Laptop Sex


So, the house is empty (wife is at work), and I’m alone and feeling incredibly horny. I pop open the laptop and review a few of the more erotically stimulating emails that’ve gone back and forth between me and a randy female friend. We’ve been friends for years and discovered quite by accident that we were both turned on by typing dirty to each other. There’s no way we’d ever do anything more than turn each other on at a distance like this, but we sure do have fun trying to make each other horny. By the time I’m through, my cock is hard as a rock and in serious need of stimulation and relief so I take the laptop upstairs, take off my clothes, get a bottle of slippery lotion and a towel, and settle down to pleasure myself.

I click onto the free porn site and surf around looking for something really exciting to turn me on even more. The first one I watch is a hot looking young woman who obviously loves masturbating for the camera and I play with my nipples as I watch close-ups of her hands playing with her nipples and clit, her fingers pushing deep inside her before she pulls out an exotic toy with which she first buzzes her clit, then works it deep into canlı bahis şirketleri her twat. It goes without saying that my cock is virtually throbbing with anticipation of the stimulation and orgasm I know will be coming within the next half hour or so.

She finally comes violently, then pulls the dildo out of herself and rubs it over her entire pussy while she fondles her nipples as she comes down from the intensity of her orgasm. Not surprisingly, by now I’m actively stroking my cock, needing to come, but wanting to prolong the exquisite agony as long as I can.

My second and last stop is a sizzling vid in which two girls, one blonde and one brunette, take on three hot guys who all have huge cocks. I look briefly at my own rigidly erect cock ruefully … it’s certainly nowhere near as big as those of the three studs. No matter. The important thing is what everybody is doing.

After sucking on the nipples of the blonde briefly, two of the guys step up close to her and she takes one cock in each hand and starts sucking on them alternately. While she’s sucking on one cock, she’s masturbating the other one. (In truth, she seems canlı kaçak iddaa to be concentrating on the longer, thicker of the two cocks. I guess size really does matter.) Meanwhile, the brunette is on her back watching the other girl while she masturbates the third guy who is enthusiastically eating her pussy. The camera alternates between close-ups of the guy’s tongue slithering around and around her clit, and the other girl who’s sucking on the two cocks.

Yes, by now I’ve got my cock completely slippery with the thick, sensually warming lotion and I’m lazily masturbating as I watch the group lick and suck, trade positions and partners, and start in again. (Who wouldn’t be jacking off at this point?) I concentrate on the head of my dick until the pleasure becomes too intense, then return to lazily stroking myself as I continue to watch.

Twenty minutes later, the blonde has one guy’s cock in her ass and another guy’s cock (it’s the really huge one) in her pussy. She’s sucking on the third guy’s dick while the brunette watches, masturbating herself wildly — just as I am.

Amid loud moaning and cries of pleasure, the blonde has an canlı kaçak bahis apparent orgasm, the guy with the huge cock pulls out, takes it in his hand and finishes himself off, spurting his come onto her tummy and pussy which she rubs sensually over her tits and nipples. I’m stroking my cock rapidly, pushing myself to join the group orgasm.

The brunette reaches out, grabs away the cock of the third guy who’s being sucked by the blonde and begins blowing him wildly as she comes herself. As she finishes, the third guy comes in her mouth, the first guy comes in the blonde’s ass, and I rub the slippery head of my cock strongly as I feel my own orgasm start.

I thrust spasmodically as an enormous load of come spurts across the towel on which I’m lying. While the five on the laptop screen relax, my hand moves lazily up and down my cock in the afterglow of a tremendously satisfying orgasm that leaves me horny for the real thing.

I close my laptop and go into the bathroom to shower and plan what I’m going to do with my wife when she gets home from work today. I smile as I remember the look on the face of the girl with the cock up her ass — my wife’s favorite. Okay, that’s what the real thing will be tonight.

As I step into the shower, I can almost hear her moans of excitement as my cock slides into her hot, tight ass tonight. She’ll never know she has my laptop to thank for her pleasure.

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