Korean Affair Ch. 01


Tossing back another shot of soju, Ji Yong looked around the steamy sidewalk tent beside the snack truck. This late at night there were few people, just a couple of old security guards just off duty, and a lone woman sitting at a table by herself.

At 42, Ji Yong was nearly the youngest one there. He stopped by regularly on his way back from the office. The long hours and demanding bosses at work coupled with little reward made him need a couple of drinks before sneaking back into his apartment. He rarely arrived home before midnight, his wife and children asleep long before he snuck inside.

Pouring himself another shot and taking a bite of hot udon noodles, Ji Yong sighed. Every night he stopped to delay going home. He had been married for 20 years already. His children were almost done high school. Paying for their expensive private tutoring at hagwons meant he had to work even longer hours. He and his wife rarely saw eachother. They were more like roommates than husband and wife. They hadn’t had sex in 5 years.

Any time he tried to get intimate with his wife, she pushed him away. She was always tired, or had a headache. She was older now too, and didn’t feel comfortable with her body. Having kids made her insecure with her body and she didn’t want him to see how she had changed. Sex got less frequent after their first child, and nearly non-existent after their second. He didn’t resent her, but he wished she understood he loved her no matter how she looked.

He signalled for another bottle of soju. The truck owner brought it over quickly and brought another bottle to the single woman in the corner. The woman’s hood fell down and he could see that she wasn’t korean, but a foreigner! It was rare to see a western woman in this part of Seoul, even rarer to see one inside a food truck tent drinking.

She was probably in her early 20s and had long blonde hair. It gleamed in the bright lights strung around the orange tent. She had been in the tent before he arrived, and the number of empty bottles on the blue plastic table in front of her was evidence of her dedication in drinking that night.

He continued drinking the sweet soju as the rest of the customers made their exits into the cold December night until only he and the blonde woman remained. The truck was about to shut down for the night and the owner approached the woman trying to get her to leave too. Clearly drunk, she didn’t seem to understand what the woman was telling her.

Ji Yong approached them, swinging his suit jacket on top of his white shirt, getting ready to leave after helping her out.

“We’re closed. You have to go!” The owner motioned to the flap door. The blonde just smiled and set her head back down on the table.

“Can I help?” he asked?

“I need her out so I can pack up the tent. She’s too drunk! Can you carry her outside?”

“I’ll try.” Ji Yong stood next to the woman and put his hand on her shoulder, shaking her awake. “They’re closed.” He said in english. “You need to leave so the owner can go home.”

The blonde was even more beautiful up close. Her skin was very pale, with freckles across her delicate nose. She opened her eyes slightly and he could see their narrow slit revealed they were green. “Home? I can’t go home. Too far.” She said quietly, smiling to herself and she hiccoughed.

“I’ll get her into a taxi outside.” He told the owner. “Come on, we’ll get you a taxi. They’ll take you home.” He helped the woman stand and gathered her purse and coat.

He opened the flap of the tent so they could exit, she stumbled a bit as her heels slipped in the light snow. He caught her before she could fall and pulled her against him.

She wrapped her arms around his waist underneath his suit coat. “Thank you!” she mumbled as she burrowed her face into his shoulder. He felt her body heat through the thin material of his shirt, her breasts pressed against his side. His long dormant body seemed to be waking back up, he felt a tingle in his groin.

“Be careful,” he told her, “it’s slippery. We need to get to the main road and get you a taxi.”

“No taxi.” He felt her breath on his neck. “Too tired. Hotel.” Her british accent became more pronounced with each clipped word.

“You want to go to a hotel? Here?” Most of the hotels in this area weren’t the kind you would find good reviews for on websites. Flashing neon signs advertised hourly love hotels with short stays.

“Mmmm. A few hours in a hotel and I’ll go home.”

He checked his watch. By this time, hotels allowed you to stay until morning. A few thousand won could keep her out of the cold until she sobered up. He searched the bright bright LED signs to find one that looked somewhat respectable. The last thing he needed was to have someone in his own neighborhood see him go into a cheap love hotel with another woman, with luck no one would see him at all.

