Law School Reunion


I hadn’t seen her for years. After law school, she blasted off to Europe. She was talented. Very talented. In more ways than one. She was destined to be the lead council of one of the largest banks in Europe.

We were partners in law school. She and I were the most driven, most compatible at our university. We both had a passion for justice, and we were both smart enough to know the money was in corporate law. We were also smart enough to know what great partners we were.

Long nights and weekends of studying, creating drafts and arguments brought us closer together. We got to know each other in very intimate ways. I suppose you can’t get so close to a member of the opposite sex, spend that much time, that much energy, share excitement, stress, fatigue without acknowledging the connection between you.

The European bank sent her to New York City for the summer. She hadn’t been so close to me in years. I felt my pulse race when I saw her number on my caller ID. She called to invite me to spend some time with her in New York City. I couldn’t have had a better reason to leave Los Angeles.


My cock just jumped with excitement seeing Liz at the airport. She looks better now, standing next to that limousine at Kennedy Airport, than she ever did in law school. Maybe it is her beautifully colored, wavy auburn hair. Perhaps it is her full pink lips, opening to a smile revealing her perfect teeth. No, it’s her orange blouse that I’m sure she had unbuttoned just for me after leaving the office, that shows her humble yet perky cleavage.

Yes. No. Yes. It is her perfectly silky, muscular legs that shows off her legs from the end of her knee-length skirt to her strappy sandals. And oh, those sandals revealing deliciously painted pink toes at the end of the deep arch of her foot. Her arch is accentuated by the sexy straps of her sandals. Her feet were made to wear those high heels with her arch perfectly curved even on the top of her foot. She is wearing those shoes for me, I’m sure.

The short walk to hug her feels like a mile. Her warm embrace feels warm and comfortable, and her scent is a mixture of fruity lotion and airy perfume. Our embrace lasts for minutes it seems. I don’t want to let go, and risk losing the lovely smell of her body and feel of her hair in my face. She undoubtedly feels the fullness of my crotch as my cock has already begun to fill with blood.

“I’ve missed you,” she says.

I help her to the awaiting limo, and we settle in. It’s like old times. Talking about our recent cases, latest projects, office smut, who’s fucking who, music, favorite things to do in NYC, and recent flings.

We arrive at her apartment and it is the most grand apartment I’ve ever seen. Perched high up in the NYC air, she has a two bedroom apartment that would make my condo in LA cry. It includes an enormous illegal bahis walk out terrace with a gas burning fire pit to keep warm on chilly summer nights. An outdoor shower is placed conveniently next to the hot tub that when in it, provides views of part of Central Park and Mid Manhattan.

“Wow,” I say, “Why would you ever go to the office with a place like this?”

“Unfortunately, I hardly ever see this place with all the time I’ve had at the office lately,” she explains. “Go get changed. We have dinner reservations.”

Liz and I laugh, we cry, we curse our clients, we curse the government, we talk dirty about those in our offices and our latest great fucks. I’m admiring the beauty and softness of her lips, the way she tosses her hair, the confidence in how she carries herself. I’m ready to fuck her. Right here in the restaurant.

Our seats grow closer together, our hands start on each other’s knees, soon we are holding each other’s hands. I feel her soft toes caressing my legs as we share our meal and wine. Her game of footsie grows more slow and deliberate with each minute ticking by. A bottle of wine and a dozen oysters later, we are back in the limo heading to her place. We hold each other, laughing through each other’s wine buzzed stories of law, love, lust, and lip service.

Back at her place, she sits and seductively removes her strappy heels, knowing I am watching her every motion. She tosses them towards her bedroom. I open another bottle of wine, and we walk out to her patio lounges next to the fire. We grow cozy next to each other, and my hard on is raging staring at her soft feet, smooth legs. Her glossy lips are hypnotising me, with the light of the fire dashing off them.

“You know, those nights of us studying together back in school are some of my most favorite nights of my life,” she confesses. “To this day, I can not find a more endearing, loving, passionate person as you.”

I blush.

“Plus, your cock is huge and you know how to work it.”

My cock begins to throb.

“You used to give those awesome footrubs as we studied. Do you remember those? Do you still know how to give them?” she asks.

“Of course. I will never get rid of my foot fetish,” I say. “You know how much I enjoy to give them.”

As I finish those words, she lifts her bare feet to my lap. One I let sit on my cock, still growing with every heartbeat. The other I took with both my hands and I begin to press my thumbs into her arch. Liz lays back with her head on the chair and glass of wine in hand. Her other hand, with fingers spread, running through her silky hair.

As I drive my thumbs in her arch, I feel her toes on her other foot begin to tease my cock. I can smell the lotion I’ve been thinking about all evening, permeating from her porcelain skin on her feet. I move from the base of her heel illegal bahis siteleri with both thumbs, running up each side of her arch, feeling for the balls of her feet, and savoring the feeling of each ridge and crevice of her footprint.

