Late Night Hookup


Charlotte was 25 years old, and wasn’t ready to settle. In fact, the more she realized that she grew up in a secure bubble of friends, family and relative wealth, the more she grew curious about what was outside the bubble. More and more she felt the urge to explore her inner desires, as they became clearer with age.

She grew up in a somewhat conservative, well off environment. Religion played a role, and although not a heavy one, there were certainly taboos when it came to sexuality. You didn’t talk about porn, you didn’t dress extraordinarily sexy, and although being gay was tolerated for people on the outside, coming out of the closet was a pretty big deal.

Yet, Charlotte started having fantasies about lesbian sex more than once in her late teens. She never told anyone, but she came pretty hard to those fantasies once in a while since she became sexually aware.

During her college years, her life was mostly occupied by studying, parties and boyfriends. The intimidatingly pretty, tall blonde was very popular by students and teachers alike, and finding a job after getting her degree proved not to be difficult at all. Her father had connections here and there, and soon enough, she would become a junior executive at an accounting firm.

But despite her success, her mostly struggle free path to adolescence and her downtown spacious apartment just outside of the crowded areas, she had cravings for more intense things. Things that would be considered wrong on many levels by her friends and family. But still, they were there.

A few months ago, Charlotte was drinking cocktails with a friend of hers, and got into a pseudo philosophical discussion about how life is about taking chances, about failing and learning, and that all these chances shouldn’t be stopped by any limitations, taboos or feelings of guilt imposed upon you somewhere in life. And even though Charlotte didn’t remember all the details, and had a heavy hangover the next morning, bits and pieces of that conversation stuck with her. She wanted to take more chances.

Fast forward a month, and Charlotte found herself browsing kink websites, specific ads, even looking at some fetish porn, all the while growing more convinced that she should let go of her inhibitions to be able to actually live out her fantasies. Of course, no one had to know, as she formed her idea about what she wanted to experience and how.

She had planned everything. The online store where she’d buy her clothes, this app called ‘F4F’ that she would use, the date, and even the time.

When she came home from work the week before, the packages she ordered the other day were dropped in front of her apartment door. All discrete, but she knew exactly what was in them. She hurried to get the boxes inside, and her fingers trembled slightly as she opened them. There it was. The outfit that she was going to wear on her adventure night.

She closed the curtains before proceeding to undress herself as fast as she could, but slowed down as she put her feet into the thin, fine black stockings, not wanting to rip them. Putting on the small, black, sexy garter belt felt odd. She imagined wearing it before, but actually wearing it make her feel sexy in a way she had never felt before. As if it somehow emphasized nudity. As if these clothes were an accessory rather than meant to be covering her. Clipping the straps from the belt to the stockings took some effort, but finally that part was in place too.

The very thin, small and low cut black thong followed, just barely covering the trimmed line between her legs. It was even sluttier than she imagined it to be. The bra, which she was most worried about, appeared to fit nicely, and as expected, showed a lot of cleavage.

When she got the dress out of its box, she smiled slightly as she held it up. “Oh my god,” she whispered in disbelief. It was that short. A slut dress.

She put it on, and indeed, it only reached just over her pretty, round butt, completely exposing her slim, beautiful legs, and the top of her sexy stockings, leaving a fair bit of naked white skin between the stockings and the hem of the dress.

Then finally, to finish the look she was after, she put on the heels that she bought to go with the outfit. She made sure that they looked at least a bit classy still, although now, looking at the platform sole under the 5 inch heels, they didn’t seem as classy as they looked when she browsed the online lingerie catalog.

When finally she stood up, and carefully, on the highest shoes she now owned, walked towards the mirror in her bedroom, she was shocked. The outfit, and with it her whole appearance, looked much more slutty than she had thought. The dress shorter than it seemed in the pictures, the stockings having an even bigger ‘hooker’ effect than she had thought, and the heels, well, they just left no doubt about what she was dressed for.

But at the same time, she thought of the image of what she wanted to experience. Didn’t this fit right in? Didn’t this make her seem as if she really tried? Didn’t this make her look exactly like the women she saw in the pictures in all those kinky illegal bahis profiles online?

