Labor Day Lesbian Rapture Ch. 05


(This story is not for minors or anyone offended by descriptions of sexual exploration between adventurous women. Feedback welcome! All characters are…Please read the previous parts 1-4 before this!)

* * * * *

Even as I write this I have to stop to catch my breath, because writing is a form of reliving, and reliving the intensity of my extraordinary last evening with these diabolically beautiful tormentors is almost unbearable – unbearable because of their absence.

Somehow or other Gwen and Heather divined my essence and reached my core. I’m ashamed of this, ashamed of having found out what I want and wanted, and the only way I figure I can work through this is to write about it, in every memorable detail. I hope it doesn’t become tedious, so bear with me.

I guess the other thing for readers to know is that you really have to be in ‘the mood’ to be turned on by what I’m about to describe, you have to have that naughty horny feeling ahead of time… At least that’s what happens to me. Otherwise it’s all bland and boring and distant. Which it certainly was NOT while I experienced it!

Anyway, to go on…

Heather was released and Gwen guided me over to the sofa where I was permitted to kneel at her feet. Heather seemed visibly shaken – not by the physical pain of the lashings, but by the enormity of her unfulfilled desire. Gwen gazed at her demurely while stroking my cheek.

“You can use a drink, honey,” said Gwen. “In fact, I’ve got a nice bottle of champagne for us, for a toast. Why don’t you do the honors, Heather?”

As her “pet” left for the kitchen I looked with keen lust at her exquisite lithe sexy dancer’s figure. Gwen unbound my arms but commanded that I keep them behind my back as I knelt. Heather returned with a tray holding 3 glasses of champagne filled to the brim and set the tray down as she seated herself on the sofa beside Gwen. I know it sounds crazy, but the dim candlelit room with its view of the tree-lined street seemed very romantic.

I was permitted to take a glass and Gwen offered a toast.

“To my pet,” she said, and we all clinked glasses and sipped. Then, “To our beautiful new slut,” and we drank again. And finally, “To an exciting conclusion.” We drained our glasses and the alcohol quickly suffused me, warming my body and smoothing the rough edges of my mind, taking the edge off my fear of their unknown plans.

“And now for the piece de resistance,” exclaimed Heather, showing off her French.

They turned me around on my knees so that my back was facing the sofa on which they sat. Heather bound my wrists very tightly together and wound the length of dangling cord around my braided hair, pulling my head backwards as far as it could go, linking it to my wrists and fully exposing my neck. It was literally impossible for me to move my head forward even an inch.

They then guided me back towards the sofa so that the small of my back rested against it and my elbows were supported by the cushion. My ankles of course were already bound and my thighs were spread lewdly apart and my entire body was arched upwards. It was physically uncomfortable because I was leaning back so far, but the discomfort was compensated for by my knowing how provocative, pleasing and incredibly sexy I must have looked with my pert full breasts, flat tummy and slender strong splayed legs, and of course my sweet tender expectant willing cunt. The dildo in my ass continued to fill and stretch my insides to add to my nearly uncontrollable sexual tension.

“How does our whore feel now?” asked the forbidding Gwen.

“Wonderful, Mistress, and wonderfully randy,” I replied honestly.

“You think it’s wonderful to be tied and stretched and spread to be totally at my whim?” she continued.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Well, I hope you’re ready for what’s coming, slut because this is what I had in mind the moment I poured your drink the other night.”

At this point Heather blindfolded me and I shuddered with apprehensive lustful expectancy.

“Open your mouth, please, bitch,” ordered Gwen. “This is a crop,” she said, inserting the tip between my lips, “and I’d like you to suck on it, to get it nice and wet.”

“Have you ever felt the sting of a crop?” she asked.

I shook my head.

Her voice was sultry and low. “It’s a wonderful tool – it can really make a statement.”

She withdrew the crop’s tip from my mouth and in a second it cut through the air and landed on the inside of my right thigh.

“Oh my god, oh my god” I moaned. I tried to pull my thighs together but an even more viciously stinging blow landed on the tender inner part of my left thigh, and I screamed in pain.

“Keep those fucking legs open, bitch!” Gwen warned.

Because of the blindfold my anxiety was increased: I couldn’t tell where she would strike next. I felt a tapping on the anal plug and then a flicking casino siteleri across my mouth before another swoosh landed on the underside of my left breast. Again, I couldn’t help but scream out.

