This is my first story so I hope you all like it!

All the characters are 18 and over.

A huge thanks to Bella_Mariposa for all her help making this process much easier!


God I was bored. Sitting on a Lifeguard stand may look easy but it’s not. It requires an iron will and a good imagination, because no one can watch people swim for hours at a time with out slipping into a daydream. Hell, I can’t complain about my job. After working at the public pool for a couple years I had learned the ropes and let me tell you, they were easy. Decent pay and lots of goofing off made Lifeguarding one of the best jobs I had ever seen. While my friends were behind fast food counters or mowing lawns, I was tanning and swimming. That’s not mentioning the other perk, half naked women prancing around right in front of you. Half the battle of my shift was trying to keep my boner down so I didn’t smack my replacement in the face with it as I climbed off stand. A dude would understand, but my pool had a 1:4 guy girl ratio so more likely than not it was a female co-worker taking my place. Speak of the devil, here was one now.

“Hi Fox!” a voice to my left chirped.

“Hey,” I replied.

As I swung off the stand I tried to catch a glimpse down her shirt. Kenya was tall. At around 5’10 I wasn’t a small dude but she was a good couple inches taller me. That height really helped with her toned stomach and long sexy legs. Where some girls tend to loose some assets with height, Kenya had kept her waist and big shapely ass that tantalized me in that two-piece. Her short sandy blonde hair cut could come off boyish on some girls but it seemed to fit her well. Besides, no one would ever mistake her for a man with a body like hers.

“Have fun!” I called over my shoulder as I went to go retrieve a guard tube for my next station.

I could see her roll her eyes and smile as she turned back to her water. I picked up the tube and started my laps around the pool scanning the water as I went. This station was called “Roving”. It presented a unique opportunity to stretch one’s legs and of course chat it up with the other guards locked on stand. I was making my way around the pool when I noticed two girls walking toward me on their way to the concession stand. While both girls were attractive the one on the left really caught my eye. Her blood red swimsuit really accented her raven hair well and of course pushed up her breasts in a way that my eyes were immediately drawn there. Luckily I always wear sunglasses so they were totally oblivious to my ogling. It also meant she was unaware that I noticed her return stare.

I come from a health nut family. There were never chips, soda, or candy kept in my house. When I was a kid I hated this, but at nineteen I thanked my mom’s habits. They had kept me healthy and in shape. Not only did we eat healthy but at thirteen I started going to the gym. When puberty hit I filled out. Now I had a body to stare at with 6-pack abs and pectorals. My short spiky light brown hair framed my face and drew attention to my strong jaw. I usually rated myself a solid 8/10 but I had heard higher. I continued my lap around the pool scanning every once and a while. I wasn’t too worried. This was a pretty relaxed pool and rarely did anyone have to make a save let alone have to perform CPR. I finally made it over to the deep end. I stopped for a moment to talk to one of the only other male Lifeguards at the pool. Jordan was even taller than Kenya. The height had hit him in force without time for him to adjust, leaving him skinny and gangly. While his body wasn’t getting him looks from girls he was genuinely nice and was liked by everyone at the pool.

“How’s it hanging?” Jordan asked as I approached the stand.

“Pretty good. Not too hot yet thankfully,” I commented as I came to stand by him.

“Oh it will get there; it always does,” he remarked dryly.

He was right. It was only the beginning of June and was just now getting into the 80’s but by mid July we saw temperatures of over 100 degrees. It was miserable. Thankfully we worked at a pool and could get in and cool off any time we wanted.

“I’m going to make a lap,” I told Jordan as started off down the side of the pool.

I made my way from deep around the shallow end, stopping at Kenya’s stand.

“Good so far?” I asked her.

“Oh yea, super exciting,” came her sarcastic reply.

You know how dogs are supposed to reflect their owners? Kenya had a Great Dane and it fit her well. Not only was she tall but her personality was as bubbly and nice as they come, if not a little overbearing. It was enough to turn some people off until you got to know her. Personally I enjoyed it and talked to her whenever I got the chance.

“So I’m having a party at my place…” I heard her say.

“Oh yea? Starting the summer off right with a little guard party action?” I inquired.

She grinned at me and said, “We’ve gotta keep the tradition going!”

I laughed and replied, “Of course! When’s this party going to be?”

“Tomorrow night! I know it’s a little short notice but everyone I’ve illegal bahis talked to is down. Come anytime after nine.”

