Lets go back in Time – Part 3


Lets go back in Time – Part 3If you have read Part 1 and 2 … here is Part 3 of how I came to be married into a very rich and powerful Moroccan family.I looked on the map and saw that this country was exactly due south and was hot, close to the Sahara desert and the Atlas Mountains to the East. I was scared shitless, it was a Muslim country with strict Islamic laws, checking Google it appeared that girls like me would be stoned if they found out what I did.The flight was booked, 1st Class from Heathrow and was quite quick .. the other passengers on the small jet all seemed to be Moroccans (the women with head scaves and the men very abrupt). I was the only blonde haired person on the flight.We landed at Marrakech International Airport, managed to find my suitcase and walked through security and passport control (I was crapping myself as I had some sex toys in my hand luggage) and made it out into the Arrivals hall more or less in one piece.Mayhem …. total mayhem awaited me …. litterally hundreds of taxi drivers shouting at passengers, people giving away sim cards, people changing money from any currency into local Dirham ….. mayhem!!I scanned the taxi drivers who held up cards with names on them …. I couldnt see mine … I began to panic, was this a no sow wind-up!! Suddenly out of the crowd in front of me a women appeared – she walked straight up to me and said in quite good English “Karen, come with me, the car is waiting”. As we walked she introduced herself as my “dates” PA and handed me a scalf “wear this like I am, the men wont lear as much if you do. Blonde women are easy pickings for Moroccan men, they think they are whores.” She was slightly older than me and wore a wedding ring. “Funny that … I am”, I thought as I put the scalf one quickly, covering my hair and shoulders.We walked out to the car park and in the priority diplomatic car park space was a brand new Audi R8 convertible in white.I got in and she drove the few miles into the old city, explaining as she drove some of the history of Marrakech, the old and new town (city), the city walls and the Royal Palace.I loved seeing the camels at the side of the road, the donkeys pulling heavy loads and the smells. I couldnt put my finger on it but I loved this city after being here 30 minutes. The traffic was manic, cars everywhere, small lorries, donkeys, bicycles and people ….. manic!!We drove down the side of the Royal Palace and stopped outside a doorway down a narrow street, with the Palace Walls directly opposite (those who know Marrakech will know exactly where I am talking about).She picked up my suitcase, walking me through the door and into a small reception area.Then she handed me the car keys “It’s yours while you are here ….. you can drive??”I signed the visitors book then was taken up two flights of stairs to a room overlooking a small pool and an outdoor seating area.The room was massive, sunken bath in the floor in front of the bed, did I mention the bed??? It was huge …. sort of double King sized … with white cotton sheets and so many pillows I could have built a mountain and a bull whip on a rack over the bed.Off the bedroom was a dining area, very posh and then a bathroom …. his and her everything plus a huge shower that was open to the elements …. it hd no roof and a frosted glass wall …. the whole place just oozed one thing … sex.My “date” had said he would be with me at 9pm so I showered, shaved and had a general clean up, then I laid on the bed in the bathrobe and I must have dropped off as the next thing I remember was my legs being slowly opened and his cock sliding straight into me… hard and rough.I did not fight him as I wanted him as much as he wanted me…. I just wrapped my legs round his back and hung on tight as he fucked me harder than I have ever been fucked before.He got me on all fours, my arse in the air and my face buired in the pillows and cushions. He just fucked, in my pussy then my arse and back to my pussy, alternating with bakırköy escort each thrust going deeper and deeper.Pulling my long blonde hair hard and spanking my bum he finally ejaculated deep in my arse …. I think I must have orgasmed 10 times myself, I remember the bed was soaked when i finally got to lay on it, with him holding me so close to him.I looked into his eyes, his body covered in sweat and his hand cupping my pussy.”I missed my white whore” he saidI smiled and kissed him gently on his mouth, wrong move (or maybe right move!!), he was on me again this time even rougher and harder, slapping my arse and boobs until I began to cry, his cock roughly using me as his pleasure palace … my arse I know was bleeding after he finally finished.He pushed my face down onto his still hard cock and I was (forced) to clean his cum and my juices off his cock, his hand on the back of my head forcing my mouth deeper and deeper onto his cock. I hated gagging on a cock but this guy forced me to do it and even if i tried to fight him he slapped me on the face until I just gave in.I heard the suite door open and someone came in bringing a huge tray of food and two bottles of wine ….. We just carried on while the food was delivered as if no one was in the room …… I was his whore and he knew I was.We eat an hour later, after a session in the shower where he gave me his full bladder across my body and