With her other foot, she spreads her toes. She is struggling to fit any bit of my now engorged shaft between her toes. She makes use of that deep arch by seeming to try to map each and every pulsing vein in my cock. She uses her big toe to trace my shaft from the base of my balls to the tip on my penis, straining against the seams of my dockers.

I lift her perfect foot, the one I’ve been massaging, to eye height. The sweet aroma is overwhelming. The sight of each and every sensual curve of her toes, her deep arch, her soft heels, her perfectly proportioned ankles, each dancing in the flickering light of the fire is starting to make my cock flow with pre-cum. My eyes follow the fire-light down her sculpted calves and down her thighs. The end of her skirt has fallen closer to her body. I see the fire illuminating her hand, once holding a wine glass, now massaging a perfectly bare pussy. The wetness in her fingers reflecting the fire light back to me.

My one hand takes her massaged foot closer to my face, and my tongue reaches for her toes. I embrace the silkiness of her toes between my lips and my tongue starts to dance with delight. My other hand has reached by belt, undoing it, and allowing Liz’s petite foot to fully engage my pre-cum on the tip of my shaft. With each pass, she takes more of my pre-cum, lubricating my cock as she slides her foot up and down, holding my cock between her talented foot and my body.

My tongue explores the details of her foot, trying to prove to myself that her toes taste as delicious as they look. Both hands continue to caress her foot as my tongue slides up and down her foot, as her foot is doing to my cock.

With each lick and pass of my tongue, her finger movements become more steady. She starts tugging at her own hair, biting her bottom lips, moaning for more. Her breaths become deeper. Her back arches more, and her head throws back.

Then, all of a sudden, she stops.

Our eyes meet.

“Fuck me now with that huge cock!”

In one swift movement, I get up and the rest of my clothes fall to the floor. Her skirt gets tossed next to the hot tub and her blouse, was gone. Missing.

She returns to the edge of the lounge, her ass facing me, begging to be fucked. I approach with my cock dripping with pre cum, her pussy lips wettened with her juices. Her ass is up in the air and her placing her elbows on the lounge, bracing herself. She turns enough so she can watch my approach. Her hair is tucked back behind her, out of the way of the screams to come.

My cock reaches her pussy lips and finds the opening it has been longing canlı bahis siteleri for. As I press further and further into her tight opening, she moans with satisfaction. Her eyes closed, savoring the pleasure. Her jaw drops, and her glossed lips reflect the flicker of the fire.

My enormous cock starts the familiar motion of back and forth, inching my way into her tight vagina. Each vein of my cock commands squeals of pleasure from Liz as I go in and out. My hands grip firmly around her waist, keeping up the rhythm that seems to bring the hardest groans from her. My thumbs start to work her back, as they were her feet just a short while ago, activating even more nerves in her body.

With the thrusting from my cock making delicious wet noises, my hands travel up her back, maintaining a constant pressure. They grip either side of her rib cage and I lift her back towards me. I support her from falling forward from each thrust with my hands massaging her bouncing breasts. Each nipple competing to be more erect than the other.

Gravity has caused her wetness down my shaft, I could feel the contrast of the cool summer breeze from the heat of the fire on the drips of her juices down my ball sack.

She turns her head up towards me, her wavy hair tickling my chest, I see the love in her eyes, the passion in her lips reaching for mine. We kiss. Our tongues dancing, embracing, sharing each other’s warmth.

She bites my lip.

“Harder,” she says.

I unlock our gaze and she lays down, back on the chair. My cock sliding out, dripping with her wetness. She lifts one leg up and my cock, once again, zeros in on her pussy.

My cock, now slick, resists less to find the depths of her. She removes the foot on my shoulder and presses her toes into my mouth. My cock picks up the comfortable rhythm again. Liz has one hand massaging her clit now, and her other hand reaching up through her hair. My hands help guide her foot through my mouth, so that my tongue can taste the sweetness it already had on the other foot. Each time my tongue flicks between her toes, I can feel her squeeze my cock, and squeal with pleasure. The wet sounds grow louder and faster as our breathing gets deeper and heavier. My balls slap her underside more and more firmly.

Her pussy is continuously becoming tighter, her squeals almost forming a pleasure vibrato as my tongue finds the zone in between her toes.

I can tell she is about to cum. My cock becomes harder, filling with my own juices, ready to be shared.

In the same instant, I explode deep within her, her back arched, matching the arch of her pointed pink toes. Her moans shivering in unison with her shaking body and her fingers dug deep into the pillow of the lounge, desperate for something to brace herself on to as she throws her hips forward.

With each squeeze of my cock, comes jets of my love, filling her. Her squeals begin to subside with each diminishing pulse from my cock. Her smile becomes bigger as her eyes began to open.

Our eyes meet. “I’ve missed you,” she says.

“I’ve missed you, too.”

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