Life Goes On


When my wife Jeannie passed away two years ago, I was devastated. Never mind that she was a beautiful woman-mind, body and soul, and just thirty-eight years old. We were happily raising two strapping, wonderful boys, aged seven and nine. I did the only thing I could do: I put their needs first. I’ve been mother and father, friend and advisor, doctor and teacher to them. I made sure that my boys adjusted as well as possible to their loss, and I think they’ve come out fine. Thanks to all our love and efforts, and the help of grandparents, friends and a caring community, we’ve all made it through; sadder, of course, but grateful that our family has survived in one piece. That’s why it came as such a shock to me when I recently found some old feelings coming to the surface again, at a cub scout meeting, of all places.

The first time I saw Annette she brought a lump to my throat. She’s about five foot-six with auburn hair, piercing blue eyes and the kind of lips that just beg to be kissed. Her breasts, although not large, were perfectly shaped and looked to be really firm, the kind that stand up even without the aid of a bra. The other mothers at the meeting paled by comparison.

As luck would have it, our groups were assigned to work together on scout project. I’m no homewrecker, so I kept some distance from her at first.

Standing next to each other, though, Annette and got to talking. I found out that she’s divorced, the mother of one son. She’s originally from Oklahoma, but has been living in the New York area for a few years and likes it here. Her soft Oklahoma accent made her even more attractive in my eyes, like a lovely western flower. We hit it off nicely, and when the meeting ended both wound up going our separate ways.

Fortunately, there was a Cub Scout picnic about a month later that we both attended. It was then that I saw Annette’s legs, and let me tell you, I was drooling. She was wearing a tank top, short, rather tight denim cut-offs and high-heeled sandals. I must confess I’m a leg man from way back.

A nice set of legs just makes my mouth water, and Annette’s legs were the kind I like best. Not skinny, but solid, with large, muscular calves that flexed every time she got on her tiptoes to see over the heads of the boys. They’re the kind of legs I used to just love to stick my face between, but hadn’t in so very long.

As I walked up from behind, I think she caught me staring, though I’m not sure. Annette turned to greet me with an enthusiastic hug and a kiss on the cheek. We sat and talked for a while as the scouts played. Finally, I told her that I had been out of the dating loop for so many illegal bahis years that I forgot how to ask, but I wanted to know if she’d be interested in taking in dinner and a movie with me.

At first she looked down, somewhat shyly, and I was sort of embarrassed that I had asked. But then to my surprise Annette looked up with a big Oklahoma smile and said she’d love to go out. I felt like I was back in college again!

The evening of our date, I showered, shaved and put on my favorite cologne. Although I’m forty-one, I’ve kept myself in very good shape with diligent weight lifting and aerobic sessions with the stair stepper and punching bag. At five-foot ten, I’m a muscular, solid one hundred eighty-five pounds. Also, sex has always been very important to me. Watching porn tapes and reading erotic literature have helped maintain my strong sex drive. After dropping the kids off at my folks for the evening, I was excited to pick Annette up and start our big night out.

Annette looked lovelier than I had hoped, in a sheer, tight-fitting summer dress with spaghetti straps and those legs! With stockings and high heels, they were just breathtaking. She complimented me on the way I looked too, so I was feeling confident. On the way to dinner, I had the top down on the Mercedes The night was warm and inviting. Her son was away at camp for a week, so we had no home responsibilities. I was ready to go.

After a light dinner with a great bottle of white wine and fun, engaging conversation, I asked Annette what movie she’d like to see. She replied that our conversation was so enjoyable she’d hate to sit in silence and stare at a movie screen. I suggested that since I had an empty house, we could sit in the den with a bag of microwave popcorn and more wine or beer. She just loved the idea and off we went. What a fun gal!

At my house, Annette kicked off her shoes and snuggled up to me. Drinking beers, we talked, laughed and sang. Then I gave her a thorough calf and foot massage. She probably had no idea how turned on I was getting. But then again, I had no idea how turned on she was becoming until she began to show signs of it. Annette soon began to moan softly as I massaged her. While I sang to her, she stopped talking and closed her brilliant blue eyes, She started to rhythmically move her hips and then I knew what was happening. After all, I’m no novice.

I began to massage further up her smooth, tan thighs. Annette offered no resistance at all. Instead, she moved closer to me and began to rub my chest and neck, first outside my shirt, then inside. Then we kissed. Oh, that first kiss. It had been so long since I’d illegal bahis siteleri kissed a woman. My lips trembled slightly but soon we had our rhythm going. We kissed passionately, and she licked my neck until it was wet. My cock was so hard it was pounding, believe me. My hand moved up her thigh and found her mound, and I began to massage it with my fingers. Annette was squirming around and writhing in pleasure.

