Las Vegas: Fucked Tonight


“Sir, Sir? We’ve landed, you have to deplane now.”

I turn to look out of the window and notice that we were sitting on the tarmac in Las Vegas, the lights shimmering through the desert night heat. I try to gather myself, rolling my neck and feeling the tension that has become a constant over the course of the past few days. Looking up I see that the plane is almost empty now, the majority of the 200 plus people managed to walk by me without waking me up. I smile sarcastically to myself, knowing that I could most likely sleep through a crash landing. Sleep has been a luxury as of late, one that I could not afford due to the ridiculous hours I have been putting in at work, trying to make partner.

Giving my eyes a quick rub and feeling the onset of a rough five o’clock shadow, I manage to get up out of my row and give myself a quick stretch as I grab my briefcase and laptop bag out of the overhead compartment and head to the door. Trudging up the jet-way I realize how these two items have become an involuntary extension of my body, never more than a foot or two away from me. Here I am, in Las Vegas, meeting friends for a long scheduled weekend of golf and beer and sun, and I am carrying a portable office. How sad. We had said no work, no wives, just a few college buddies getting together for an impromptu reunion, and here I am bringing both. My work has become my professional and personal life, costing me any chance I had for a relationship with several women who tried to compete with my job. Fuck it, I will have a good time when I can with the guys and do a few hours worth of work when I get the chance, I am sure they will understand.

Walking through the terminal in a half daze, I start to lighten realizing that I will get to spend some time with a few friends, have a few drinks and laughs and hopefully re-center myself a little. Years ago, while in university, the group of us decided that every few years we would meet up with each other and have a guys weekend, just to try and relive our glory days. This time around it was Brad’s turn to book, and he chose Vegas. Should be fun to watch at the very least I think to myself and can’t help but smile. Trying to shrug off the last of the work fog I have been in, I look for the sign pointing the way to baggage claim and follow the throngs of retired couples and hopeful gamblers already chatting about what they plan to do with their winnings.

Luckily my bag was one of the first to come around on the carousel and I grab it and start to look for Brad. He arrived earlier in the day and had called saying that he would meet me at the airport so we could have a beer on our way in before we check into our hotel. I don’t see him, so I decide I have a minute to have a quick smoke before I look for him again. Stepping through the sliding doors, the dry heat of the desert assaults me and I realize it is going to be one hell of a hot weekend, oh well, beats the hell out of a New Brunswick winter, even if only for a few days. Lighting my smoke I look at the mass of humanity pouring out of the airport into waiting taxis, shuttles and quite a few limos. I make a mental note to make sure to book a limo for our next trip, it being my turn to schedule and think the guys would get a real kick out of being picked up by one.

Butting my cigarette out I head back into the terminal and resume my search for Brad, not wanting to make him wait too long for me. I wander a little looking for a familiar face and end up crossing the path of a slightly older gentleman holding a placard with my name on it. I stop and tell him who I am and he tells me that he is there to pick me up. I tell him that my friend had told me he was coming for me.

“Mr Brad wanted me to apologize for him not coming but asked me to come get you for him.” the chauffeur replied.

Nice, I think to myself, too busy having a good time to come meet me, good friend.

“Alright, well I guess we should get going” I say realizing that I really wanted to grab a beer on the way in order to officially start my mini-vacation, but that would not happen now.

We head out of the terminal into the heat again and I light up another smoke, partially out of frustration and head to the front of the line of cars.

“Do you still enjoy Corona?” the driver asks.

I answer affirmatively with a laugh realizing that my friend may not be the complete asshole I just chalked him up to be, at least sending a few beer with the driver. We stop next to a black stretch limo and the driver opens the back door and I cannot help but laugh out loud. The prick beat me to the punch sending a limo since he wasn’t coming to meet me. I step on my cigarette as my bags are placed in the trunk, including my laptop and briefcase. No work on the ride into town, I will give myself that.