“Sounds great I’ll be there!” Of course I would. Who would miss a house party with a bunch of cool people?

“Great I’m glad you’re going to be able to make it!” Kenya said with a grin.

There was something about the way she said it. As I walked away I thought she might have sounded a little too enthusiastic about my attendance. I smiled and thought about the possibilities of a low inhabitations party with Kenya. Tomorrow night was going to be great.

Well I was late. The swimmers had taken forever to get their shit and get out. This had caused the closing to be delayed for almost an hour. After driving home and cleaning up I was very fashionably late. I pulled into Kenya’s driveway a little after ten. I was happy to see the party was already in full swing. People, most of them guards, were milling around on the porch as I walked in. Taylor, a handsome blond guard greeted me with a big hug. It had been a year since I had last seen him. We hadn’t had the chance to work together yet.

“Glad to see you dude!” he almost yelled at me.

I just patted him on the back and replied, “Hey man it’s been too long!”

“You ready for a hella fun party tonight bro?” he said to me with a grin.

“Always!” I shot back.

“Well you better go find Kenya; she’s been asking for you.” he gave me a knowing look.

“Oh and why’s that?” I asked.

“Just do it.” He smiled and turned back to his friends.

I wasn’t surprised by his behavior. Taylor was a well-known partier and at this point in the night was liable to be pretty fucked up. His comment about Kenya certainly piqued my interest though. I grinned at the thought as I walked into the house. It was a small two-bedroom one-bath house that Kenya lived in with her roommate, who was also a guard. It was a pretty nice place, not big but cozy. I made my way through the semi-crowded house greeting the people I knew along the way although I was really looking for Kenya. I was about to go out back in search when I heard my voice being called.

“Fox!” I turned to look and was assaulted with a hug.

“Kenya!” I exclaimed. “I was just told to come find you!”

“Oh yea?” She smiled at me, not breaking the hug. “Who gave you that bit of advice?”

I shrugged as much as I could in an embrace, “Taylor told me as I was coming in.”

“Smart man,” Kenya said as she stepped back from me. “You’re so late that I was afraid you weren’t coming!”

I was momentarily saddened when she stepped back. The feeling of her tight body pressed against mine felt really good.

“I wouldn’t have missed this!” I told her.

She smiled shyly and said, “I know I just wanted you to be here.”

“Well here I am! What should we do?” I asked, looking her dead in the eye.

The signals she was putting out were obvious. I was just trying to move things along.

She hesitated for a minute before asking, “Want something to eat? We have chips in the kitchen and soda if you’d like. I think there’s also some beer in the fridge too.”

“I wouldn’t mind something to drink,” I was pretty thirsty, “but no beer. You know, driving and such.”

“Oh you weren’t planning on spending the night?” Kenya inquired as we walked toward the kitchen.

“No I hadn’t planned on it.” I couldn’t think of anything to say.

There it was again, that obvious playful flirting. It looked like she wanted to make this into a game and I was more than willing to play. As was made our way into the kitchen we heard arguing. Sam, Kenya’s roommate, was in a fight with some wasted looking frat.

“Just get the fuck out of here Keith!” Sam yelled at him.

The guy just shook his head, muttered, “Bitch,” and walked off.

Sam looked up apologetically as we walked into the room.

“Sorry about that. You know how exes are. Glad to see you made it Fox!”

“Glad to be here. Sorry it took me so long,” I replied.

She made a waving motion with her hand.

“Don’t worry about it. The important thing is you’re here now,” She said as she moved to leave the room.

As Sam left she shot Kenya a look I couldn’t quite figure out, then was gone.

“How about that drink?” Kenya asked breaking the awkward silence.

“Sounds great!” I replied.

She was pouring us both drinks when her Great Dane, Boondocks, waked in. He was a MASSIVE dog. He looked more like a small grey horse if you ask me. His head came up to my stomach and his back was even with the tops of my thighs.

“Hey buddy!” Kenya exclaimed as she handed me a drink.

Boondocks came over and greeted us both before going and standing by the back door. He looked at Kenya and then the doorknob.

Kenya put her hands on her hips and said, “Boondocks this isn’t the time to go for a walk!”

Boondocks just whined and pathetically scraped at the door.

“Fine! You win!” she said and threw her hands in the air.

Kenya turned to look at me sheepishly. “Sorry Fox. I’ll be back in a couple minutes.”