Heather’s hand was on my hair making sure my head and neck were arched up and back as far as possible. And then Gwen struck me rapidly and unpredictably, on my outer thighs, my flanks, my breasts, and I flinched and winced and squirmed and moaned, and a sharp snap on my pussy forced me to cry out involuntarily.

“Oh, fuck, oh my god, oh, please, please…” I groaned.

The crop lashed my mouth next.

“Quiet, Susie, you’re getting what you want, aren’t you, aren’t you getting just what you deserve, you randy fucking bitch?” said Gwen.

Then suddenly she struck my pussy again, and my pelvis twitched upwards, but I bit my lip and remained silent as the pain spread over my pubic mound and throughout my loins. She tapped quickly and lightly at times, and then deliberately and very hard at others, all over me, barely leaving me time to recover from one blow before she administered another.

I could smell Heather’s arousal and I longed to lick her sweet burning cunt as my own cunt and body burned. Gwen had paused, giving me time to recover, to catch my breath, and then she started again, this time focusing on my pussy. She tapped and smacked lightly and rhythmically and my lips tingled and my pussy oozed with juice and a tremendous tension started to build as the force of her strokes grew and I thrusted violently into her blows just on the verge of finally, finally cumming… But I remembered my duty, and cried out for permission at the very last minute: “Please, Mistress,” I panted, “please may I cum, please do me, make me cum, I can’t take it, please Mistress…”

But it was not to be, at least not then. Gwen had brought me to the very edge and quickly and wickedly she led me away: two unbelievably painful strokes of the crop to my inner thighs stopped my climax in its tracks and I screamed out as much in utter frustration as in agony.

“Oh fuck, shit, I can’t take it, oh fuck you, you bitch, fuck you, you fucking bitch, I need to cum, I need to cum now!” I yelled.

Gwen’s lips were on mine and she muffled my complaints with a deep kiss, small but welcome solace.

“You’ll come only when I let you, my slut. Your cumming is entirely in your Mistress’s control,” whispered Gwen, “do you get that? I own you and your pleasures and your pains, and you’d better well understand it. Do you understand that?” Her voice was cool and level but insistent.

I nodded silently. She paused.

“Why don’t you rest for a while,” Gwen continued, lightly tracing her finger from my chin to my pussy before she rose. “There’s more to come.”

There I lay, blindfolded, my heaving body stretched backwards from the carpeted floor on which I knelt across the edge of the sofa. My feet were bound together, my legs opened vulnerably wide. My hands were tied behind my arched back, and my hair was bound to my hands curving my neck up and forcing my head back. I could occasionally feel the heels of my feet with my buttocks when my pelvis recoiled in response to Gwen’s vicious blows of the crop, but generally Heather’s hand kept a firm grip on my hair to compel me to remain as arched upwards as possible. I could imagine no more vulnerable position, and in this exquisite vulnerability I found sweet degraded comfort.

I was indeed Gwen’s and Heather’s bitch, slut, slave, whore, plaything, pleasure-doll, cunt… And now I wanted to kiss and lick Gwen’s and Heather’s cunt and asses, just like the first night, out of sheer gratitude. I wanted them to cum so wildly and fully that they would never forget me.

I was aware more fully again of Heather’s glowing presence. As I had witnessed her whipping, she had witnessed mine. And as I had become sexually inflamed by watching her under Gwen’s magisterial punishment, so must she have become inflamed by watching me under Gwen’s command: I could smell it.

And now I felt it as her hands stroked my cheeks, as she ripped the blindfold off me and turned and squatted on my face, pressing her copiously moist pussy on my mouth and grinding it furiously as she lifted my head into her wondrously aromatic cunt. She exploded in a matter of seconds as my lips and tongue feasted on her slit and drank her ambrosial juices. I shook my head rapidly sideways to enhance her pleasure and sought out her clit with the flat of my tongue and sucked it between my lips, and I reveled in her cumming as she moaned and moaned, finally attaining the release that had so long been denied her. Our eyes met when she gazed down at me as she thrashed about and this electrified me and increased my own yearning to be touched and to cum.