I slide into the seat, immediately surprised to see another person in the limo sitting all the way at the front looking back at me. I come to the immediate realization that the limo is most likely from the hotel we are booked in and that they illegal bahis would be picking up multiple guests. Oh well, beats a cab, whatever. As my eyes adjust to the dimness in the limousine I realize that the person sitting across from me is a gorgeous brunette. I smile and nod hello and she returns my smile warmly. The door shuts and I think to myself that I don’t really think I will mind the drive, cold Corona and some beautiful company.

“So, are you staying at the hotel as well?” I ask, realizing how unsmooth I must sound.

“No.” she answered and just looked out the window as the limo lurched out of the parking lot.

Okay I think to myself, that could have gone a little better, as I reach forward and grab a beer out of the fridge. I offer her one as well and sit back and enjoy a long sip of ice cold beer. I wonder out loud how long the ride to the hotel will take.

The driver answers that it usually takes a little over an hour but “There is some bad traffic coming in so it may take a little longer tonight.”

I take a long pull off my beer and ask my new companion if she minds if I had a smoke.

She says “Of course not as long as you have one for me as well.” and graces me with a stunning smile.

I lean forward to light her cigarette and lean back and light my own, opening the moonroof. The driver closes the partition and it is just the two of us sitting alone in the back now.

“I am Lucia.” the brunette tells me.

“Colin.” I answer back realizing my rudeness for not introducing myself.

“What are you doing in Las Vegas?” The comely brunette asked, and I told her about my weekend plans.

“Sounds like a good time.” she tells me as I nod, exhaling smoke out towards the moonroof.

“I sure hope so, I need to blow off some steam.” I respond.

I sit back and take a moment to take in the view in front of me. This brunette, Lucia, was a gorgeous thing, sitting in a tiny black dress. I looked at her for a moment, noticing her shapely and athletic legs, and her rather large breasts only somewhat covered by her dress. She asked me for another beer and as I leaned forward to grab two more out of the fridge I thought I noticed her spread her legs a little bit and I couldn’t help but to peek and notice that she was wearing black lace panties. I could feel myself getting warm as I sat back up and offered her her drink.

Lucia sat back and smiled, asking “like what you saw?”

I stammered, feigning confusion but she said it was alright, that she showed me on purpose. Blushing fully now, I told her I enjoyed it immensely. She spread her legs, showing me the extent of her lacy black panties and I leaned back feeling my cock growing hard in my pants. I took another pull off my beer as she started to rub her fingers lightly over the crotch of her panties.

“Why don’t you sit back and enjoy, and then you can put on a show for me.” Lucia asked in a deep, sexy whisper.

“Sure!” I think to myself as I watch her slide a finger under her panties to play with her pussy.

“Why don’t you take those off?” I manage to blurt out.

Lucia rocks back on her hands find the band of her panties at her hips and slides them down her legs and off over her heels.

“Here, catch!” she jokes as she tosses them across the limo to me.

She pulls her dress up to her hips and I watch her run her fingers around her pussy and slowly massaging her clit as I start to see her wetness spread to her lips.

“Well. are you going to show me yours?” she demands, and I place my beer into one of the cupholders and sit back to undo my pants.

I am able to get my pants unbuttoned and unzipped but have to reach in in order to pull my fully erect cock out of my pants. Once free I couldn’t help but begin to stroke it as I watched Lucia making herself wetter and wetter. I was becoming seriously turned on as I noticed that she was watching me intently as well. I slid my pants down a little bit so that I could get my balls out and continued to stroke for Lucia. She reached back and untied the knot holding the top of her dress up. As it fell forward I stared at her bare breasts, nipples hard and perky.

“Would you like a little help with that?” she asked.

I could only reply, “Of course.”

As she stood up to come to the back of the limo her dress fell past her hips to the floor and she knelt, crawling towards me completely naked. I could feel my cock swell and become rock hard. She knelt in front of me and took my cock from my grasp and put her hand on my chest and pushed me back against the back of the seat.

“I am going to suck your cock, and you are either going to sit back and enjoy it or you are going to treat me like the slut I am and make me earn it, but either way I am getting your cum.” She stated in no uncertain terms.