She imagined herself being dressed like that in someone’s home, and being watched wearing it. She turned in front of the mirror, and sure enough, her round, perfect ass was accentuated in a way that it never was before. She could hardly believe it was her she as looking at in the mirror. Just like in the movie clips she saw. Just like the people on that kink website, proudly posting selfies of them wearing fetish clothes. Not that that was something Charlotte would ever do.

Being caught up in her imagination, just for fun, she gave a small slap on her cheek, which, to her surprise, sounded almost as if it was a slap against her bare flesh. The fabric of the dress was very thin. She did it again, while her body heated up like crazy. Even now she was afraid the neighbors might hear. In her paranoid mind, they’d hear exactly what kind of a perverted thing she was doing here, and they’d know exactly how she was dressed. Of course not!

She had to remind herself again that letting go of her inhibitions was one of her goals. Again she slapped herself on her butt, through the dress, imagining it was this woman from her fantasy doing it.

“Bad girl,” she whispered to herself, and imagined someone else saying it.

By then, she couldn’t help herself anymore, and reached down, easily lifted the slutty, very short dress, and shoved her fingers right into the tiny thong. Masturbating like this was not easy, on those crazy high shoes. But it had to happen. She stepped closer to the mirror, and supporting herself with one hand against the mirror, she started to masturbate furiously, keeping her legs straight, a position as if she was being spanked. Living out her fantasy without it happening, with her face flushed.

She came hard, her body heated up so hard that she was sweating, and her knees became weak while she came with a loud squirm. She felt a strange mix of embarrassment and adrenaline when she managed to walk to her bed, and took the high heels off. What was she doing? This wasn’t good girl Charlotte. Now she had a real secret. The secret of a very intense awareness that she loved this. Of course, she wouldn’t share what she just bought with anyone. But more importantly, she would not talk about what she was going to do with anyone.

The days following, she tried not to think about what she was going to do too much, if only to not scare herself further up to a point where she wouldn’t go through with it. She wanted to do it. She was going to do it, period. But leaving these thoughts alone was quite difficult.

Monday evening arrived. Outside, the rain drizzled down on the streets when she arrived home from work. It was a regular, gray night like many. But for Charlotte, it was going to be a very different night.

Determined, after a light meal, she took a shower, and groomed herself more thoroughly than ever. Her skin smooth everywhere, with the exception of her carefully trimmed pussy. Her long, blonde wavy hair done beautifully after dressing herself for the second time in that ridiculously sexy outfit she wore a few days ago. The tingles in her tummy already started to appear when she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror while brushing her hair, and she fought hard to get rid of all the doubts that were on her mind.

Taking her phone into the bathroom felt downright wrong. Assuming a sexy pose while facing the mirror and snapping a picture with her free hand running through her long blonde hair, and another one while she turned her back to the mirror and slightly pushing her ass out was something she never imagined herself doing. She used to even judge girls who put pictures like that online. But now, she didn’t hesitate, even though her hands trembled as she then created the profile on the F4F app that she just installed.

She pretty much memorized the profile text she made up over the previous days, and typed it right in. It didn’t leave much to doubt.

“Hey hey, submissive 25F here, blonde, blue eyes, 5’7, 121lb, 38B, looking for kinky stuff, if you’re the type who doesn’t ask but demands… hit me up. 🙂 Xx”

She slightly modified the pictures she just made on her phone, making sure her face was not actually visible, and added them to the profile she just created. The app would then use her geographical data to match her with people around her, and the spinning wheel that showed it was busy searching and matching drove her crazy. The idea that her profile was out there, that her pictures were out there, was so very wild to conservatively raised Charlotte.

She imagined that it would at least take a little while before she would be noticed, but when she checked the profile views in the app, she saw that her profile had been seen 120 times already. That made her feel even more weird. This whole thing made her feel so exposed. She promised herself not to be paranoid about this, and told herself that when she would be recognized somehow, that other person would be as guilty as she was.

Her heart skipped a beat when she then saw a pop up message on her phone, illegal bahis siteleri from a F4F user called “DommeKath”.

“Mmm, looks good… looking for hookup tonite?”