“Alright. I’ll take you to a hotel. You can go home in the morning.” illegal bahis Ji Yong started guiding her down the slippery sidewalk towards one of the more low key hotels. She kept her arms wrapped around him, her breasts rubbing against his side with each step. The tingle in his groin returned with a vengeance.

Entering the small lobby of the hotel, Ji Yong quickly paid for a room, thankful that the anonymity of these types of hotels meant the workers couldn’t see him through the tiny hole the key was handed through. The elevator brought them quickly to the sixth floor.

With his free hand, he unlocked the door and the light automatically came on. Kicking off her shoes in the entrance, she headed straight for the bed and flopped down on her back.

Safely seeing her in the hotel, he opened the door to the room again and moved to leave. “Goodnight” he told the blonde stranger.

“Wait! Where are you going? I have to thank you!” She got back up from the bed and moved towards him. Her coat had fallen off of her shoulders and hung from her elbows. It revealed the tight black dress she was wearing underneath. The low neckline revealed generous breasts. He felt a swelling in his groin for the first time in a long while.

“You helped me out. You could have just left me there.” She grabbed his hand and started to pull him further into the room. “I was always taught to thank people who help me.”

Ji Yong tried to resist her pull, but his foot caught on the step of the landing and once off balance, she easily pulled him towards the bed. Getting his footing again, he straightened. He stood 5″10, not particularly tall, but he was surprised to find she was nearly the same height as him. “No, Miss. No thanks needed. I need to go now.” He tried to loosen her grip on his wrist.

“My name is Kate. What’s your name?”

“Ji Yong. Kim Ji Yong.”

“Well, Ji Yong,…” she took off her coat completely and stood before him in a skin tight black dress, her breasts rising with each breath she took. They were bigger than any he had seen in real life. His wife’s breasts were a B when she was pregnant but returned to their A size after she stopped breast feeding. “…I think we have a problem.”

He tried to keep his voice level “Problem?” It was suddenly hard to swallow.

“I can’t get out of this dress alone.” She turned her back to him and he could see the silver zipper running up her curvy backside. “I can’t reach the zipper.” It was a problem he was familiar with. His wife often needed help with dresses, they weren’t really designed to be easy to take off.

“Ahhh.” He stepped back in her direction, his hand reaching for the small silver zipper as she pulled her long blonde hair aside. The zipper smoothly made its way down and the black fabric separated allowing him to glimpse her glowing white skin. As he got down to her lower back, nearing the end of the zipper, he realized that he hadn’t seen any sign of a bra or panties. She was naked under the dress.

The discovery of her being naked under the thin material sent a jolt straight to his already excited member. He could feel himself hardening.

She turned around while he was still frozen in place. She shrugged and the thin straps of her dress fell off her shoulders. The material started to slip lower but caught on the mounds of her breasts, his eyes followed the fabric, sure it would lose it’s perch with a single breath. She was close enough he could feel her breath on his cheek.

“Mmmm. Much better.” She started to run her hand down his chest, her fingers slipping between the buttons to touch his increasingly sensitive skin.

“No.” He said shakily. “I’m married.” He tried to step away from her, but his legs didn’t want to seem to listen to his instructions.

Kate’s hand continued down his shirt until she reached his belt. He felt her hand run down the front of his pants, and cup his hard cock. It pushed eagerly into her warm hand through the grey fabric.

“I don’t think this guy down here cares if you’re married or not.” She began rubbing him through the fabric, finding his shaft and running her fingers across its head. He hadn’t been this hard in years. Lovemaking with his wife no longer brought on arousal this quickly or this intense. He could even feel a bead of precum escape and wet his underwear, seeping through his pants so she could feel its wetness.

A groan escaped him unconsciously. His hips moved involuntarily, his hard cock nestling even further in her cupped hand. She pushed his jacket off his shoulder with her other hand, her mouth placing a moist kiss just below his ear. A shudder ran through him and seemed to shoot right to where she was cradling his groin.

He could feel her breath on his ear as she whispered “You’re almost as aroused as I am.” With a tiny movement her dress slid completely off her, falling with a whisper to the ground between them. She guided his hand between her legs and he could feel her illegal bahis siteleri bare mound, hot and wet beneath his fingers.

