Last Goodbye


Party 2nite. $20 cover. Hard rock bands. All you can drink!!

When I saw the message come up on my phone, I knew my nite was planned for me. Anticipation of the nite before my eyes took over my body and through my shower and getting dressed; I was floating on a high. I needed this. I needed all the stress and irritation of the past few weeks to be lifted from my shoulders.

The house where the party was being held was full to the rafters with people and noise. I heard a band playing to drown all conversation and I couldn’t wait to dive in. Through the open door, I walked in and took a deep breath. Take it in and savor the moment. Now, time for a drink.

With a sweet-vodka concoction in hand, I made my way to the back where the crowd was gathered before a make shift stage. Four long haired guys were drunk on the music that pulsed from the instruments they held. Party people all around yelled lyrics if they knew them and gyrated with each other with or without lyrical accompaniment.

I moved to the beat and sipped my drink, letting the heat of the room cover my bare arms. My tank top fit my body to show off the chest tattoo but covered enough to be considered a shirt. The black skirt I wore just barely covered everything else but luckily I had my black and white striped thigh highs to ear with my shit-kickers. I think they call it… dressed to kill?

He must have thought so.

When I saw him across the room, I didn’t pay him much mind at first glance. Not really my type, he was thinner than the biker guys I was used to. His gray jeans were slung low on his hips and the equally tight flannel shirt was wrapped around his chest. The black hair that fell across his almond eyes was long- desperate for a cut. He seemed like the kind of guy that didn’t care. He wanted to go to a show or go skateboarding to the park rather than cut his hair.

Before I could glance away, he turned his head from his conversation and took a sip from his cup. When his gaze locked on mine, I felt a punch in my gut and knew instantly where it came from. His eyes bore into mine as his cup moved from his mouth. I saw what will always make my body ripple from the inside out every time I picture it- his smile. It’s a little half smirk he does out of the side of his mouth, as if he’s about to tell me something funny but he’s thinking about how to say it. But mixed with his killer gaze looking me up and down, it’s more like all the things he wants to do to me, just trying to figure out where to begin?

Too much at once. With a shy smile back, I finished my drink and turn to get a refill. I wasn’t prepared to have my life flash before my eyes. I needed another drink first. Thank God someone already had shots poured. I picked the clear one and the lemon drop burned down my throat. As I refilled my drink, I felt a fire one the back of my neck. Turning, I saw him behind me, making his way toward me. After one more lemon drop, I was ready.

And here comes that smile. I already felt myself get damp just seeing his smile. This was going to be a challenge illegal bahis to keep from jumping him in the middle of the party.

He brought his cup to the bowl of vodka concoction, and filled his red solo. His shy little “hi” was almost lost in the music but when the band announced their end, the serendipitous silence was welcome. He introduced himself as Harvey. He said he was running the party. Was I having a good time?

I am now.

We talked for a little bit and it took all of my self control to appear calm. I really wanted to drag him to the nearest closet and have all ways with him. There was something about him that just made my body tremble; something in his eyes that made me shiver; something about the way he put his hand on my hip when he was pushed by someone behind him… that made my mind up. He was mine tonite.

The band was pumping again and this was a punk band doing covers. I pulled him by the hand and brought him to the floor to dance. He followed and when we met the cramped floor, we had little choice but to press our bodies against each other. My arms wrapped around his neck and he held my hips as they swapped to the beat. His gaze dipped to my chest every time my breasts pressed against him and when I ran my fingers through his hair, he closed his eyes. They opened to pure heat. Lust dripped from his stare and I knew with that innocent caress, I unleashed a beast. And that beast advanced to capture.

He met my lips with his in a kiss that curled my toes in my boots. He tasted like the sweet drink we had and I took a deep breath of contentment as I sank into his kiss.

He smelled so good. I will never be able to figure out what that smell was exactly. It was a subtle combination of his fabric softener and his cologne that he used. But it was so sweet and soothing. It smelled like something you would sprinkle on your pillow at nite before going to bed to soothe your nites sleep.

Letting out my breath, I deepened the kiss, dipping my tongue inside his mouth and tasted all the passion he had. His arms were wrapped around my body and his hands pressed me closer to him from my back. If the music wasn’t so loud, he would hear my groan of delight but the thump of bass pulsed through us almost as loud as my heartbeat. When I felt how bad he wanted me press against my leg. I needed a quiet secluded place to be alone with him. Otherwise everyone here would get a free show.

Harvey pulled free from the kiss and pressed his forehead to mine just as the band ended their song. He took my hands and pulled me through the crowd, out to the backyard where a few drunken couples were fumbling blindly in the dark and some people were out have quiet conversations on their cell phones. He stopped at a tree hidden in the dark and pushed me against the rough bark, leaning into me to take my lips once more. This kiss was slower, and his hand cradling my face was something unexpected. The tenderness was spicy on his tongue that tangled with mine. The deep sigh that escaped his body coursed through me and made illegal bahis siteleri me smile through the kiss.

