Let the Games Begin


Mark came in from work and the first thing he noticed was music; the blues, rhythmic, and somewhat sensual. A glance in the room reveals nothing, so he slowly proceeds through the house. He sees her now, in the kitchen; her back is turned and she is attempting to reach something on the upper shelf of an opened cabinet. Her body is stretched to its limits, the muscles firm and taunt; but the first thing he notices is THAT skirt: jet black, very tight, and extremely short. Immediately he begins to awaken.

His mind full of images, Mark decides to sneak up behind her and place his hand under that skirt. He wants to surprise her, cause her to jump and fall back against him. He longs to see her blush when she brushes against his semi erect penis. He lightly crosses the floor, not wanting his footfalls to echo against the ceramic tile beneath him. Ever so slowly he reaches his hand between her legs and surprises his self with the realization she has nothing on under THAT skirt.

He is keenly aware that she has planned this…and in an instant he is fully erect. Debbie turns and her smile says it all. He wraps her in his arms and immediately begins nibbling on her neck, behind her ears, all those spots he knows so well. The spots that cause her to at first giggle, then squirm, and later…yes,…well,…he knows what happens then too. Debbie is delighting in his attention, relishing the moment, and within seconds she is no stranger to the hardness of his stiff cock pressing against her abdomen. This is what she had in mind all along and at that moment they both know it.

Mark pulls back and smiles at her, taking in the devilish sparkle he sees in her eyes; then shifts his gaze downward at the hardness of her nipples straining against the thin material covering them. He notes that she has left very little up to the imagination. Debbie reaches out and begins to slowly unbutton his shirt. Sliding it off of him, her hands fluttering across his chest, she places soft kisses down his neck and across his shoulders. Mark closes his eyes and begins to breathe deeply, relaxing to her touch. Suddenly she bites down playfully against his collarbone, sending a current running through the entire length of his body. Instantly Mark snaps out of his sleep. This will not be one of those slow quiet times; this is going to get wildly passionate.

He retaliates by attempting to pin her against the counter; but she quickly spins to the right, reminding him of a receiver attempting to continue his run down field. But, Mark likes this game and he is good at it; thus Debbie is flattened against the refrigerator in an instant. His hands are gripped tightly around her wrists, and his body is pressed firmly up against her, pinning her to the cool stainless steel surface. Immediately she realizes that she does not have the strength or the leverage to regain her freedom, so she simply smiles as if to say…”I give up now.”

“What are you going to do now, Deb?” He asks with a grin.

She continues to blush, flustered by not knowing what her next move should be. Mark laughs as he brings her arms up over her head, careful not to lose his grip. She may not be fighting now, but he knows her well enough to admit that relaxing his grip would result in resuming the chase. He has the upper hand and he does not want to lose it. Once her wrists are side by side against each other, he quickly grabs them both with his left hand. As expected she tried to slip away during his transfer, but Mark held tight and her attempts failed. Again, he laughs.

“C’mon, Deb, you know you can’t fight me.”

She knows he is right.

His right hand free, he pushes her skirt up over her hips. She knows what he is about to do and lets out this long, low moan in anticipation.

“Oh, you know this is what you want.” He whispers in her ear.

She tries once more to pull free and fails. He laughs and reaches his free hand down to feel her pussy. She clinches her legs together as tightly as she possibly can in defiance.

“So you want to play rough, huh?” He asks.

This time it is Debbie that laughs. Mark places his foot between hers and presses his knee in between her thighs. It takes little force for his strong leg to part hers.

“See how easy that was?” He boasts. “What are you going to do now, Deb?”

Once again, he places his hand between her legs. She wildly thrashes her hips, attempting to keep a moving target. His voice low, he leans in and whispers,

“You’re just making me harder, you know.”

Probing, he spreads her lips and realizes just how wet she has become. Two of his fingers quickly and easily slide into her, his thumb automatically coming to rest on her swollen clit.

“You like this, I can tell. You’re so hot, so wet, I can even smell you.” He whispers. “Why do you want to fight me when it feels so good?”

Debbie relaxes to the pleasure of his touch, throwing her hips forward and rubbing against his engorged cock. Mark realizes that the swelling in his pants has üçyol escort become so great it is beginning to hurt. He makes a decision and once again whispers in her ear.

