Last Day

Bdsm Slave

“Monie, get up! This is our last day and we’re not going to spend it sleeping in.”

“Go away. It’s barely light outside, Cath. Let me sleep.”

“Come on. I want to get down to the beach early. The sun’s coming up and it’s going to be a hot day and we’re going to enjoy it. On the beach. So move your fat arse.”

As is normally the case, excessive energy forced laziness up and out. Cathy was determined to spend the last day out in the sun, and Simone was just going to have to go along with it. So at an unreasonably early hour Simone found herself strolling along the beach with Cathy, the newly risen sun promising a hot day ahead, with a breeze off the water tempering the incipient heat a little.

“Why are we here at the beach so early?” grumbled Simone. “There’s hardly a soul in sight.”

“Because it’s our last day. The last chance to meet some handsome hunk. The last chance for a holiday flirtation. Tomorrow we fly home, but today I want to flirt with some handsome men. Do you realise that we’ve been here two weeks and haven’t been laid once?”

“That’s mainly because we’ve both got steady boyfriends at home, Cathy,” pointed out Simone, “and the ones who have tried their luck weren’t worth it.”

“True, but I wouldn’t mind at least the chance of a one night stand, even if I don’t take them up on it,” laughed Cathy.

“You’re incorrigible and sex mad,” grumbled Simone. “And you’re not going to meet anyone here at this early hour.”

“Think again, honey,” purred Cathy. “Wolves approaching at two o’clock.”

Simone glanced up to see a couple of men approaching. They were an odd couple to be seen together, one being in his early twenties and the other appeared to be in his forties. Both were what Cathy would describe as tall, dark and handsome, but Simone preferred blonds. Seeing the resemblance, Simone assumed that they were related, probably father and son.

“Good morning, ladies,” said the elder of the two. “You’re out bright and early to enjoy the sunshine.”

“That we are,” said Cathy. “This is our last day here so we’re making the most of it.”

The two men fell into step beside the girls, ambling along next to them. “I’m Carl,” said the spokesman. “This is my son, Andrew. We run a jet-ski business here. Have you been out on them yet this holiday?”

“I’m Simone and this is Cathy,” Simone politely replied. “No we haven’t been out on the jet-skis yet. We may do that later this afternoon.”

“Come and see us if you want to go out. I’ll give you a good price. Anyway, that is enough of the small talk. The reason we came over is Andrew says he likes güvenilir bahis the looks of your friend and would like to fuck her. Me, I think you are nicer, so I thought we might have a quick fuck as well while Andrew and your friend, Cathy, enjoy themselves. Yes?”

Simone stopped dead and closed her eyes for a minute, shaking her head. He hadn’t said that to her, had he? She heard a muffled giggle from Cathy, but ignored her. “Ah, Carl,” she said, a trifle nervously, suddenly aware of how deserted the beach actually was. “It’s nice of you to offer but we really aren’t interested in having sex with a couple of casual strangers who just walk up to us and ask.”

“But why not?” asked Carl. “It is your last day here and what better way to celebrate your holiday than by being friendly with the residents. Not that we’d try to force you at all,” he added hurriedly. “The decision is yours, of course.”

“Why not?” said Simone. “Because people just don’t walk up to other people and say they want to have sex and then expect to get it. That’s the silliest approach I’ve ever heard of. I mean, that sort of thing just doesn’t happen.”

“I see,” said Carl, and indicated behind her. Puzzled, Simone looked around.

To her horror Cathy was kneeling on all fours, facing away from her but with her head turned to look behind her. Kneeling just behind her, Andrew was in the process of pulling down her bikini bottom. Even as she watched, Andrew lowered Cathy’s bikini and reached out and started stroking her pussy.

“Cathy,” yelled Simone. “What do you think you’re doing.”

“It’s our last day, Monie,” retorted Cathy. “I’m going to enjoy it and Andrew is so cute I couldn’t say no. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’m going to be busy for a few minute.”

Andrew had dropped his own shorts down while Cathy was talking and was now approaching her, his erection ready for action. Even as Simone watched he parted Cathy’s lips and neatly speared her, thrusting fully into her with a single lunge, bringing a squeal from Cathy.

Simone hastily looked away as Carl quietly said, “It appears that sort of thing does happen. So may I now start taking off your bathers? I will give you great pleasure you know.”

“No, thank you,” said Simone. “I’m going back to the hotel. Cathy can find me there later.”

Simone abruptly turned to head back to the hotel. She wasn’t quite sure how she managed it, but her feet got tangled and with a squeal she fell forward, landing on hands and knees. She heard a laugh from Carl, and then a hand rested on her back.