Looking up, I could see her nipples clearly outlined beneath the thin fabric of her dress. Now, I know that nipples are a woman’s real hot button, so I began to encircle her nipples with my index fingers. Then I squeezed them gently.

By then Annette was getting really hot. She was moaning and sighing, speaking softly, “Oooh, that feels so good, honey. Mmmm, yes, right there.” I lowered the straps of her dress to reveal a beautiful set of tits. Slightly larger than I expected, they were crowned with small, pink nipples, which I would first lick, then blow on, while squeezing the other one. They got hard immediately.

She stood up, smiling seductively, and pulled her dress off. My God, what a body she had. Tight, athletic, with a flat, firm stomach, defined arms and shoulders and a beautiful, manicured pussy, shaved to perfection, I stood up and removed my clothes too, to Annette’s approving glances.

I laid her down on the couch and licked her from bottom to top. I started with the arches of her feet and lingered long on those delicious calves. Oh, what calves she had, so long and shapely, ending with delicate feet capped with dark red polished nails. By the time I got to her pussy, Annette was primed. I licked it up and down, making sure to move the clit hood out of the way so I could lick the entire shaft. Her button was fragrant and soft.

Annette was moaning and talking to me. When I began to lick her asshole, the talking got dirty. “Oh, yeah, lick it there. Lick it good, baby. Stick your tongue all the way up my asshole. Further!” she began to spur me on with more explicit instructions. I happily obeyed her wishes, “Now stick your finger in me, Ummm. In and out, yes, in and out. Oh, God!” Boy, for an Oklahoma flower, she sure could trash it up!

With everything that my mouth and my hand were doing to her, Annette experienced a shuddering orgasm, filling my mouth with delicious juices. By the time it was over, she was breathing heavily and actually starting to sweat. Even her sweat smelled sweet. Then she sat me down and began to return the favor.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing sexier than beautiful woman looking right into the eyes while she’s sucking your cock, and canlı bahis siteleri that’s exactly what Annette did with me. She expertly ran her tongue from my balls to the head of my dick, stopping to suck and then doing it over again.

Then she stroked my dick while licking my asshole.With a devilish grin, she licked her pinkie and gently inserted it into my butt. This is something my wife had never done. The sensation of her sucking my cock with her finger up my ass was so intense. I soon filled her mouth with warm semen, which she eagerly lapped up and swallowed. We had both enjoyed one orgasm, but the night was far from over.

After being without a woman for so long and then finding myself this rare delicacy, it didn’t take much for me to bring my hard-on back to life. A couple of minutes of kissing and fondling did the trick. I stood her up in front of me with her ass in my face while I sat down. The beauty of a woman’s body viewed from behind, her legs, ass and back, should never be under appreciated.

I began to lick the crack of her ass and the back of her legs behind the knees. At the same time, my thumb went into her pussy while her fingers danced along her clit. Annette was looking back at me over her shoulder, a look of utter surrender on her face. That look turned to sheer ecstasy when I inserted one of my fingers deep in her ass. She quite obviously loved it. Her body began to shake. Soon she begged me, “Will you give my ass a good, hard fucking, honey? Will you stick it in my ass? Please! I want you to fuck my ass.”

Soaking my stiff rod with her juices, I sat her down on top of me, my cock far up her ass, my hands squeezing her hard, erect nipples. Annette was shaking her head from side to side, her ass bouncing up and down on my dick as she furiously rubbed her pussy. “Whew, yes. Fuck my ass. It feels so good, baby. You are my man! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I couldn’t believe her talk, but it was arousing as hell, I must admit.

I joined in on the dirty talk after a while. “Do you like having my cock up your ass, darling? Do you like the way my prick feels in your asshole, baby?”

She answered, “Oh, yes, God, yes. I love having your cock up my asshole. Fuck my ass, honey.”

Wow! Her ass was so warm and tight, her perfume was so intoxicating. Eventually, I filled her gorgeous Okie butt to the brim with my come. She collapsed, spent, on top of me. We made love that way all through the night – moaning, talking dirty and coming all over each other.

And now, Annette has become my frequent companion. Our sons are friends, and we do lots of things together. While the little ones enjoy their sleepovers, Annette and I discreetly spend the night together, using vibrators and body oils to pleasure ourselves in so many ways. Annette’s a lovely lady, and a good fuck too. I guess you can find happiness more than once in a lifetime!

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