“If I let you loose are you going to run?”

She refuses to answer.

“Debbie, promise me you won’t run.” He demands.

She promises.

He is keenly aware that she is lying. But it is part of the game and they both love the game. Mark hesitates momentarily and continues to hold her hands above her head, his bare chest pressing against her, while his right hand plays with the lovely wetness between her legs. Eventually he brings up his right hand to lick the fingers that were just buried deep inside her. Her taste is wonderful and his lust continues to grow.

“Baby, you taste so good.” he starts, “Now, if I let go, you promise not to run, right?”

“I promise” she lies.

Mark could care less. Let the game continue. Still holding her hands above her head, he leans forward and kisses her. She can just barely taste herself on his lips and she gets just a little bit wetter. As they kiss, he lets go of her hands. Immediately he goes for her breasts and pinches the hardened nipples through the sheer material of her blouse. He feels her hands go directly for the waistband of his pants and the throbbing in his cock escalates with the promise of freedom.

Without warning, she pushes against his hips with all her might, breaking their kiss, and forcing him off balance. He turns to see her running, skirt still pushed up over her ass, her cheeks exposed for his enjoyment. As she rounds the corner of the doorway, he takes off after her. By now Debbie has reached the stairway at the end of the hall and is descending the steps two at a time. He knows she is heading towards the game room and begins closing in. Mark finally catches up and reaches out just in time to grab her around the waist, picking her up off of her feet.

She begins to squirm and kick as he carries her over to the couch. Mark tosses her down a little less than gently, as is done when playing the game, then sits straddling her belly to keep her from going anywhere.

“Deb!” Mark commands as he attempts to catch his breath, “You promised!”

Still kicking and arms flailing, she pretends not to hear. He quickly grabs her arms and once again gathers them up in one hand above her head. Debbie looks up from her trapped position and gives him a lustful smile. She is pleased, and it is evident this is what she wanted all along.

The room is quiet except for the sounds of their heaving chests, almost in time with the other. They pause for a moment to catch their breath. She can see the outline of his hard cock straining to be released from the confines of his pants. Her smile grows as she moistens her lips with the tip of her pink tongue. Mark’s lust is growing and he is determined to have her. They both know that this is what the game is all about. With his free hand he removes his belt.

Making a loop at the end, he wraps it around her wrists and then secures the loose end to the open rail on the arm of the couch. She tests her tether to find that her arms are quite secure. With that out of the way, he begins to unbutton her sheer blouse and expose the lovely pert breasts for his personal viewing pleasure. He then raises himself up off of her belly and slowly unzips the skirt, slides it down over her long lovely legs, and leaves her lying there on the couch exposed and vulnerable.

In an attempt to provoke him, she raises her voice as if in anger.

“Well! Mark! Now what? Is this it? Is this the best you can do? Are you just going to leave me here like this?”

He stands and begins to remove his pants.

“OH! NO! You’re not getting off that lucky. Just leave you here? I don’t think so.” Mark replied. “After all, Deb, you promised!”

She watches as he tosses his pants across the room and notices the faint spot of dampness forming on his tented boxers. As he lowers his boxers and exposes his thick, hard cock, he slowly smiles. Looking her straight in the eyes, he continues, “No, Deb, this time you are going to give me everything I want. Anything and everything, without question. Have I made myself clear?”

Mark lowers himself back into place over her belly, his heavy balls resting on her stomach. He strokes his cock once, producing a large drop of precum on the tip. He moves forward shoving it into her face.

“Here, Deb, lick that off for me.” He commands.

She gives him an evil grin in defiance, and makes no move to do as he asks. So he places a hand behind her head to hold her steady and takes his cock and rubs the drop across her lips. She frowns and squirms beneath him.

“Well, if you want to play that way…….” He says with a grin.

Mark slides back and leans closely to Debbie’s hard exposed nipples. He takes one between his lips and flicks it gently with his tongue. Suddenly he stops, gazes down into her face and says,

“Oh, üçyol escort bayan I forgot, you don’t want to play nice today!”