“How illegal bahis siteleri about I come keep you company?” I asked. “Its nice out and I don’t mind going for a walk.”

The smile she gave me spoke volumes. We walked out the back door and around the house. Boondocks was a well trained dog and stayed with us as we made our way down the street. We made small talk as Boondocks sniffed around the sidewalk. Kenya’s house was close to the public park that we worked at so we decided that we should go there. A short walk later we were sitting on a park bench watching Boondocks run around.

It was amazing how such a big animal could move so fast. As we sat together I figured now that we had some alone time I should make a move.

“Why were you so eager for me to be at the party tonight?” I asked, breaking our comfortable silence.

“So I could get you wasted and take advantage of your innocence of course!” she joked.

I snorted, “What innocence?”

Kenya turned to look at me, our faces almost touching. “Gasp! Fox! Are you telling me that you aren’t innocent?”

Instead of responding I closed the short distance between our lips and kissed her. She eagerly submitted and wrapped her arms around my head. I responded by pulling her onto my lap. As the kiss deepened I opened my mouth and slid my tongue into hers. Kenya whimpered a little, attacking my tongue with her own. I became bolder, sliding my hand down to the edge of her tank top. I felt her smile as my hand found its way into her shirt. I began massaging her breasts, surprised at how large they were. Her guard suit hadn’t been doing them justice. Just as we began to really get into it, Boondocks came back.

“Come on, we can continue this back at my house,” she said with a wink.

We rushed back to her house only to be greeted with the sounds of yelling. As we entered the front door I saw everyone crowded around Sam and her asshole boyfriend who had apparently not “fucked off.” This time there argument was much more heated. To the amusement of the intoxicated partygoers, it just got worse and worse. Finally the drunk frat had enough and slapped Sam across the face. Of course her friends jumped to her aid. Kenya ran to her side while Taylor, Jordan, and I threw the guy’s ass out. When we got back in Kenya was helping her crying friend into her bedroom. The party pretty much dispersed after that. I hung around for a little while hoping to see Kenya again. I had given up on the hopes of our earlier plans but still wanted to see her before I left. Finally around midnight she came out of Sam’s bedroom.

“How is she?” I asked.

“She’ll be fine. Just a little shaken up that’s all,” she said. “Sorry we can’t really continue from where we left off. That was a real mood killer.”

“Its fine. I can’t say I’m not disappointed though,” I replied with a sigh.

Kenya fixed me with a look that screamed “hungry” and said, “Oh, don’t think this is over.” She kissed me hard. Then pointed me to the door.

“It’s just been put on hold.”

Saturdays were always relaxed. Few people came to the pool amounting to a lot of down time. This was very preferable especially to those who had partied hard the night before and were nursing their hangovers. It also helped that the pool didn’t open until one, so that meant a morning of sleeping in. Since my night hadn’t been too wild I was feeling great. I arrived early to help open the pool. To my surprise Kenya was there to open with me. I hadn’t realized she was working today. She gave me a special smile before setting to work unstacking chairs around the pool. As I clocked in I heard a mumbled hello from the manager’s corner. Roy, the lead manager at the pool, had his head down on his desk.

“Drink a little to much last night?” I asked, chuckling at his sorry state.

“Shaddup!” he grumbled through his arms.

Roy was a quirky guy. Most people couldn’t handle a conversation with him one on one because of it. Over the past 3 years I had been working at the pool, I had made a pretty solid friendship with him by first being a good worker, then being one of the people who enjoyed talking to him. Despite being a little hard for some to talk to he was the best manager out of the three. I continued to smirk as I climbed the ramp that lead onto the raised pool deck with some trash bags. As I got to the top I stopped. A little ways in front of me Kenya was bending over to unstack a lawn chair and I was getting a fantastic view of her shapely ass. I didn’t know how she could have such a small waist and still have that nice of an ass but I wasn’t about to argue.

Kenya turned to look as she heard me put a bag in the trashcan, oblivious to my staring. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her grin. I briefly wondered what she was up to before Kenya began to stretch. First she reached down to touch her toes, her butt facing me. Then she slowly stood up, turning to face me as she stretched her hands up making her breasts jiggle. I remembered how big they had felt last night and wished that stupid frat hadn’t interrupted us.

“Whatcha looking at canlı bahis siteleri Fox?” Kenya called with a smile.