I wanted him with a fierce desire that was completely foreign to me. I didn’t know him, and I didn’t really care. All I knew was I needed him inside my body.

I dug my fingertips into his hips, pressing my lower body into him, and his cock was so hard against me, I gasped. He laughed and asked me to come home with him.

He looked at me and smiled. He wanted me to come home with him. I told him if he was going to regret it in the morning, I didn’t want to.

“Why would I regret it?”

Because guys like him regret taking home girls like me. I’m the girl that is good enough to take home, but I’m not the one that he will feel good about the next day. So think about it before you ask me to come back to your place.

He looked down in a little boy way. If his arms weren’t around me, this hands would be shoved in his pockets and he would be kicking invisible dirt with his foot. With his cocky half smirk and warm stare he asked again.

“Wanna come back to my place?”

Yes. Yes I did.

We drove separate, so I followed him out of the party. On the entire 15 min drive, my mind was racing. I try to stay away from situations like this, but if you put a new tasty candy in front of me, I am going to have to try it.

He drove to a quiet neighborhood not too far away, and as I pulled my car in behind his on the street, I became nervous. The buzz from my drinks was almost out of my system, and now I was standing in front of my car waiting for him to take my hand. When he came to my side, and laced my fingers in his, I calmed down.

We walked into his apartment through his kitchen and he led me up a flight of stairs to the living area. Boxes were strewn about as if he was still unpacking, which was exactly what he said. He moved in a month or so ago.

As I looked around the dim living room, he came up behind me and started to kiss my neck, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer to him. I closed my eyes when his teeth grazed the delicate skin beneath my ear and he whispered to me to follow him to his bedroom.

Walking through the door was almost like falling down the rabbit hole. With a small light turned on next to his bed, he moved the covers aside and we both lay down on the bed. It seemed so delicate, and so serene- not at all like I was used to. I was usually thrown onto the bed and ravished before I could say, “Nice place you have here.”

He looked at me before kissing me tenderly on my mouth and trailing the kisses down my neck. With each touch, an article of clothing came off and after a few moments we were both naked and writhing on the bed together. The passion stoked fires inside our bodies and I pulled him closer, wrapping myself around his body to keep him close.

His lips dipped to my chest and he took one of the sensitive tips inside his warm mouth, pulling sweetly with his teeth. A cry came out of my mouth and my fingers laced into his dark locks, canlı bahis siteleri holding him tightly to me. The tip of his tongue flicked between his teeth and desire felt like syrup running through my body.

At my core, he was rock solid against me and I wanted to feel him press closer; soothe the aching in my body. He felt what I wanted, and slipped his hand to cover my wet flesh, flicking at my clit and taking me by surprise. My hips move of their own volition and when his fingers drove into me I rode his hand, covering him with my juices. The tingling started low and I was close to cumming, so close, right before he pulled away.


He laughed at my frustrated curse before I heard a rustling. Dear God, please be a condom, otherwise I will not be held accountable for my actions.

He laid his body over mine once more and whispered in my ear.

Do you know how sexy you are? So fucking hot. I can’t stand it.

Preaching to the choir.

I took his cock in my hand and guided him to my entrance, wrapping my legs around his and he thrust fast and hard inside to the hilt. The first fuck rippled through my body in a sonic boom and I writhed under him.

Whatever you do, don’t you dare stop.

Slow and tender at first, he withdrew slowly before driving himself back into me. I needed more, I needed faster and harder. Digging my fingers into his hips, I met his thrusts with my own and told him to give me everything. Give me all you got.

He took it as the challenge that it was and picked up speed, thrusting faster and knocking the bed against the wall. Our cries were mixed together in the room and after a few moments, I took control.

I rolled his body over and straddled his hips, still hard and throbbing inside my body. Lifting slightly, I looked down at him and resumed our pace, riding him hard and moving the head of his cock against the delicate place inside my body to take me over the edge. His hands were on my hips, guiding my body over his and over the top.

I felt the ripples inside my body and as my orgasm started to boil, he cried out and boiled over with me. I arched my back and stared at the white ceiling as fire burst through my body. His thighs were probably bleeding from my nails digging into the flesh behind me.

As I came down and looked at his face, his eyes were closed and the breath was sawing in and out of his body. When he smiled and it was slightly sad, I knew this was our only time together. In that sad grin, I saw the brush off, the false promise of a phone call and the long weekend of waiting for the call that will never come.

I stood up and asked for the bathroom. He pointed to a door to the left and taking my clothes with me, I cleaned up while trying to figure out what to do. Looking at my phone, the nite was still young and the party was bound to be still popping. Stepping out of the bathroom, he was already out of bed with his jeans on, pulling a t-shirt over his head.

Walk me out?

I knew this would happen; I saw it before he even kissed me.

He walked me to the entrance of his building and asked for my number. Told me he would call me this weekend. He had a great time.

Take care of yourself.

I didn’t give him number but I did give him a good memory for his spank bank.

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