Leslie part 3


Leslie part 3A different hairstylist appeared am few minutes later. She was in her mid thirties and looked as though she was in a hurry. Leslie was lying back with her head still in the sink where her hair had been washed. The girl who had performed that task was now preparing to do her tails. Lesley’s heart rate was now back to normal and the dyke who had just fingered her had left. Rob also had vanished. The stylist then started cutting Lesley’s hair. She didn’t ask how she wanted it….in fact she didn’t even speak. She was grateful for the fact she had thrown a sheet over her before starting her task. There wasn’t even a mirror to see what was happening. 15 minutes later the same stylist started applying a colour to her hair. It looked to be a shade of red. The young girl was now working on her feet. She placed each foot into a sort of stirrup, to get the correct height she guessed. The sheet wasn’t quite long enough to stretch over her lower body, so Lesley guessed she could see her pussy if she so wished. It felt like getting her hair done and a smear test at the same time. At least she was geeing a break from orgasms. Two hours later, nearly 230 pm, she left the hairdresser wearing coat bra and thong panties. When they had finally allowed her to see the finished article she had been amased to see the transformation. She looked so much younger. It was the same length but shaped better to her face and it made her face look more vibrant. She was now a red head with blond streaks. She was stunned. Her manicure and pedicure seemed to match her hair colouring. Her hands in general seemed younger, and ….fresher. The owner had come back and taken her into a room where she had given her a Hollywood wax. She thought she was smooth before, after that treatment she definitely was. All the hair in the outer labia were gone and her bum was now the same. She actually enjoyed the pain attached to the treatment. Afterwards Rob appeared for the first time since they arrived. “Well Lesley aren’t you looking like the young lady about town. Soon all the men in the area will be knocking at your door eh girl hahaha”. He sat down. Bad sign. Lesley was actually a little turned on by the wax and was surprised when the owner had not touched her. She had implied that there was to be some sex between them and she was still unsure how she felt about that. She had had a teenage crush on a college friend and had a night of sex with her after a lot of drink. They had both put it down to experience. That was 30 years ago. The owner….she hadn’t been introduced……Left and returned almost immediately. She looked mad. She whispered something to Rob and left again Back in the car rob said “well girl your looking good. Good enough to eat actually. Hahaha. And eat you I definitely will. Hahaha. Now have you ever fancied some body art Lesley. ? “Well, yes I nearly got something done for my 40th but I was strapped for cash. The twins dad had gone and I was struggling.””Oh yes I remember you saying. So am I right in saying that you’ve had no cock at all in all the years you’ve been in your 40’s.”She looked down and said in a very quiet voice “yes Rob””bloody hell girl that’s fucking awful!!! I can’t understand it. Your a bloody good fuck, what’s wrong with you. Surely someone would service you. Eh?””I’m just a plain working class girl. I don’t go out much eryaman escort and meeting people isn’t easy”. “Rubbish. You have to put yourself out there. Good god. I’m stunned. 10 men you said?? 10 men in what…..34/35 years. That’s fucking 3 men every decade. Hahahah bloody hell in my day I had 3 women by dinner time. Haha. Well we’ll change that don’t you worry. Eh. Are you up for it Lesley. ?””What do you mean. I’m not sure. I don’t understand!!””I mean I can get you as much cock as you can handle. I can make those averages a lot better. Hahaha. If we get you another 20 notches on the bed post. That’ll be 10 cocks a decade. Haha.”She didn’t answer. “Now about this body art. My man has been doing it for years. What do you fancy getting done.””I’m not sure. I was going to get something small the last time. “”Ok I’ve something in mind. Do you trust me”What a question that was. She wasn’t sure if she could trust anyone again, but, he hadn’t lied to her. He had told her she would get more pleasure than she could ever ever imagined and so far it was all true. She was just frightened of the unknown. “I think so””Good. Now old Rob here will make you a promise. I stand my my statement about giving you all the pleasure that cracking little body of yours deserves. I’m going to pay for all the things you need to get you noticed. Now….if at any time you feel that I’m pushing you to far and you want out, just say the word and you’ll never hear from me again. What I will add is that if you stay the course you will be a more confident and happy person. But it’s not going to easy. There’ll be days your good and days your bad. For the next few days your going to be very very bad!!!!! Haha. So…if your wanting out….say the word..now….are we going for some body art or not??””I think so. It’s been …just…so…fast””Don’t worry girl, I’ve only got you in mind… Come on it’ll be fun. You’ve got a new hair style,the smoothest pussy in town and your going to get some tats and things!!”She didn’t pick up on the ‘and things’The car pulled up outside a grimey looking building. They exited the car and entered the smoke filled room. There were 6 sleazy looking men ranging from 40/60 sitting about drinking and smoking. Two were getting work done on there back and the rest were watching they were ushered into a room to the side where there was a massage like table where a man was spreading a surprisingly clean sheet on it. Rob greeted the man and handed him a wad of notes. “Now Lesley, Billy here is going to do the work, I’ll be back soon. I’ve given him a list of what he’s gonna do. Have fun.””But but I don’t know what I want.”Yes I know. That’s why I made the decision for you. Oh but the way I’d like you to have your left tit pierced and your clit. Bye I’ll see you later” and left. Lesley was struck dumb. Speechless. The door banged and he was gone. The man looked impatient. She stood up and he said. “Gonna do the piercings first.” Twenty minutes later she was sobbing quietly to herself. She was very sore. There had been very little pain at the time but it was now. It had hurt the most when he had nipped her nipple to begin the procedure. She now had a gold sleeper in her left nipple and a clit ring in her pussy. The exposure was getting easier now. She had been virtually naked all day long and esat escort had been seen without clothes on by about 7 people now. The gorilla who did the work had been quite professional even if he