K’s Fantasy


K’s FantasyThis is one of my wife’s hottest fantasies. We have talked about this scenario many times and it always results in a horny, hot lovemaking session afterwards. The following is always likely to remain in my wife’s head as a fantasy as it is doubtful that we would have the balls to carry it through, let alone talk our neighbors into doing it! Some parts of the fantasy we do try and act out at times in our lovemaking. For example, my wife at different times can enjoy being both dominant and submissive. Occasionally she will become dominant and make me eat my sperm from her pussy after I come inside her, or tie me up, and I really enjoy this submissive role. She has also wondered what it would be like to be submissive to another woman although she has never had a lesbian experience in all of her life.We have known our neighbors Pam and Mike for several years and get along well with them, even though they are in their mid twenties and some years younger than us. It is this couple, Pam and Mike, that my wife’s fantasy revolves round. She would like us both to be totally dominated by them. She would like us to be their sexual playthings for the night.The fantasy starts by Mike phoning Kathy, my wife, in the morning to tell her that they will both be coming round to visit us later that evening for sex. He gives her particular instructions that they will be taking charge of proceedings and that both Kathy and I will have to do everything that they say without question. He commands that in preparation for their visit we shower and remove all of our pubic hair.In the afternoon we both take a shower and shave each other. Kathy has trimmed her pubes before but this is the first time that she has shaved her pussy totally. I have never shaved my pubic area before so it is a totally new experience for me. We both spend time shaving each other and when we have finished we are both completely smooth and ready for Mike and Pam. As Mike instructed we wear only our bathrobes and wait for them to arrive.At 8.00 the doorbell rings and Kathy answers it. It is Mike and Pam as expected. We invite them in to our lounge and we all sit down for a drink to loosen up. It feels a bit strange that Kathy and I are only wearing bathrobes and Mike and Pam are fully clothed. As he sips his drink Mike says to us ‘are you OK with this. You are happy for us to use you both however we like?’ Both Kathy and I nod back. Mike asks again ‘we can use you however we like?’ Kathy says with a nervous lilt to her voice ‘yes we are both sure’ Mike asks if we are both smooth for them, and I reply that we have shaved and are.’Right then’ said Mike as he finished his drink. ‘I think we had better move upstairs to your bedroom and start the fun and games.’ Kathy and I nervously climbed the stairs to our room with Pam and Mike following closely behind. When we were in our bedroom Pam closed the door. Firstly Mike told me to slip my robe off and sit on the bedroom chair. I did gaziantep escort bayan as I was told exposing my soft hairless cock; Mike then tightly tied my hands to the arms of the chair with some old stockings. He told me I could watch, and if I was good he may let me lick his hot sperm out of my wife when he had finished fucking her. Sitting naked and with my hands tied to the chair I felt somewhat inadequate and totally helpless.My wife looked over at me tied to the chair and smiled. I watched as Pam said to her ‘take off your robe and lie on the bed’ Kathy submissively let her bath robe slip to the floor and I saw Mike lick his lips appreciatively as her smooth pussy was exposed. She lay back on our marital bed and Pam quickly used stockings to securely tie her arms to each corner of the headboard.With us both naked and tied helpless in our own bedroom we listened as Pam and Mike spoke to each other. Mike asked Pam what she would like, and I heard her say she would like to come off on my wife’s tongue. Mike said he would like to fuck Kathy’s smooth pussy then come in her and watch me clean it up with my tongue. Hearing them talk like this really turned me on and my dick started to grow. I looked towards the bed and noticed that Kathy’s legs were splayed open and I could clearly see moisture on her smooth pussy lips, so I knew she was starting to feel aroused as well.Mike and Pam stood at the end of our bed and passionately kissed each other. I could see Mike’s tongue probing Pam’s mouth as his hands ran up and down her breasts stroking the nipples. Pam’s hands were digging into Mikes ass cheeks pulling him in closer to her groin. After a while they broke off from their kiss to slip their clothes off. As Mikes pants came down his cock sprang in to view, I noticed that it was larger than mine, both in length and thickness. It swung lazily between his legs in a semi erect state. Pam proceeded to peel down her skimpy knickers revealing her pussy. As she had made Kathy shave I noticed that she was completely hairless and smooth as well. She also slipped off her bra revealing her pendulous breasts, which were tipped with rock hard nipples.Mike and Kathy ignored me and went straight over to Kathy tied on the bed. Pam reached out and suddenly twisted my wife’s nipples, causing her to scream out in pain. They then both bent down and each took one of my wife’s tits in their mouth. Biting and licking on the nipples roughly, which caused Kathy to moan. Pam moved her hand down and gently played gently over my wife’s thighs.’Do you want to come?’ Mike asked Pam. ‘yes I’m getting very wet, I can feel my pussy dripping’ she replied. Mike said ‘go ahead then, you can use Kathy’s mouth and I’ll watch you both.’As Mike sat on the edge of the bed next to my helpless tied wife, Pam moved to the other side. She leaned over Kathy swinging her breasts letting one of the nipples brush across her lips. ‘Suck it’ she commanded as Kathy opened her mouth and tentatively sucked on Pam’s large engorged nipple. She slowly passed each tit in turn to Kathy’s mouth as she now eagerly sucked on each hard nipple. After a while of having her tits sucked Pam stood up and slowly straddled Kathy’s head. She lowered herself down on to her mouth and I heard her groan as my wife’s tongues snaked into the folds of her wet pussy. I was amazed watching my wife suck on pussy for the very first time. Pam was grinding her smooth pussy on my wife’s chin and mouth as Kathy used her tongue to lick her clit. As she rocked back and forth she coated my wife with her slick wet juices.Mike looked over to me and said ‘I think your wife likes sucking pussy she’s getting very wet,’ I looked over from my chair at Kathy’s spread legs and saw her smooth pussy lewdly gaping open and coated with juice. Mike suddenly rammed two of his fingers right into Kathy and I heard her groan deep into Pam’s pussy. He thrust them in a couple of times then pulled them out. They were glistening and shiny with Kathy’s wetness. Mike turned and pushed his fingers into Pam’s open mouth as she rode Kathy’s tongue and she licked them clean and tasted Kathy’s pussy. Kathy was really licking Pam’s pussy now and all I could hear was loud sticky slurping noises as she probed her hole deeply with her tongue. It did not take much longer and I watched as Pam shuddered and arched her back as she came off on Kathy’s tongue. She climbed off her face and Kathy seductively licked the wetness that was left coating her lips and chin.As Pam climbed off my wife’s face Mike came over to me in the chair. He told me he was going to fuck my wife. Mike stood in front of me and pushed his cock towards my face. I was not expecting this as I had never been close to another mans cock before. ‘Suck me’ Mike said ‘make me nice and hard for your wife.’ I felt uncomfortable with this and looked over towards Kathy tied to the bed with her legs open and ready. She said ‘go on darling, make him harder for me’ I had no choice as my hands were tied to the chair and with that Mike pushed his cock towards my face and I opened my mouth as he slowly slid it in. I had to open my mouth wide to accommodate his thick cock and Mike slowly pushed it in and out. I tasted for the first time the salty taste of a cock as I swirled my tongue around the head. As I sucked Mikes cock seemed to grow and get thicker and it seemed to throb in my mouth.Mike moved away from me with his hard cock swaying in front of him. He moved towards the bed where Kathy was waiting for him. Pam was sitting on the bed next to Kathy, ‘open your legs wide for him’ she said. Kathy lifted her knees and spread her legs apart as Mike moved in front of her. I watched as with one thrust he easily pushed his cock all the way deep inside her. Kathy moaned as his length filled her up, her hips pushing forward to meet his. Mike thrust forcibly into Kathy each movement filling her up. I watched as Kathy bucked and thrashed underneath him. Pam leant over Kathy and roughly squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples making her whimper with pain, and pleasure. As Mike thrust I recognized the moans coming from Kathy’s lips and knew she was close to coming. Mike carried on thrusting as Kathy let out a whimper followed by a long low moan as she shuddered to an orgasm.As Mike fucked my wife Pam got off of the bed and came over to me. She stood in front of me and roughly with force pinched both of my nipples causing my eyes to water. She untied my arms from the side of the chair. ‘Watch him come’ was all she simply said. I carried on watching as Mike’s arse rhythmically humped my wife and listened to their combined groans. Mike suddenly clenched his arse cheeks together and I realized he was coming inside my wife. I watched as his buttocks tensed and he pumped streams of warm sperm deep into my wife’s smooth pussy.Mike rolled off from Kathy and I was greeted with the sight of her puffy red pussy. It was smooth and gaping open with her love lips hanging apart wet and shiny. As I looked I saw Mikes white sperm seep from her gaping hole and start to dribble out from the bottom of her pussy. Pam roughly grabbed me by the hair and pulled me forward ‘clean it’ she commanded. I looked at Kathy’s smooth pussy lips and smelt the aroma of sweat and sperm. I moved between her legs and enthusiastically poked my tongue into the wet sticky slit. As I made contact with her pussy Kathy groaned. As I licked I took a mouthful of Mikes come into my mouth and swallowed it down. I savored the warm salty taste and felt it sticking to my lips and throat. As I sucked on my wife’s smooth puffy pussy I cleaned Mikes sperm from her. As I licked deep on her hole Kathy pushed the sperm out from deep within her and I swallowed it all down.When I had cleaned Kathy out and eaten up all of the sperm Pam said that I now deserved to come myself. Pam told me to sit back in the chair and wank. I sat down and stroked my hard smooth hairless dick It felt strange masturbating to an audience but watching Kathy get fucked and tasting Mikes sperm had made me desperate for a come. Mike stood up beside me and offered to my mouth his now soft dick. ‘Clean it’ he said. I took the head of his soft cock into my mouth and gently sucked the remnants of his sperm from it; I could also taste the familiar taste of my wife’s pussy juices. It only took a few strokes from me and I came and spurted my hot sperm in jets up my belly. Pam gathered up my trails of warm white sperm in her fingers and fed it to my mouth. I sucked on her fingers as she gathered up all of my sperm from my belly for me to eat.Mike and Pam then thanked us and said that they were going home to their own house to fuck each other. They said that they hoped we had enjoyed the session and would let us know when they would come over to do it again. As they dressed and left I untied Kathy’s arms from the headboard and we embraced each other happily knowing that we had both been well and truly used and had our fantasy fulfilled!

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