“N-Nothing!” I yelled back.

She wasn’t fooled and just laughed. Kenya turned to walk away toward the other unstacked chairs. I swear she made an extra effort to put a little extra sway in her hips. I was hypnotized. Suddenly she turned around and caught me staring. That just made her grin bigger. With a wink she turned back to her work. My dick was rock hard.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful save one exception. Since Saturdays are so slow there usually only has to be 2-3 people on stand at a time, leaving the other five guards on break. This meant killing time by swimming in the deep end. It was a hot day so all five guards were there, Kenya included. I was hanging on the side of the wall talking to Jordan about the previous night’s party and its untimely end when Kenya came up on the other side of me. The three of us chatted for about ten more minutes till it was time to go rotate. Kenya and I were lucky. We had forty minutes of break to Jordan’s twenty. With just us left swimming the conversation turned to other things.

“So Sam’s going out tonight with some friends. I wanted to know if you were up to doing something?” Kenya asked me.

“She’s going out so soon after what happened last night? I would have thought she would take it easy for a couple days,” I said.

“No she thought it would be better to move on as fast as possible from it. Help her forget and stuff,” She replied.

“Well in that case what should we do? Are there any parties tonight?” I asked.

“I was thinking more of staying in,” she said with a smirk. “How about you come to my house after we get off work?”

“Sounds great!” I said. “But I’ll be all nasty from the pool.”

“Don’t worry, you can shower at my house,” she winked.

I felt her hand grab my hardening dick though my swim trunks and give it a gentile squeeze. With that she pulled herself out of the pool and sauntered off to the office. I couldn’t help but notice her shake her ass a little more as she walked away. It looked like tonight was going to be even better than last.

“I HATE cleaning bathrooms!” I complained, as Kenya and I walked into her house.

“Preaching to the choir,” she said, flopping down on her couch.

I followed suit sitting down beside her and putting my face in my hands. The rest of the day had been easy, but cleaning the bathrooms was a daily chore that everyone hated. It was tiring, nasty, and the last thing you wanted to do, especially after a day of work.

I voiced my feelings.

“I feel so nasty after that!” I told her.

Kenya’s eyes lit up. I quickly remembered what she said earlier.

“Me too,” she agreed, “how about we go take one?”

I was more than happy to oblige. We got up and made our way to the bathroom. For such a small apartment it had a decent sized bathroom and the walk in shower surprised me. I expected a tub shower, but this meant much more room. Kenya turned on the water to let it heat up. She proceeded to take off her shirt and shorts, leaving her only in her bathing suit. As she moved to take that off, I stopped her.

“Wait! I want to do that part,” I told her. “I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“One condition. I get to take off yours!” she giggled.

“Of course!” I said.

I took off my shirt, walked over to her, and wrapped my arms around her waist. I lowered my lips to hers and we kissed passionately. Wasting no time I slid my hands up her back till I felt the clasp of her suit. I was finally going to see the objects of my fantasies. After fumbling for a moment I was able to unhook it. As her suit fell to the floor I felt her hands untying my swim trunks. They fell to the ground and I stepped out of them pushing Kenya toward the shower.

“Mmm,” she moaned as her naked back hit the cool glass of the shower.

We briefly parted so I could slide her bikini bottoms to the ground. We stepped into the hot shower and found each other’s arms again. As we kissed we gently rubbed our wet naked bodies together. I reached around to cup Kenya’s amazing ass and ground her closer to me. Suddenly she broke the kiss. I was momentarily disappointed before I saw her sliding down to her knees. The feeling of her wet body rubbing up against mine on her way was incredible. For a minute she just sat there on her haunches pumping my dick and letting the hot water spray down on her. Then little by little I felt her start to lick and kiss her way up and down my shaft.

“Tasty!” She winked before taking me into her mouth.

“Ahhhh!” I groaned as I thrust my cock into her mouth.

Kenya relaxed her throat and looked up at me, urging me to go on. I took two fistfuls of her hair and started plunging in and out of her hot little mouth. Every once and a while she would gag and I would stop for a second before continuing my slow face fucking. After a while I let her take back over and she pulled off me, bending down to where she could suck on my balls. The tickling sensation was driving me crazy and she knew it. Kenya took me to the edge but denied me release. Instead she just kept licking my balls and gently stroking my shaft. After an eternity she finally took me back in her mouth and after deepthroating me a couple times I burst.

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