Late Night Lovers


It’s 2am and we’re at the pub drinking with your friends. I’m watching you win game after game of pool and your skill is exciting me. Even though I’m proud of you I still feel a little lonely on the couches and I’m getting wet being so close to you, but I’m not allowed to touch you while you’re playing. It’s late and we’re both a little tipsy so after you win the next game I take you by the hand and tell you, ‘I need you right now.’ You agree and we put on our coats and go outside.

It’s pouring rain so we run home, splashing in puddles and laughing because I love the rain. We finally get to your room and we’re both soaking wet and shivering from cold. We immediately start ripping our clothes off, I take off my jacket, scarf and dress standing in front of you in my bra, thong, nylons and heels; I’m watching you taking off your wet jeans that are sticking to your legs and I have to touch you. I press up against you, still shivering and kiss you on your lips, down your cheek to your neck, your shoulders, your chest and back to your lips biting them softly. I kiss you until I can’t stand it and I have to drop to my knees and help you take off your pants and underwear. Your cock is already getting hard despite the cold.

I stand up and run over to turn on the heater in our room, illegal bahis then come back and pick up where I left off, pulling your cock into my mouth, getting all of it in because it’s not fully hard yet. I move back and start again slowly, licking your balls and pulling them into my mouth one by one. I run my tongue slowly up your cock from the bottom all the way to the tip, then again. I kiss the tip of your cock, licking it, but not letting you push it into my mouth. I wait on my knees and tease you until you can’t stand it and you force your cock all the way down my throat. You thrust in and out of my mouth until I gag and then slow down.

I’m licking up all the spit and pre-cum as you start to walk away, toward the bedroom. I turned on the music as I walk through the living room and start to wiggle out of my nylons and bra. I’m dancing slowly to the music, teasing you, just out of your reach, slowly pulling my thong down my legs, watching your cock jump with excitement as I bend completely over in front of you. When I’m standing there in the warm room in nothing but heels you can’t wait any more, you bend me over the bed while I’m still standing and shove your cock into my dripping cunt. You start fucking me hard and I’m moaning and breathing heavily and it feels amazing.

I’m illegal bahis siteleri close to cumming when you stop and flip me over onto the bed. You lean your head down and start licking my pussy. I’m seconds from cumming as you take your tongue and lick from my cunt slowly up to my clit and back down. You start sucking and nibbling my clit and I almost scream with pleasure. You start licking again, pressing your tongue hard onto my clit and I have my first orgasm that night. You keep licking and sucking and I have another almost immediately. I’m starting to calm down, but you’re not done so you lean over me, kissing my lips, my neck, my ears and slide your cock gently into my throbbing cunt. It feels so good as you push it in centimeter by centimeter. When you get all the way in you pause for a moment, feeling the heat coming from both of us, making me squirm wanting more.

You wait until I start begging, “please fuck me, now, harder.” You’re pumping hard into me and we’re still kissing, I can feel my third orgasm coming and beg you not to stop. You keep going harder and faster until I can’t stop the scream, it’s amazing. I get chills all over and push you off of me onto the bed. You lay down and let me touch you, my hands run over your chest, your arms, your legs, all the way canlı bahis siteleri up until I’m holding your hair, kissing your passionately, then back down as I slide my lips down with my hands across your whole body until I reach your cock. I put it in my mouth and push as far as I can down my throat. Your cock feels so good in my mouth that I won’t stop when you tell me to come up and get on top of you. I keep sucking it, playing with your balls with one hand and licking and teasing the tip, then pushing your cock back into my mouth as far as it will go. This gets me so horny that I have to turn around and let you eat me out while I keep working on your cock. You’re close to an orgasm and don’t want to cum yet, so I stop, enjoy you licking and biting and sucking on my clit, pushing your tongue into my cunt and finally I turn around and sit over you, kissing gently and slowly, slowly, sliding my pussy down onto your rock hard cock.

I go half way and come back off, again and go a little further each time until you’re moaning with pleasure. I finally sit down all the way and sigh with the release of your big cock in my tight pulsing cunt. I grind against you, keeping your cock in while enjoying the sensation on my clit, then when we’re both about to cum again I starting bouncing, fast and hard, on your cock until we’re both groaning and screaming with pleasure as we orgasm together. I collapse onto you and listen as our heartbeats slow down, feeling the sweat dripping down my back, kissing you slowly as we drift off to sleep.

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