made me drink some of his amber necter.”You are here for 7 days Karen, we have sex often…. because I like it with you. We stay here all 7 days, I leave to work and pray only, you will be naked all the time you are in the Rhaid, there is no one else here just you and me”Had he paid for the whole place for a week?? I tried to ask questions but he refused to answer but he did tell me his name was Malik and he worked close by. I was intruiged but to afraid to ask to many questions as he was paying for me and a hooker never delves into their clients business.After the food (which was awesome …. seriously) we had sex again …. this time he was in a mood to show me he was the boss and he made me stand naked in the middle of room while he handcuffed my hands together and shackeled me to a eye in the ceiling … my hands above my head and my feet just touching the floor as he pulled me up until i was on tip toes.He used his hands on my buttocks until they burned red with his hand prints, then he took the bull whip from over the bed and began to gently (at first) whip my back and sides, turning me round at one point and whipping between my legs and across my breasts, leaving some welt marks.I was sobbing in pain by the end of the onslaught on my body but he was not finished …. he roughly fucked my arse again until he orgasmed deep inside me for the 3rd time tonight.I tried to fight him but he was so strong (and I kind of liked it) – when he had taken his pleasure he un hooked me and carried my to the bed and laid down with me as I sobbed in agony.”A good whore is one that does what her man tells her to do, accepts his pain and gives him pleasure””Yes Malik” I sobbed”You have accepted pain tonight, let this be the lesson you learn and I will not need to do it again” he said quietly, running the whip across my breasts again before replacing it on the rack on the wall.He made me lay on my stomach as he gently tended my back and buttocks, soothing away the burning with some cream, then doing the same to my breasts and pussy.We layed together for an hour or so then he took my hand and lead me downstairs, across the courtyard and to the swimming pool – we were both naked and he was soft (for once!) – we swam and cuddled naked under the stars, it was so free to do this.I sat on the pool side and acted shy as he came over …. he was watching my eyes as he started to masturbate himself in the pool ..I could see him growing harded under the water so I just got up and walked to a lounger, laying down with my legs spread each side of it, beşiktaş escort and began to play with myself, opening myself up for his gaze. 2 fingers inside my pussy and a 3rd in my arse …. a rythmic in and out and soon I was screaming with a tremendous orgasm,He got out of the pool and walked towards me, still wanking that gorgeous cock, when he got next to me I could see his balls shudder and he erupted over my face and breasts …. covering me … we laughed together and I dived into the pool to clean up.We walked hand in hand up the the bedroom and we cuddled asleep all night until he arose for Morning Prayers ….. an hour later he was back in bed … naked and randy …. we made love twice before breakfast and then he left for work, kissing me softly and calling me his “White Whore”. Just as he left he told me that his PA would be over in an hour to go shopping in the New Town as he was taking me to a special place then a club tonight.I quickly showered then dressed as best I could to blend in with the limited UK clothes I had brought with me, plus the scave.Shopping in town was manic (I love that word but it was), it was like Manchester on speed – the shop keeper tells you a price, you tell him its only worth half, you haggle and you come away with stuff at a silly price – I loved it and was soon haggling better than the PA.I bought a few silk Moroccan dresses, some more scaves (Hijab to be precise) and some gorgeous high heeled shoes – technically I chose the items and they just appeared in my hands – no cash or credit/debit card was used. As it was lunchtime I was taken to the Argana cafe in Jemaa el-Fnaa square – where the PA told me all about the bomb attack and how the country was rebuilding under the King – she then suggested we drop the car back at the Rhiad, so that I could get changed from my UK clothes into something more Moroccan then walk into the Souk (the market)As she heped me dress in the bedroom she noticed the welt maks on my back and smiled “He must think a lot of you if he has marked you on the first night – you must be special”Lowering her robe she showed me her back – she had small red marks across her back to.”My husband did these on my wedding night – he loves me too “I explained that Malik had paid for a week of my time and that this was a purely business relationship – she looked like I was talking stupid and for once I felt like I was talking stupid too.10 minutes later I was dressed and apart from the blonde hair I could have been a Moroccan women – robe, hijab and shoes – nothing else!!The Souk was crazy, manic, crazy!! Spices, Shoes, Leather wear, household stuff etc etc all crammed into a massive market that could have been 1000 years old.Snake charmers outside with guys selling fake phones and watches.And the smells ….. musty, heady, sensous smells that I still get a massive buzz from every time I go