“It seems that fate insists that we do this,” said Carl. türkçe bahis “I am a firm believer in not trying to avoid what fate casts in front of us, so I am afraid that you will have no choice after all. Fate has spoken.”

“What do you mean, fate had spoken,” snapped Simone trying to rise, but finding herself held by Carl’s hand on her back. “Let me up,” she added.

“Fate has cast you in front of me in a position of submission,” said Carl. “It would be wrong of me not to accept fate’s gift. Now stop wriggling while I take these off.”

Before Simone could say another word she felt her bikini bottom being peeled off and pushed down to her knees. That cool breeze was now blowing onto her naked pussy, she realised with a shock. Carl was going to fuck her and do it right now on the beach where anyone could come past. She glanced across at Cathy, intending to appeal to her for help, but she just knew that that eager bobbing of Cathy’s bottom meant that she was happily enjoying Andrew’s attentions. Or happily enjoying having a cock inside her, she thought cattily.

She looked behind her, intending to appeal to Carl, but her mouth dried up as she saw that Carl had now dropped his shorts. She’d noticed that Carl was older and larger than Andrew, but hadn’t realised just what larger meant until now. While she’d been wasting her time looking at what Cathy was doing, Carl had seized the initiative and started rubbing her pussy. Now he was easing her lips apart and she heart turned over as she saw what he was intending to put in her.

Simone frantically looked forward, away from that cock that was approaching, wanting to scream in fright, wanting to gloat over what was coming. She felt Carl pressing the head of his cock against her, and found herself pushing back lightly against it, desperately wanting her lips to spread wide enough to take this offering. If this was a gift from fate, then fate had been a bit too damned generous.

Simone waited, feeling Carl moving slowly past her lips and settle into place at her vaginal opening. Now he was pushing forward, stretching her soft tissues, making her adapt to him. Taking his time, he was easing himself into her and Simone’s attention was quickly shifting from the beach and whoever might be around to see and onto this gift of fate.

Carl was now fully inside Simone, holding himself still while her body continued to adjust to him. Reaching forward, Carl unclipped Simone’s top and let it fall. Reaching around, he took a dangling breast in each hand, squeezing them. Satisfied that he had proper control of Simone’s body, Carl started moving.

Simone güvenilir bahis siteleri trembled as Carl took hold of her breasts, knowing that the preliminaries were over and that he was now going to fuck her in earnest. She felt him surge a little harder into her and then relax. He slowly withdrew until only the head of his cock was still within her, leaving her feeling empty and wanting. Then with a hard thrust he was coming back in, filling the empty places and sending shockwaves rippling through her.

Simone found herself gasping, raising her bottom and pushing her pussy firmly against Carl’s cock every time he thrust forward. The hard slap of flesh slamming against her pubic area also carried their vibrations deep into her while the squeezing and pumping of her breasts carried their own message of excitement.

Simone was moaning now as the pounding increased, inflicting pleasure upon her. Fate had decreed and fate was certainly delivering. Simone would have been screaming her enjoyment but couldn’t draw her breath deep enough, the deep plunges of Carl’s cock driving the air out of her.

Feeling Carl starting to plunge in even harder, Simone tensed, knowing that his climax was coming. Her body pushed up to meet it, desiring the hot splash of liquid life within it. When it finally came Simone screamed, the flood lifting her up and into her own climax, causing her body to convulse around and cling to the erection that filled her.

Afterwards, putting their bikinis back on, Cathy spoke. “I didn’t really think you’d go with Carl. I thought you’d leave me with Andrew and head back to the hotel.”

“So did I,” retorted Simone. “That was my intention, but I tripped over. Carl said that it was a sign from fate, yanked of my bikini and started fucking me.”

“You mean that he raped you?” asked Cathy, appalled.

“I’m not sure. I did say no initially, but once my pants went southwards and I saw his cock approaching I didn’t make any protests. Just lifted my pussy so that he could come in,” Simone said with a sigh.

“Oh. Was it fun?”

“Oh, wow. You gotta believe it. How was your episode with Andrew?”

“It was OK. Had better. Had worse. You do realise if you’d gone back to the hotel, Carl probably would have called that fate and fucked me as well?”

“He probably would have. His erection was definitely ready for action. As a matter of curiosity, how did you get the nerve to drop your panties and spread your legs for Andrew when we only just met and the way they suggested it was so crude?”

“I was horny.” Cathy giggled. “I had an itch and he had a very good scratcher. It seemed appropriate.”

“Well, you’ve finally got laid. What are we going to do for the rest of the day?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a sudden desire to try jet-skiing,” said Cathy blandly. “Want to try?”

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