With that he leans forward again, this time pinching her nipple between his teeth and pulling back until it pulls free of his grip. She squirms in delight and he watches in amazement as her nipples seem to grow harder still. He repeats the process with her other breast and slowly begins to move down her body.

As he moves past her navel and towards her hips she begins to forget about the game. She is engrossed in the sensation of his touch; the kissing, the licking, and the quivers produced as he bites down just hard enough to bring a flush of color to her skin. As he continues his journey, Mark arrives to find her legs slightly parted, her scent intoxicating and her wetness obvious. Yes, she has been enjoying the game. He spreads her legs wide and runs his tongue along the full length of her; beginning at her puckered little asshole and finishing with her hard little clit. A long, low, moan escapes her lips as he sucks her swollen clit up between his lips. He can feel her raise her hips up to meet him, arching her back in ecstasy. Suddenly he stands defiantly,

“Oh! No, Deb! Not for you! Not right now! You did not keep your promise! It’s my turn now!”

Mark grabs her legs and twists her around so that her hips are at the edge of the cushion, her feet on the floor. He kneels on the floor between her legs, spreading her lips wide and takes in her beauty. He cannot help himself, and takes the opportunity to slide his tongue over her, licking deeply, one last time. Pulling back, he raises his head and points his massive cock at her wet slit. Taking himself in his hand, he runs the head of his dick all around in her wetness, rubbing hard against her clit, up and down her dripping pussy. They are both breathing hard as he finally drives the full length of himself deeply within her in one swift stroke, his balls slapping against her ass as he does.

A sudden gasp escapes her body as he plows himself deep within her. He remains there momentarily, eyes closed and motionless, enjoying the warm wetness clamped around his cock. As he opens his eyes, a playful grin slowly spreads across his face; he withdraws slowly, watching as the entire length of his manhood magically appears. As he slams himself deeply back into her hot wet pussy, she cries out a second time. Once buried, he grinds himself against her mound, causing his furry balls to rub in tight concentric circles against her ass.

Inhaling deeply, she raises her hips slightly, opening her legs even further allowing him to place his palm flatly against her abdomen. The pressure he applies causes her muscles to tighten and he moans. That is her cue and she contracts intentionally, squeezing hard, attempting to pull him in even further. He places his thumb firmly over her clit and begins to rub. Within minutes, their pace has been set and he takes in the view before him. He is moving slowly and deliberately now, not wanting this moment to end anytime soon.

His touch is skilled, and she cannot prevent her body from extending into an arch. He enjoys watching her now; head thrown back, lips slightly parted, her hips slowly gyrating in rhythm with him. He continues to watch himself move in and out of her and it is exciting him beyond description; he increases the pressure of his thumb against her clit, speeding up his movements, causing her to spasm uncontrollably. She cries out and suddenly begins to fight the restraint he has placed around her wrists. She has this desperate need to free herself, it borderlines on panic and he senses this.

The sensation of her pending orgasm, combined with the visual image before him is overwhelming and he is quick to pull out. He does not want to cum just yet. Mark leans forward to whisper in her ear.

“It’s okay. Relax. Just take a deep breath.” He coos as he gently strokes her hair.

After a minute he begins tracing her face with his fingers and placing soft kisses on her neck, on her shoulders, finally traveling down to her breasts.

“Please let me go.” She begs. “I promise to be good.” “Really, I swear! I promise!”

He slowly works his way back up to her ear and whispers,

“I don’t know if I should trust you.”

With that he reaches his hand back down between her legs, inserting two fingers slowly into her, his thumb once again resting on her clit. Instantly he can feel her muscles tense, and he smiles.

“Oh, god! Please! Mark! I swear! Oh god! I swear!” She cries.

He playfully bites down against her shoulder and she shudders. Again he works his way up to her ear.

“Will you do anything I ask?” “Anything at all?” He asks.

“YES!” She cries, “I SWEAR! OH! GOD! I SWEAR!”

Mark pulls back, his face full of lust, and he smiles.

“Let me think about it.” He replies.

Then he takes his engorged cock and swiftly enters her once again. Debbie screams.