What am I doing? Ji Yong thought to himself. His head fell back as Kate’s touch worked another bead of liquid out of his neglected organ. His fingers instinctively moving and seeking her swollen clit, coating themselves in her juice. Here he was in a love hotel with a foreign woman 20 years younger than him. For the first time since he had married her, he was thinking of cheating on his wife.

Kate moaned in his ear, her hips rocking against his fingers, they slipped into her wet hole. As his ring and middle fingers worked their way into her, he could feel the tightness and wetness of her pussy. He pushed them in as far as her could, his palm nestled against her clit, massaging it as he moved his fingers slowly into her until he felt his wedding ring slip inside her warm opening.

Her hips bucked against his hand, the last bits of resistance he had against her passion seemed to fall away each time she ground herself onto his fingers. He angled his head and began to kiss her neck, working his way to her moaning lips.

In a flurry of movements, Kate managed to remove his jacket and shirt, flinging them across the room where they settled against the gaudily wallpapered wall. She continued to grind herself on his moving fingers until he felt her soft flesh clench around him as she reached orgasm. Knowing he had brought a blonde woman to climax sent blood rushing to his groin, he felt his cock pushing against her toned belly through his suddenly too tight pants.

Kate slid down his body until she was kneeling on the floor in front of him. She quickly undid his belt and brought down his zipper with some difficulty considering how swollen he was beneath it. As his pants fell down around his ankles he marvelled at the sight of this young blonde woman who was on eye level with his groin. She hooked her fingers into his underwear and pulled them down, his cock springing free and slapping against his belly as it could finally stand upright for her.

A groan escaped him as his swollen penis was finally let loose of its cloth prison. Kate’s hand reached up and stroked it, pulling back its foreskin to expose its pink and glistening head. Ji Yong looked down just in time to see Kate’s pink tongue flick out to lick off a clear bead of his precum leaking out of the hole of its engorged head.

He felt the heat of her mouth enclose him as she slipped the bulbous tip of it through her lips. Her tongue was tracing the ridge of its head, swirling her tongue around him. Her blonde hair started to mix with the thick black hair at his groin, a sight he never imagined he would experience. She was the first foreign woman he had ever gotten close to. Foreign women usually weren’t interested in asian men, but Kate was proving herself to be quiet different.

As he felt her suck more of his shaft into her mouth, nearly all of his six inches, he closed his eyes. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this. His wife made no secret of her distaste for blowjobs, thinking them disgusting and rarely giving them even when they were having lots of sex. Since they had children 16 years ago, he hadn’t received one. Kate’s talented mouth was sending a steady steam of precum out of him and down her throat. He could feel her throat tighten and swallow his secretions as the amount got too much for mouth to hold without it leaking out.

Not content with driving him insane with her gifted tongue, she cupped his heavy balls and began to massage them, She rolled them against eachother in their hair-roughened sack. Never a fan of pleasuring himself solo, they were filled with lots of stored cum, all of which seemed to want to begin rising up right now. He knew we wasn’t going to last long, he had to choose if he wanted to continue being tortured by her exquisite mouth, or did he want to take a chance on her allowing him into her dripping pussy.

He made his decision quickly. If he came now, there was no guarantee that she would want to go another round with him. He couldn’t let the chance of a lifetime pass him by. He wanted to feel what a white woman’s pussy felt like around his korean cock.

Reluctantly, he pulled himself out of her mouth. Her head followed it as though she didn’t want to let his member go. As he lifted her up and carried her over to the bed, he could see that her lips were glistening with his precum. He lowered her to the bed and reached for the bag he had tossed there earlier.

Standard in hotels of this type, your room came complete with a kit of shampoo, body wash, hair ties, and, his finger closed around the item he was looking for, condoms.

With Kate on her back, he settled between her open thighs. He quickly opened the packet and rolled the condom over himself before moving to cover her pale body with his darker one. The contrasting tones of their flesh obvious even canlı bahis siteleri in the dimly lit room. His lips found the bud of her dusty pink nipple and he sucked it into a hard point even as he positioned his throbbing tool at her opening.