She read the message a few more times. Yes, that was exactly what she was looking for, actually. But she had to check this user out first, of course. She had to at least make sure they were on the same page.

DommeKath’s profile was pretty clear.

’43 powerdomme, mainly into hookups, no endless texting, no drugs, prefer experienced subs. No wishlists.’

Her pictures were somewhat vague and emphasized some of her fetishes rather than her appearance, but it showed enough of her to get an idea. And Charlotte couldn’t help but being intrigued by what she saw. One picture that was taken from the bottom of her feet, up her stocking clad legs, as if taken from someone on the floor. The next one made Charlotte blush. A closeup of someone’s mouth, with two fingers pushed into it between her lips. She was the real deal. The last one was just her silhouette, photographed in the dark, or photo shopped. It looked mysterious.

She trembled with adrenaline while she then texted back.

“I am… 🙂 Not experienced though, as that’s what you’re looking for…”

It hardly took more than a few seconds before she received another popup message on her phone. She pressed it, and read it.

“Ill make an exception for a pretty thing like you. Can train you if you want.”

Charlotte smiled slightly as she was just pondering about what to write back, while she received yet another message.

“Mmm… obedient little slut? … ;)”

Charlotte blushed deeper than she already did. This woman pushed all the right buttons. So this was really how easy it was to get dates, or hookups, in that world.

“I could be… heh :)”

For a second Charlotte wasn’t sure that she actually pressed ‘Send’ on that last message, but almost instantly, she received a very clear invitation.

“7521 Grove St. only 3 miles from you, 10:30 good baby?”

Charlotte had noticed the distance indicator on every profile, based on where you were, and she was right. Oh god, this sounded so wrong. But so hot. And very precisely what she was looking for, too. And she wasn’t going to leave it alone. She promised herself that. She was going to do something different. Something that had been on her mind for a long time. And apparently, many people were doing it like this. Based on how quickly she even got so many views and a response, there must be quite a few people. And it sounded playful. Baby. It even sounded naughty. Sexy. In this context, anyway.

“10:30 should work… see you then? :)”

Charlotte waited for a few minutes to get an answer, but there really wasn’t any doubt that they had an agreement. Then, with a sigh of nervousness, she decided to bite the bullet. She was going to do it.

She stood up from the couch, and put on her knee length gray coat, making her look a lot more covered up compared to wearing just the outfit she was wearing beneath it. But then, pretty much anything would look conservative compared to what she was wearing underneath. She zipped and buttoned it up all the way, so the only part of the outfit that was really visible to the average passerby were the high heels and the stockings she was wearing, although it seemed as if she could as well be wearing regular pantyhose. Charlotte had to tell herself that to calm down when standing in front of the dressing mirror in her hallway before leaving the door.

Minutes later, with her purse over her shoulder, she was walking down the street to the train station near her comfy, downtown apartment. She picked this night and time carefully, as she knew that on Monday evening around this time, the city would be relatively quiet. She was that paranoid about being seen by someone. Getting caught in her naughty little game.

Charlotte was actually glad about the gray weather, because it was even quieter on the streets because of it. But once she checked in for the subway, and sat down one seat away from an old woman, across a few young guys, her heart started to pound. Being dressed underneath her coat like this with people around her took her out of her adventurous, excited rush, and she really started to panic. She saw them staring literally at her shoes, at her stocking clad lower legs as she sat there.

She had to calm herself down by telling herself that it really was nothing out of the ordinary. They didn’t know anything. They didn’t know she was dressed like a complete slut under that modest, gray coat. But she kept worrying. She worried about one of the garter straps detaching by accident, and her stocking would slip down. She worried about the buttons snapping from her coat somehow. She worried about being followed when she would get out after some eight stops, for which she kept a sharp eye on the display above the seats where the young guys were sitting. She avoided all eye contact.

Charlotte sighed with relief when then, two stops before the one where she had to get out, the guys left, but her heart sank as a whole group of guys canlı bahis siteleri entered. Visibly drunk, loud guys. Oh god no. Fortunately they stayed near the other entrance. She clenched her hands together, waiting desperately for her stop.

She stood up quickly to leave the subway, and impatiently waited for the doors to open, as she finally heard one of them shout.