He escort üçyol is fucking her harder now, and places his hands under her hips to lift her slightly higher. One of his fingers slides up her ass sending her into a frenzy. She is fighting her restraints again, begging him to stop, begging him not to stop. He continues to watch as wave after wave of orgasms rack her body. Mark can feel Debbie tensing as her wetness coats his cock, running down over his balls and onto his thighs. She is tugging at him and Mark pumps faster and faster into her. The sensations are intense, both physically and visually. He continues to take in the images before him. His cock appears, coated in their juices and then disappears as he drives back into her with all his might. He can no longer hold back and he thrusts deeply one last time, remaining buried within her as the orgasm takes over his body, his cock pumping its load inside of her. Debbie can feel his spasms and the thick cum shooting through her body, and cums once again.

Mark leaves his cock buried and leans up to kiss her, gently this time, and whispers in her ear,

“Deb, slow down for a minute, catch your breath. I want you to listen carefully. Are you with me?” he asks.

She is barely audible. “Yes.”

“Do you want me to let you go?” he asks.

Her body is still tense, her breathing uneven, almost a pant. Debbie opens hers eyes slowly, weakly pleading with him,

“Oh. God, yes! Please? Please, let me go Mark”.

She recognizes the lust-filled smile on his face. She knows that she started the game, but he is not ready to quit playing.

He leans in to her once again, “And what is our deal, Deb? What do I get in return for letting you go?”

Debbie takes a moment to think and almost whimpers as she says, “I will…. I will do anything…. anything you ask”

As the words come forth, she can feel his cock jerk inside of her, and her mind races. She is at his mercy and can not help but wonder what he could possibly be thinking.

“That’s a good girl, Deb”, he says, “Just don’t forget your promise this time. You wouldn’t want to end up like this again”.

Mark leans back and slowly, almost painfully, and pulls his softening cock from her slit. He quietly moves to untie her hands. As he does this, he purposely stands so that his cock hangs freely in front of her face. She can see the shine of their juices covering him and smells the thick scent of sex surrounding it. Mark unties the belt from the couch, and slowly removes it from around her wrists and massages them a little. There are some red marks from where she had struggled earlier. He gently kisses each wrist and ensures that they are not too bad. When he releases her hands, she massages and inspects each one as well. She had not even realized how hard she had pulled against her tether.

Confident that she is alright, Mark returns to the game. Standing before her, he says, “Deb, you need to sit up.”

She moves into a seated position before him and he says,

“Earlier I told you to remove a little precum from my cock and you wouldn’t. Now, my dear, you are going to use your mouth to clean my well used cock”

She had never taken him in her mouth after sex and was not too keen on the idea at all. Debbie began to protest. Mark cut her off in mid sentence, raising the belt to eye level and said, “Deb, don’t tell me you are going to break your promise again.”

She was exhausted and knew that she could not put up another fight. She resigned herself to fulfilling her promise. “Anything he asks”, she thought to herself, “what have I done?”

With that he moved closer to her, his cock starting to grow slightly with anticipation. Debbie could see the thick coating of sex enveloping his manhood and reluctantly parted her lips. Mark put his hands gently on the back of her head and guided her further forward until she had the head of his cock in her mouth. She began to suck gently. He could feel her tongue working tiny circles around the tip of his penis. He closed his eyes concentrating on the sensation. This is nice he thought. Debbie sensed his pleasure and began to excite at the thought of being able to excite him so soon afterwards. She began to work at it with a bit more enthusiasm, and soon found she enjoyed it more than she had imagined she would.

She open wider taking more of his cum lathered cock into her mouth and began to run her hands over his balls, toying with his puckered up little asshole. A low moan escaped Mark’s lips as he moved his hands down towards her breasts and began fondling them. He rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger until it tightened into a hard knot. Mark placed his thumb over the knot and began to knead her breast into her chest muscle, allowing it to spring back into shape before repeating the motion. Periodically he would pinch or pull at them just a little rough, as if to remind her that it was he who was in control of the game. Debbie’s mouth and hands have the desired effect and before long his cock is almost back to its full stature. She is hungry now for the salty sweet taste of him. Mark pulls away and steps back.

“Alright,” Mark orders, “Now you will lie back, spread your legs wide, and bring yourself to orgasm as I watch.”

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