He pushed against her and felt her flesh yield to his blunt attack. The tip of his swollen cock entered her wet tunnel, her natural lubrication easing his assault on her snatch. Ji Yong slowly pushed into her, inch by inch until he filled her with his whole length.

He started to move his hips back and forth, pulling his cock in and out of her a slowly. Her hips rose to meet his, seeking his cock, wanting it inside her. She was so tight that even with his average sized tool he could feel himself stretching her as he moved in her.

Kate gasped each time he thrust inside her, burying his head deep inside her welcoming heat. She wove her fingers into his hair and moved his head up so she could kiss him. Their tongues engaged in a thrusting battle that kept time with their bodies.

“Wait” she said. Startled, he somehow managed to stop in the middle of a downward thrust. She reached between them and felt where they were joined. He still had a few inches buried in her, and his arms were shaking with the effort to keep himself from burying more. She felt the condom enclosing his cock with the tips of her fingers. “I don’t want you to wear this. I want to feel your bare cock inside me.”

She shifted her hips back so he exited her wetness with a pop. Using her hand, she rolled the condom down his length until it exposed his dripping tip. With disgust, she threw the condom across the room. “You can hardly feel anything with one of those on. I want to feel all of you when you’re in me.” She lined her hips back up with his now bare cock. “I want you to feel how wet you’ve made me” and she pulled his cock back into her.

For the first time in twenty years, he felt the bare flesh of a pussy around him that wasn’t his wife’s. She was tighter than his wife, younger and he could feel her soft swollen pink pussy sucking him further inside her, unwilling to let him go. He didn’t try to resist and thrust his full length inside her welcoming warmth until her felt her pussy lips kiss the base of his cock. His wiry pubic hair stimulating her, tickling her clit every time he buried himself in her. His balls resting against her soft bottom and were becoming coated the juice leaking down her slit.

With each thrust, he could feel ridge of his cock drawing on the soft pink flesh of her pussy, pulling at it. Lifting himself up, he looked down on her. He blond hair was spread over the pillow, messy as she lost herself in lust. Her mountainous breasts bounced as he slammed himself into her, their hard points wet from his sucking. Where they were joined he could see his cock disappearing inside her, glistening with their combined juices. His cock was steadily leaking precum into her by now.

Except for a few illegal porn videos, he had never seen a shaved pussy before. Kate’s pussy was beautiful. He could feel its smoothness against him every time he thrust down. Her delicate pussy lips now swollen and reddened from his fucking, they also were coated in cream. They hugged him perfectly.

Ji Yong felt himself getting closer to the edge, he could feel his long denied cum rising in his balls. They were tightening in his sack, getting ready to fill this delectable pussy with concentrated semen. He wanted her to cum too, he wanted to feel her shuddering around his cock in pleasure.

He pulled himself out of her, running his tip along her slit. She groaned and clawed the pillows when he used his hard tip to rub her clit, coating it in his precum. He quickly entered her again, thrusting all the way in, feeling himself bottom out in her, probing her cervix with his tip. He pulled out and slammed back into her over and over again until she locked her legs around his hips, preventing him from doing it again.

She pulled him down on top of her, kissing him deeply. Kate’s hips kept lifting to meet his, her movements growing more erratic as she came closer to orgasm. With a final thrust, he felt her pussy begin to clench on his cock, milking him. She gasped as her orgasm rocked her body, sucking his cock deep inside her. Her legs pulled his hips against hers and locked him there.

With her pussy wildly pulsating around him, Ji Yong couldn’t hold out any longer. He felt the first jets of his cum shoot into her, coating her pussy in his semen. His balls ached with the amount of cum that was being released. Jet after jet sprayed out of his cock and filled her to overflowing. He could feel some of his cum leaking out around his base even as he was still cumming inside of her. Even when the strong blasts of cum stopped, he could still feel more semen slowly dribbling out as her pussy milked him of all his thick cum.

Shattered, he collapsed on top of her, his hard cock still soaking inside her cum filled pussy. When his breathing returned to normal, he pulled himself up and slowly pulled his softening cock out of her. With his swollen member gone, white cum started to leak out of her well fucked pussy. Ji Yong collapsed beside Kate on the bed.

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