Fair enough I thought to myself, I will let her get my cum, but I think I will really enjoy making her earn it. Relaxing in my seat I grab my beer and light a smoke as she begins to taste my cock, licking illegal bahis siteleri around the head before slowly taking me into her mouth. Now this is a vacation I thought as I smiled and watched. She was very good I noticed quickly, stroking my cock while sliding her toungue and lips up and down my shaft stopping at the base of the head to flick at it with her tongue. I took my time finishing my smoke watching the gorgeous naked body attached to the mouth that was making my cock jump with excitement.

Crushing my cigarette out and placing my empty beer on the floor, I reached out and grabbed Lucia behind the head with both hands and started to pull down slowly but firmly, while I pushed forward with my hips, seeing just how much of me she could take. Like the good slut she was, this did not faze her at all as she opened up and let the head of my cock slide into her throat. I did this two or three times before I let her come up for air.

“Mmmmm thank you.” she said, “I am being very naughty today and want to be made an example of.”

I reached forward and gave her nipples a nice hard pich and told her that I would make an example of her but she had to really want it because I could be a little rough and a little mean.

“Yes…please…” was all she could muster.

“Stand up and show yourself to me.” I ordered.

Lucia tried to stand but the limo would only let her stand in a half crouch.

“This is all I can show you.” she said.

“I told you to stand and show me yourself.” I repeated as she looked at me quizzically.

I looked up at her and shifted my focus to look at the open moonroof. She followed my gaze and at once understood what I wanted her to do. She gathered herself for a moment and looked at me before standing up through the moonroof. From where I was sitting I could see the length of her body, from her moist pussy which was at face level, and up through the roof to her breasts and face which was framed by her hair whipping by as we drove down the highway.

“Now I want you to rub your pussy for me and make yourself very very horny, and don’t forget to smile and be friendly to the other drivers on the road.” I commanded.

With her pussy just inches from my face, Lucia ran both hands down her stomach to the patch of trimmed hair that marked her wet pussy. As she started to rub herself again I could smell her wetness and knew she was truly ready for anything I had for her.

“Show me how wet you are.” I called up to Lucia, as she pushed two fingers all the way into her pussy. She then held them up for me to see.

“Very nice, now I want to see you rub your clit.” I said.

Lucia meekly obeyed, rubbing her index finger along her clit.

“I can’t see your clit, Lucia, I want to see it rubbed.” I remind her.

With her free fingers Lucia spread her lips and began to rub her clit for me. With my face only inches away from her pussy she began to rub more furiously and could see her thighs getting wet now.

“Are you feeling good?” I ask.

Lucia mumbles “Yes” and tells me that there are cars all around the limo now and everyone is watching and taking pictures of the topless brunette sticking out of the top. I tell her that once she cums she can come back inside and we can continue. She rubs faster and faster, grinding her hips into her hand and I see her knees start to go weak and I know she is getting close to cumming.

“Oh god, Oh god I am cumming!” I hear her scream above the wind.

She begins to buck wildly as she cums, almost hitting me in the face with her soaked pussy, before she falls back through the roof onto the floor in front of me.

“Were you nice to the other drivers?” I ask.

Lucia only smiled up at me and nodded. “Well, I am ready for you now, come here earn your cum.” I state.

Lucia popped up off the floor and jumped at my cock so quickly you would swear she hadn’t eaten in days. She dove on my cock with a fervor, taking the entire length into her mouth and sucking hard. I spread my legs out on either side of her and grabbed her by the back of the head and began to fuck her mouth with an intensity that surprised me. I could feel her drool sliding down my shaft and pooling on my lap and it lit a fire in me that I didn’t know existed. I had such a primal need to fuck her wet tight mouth and I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way.

I reached up and loosened my tie and slipped it over my head and pulled Lucia away from my cock for just a minute in order to place my tie around her neck like a leash. She would do what I wanted her to now. I saw her eyes light up as she realized what I was doing and I coulnd’t help but think to myself that this woman had a side of her that was insatiable.