I was discovering how different these beautiful women were from one another. Gwen, despite her Latin looks, slot oyna was cooler, more imposing, unreachable – and frankly more powerful. Blond and blue-eyed Heather was softer, grabbable – she could be vicious and merciless, but there was an aphrodisiac quality to her commands that was just very different from Gwen’s. There was also something about her with which I myself identified, something… Provocatively, invitingly submissive maybe? Gwen was all dominance, that’s for sure, and the thrill of submitting to her was more encompassing and almost awe-inspiring, reaching into and throughout my entire body.

I was exhausted from the tension of wanting to cum. Heather’s kisses on my mouth as she undid the knot tying my hair to my hands were delicious and I just wished she would kiss her way down to my pussy. But she didn’t.

Instead she pulled me to the floor and lay next to me, caressing me. Her hand traveled to my thighs, which jumped at her touch, and then settled on the dildo in my nether-hole. She very slowly removed it and waited for me to settle down when I shook as each rib popped through my sphincter. After it was out altogether she brought it to my lips and I took it into my mouth without hesitation. She joined me in kissing and licking it and kissing me after we had cleaned it off and lying on top of me, but taking care not to touch my cunt with her mound.

My hands were still bound behind and under my back and my ankles of course were tied so that the soles of my feet were pressed together and my turned-out legs formed a diamond shape.

“Hi girlfriends,” said Gwen, startling us out of our play. Heather quickly moved aside and smiled as if she’d been caught in mischief – which she was!

“You just can’t keep your slutty body off her, can you pet?” said Gwen. “Well, I can’t say I blame you – Susie is so terribly fucking docile and fetching, isn’t she?”

I was burning with frustrated desire and determined I would get Gwen to minister to me.

She set a basket down and withdrew a strap-on and tossed it to Heather.

“Do me, pet,” she ordered. “On your knees!” she added, preventing Heather from rising.

Heather went to her and attached the harnessed dildo and Gwen looked like a fucking glorious goddess with her new addition. Yes, I thought, use it, Gwen you bitch, fuck me through the floor, you beautiful cunt!

As Heather buckled the harness Gwen sniffed the air and lifted Heather’s chin.

“You’ve cum, haven’t you?” she asked.

Heather lowered her eyes.

“Yes, Mistress,” she meekly answered.

“By her tongue?”

“Yes, Mistress, by her tongue.”

“Well, pet, I’d like you to use your own tongue and clean my boots for me while your girlfriend watches.”

Heather bowed her head and started by licking the heels and insteps of Gwen’s expensive leather boots, which reached over her knees. When Gwen lifted a foot Heather very slowly sucked on a heel and then licked the entire sole up and back, up and back, and very gradually she made her way to the upper part of the foot, the calf and finally the thigh, and then back down again! It must have been almost 10 minutes – 10 of the most erotic minutes imaginable – before Gwen asked Heather to remove her boots for her.

Gwen had the most elegant and beautiful legs…I ogled them even as I lay helpless before her. She nodded and as if on cue Heather retrieved the basket for her. Gwen looked simply magnificent and imposing with her long dark hair and eyes and curvaceous tall figure, with her large tantalizing phallus emphasizing her power to pleasure. Looking down on my prostrate form, she commented, “Let’s try some different jewelry for you, slut, something more modest.”

She retrieved a handful of wooden clothespins and knelt at my feet.

“I know what you want and need, bitch, and I’m going to give it to you” she warned.

My pussy was sopping. She pulled my outer labia together very gingerly and placed the first clothespin on them in the middle of my slit. It pinched tremendously making me wince but also sending lustful jolts through my pussy.

“I want to make sure you protect your treasure,” she added wrily.

Gwen attached five pins along my cunt and the combined effect was incredible: the heat of the pinch and pressure coursed through my loins. She held one pin aloft and asked me where I thought it would go. I knew but couldn’t respond!

Very slowly she opened the clothespin and clamped it around the hood and body of my clit and when she finally let go my I moaned in agony and writhed upward. It felt so hot, so painfully wonderful!

“Now, I think your wicked tongue needs to be taught a lesson! Open your pretty little mouth, Susie.” I complied and Gwen attached a clothespin to my tongue. This too hurt awfully and I began almost immediately to drool.

“Have you even seen such a lusciously helpless and willing bitch, canlı casino siteleri Heather?” she asked rhetorically.

Gwen turned to me. “Let’s see, how old did you say you were, 37?”

I nodded and grunted, “Yes, Mistress.”