had been playing with her clit. He’s the first man or woman today that had not stuck his fingers up her. She lay on the couch face down as he went to work on her lower back. She heard a door open and three men came in. They Sat down and watched. She suddenly got nervous. She felt her skin being pulled this way and that. She tried to keep her legs tightly together but it wasn’t easy. Her breast was sore and tender and she would have rather sat up. The three men just sat and watched. Then one of them said. “”Nice arse eh lads, left it late…she must be havin one of them mid life crisis….is that right pet. You need something to cheer you up eh? We cud do that if ya ask real nice”Lesley was scared. Real scared. She didn’t know why Rob had left her with this. The tattoo man told them to shut up and get out. They obeyed immediately. She was relieved. He told her to sit up he was going to work on her shoulder. By five he was done. She had three tattoos and two pearcings He showed her the work in the mirror. She had Chinese symbols right along her lower back, a plain blue dove on her shoulder and another Chinese symbol above her left breast. Rob appeared and he inspected her. “Lesley you look magnificent. What a transformation in two days. Thank you billy. Lesley asked”what do they mean.”The tattooist looked at Rob who said “never mind that …do you like them””Yes yes I think I do”What they said was ‘owned by man’ and the small one ‘slave’She really did like them She put her underwear back on and the tat man gave her some cream to apply for a couple of days. They got in the car and he said “well girl, that’s the worst bit over. Now open your coat and let the rabbit see the hair. !!!! That’s it now take those knickers off I need to see what I’ve payed for.”She unhooked her bra and slipped her thong off. “That’s it now I’m gonna pull over here and have a look. Oh yes. Did you realise that I’ve given you a bit of a rest. I could see you tired earlier so I stopped Mazey from getting hold of you. Haha. She’d have fisted that cunt of yours for sure. She’s a bitter and twisted bitch but I’ve known her for years. I tried to turn her back normal but she prefers women. And them 6 blokes at the parlour eh?? They were going to be your first gang bang. Billy was going to let them at your body but I stopped him at the last minute. See I’m your guardian angel. Haha now what dya say to that eh?””I I I don’t know what to say””Well thank you would do. Haha Now spread those legs and let me see………..oh that’s lovely. And I love your tit even more now”He played with both pieces of jewelry,mher nipple stiffened and her clit started to buzz. “Robs a little horny now….all this flesh has got him a bit excited. Now I’m going to let my trousers open a little and I want you to get my cock out and blow my cock like never before. Now I’m going to be driving so don’t be biting or that’s us both fucked. Haha” Robs car had an adjustable steering wheel and he raised it to its highest highs. Lesley undid her seat belt and leaned across and pulled robs fly down. She felt the car glide away just as she fished his rapidly hardening etimesgut escort cock out of his pants. It was a large car so she could easily spread out to get her mouth on his cock. This was another first for her. She had sucked two cocks while in a car but never while driving. She started licking his shaft and using her newly painted nails to rake the underside. He was uncircumcised and she licked the loose skin then tightened it manoeuvring her hand and mouth as best she could. Rob was impressed her skills were improving. She could nearly take 6″ now. Another inch and she’ll equal the record. There was saliva all over his shirt but he didnt give a fuck. She was bobbing her head faster and faster squelching sounds filled the air. Her eyes were like organ stops she was concentrating so much. Rob could let her do this for an hour he had so much control. They would be back to his house in twenty minutes. He relaxed and told her he was going to come and to really gag and hold it. He told her to be ready to breathe deep. He traced his finger on her new tattoo “owned by me it should have said” he thought. “Right girl are you ready?…….ok breathe A burst of cum flew into her throat, then another, she couldn’t swallow fast enough. How does he produce so much. She thought. The flow of cum from his cock slowed and she caught the last two spits on the chin and her breast. Her left breast. Her slave breast. She wasnt prompted to scoop ti up. She new her duties. What a good slave. “Lesley that’ was bloody marvellous. Now we’d better think of getting you home. It’s nearly six and all you’ve had to eat is my semen. Haha. You look lovely by the way. By tomorrow the pain will have died down and we can get back to normal with your training. How’s the but plug by the way”She was stunned to realise that she had totally forgotten about it. “I’d forgot”. “Good. You know what that means……your arse has stretched a little….it’s time for a bigger one.” He went in the front console and produced a bigger plug. “It’s a good job you’ve got me to look after you, or how would you ever be a proper slut. Haha”. They pulled up outside robs house as Lesley made to put the coat on. “No no now Lesley let’s see how brave you are. I want you to walk into the house and let anybody about see how you’ve got some new decorations on you. Ok good girl…..and slowly.”She opened the car door and put her right leg out first. She had her coat over her arm and underwear in a pocket. She felt the but plug as she streched to get out of the car. She looked around and noticed one man mowing his lawn and another walking his dog. The mower ran onto a rockery and the dog ran off. Lesley walked slowly into the house followed by Rob. He was beaming “Good girl. That’ll show them.” “Right girl. Your back to work tomorrow aren’t you…….yes I though so. Now robs been thinking. After you’ve been down in the morning to make sure I’m ok and made my breakfast. Haha. I was maybe thinking you could phone in sick for a few days. You should be resting after all the trauma your body has suffered today. I’ll make up the money you’ll lose. Ok. Now before you go how about I take that plug out and put the other one in. “Lesley meekly bent over the table assuming position. She saw the baby oil bottle and knew this one was going to hurt. Three days down. Too many to go. She thought as the plug popped out of her bum. He layered her exposed hole with oil and then some on the new plug. Rob couldn’t remember how many arseholes this has stretched. More than 10 he thought. “Uuurrrrggghhh” was all she said. “Lesley my lovely little slut……your nearly ready.” Lesley’s heart sank.

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