“Hey pretty girl!” No response from Charlotte of course. “Hey! Fucking bitch…” she heard one of the guys mutter just as the door opened and she got out, her body tense with stress.

She gasped for air as she walked out of the subway station. Getting out dressed like this was a terrible idea. It seemed so much fun in her little fantasy.

But finally, she was only a block away from where she had to be. Where this woman was waiting for her. DommeKath.

The neighborhood was certainly not the nicest one. It was very different from the area Charlotte lived. Poor, not the best reputation, lots of apartment buildings looking all alike. What used to be community housing was slowly being turned into nicer apartments and sold, but that was a very slow process, and the nice side of it was barely noticeable.

Charlotte felt watched by every person she made eye contact with. She clearly stood out here. Passing by a supermarket, she swore she saw a woman with a shopping bag looking at her with some sort of disgrace in her eyes. She felt slightly paranoid walking there, especially dressed like this. She even felt as if she was wearing classier clothes than all the people there, at least at first sight. She once again regretted her choice of wearing this outfit on her way over to the address.

She kept walking as fast as she could, on her very high shoes, which was a dangerous thing to do, but she just wanted to get it over with. Finally, she reached the apartment building on Grove St. Now, she was back in her little game. She pressed the button outside next to number 7521, and waited.

“Hello?” a crystal clear, somewhat low female voice then answered.

“Hi, it’s me,” Charlotte answered, not really knowing what else to say.

What did people say anyway on these kinky, anonymous dates? She figured this was how these things went. These anonymous, discrete meetings. It took a few nerve wrecking seconds before the buzzer for the door was heard, and she pushed against it to walk in.

She noticed that 7521 was on the second floor, and decided to just walk. She didn’t want to wait for the elevator. Her high heels knocked on the stairs of the apartment building. The interior of the building looked so much cheaper, almost alien, compared to what Charlotte was used to. Tiled, old fashioned floors, red metal stair railings that needed to be repainted, and dark gray carpet in the hallways to the apartment doors.

But that was not her focus. Her focus was number 7521, of which the door was slightly opened. She looked at it, as she felt herself becoming nervous, even though her excitement was slowly coming back.

Just as she wanted to peek inside to see whether she had to press the button for the doorbell on the outside despite it being open, the door opened wider.

It was then that she saw her appearance. An Italian looking woman somewhere in her forties, smaller than herself, especially while Charlotte was wearing these shoes. Slightly full figured, although not chubby. She was dressed in quite a short, black skirt, was wearing modest, high heeled pumps, and the white blouse she was wearing was opened just a bit too far, allowing Charlotte to see a lot of cleavage, revealing a bit of her obviously full breasts. Her hair was black, curly, but what really drew Charlotte’s attention were her piercing eyes behind a pair of slightly tinted glasses. They looked somewhat aggressive, even.

“Hi,” Charlotte spoke quietly.

The woman didn’t say anything, but stepped aside quickly, to let her in. Obviously, she wanted to be discrete about it, too.

The light in the hallway of the apartment was bright, and not at all cozy. It was a bit cold, and the woman still hadn’t said a word to her, as she closed the door, and eyed up Charlotte so very obviously.

“You can hang your coat right there…” she then said calmly, without welcoming Charlotte at all, and pointing at the coat rack right behind Charlotte.

Charlotte tried to remain calm and casual, and just nodded. The woman had a commanding tone in her voice, even while saying something as simple as that.

“Sure,” she answered with a slight, polite smile, as she started to unbutton her coat, and turned as she took it off.

It took only a second before she could hear the woman’s heels on the floor behind her, quickly approaching her. And just when she slid the coat off her shoulders to take it off and hang it on the coat rack, she felt the woman’s hand on her lower back, but quickly sliding down, over her tightly wrapped butt, over her right cheek, caressing down until her fingers reached the naked skin of the tall blonde’s slim thigh, then firmly squeezed her cheek. Not at all gently, and Charlotte tried to adjust herself to the situation. She tried to hang up her coat while the woman was squeezing her cheek, making the very short dress crawl up, as she felt embarrassed about the very seductive, very sexy outfit she was wearing. It wasn’t just sexy, it was downright porn style sexy.

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