Last Night – The Morning After


And I’ve done all I can
To stand on the steps with my heart in my hands
Now I’m starting to see
Maybe it’s got nothing to do with me…

This is for you baby… maybe ill see you in DC sometime.


10.24 am ~ the morning after…

I sit up slowly, careful not to disturb you sleeping beside me. I let my eyes trace slowly over your body, and smile to myself. I still can’t quite believe that you’re right here, in the same room as me.

I get up and make my way to the bathroom… a nice hot shower is what I need right now. Stopping to look at myself in the mirror, I touch my breasts, which you caressed last night. My nipples still remember your tongue and your teeth, gently nibbling and tasting. My eyes move down, over my flat stomach and curved hips, which you pulled back into yours as you fucked me last night. The memories make my pussy tingle. Still lower, they trace over the curve of my butt, which you opened last night to show me a pleasure I never thought possible. I see a flashback of you behind me, gently breaking my seal as I moan into the pillows. A trickle slides down the inside of my leg. I smile at myself wickedly in the mirror.

I guess since you’re already wet down there girl, you might as well get the rest of you wet as well! I think to myself as I step into the shower and turn up the hot water, so hot that its nearly painful, but not quite. I let it run down my body, over my face, enjoying the sensation. I haven’t been so relaxed in ages. I take my time, let the water run, watch it snake down the tiles. After a while I turn off the flow and grab the liquid soap. As I soap up, I can’t stop thinking about you. Your head between my legs… your tongue on my clit… your fingers in my pussy… your face as I sucked my own juices off your cock… your hands on my breasts as you pump your cock in and out of my pussy…

After illegal bahis a while I turn the water back on and wash off. I’m so absorbed in my thoughts that I only notice you as you slide open the screen and step into the shower. “Good morning sleepy head,” I say as I turn around and smile up at you. You take the soap bottle out of my hand and breathe into my ear, “good morning to you too.” You lean down to kiss me, and I snake my arms around your neck, pulling you down, kissing back. Your hands are running over my sides, over my back, and come to rest on my ass. I lose my sense of time in your lips. We could’ve been kissing for just minutes or hours, I couldn’t tell you.

Finally you break away and turn off the water. Then you pick up the forgotten soap bottle. Did I just see a mischievous smile curving your lips? You open the bottle and squeeze out a generous amount and rub it between your hands. I can see what you’re up to and turn around, lifting up my hair and smiling over my shoulder invitingly. You start massaging my shoulders and my back, strong but controlled as you work the muscles loose. I lean back into you and close my eyes, enjoying the feeling.

Your hands move on, over my arms, my neck, slide around to my stomach, and up again to my breasts. The soap makes your every touch so smooth, so slippery. I can feel your fingers pinch my nipples, rolling them, playing with them. A small moan escapes my lips. You lean down and kiss my neck as I arch my back, pushing back into your hard cock behind me. You push forward, and I can feel your shaft slide between my cheeks as you slide up and down, up and down in my ass crack. But before I can lose myself completely, I pull back and turn to face you. I take the bottle and take some soap into the palm of my hand. I let my hands circle on your chest, over your nipples, down to your stomach, stopping just short of your illegal bahis siteleri cock, up again to your chest. I walk around you and start the same process on your back, reaching up to work on your shoulders, sliding over your arms and up again, down your back to your ass. I caress the roundness, trace a finger up between your cheeks to the small of your back, and back down again. Was that a shiver I just saw? A small smile curves my lips. I slide my hands around your hips to your front, and take hold of your cock. Resting my head on your back, I slide my hand up and down its length, over the head, fingertips tracing edges and smooth skin, back down again to the base. Over and over, up and down, while my other hand cups your balls, feeling their weight, fingers tracing gently over the skin.

Your eyes are closed by the time I stop and move back around you to face you. I kiss your lips and you open your eyes again. Your hands come up my shoulders and turn me around so my back once again presses against your chest. Your hands are running over my arms and you kiss my neck, but now there is something there, an urgency that is building. You bend and bite my neck, a playful, careful bite but it makes me moan. I lift up my arms and run my fingers through your hair, closing my eyes, and pushing my ass back into your hips.

Your hands are still on my breasts teasing me… I moan louder. God I want you now! I push back and angle up so you can enter me. You slide your soapy cock into my pussy and push hard. I cry out and brace my hands against the shower wall. You pull me back into you, your hands guiding my hips, pumping in and out, steady and powerful. I give myself up to the sensation, moan and beg you to fuck me, fuck me hard! You comply, but for a little while. I can feel you slide out of me again.

Just as I’m about to beg you to come back into me again, I feel a pressure on canlı bahis siteleri my asshole. Slowly, ever so slowly I can feel your head slide in. I gasp as images tumble through my head, of my first very time last night when you broke me in. I was a like a nervous little filly before her first ride but you made it all worthwhile. Now I lean my face against the wall and relax, letting you in, all the way. The soap has made you so smooth and every inch is pleasurable torture. I hear you moan and start a steady rhythm, your hands sliding all over my back and ass cheeks. I ride out the waves, letting everything go, all my control, and the world contracts to the smoothness of the tiles against my face and your cock in my ass.

I can feel your pace increase; you must be so close to coming. My hand slides down to my clit, working it in small circles in time to your thrusts. Do you want to come in my ass or in my pussy, I wonder? Just as the thought crosses my mind, I feel you pull out and thrust hard into my pussy. I groan loudly and grind my hips back into you. I can feel my muscles contract around your shaft, and you know I’m coming and up the tempo one last time until you too can feel the tidal wave of pleasure that still has me in its clutches. Once, twice more you pump in and out, and then I can feel your hot cum deep inside me, your hands digging into my soft flesh.

I lean against the wall, breathing hard, as you slow up and finally come rest, bent over me, one arm braced against the wall just above my mine. I feel as if gravity has ceased to exist and we are floating underwater, weightless, wrapped in the complete calm of exhaustion. My limbs feel so deliciously heavy that I can hardly stand up. Finally you pull out of me and lift me up so I lean against you, my head resting on your shoulder and eyes closed. I can feel your cum leaking out of me and run down the inside of my legs. A sleepy smile touches my lips. You reach for the tap and the hot water starts again, drenching us both. We just stand there, you holding me, lost in our own little world, while time outside moves on, leaving us behind – for a little while at least…

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