Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 05

Big Tits

It’s Saturday afternoon during a home wrestling meet. It’s late February and very cold outside. Frida (25 yrs.) is a voluptuous Latina (36-24-36) who sits in a chair on the gym floor. She takes off her wool jacket. She’s wearing a thick sweater with no bra. Her tits jiggle underneath and her black hair drops loose. A press pass hangs around her neck. She pulls out her “Nikon” digital camera while looking at the floor competition.

Caiden (19 yrs.) stands at 5’10” and weighs 157 lbs. He competes for the out-of-town team. He’s wearing his wrestling suit and head gear. Frida watches him walk toward her.

He approaches, but steps to her left. He says, “Excuse me.”

His body bends over and his hand pulls out keys from his sport bag. Frida watches his round buttocks. He turns and runs toward his beautiful girlfriend. He gives her those keys and they kiss each other. Caiden jogs over to the other side of the gym to get ready for his wrestling match.

Frida takes pictures of him who notices his natural sleepy eyes. They make him look boyish.

She says, “Damn, he has a girlfriend.”

Caiden’s hand is raised as the winner of his match. He shakes his opponent’s hand and walks off the floor. He heads toward the locker room, but stops before he enters the door. His body illegal bahis turns around and strides toward Frida who smiles at him.

He approaches her and she says, “Congrats on your win.”

“Thanks, I got my points. Excuse me,” he smiles. He reaches down and grabs his sport bag. His body turns and carries the bag away. She watches his round buttocks.

Inside the locker room. Caiden sits down on the bench in front of his locker. He finished his shower and wipes his wet hair. His hand reaches inside his sport bag and pulls out a digital camera. He looks around and a piece of paper falls to the floor. His fingers pick it up and he reads it, “Photos of you on the mat — I’m at university Hotel off campus — Room 125 — Frida.”

The first photos in that camera are of Frida who is nude. He smiles, “She’s the Latina sitting in that chair. Damn, great tits.”

Late Saturday night inside Frida’s Hotel room. The curtains are closed halfway. The heater below has fogged up the window. The only light comes from the big screen TV which plays ESPN. The volume is low.

The TV light shines over the naked bodies of Caiden and Frida. She lays on her back with her legs spread open on the bed. He lays on top of her with his chest pressing against her tits. His fingers pinch her illegal bahis siteleri left nipple.

His 7-inch cock is buried inside her black pussy. His round buttocks clench with each deep, slow thrust. Her flat “brown” stomach meets up with his “white” tight abdominals. He kisses her lips, then her chin and her neck.

She responds, “Dios mio (oh god)…. Unnhh…. Unnhh…. Siente bien (feels good)!!”

His lips cover hers as their tongues fight each other. Their hot bodies keep thrusting against each other.

“Unnhh…. Caiden…. Asi (like that)…. Unnhh…. Tan bueno (so good).!” she says.

He doesn’t stop while he thrusts in real slow. He kisses her neck and keeps pinching her nipple.

She groans, “Unnnhh…. Dios (god)…. Unnhh…. Tan profundo (so deep)…. Dios mio (oh god).!!”

Caiden picks up his pace and thrusts faster. His buttocks bounce.

She replies, “Uh-Unnh..Unh..Uh-Uh..Mmm..Dios (god)..Unnh.!!”

His body stops and Caiden explodes, “Uuuuuuuuuhh.! Mmmmmm.! Fuck.!!”

His cock pulls out and Caiden rolls onto his back.

20 minutes later. The big screen TV still plays ESPN. The volume is turned off though. The window is still fogged up by the heat inside that Hotel room. The TV light shines over the naked canlı bahis siteleri bodies of Frida and Caiden on the bed.

Both of them are in the “doggy-style” position. She is leaning on her hands placed on the bed. Her black hair has fallen over her face. He is kneeling behind her with his hands wrapped around her brown hips. Caiden looks down at his cock that is buried inside of her black pussy.

He thrusts long and slow with his mouth dropped open. Her hot cunt is ecstasy.

She groans, “Dios mio (oh god)…. Asi (like that)…. Asi…. Caiden…. No me jodas (fuck me).!!”

His eyes watch his hard shaft sliding in and out slowly. He whispers, “Fuck baby.”

Frida drops her head as her tits jiggle. She succumbs to his strong hands pulling back on her hips.

She moans, “Caiden…. No te paras (don’t stop)…. Dios (god)…. Dios.!!”

He still looks down at his hard shaft while his black crotch hits her black crotch.

Frida grips the bed sheets and lifts her head up as her hair falls over her face.

“Caiden.! Caiden.! Ya voy (I’m coming).! Ya voy.! Uh-Uhhhhhhhh!! Uhhhhh!!!” she screams.

He replies, “I’m almost there too.!”

His hands grip her hips harder and begins thrusting faster. Frida drops to her elbows.

She says, “Uhh..Uh..Uhhh..Uh-Uhh.!!”

He pushes inside one last time and explodes, “Uuuuuuuuuhh.! Fuuuckk me.!!”

Caiden falls down onto his hands, but keeps his cock inside of her.

He whispers, “I wanna stay inside you all night.”

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