Heather scooted to my head, rested on her knees and pulled my hair back and gently held it as Gwen fetched the flogger with which she had tortured Heather a short while back, the one with the knotted tendrils. I gasped but lust gave me courage.

“Count for me, bitch,” commanded Gwen.

The first blow landed on my stomach searing me… the second across my chest.

I recoiled and forgot to start counting because of the sudden shock of her lashes.

“Shall we start again?” asked Gwen coolly.

She wielded the whip with devilish accuracy, inflicting intense burning pain along my thighs, my tummy, my breasts. I counted but sounded like a fool with the pin in my mouth and my drool.

She flicked from one breast to another for a while, then used a harsh powerful stroke across my right thigh. I tried to turn to my side but Heather placed her arms on my shoulders and held me down, and when I tried to move my legs inward Gwen struck the inside of my thighs even harder.

“Keep those fucking legs open for me, bitch,” she ordered, lashing my tender inner parts. she strode around me imperiously, the huge cock dangling menacingly as she fondled her flogger.

She then brushed the tails of the whip over the clothespins pinching my pussy and I screamed.

“You” – LASH! – “fucking” — LASH! – “slutty” – LASH! – “Susie” – LASH! – “bitch”… the blows landed everywhere, harshly, snapping with force, and I writhed and groaned, but kept my count: I would not give in this time, I would not let her defeat me!

“Eleven” I mumbled incoherently. Gwen paused and walked around me. I lay panting heavily, completely red, my skin everywhere aflame. Heather kissed my forehead. My hands were under my back and my legs were open. My cunt throbbed from the pins and ached to be filled, ached for Gwen to fuck it nonetheless.

Without a word Gwen attacked the clothespins on my pussy with her whip, furiously, knocking five off: only the one on my poor burning clit was left. She stood back between my legs and brought the whip down so fiercely from over her head that this last remaining pin was torn from my clit. I twisted and bucked frantically as the blood rushed back into my cruelly pincered nub. Heather quickly removed the clothespin from my mouth and kissed me to muffle my cries. It took minutes to quiet me. I was quivering and shaking and moaning, but somehow mysteriously happy and grateful. And so alive!

“Let her go, Heather! I want to hear her beg like the helpless fucking seductive slut she is, I want to hear her tell me what more she wants, I want to hear her tell me how much she likes my whip.”

I managed to catch my breath finally and I looked Gwen right in the eyes.

“I want you to fuck me, Mistress! I want your cock in my fucking cunt! I want to cum!”

Gwen knelt down.

“Fuck me, Gwen, I can’t stand it!”

“Do you like my whip, Susie?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, I love your fucking whip, you bitch , you know I do , but I need your cock NOW, I need you to fill me, I need to cum so fucking badly!”

I was like a frenzied animal jumping out of its skin.

Gwen relented and lifted my bound legs over her head and touched the tip of her lovely fake cock to my pussy’s entrance, teasing me yet some more, and then unexpectedly she thrust into me hard all at once, so fucking hard that by the third stoke I was in spasms.

“Cum for me, bitch, cum for me, my lovely fucking pretty Susie slut,” she intoned.

And I came and came and came and Heather kissed and kissed me deeply, and Gwen fucked and thrust me further into ecstasy than I could ever have imagined.

It was very very late by the time I hastily threw on some jeans and a blouse. I’d have to call out the next day, I knew: I was in no shape to work We three of us shared another glass of champagne, and another series of kisses and although I really wanted to stay the night I wasn’t asked. Instead Heather invited me to bind Gwen to the leashes dangling from the ceiling, affix the spreader bar to her ankles, and insert a gag into her luscious mouth while she donned a strap-on. I was mesmerized…

We left Gwen waiting while Heather accompanied me to the door and gave me a long lingering kiss, along with a card with the name of the club where she danced.

“I’d love for you to stay, dear sweet Susie,” she said as she caressed my cheek, “but this is between Gwen and me now.”

I shuddered to imagine what would ensue.

“Hey,” Heather called before I stepped out the door, “wait.” She took my hand and pulled me to her and kissed me deeply once more.

“You’re a real treasure, darling,” she whispered.

In the cab on my way back to the real world my tender scorched skin glowed. As I fingered the collar around my neck I dreamily celebrated my newly awakened self.

The End

(and thanks to all for the great feedback)

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