into the Souk.Anisha – Malik’s PA suggested we have mint tea at the Cafe Des Epices – I have no idea (a) how we found it in the maze of streets and (b) what mint tea was …… Its a cafe on the roof of a building overlooking the Souk – and its where the younger set go for drinks during the day and at sunset. Mint Tea …. wonderful …. now my favourite drink.!!When I got back to the Riad Malik texted Anisha to go and buy me a Moroccan phone with a contract Sim card and charge it to his account.So off we went into the New Town again and she purchased a top of the range smart phone and had it all set up in English for me.Malik was waiting (naked) in the pool when we returned and I soon joined him .. thanking him for his “presents” today.He kissed me passionatly and after he checked the marks on my back we made love again on the same lounger as last night …. I think they washed it lolMalik explained that we had a table booked with some of his work colleuges at 10pm and as it was only 6pm perhaps we should retire to the bedroom for some rest before a busy late night.I honestly beylikdüzü escort thought he wanted sex again but as we lad naked under the sheets together he cuddled me and fell fast asleep, his cock hard and resting on my pussy between my legs.I set the alarm on my new phone for 8pm just in case I too fell asleep …… I did …. cuddled up to this guy I was falling for in a big way.=======================================================================================When I awoke at 8pm Malik was in the shower and I joined him, we spent so much time washing and cuddling he was worried that we would be late but it only took me 10 minutes to get ready, this time he wanted me to wear stockings and the other pair of high heels plus a robe he had bought for me, pure white and virtually see through in the (wrong) light plus a gorgeous hijab and shawl for my shoulders.I felt quite vunerable as I was naked underneath the robe … but Malik was paying and I was his “White Whore” so couldnt complain.The taxi (wrong another Audi R8 with a driver) arrived and in 10 minutes we were being shown to our table at the Le Grand Cafe De La Poste – which is basically the old Post Office but now one of the top resturants in Morocco – I was introduced to Malik’s collegues, many who had young “wives” and we drank and ate until the early hours of the morning …… I had many “looks” from his male friends … but Malik was being super protective towards me.We decided to walk home as it was a clear night and when we got back to the Riad we again swam naked under the stars before walking naked and wet up to the bedroom where he used me for his (and my) pleasure 3 times …. then he left for prayers and when he returned I was in the pool waiting for him.He liked being rough (which I didnt mind), so when he pinned me to the lounger and roughly fucked my ass, pussy and finally my mouth I worked out a plan, the more I told him I didnt like something or he was hurting me the rougher and harder he became …. in the end I was orgasming myself non stop and when he started biting my nipples I was going crazy …. back in the UK I wouldnt let a guy bite/mark me in anyway but here this guy could do what he wanted to me and I wouldnt tell him to stop …. just do it harder!!For another 5 days we carried on the same, fucking all over the Rhaid, nearly caught in a Hammam during a couples massage, having a wonderful meal at the Pearl skybar watching the sun set on my final night, some of the best sex I have ever ever ever had .Our final session was after Morning Prayers on my final day, Malik was as rough as ever and I sobbed as he fucked me in every hole I could give him, he was harder than I have ever know him …. it was more like **** than sex for pleasure but he finally exploded in my pussy and he too was sobbing as he held me close.”My White Whore is the best, I will miss you, I will call you soon, You come back? Yes?””If you want me back you must go through the Agency Malik, I cannot do private bookings” I replied”You will come back – oneday” he muttered as he got off the bed and left the room.I packed my bag – should I take the clothes and the phone he had bought me??I took the phone as I could sell it back in the UK if I needed cash but I left the clothes neatly on the bed.When I left the Riad the car was gone so I had to hail a taxi and explain in simple sign language “The Airport”The taxi driver would not take any money from me, he just said “sur le compte” – which I found out later means “on account”The flight back was uneventful and 12 hours later I was servicing a 60 year old man with a super small hairy cock and tiny balls who wanted to fuck me in the arse without a condom – a non event lol.My daily routine returned to normal, and the welt marks died down to just small lines in my back (I still have them as a reminder of that first (and only) beating), customers every hour being serviced and going away happy and me checking the Moroccan phone every day in case he texted.Six weeks or so later I had a message from the Agency again (actually it was the day after my 20th Birthday) ….”You have a flight booked to Essouria on Saturday …. he wants to see you again – 14 days – Private Jet apparently from Manchester”Where the fuck is Essouria ……. Part 4 is coming ….Karen ¦xx¦

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