Shrugging of my suit coat, I took my turn to stand up through the moonroof. As I did, I gave my tie a little pull, letting Lucia know that it was time to get back to work, and she immediately obeyed, swallowing my cock again. As I stood there, the desert air blowing in my face, I canlı bahis siteleri looked around at the cars and SUVs that were still surrounding the limo trying to catch a glimpse of what was going on, and couldn’t help but smile widely at all the faces looking at me. I could see disappointment in the faces of a few of the drivers as they were most likely hoping to see more of the gorgeous naked brunette that was there moments earlier.

Using rather crude hand signals, I communicated to them what was going on inside the limo. I got a few thumbs up but could also see that I was not what this audience wanted to see. I looked down at Lucia and told her that I wanted her to roll down the windows so that our friends could watch her in action. I didn’t get a response, either because Lucia could not hear me or was not paying attention, but either way it needed to be corrected. I gave a tug on the end of the tie in my hand, I felt it tighten around her neck and she grabbed my ass and forced myself into her throat. Although I loved the response, it was not what I was looking for.

I waited for her to come close to gagging and when she backed off, I looked down and said again “Roll down the windows, I want you to show off.”

I watched her reach to both sides of the limo and could feel the wind across my legs as the windows opened, and immediately noticed some of the cars jockeying for position next to the windows trying to catch a peek. In for a dime, in for a dollar I thought to myself as I reached down with both hands and cupped her chin and began to thrust hard feeling my head hit the back of Lucia’s throat. I heard the ragged gurgle of her spit being sprayed out every time I withdrew. I could see random flashes coming from the cars as I realized that people were taking pics of us and I decided that we should really make a show for them. Feeling a little dangerous, I pulled Lucia up by her leash so that she was now standing up through the moonroof with me. I lifted her breasts for everyone to see and made sure that everyone was able to get all the pics they wanted before I finished with her.

Feeling invincible, I pulled myself up out of the moonroof so that I could sit on the roof of the limousine with my legs draped inside and the wind at my back. I looked down at Lucia and yelled over the wind, “are you ready to get your cum?”

I saw a glint of perversion in her eye that made me realize I had her right where I wanted her. I gave her a tug on her leash and she came right to me like an obedient little slut. I wrapped one hand in her hair and looked at her one last time in the eye as I led her open mouth down over my incredibly swollen cock, and pulled her down until I could feel her tongue on my balls. I held her there until I could feel her start to gag for air and then I let her up for one last deep breath. As I was sitting I used Lucia’s mouth to fuck my cock as hard and fast as I could until I started to feel myself swell and knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. I gave a few last pumps and then pulled her back with one hand and used my free hand to stroke the last two times before I started to cum. Wave after wave of cum began to splash across her outstretched tongue and cheeks. She grabbed my cock and began pumping, making sure that she would get every last drop out of me. I leaned back enjoying the feeling of the strongest orgasm I have ever had and looked at Lucia, whose face was now plastered with wind whipped cum and a very happy smile.

We took a second to look around and smile and wave at out loyal fans, who had been watching our show with great interest before dropping back inside the limo. I buttoned up my pants and reached forward to take my tie from around Lucia’s neck, while she cleaned her face and began to slink back into her dress. I grabbed another beer and lit a smoke while she finished organizing herself. The window dividing the driver from us rolled down and the driver looked back in the rear view mirror and started chatting with us.

“I am glad that you two were able to have such a good time,” he began. “Your friend Brad wanted to make sure that you were well relaxed for your weekend, so he asked me to organize a special trip for you.”

He went on, “I run a little website called Fucked Tonight and we specialize in random hookups. Your friend emailed us and told us what he was looking for, and we went through our personals and contacted Lucia and told her what we had planned.” Lucia gave me a shy smile as the driver continued.

“She, as you can tell, was definitely game, as she was in town and was just in the mood for a little good hard time tonight. As a special treat we also have a few cameras placed throughout the limo that caught the entire trip on video which we will shortly edit and bring to you two at your hotels.”

Very nice I thought to myself, I will get to relive this experience again and again and cum many more times to this woman who took almost all I had to give and loved every minute of it. As we pulled up to the hotel lobby I gave Lucia a last smile and a wink and as the door opened I got back out into the desert air and thought to myself, this is shaping up to be a great weekend, and I really have to start planning what I am going to do to top this when it is my turn to organize the next trip.

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