for it in her nipples. She had two huge, pink nipples that were constantly hard and every guy in school loved to see them pushing through the tight shirts that she wore to school. These three girls were every boys dream.

The three girls started the night out very innocently. They made their own personal pan pizzas, watched some TV and just hung out and enjoyed each others’ company.

Bed time rolled around and the three girls set up their sleeping bags on the floor next to each other in Kim’s finished basement. The room is her older brother’s bedroom, but he was away at college and so the girls’ took advantage of that since his room was a lot larger than Kim’s. It also afforded them a lot more privacy than Kim’s family room where casino siteleri they usually slept; since it was next to Kim’s parent’s room.

Once the girl’s set up their sleeping bags, each took a turn to use the bathroom and change into their bedtime clothes. All three only wore panties and t-shirts to bed. Each shirt just barley covered their panty covered crotches. Once all assembled they sat on their sleeping bags and talked about things that girls normally talk about; boys, boys and more boys. Eventually the subject got to that of sex and masturbation.

All three girls admitted to masturbating quite often; though they had never used anything except for their fingers to get off. All three girls were not very experienced with guys. They all grew up in very sheltered homes. Their parents would not allow them to go out with guys alone. So all they had were group dates and each other. Each one had kissed a boy passionately and Kim and Jen had their bountiful breasts rubbed through their shirts by guys, but that was the extent of their sexual experience. None of them had ever done anything with another girl either. Though Kim did admit that the thought of being with another woman had crossed her mind several times, but she never acted on those feelings.

Well the conversation progressed and the girls were all getting pretty horny and wet from talking about all of this. All three felt that familiar need to get themselves off, but did their best to not let their friends know that they were getting aroused by all of this talk about sex and masturbation. Now after a while, Kim knew that she could not stand slot oyna it any longer and she NEEDED to get off. So since it was her house, she excused herself and went to the bathroom to take care of her problem.

Once in the bathroom, Kim sat on the floor and took her soaking wet panties off. She then proceeded to finger and rub herself to a monster orgasm.

She started by spreading her legs nice and wide and took one hand and began to rub one of her red hot, hard nipples through her shirt. Her other hand followed a path down her sexy body to her soaking wet, hot, honey pot. Once her hand reached its destination, she began rubbing the outside of her soaking wet pussie; rubbing her puffy lips up and down in a very slow motion. She then broke through her puffy lips and began rubbing her soaking wet pussie. As she went up and found her hot trigger, chills ran up and down her spine and throughout her body. She shook with the excitement her finger was giving her. Quietly moans began to escape her sweet lips. She continued to rub her hot, hard clit as her other hand left its place on top of her t-shirt where it had been rubbing her hard nipples. It took the same path that her other hand had taken earlier. She was rubbing and pinching her pussie trigger real fast and hard as the new visitor to her love nest arrived and then proceeded to rub the outside of her dripping love tunnel. It then slowly found its way into her hot hole and began to go deeper and deeper into herself. She began pumping her long digit in and out of her aching love tunnel as her other hand was still fast at work on her thick, hard trigger. She then canlı casino siteleri placed two more digits deep inside of herself making it a total of three long, thick digits pumping in and out of her hot, wet opening. Her body continued to tremble as she waited for impending release of sexual tension. Her moans were more regular now, but still soft enough so that no one could hear her. Her breathing got heavier as her three fingers were pounding in and out of her soaking wet love tunnel as her other hand was still doing its job rubbing and pulling on her hard, hot clit. Her body then tensed up and she knew that she was only seconds away from soaking her hands with her hot pussie liquid. She jammed her three thick, long fingers into her dripping wet hot box one more time and then she came all over her fingers and evidence of her release was forming a puddle on the bathroom floor. She came for what seemed like a minute or even more. Once the last sensations of release finished surging through her body and she let out one more load of her wetness all over the floor, she collapsed in exhaustion, pure ecstasy and contentment.

After a few minutes of lying in her own puddle of love, she was able to recover and come back to her senses. She got up and got a towel from the cabinet and cleaned up both herself and the evidence of her actions of sexual pleasure. Once she able to compose herself, she then proceeded to slowly head back to her brother’s bedroom. She expected to find her two friends in deep sleep. But as she was walking back, instead of hearing snoring emitting from her brother’s room she heard the moans of sexual pleasure and release. This intrigued her and instantly her hot pussie began to feel moist all over again. As she turned the corner and went into the bedroom, she found Jen eating out Lisa’s juicy, hot love tunnel. To be continued…..

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