Life’s a Beach

Big Tits

It was the summer break after my Sophomore year of college and I had absolutely no plans for the next three months. It was gonna be great. No classes, no homework, no responsibilities of any kind—except partying and getting laid as much as humanly possible. That was my only plan for the entire summer. My parents worked hard, so money was not an issue for me. As long as I did well during the school year, they allowed me to just take the summer off to relax and make the most of my “formative years.” I already had some awesome plans lined up for the summer: next week was my friend Justin’s huge Birthday Bash and in July, I was going to New Mexico to visit a friend from college. But what I was looking forward to the most was the family beach trip to our summer house down on the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Ever since I was six years old, we’ve owned an incredible beach house right on the Atlantic Ocean and I have had some of the best experiences of my life there. I kissed my first girl there, saw my first titty and even lost my virginity there. I swear some of the most beautiful girls in the world vacation there and, ever since I had been old enough to get a boner, I made it a point to at least touch one of them every year. They all knew that we’d never see each other again, so they would do anything (and I mean anything) without even thinking twice about it. It was incredible. No holds bar passion, with no consequences and no restraint. That still wouldn’t be for another couple weeks though, so I had to be content with the girls that lived in my hometown until then.

I was only 19 at the time, but I had a fake ID and had been buying beer almost everyday and just hanging out by the in-ground pool in our backyard. It was quite the life. I would tell my parents that I had been out there studying for the MCATs, but they were so busy with work that they had no idea what I was actually doing. That was still another two years away, so I was not really worried about it.

I loved just floating around all day on a raft, sucking back a cold beer, without a care in the world. There’s really nothing better I can imagine. It’d been pretty idyllic, but unfortunately that was all about to end. My younger sister Ashley was graduating from High School the following week and from then on out she was going to be around everyday to annoy me. We’d not always been the best of friends, or even siblings for that matter, so it was not exactly something I was looking forward to.

We had a pretty high privacy fence in our backyard and I had gotten used to floating around naked in the pool. I had forgotten what day my sister was going to be finishing up with school and was out there doing my normal routine. I was sprawled out on my raft, beer in hand and cock out on display, when my sister and her friend ataşehir escort bayan Briana came barreling through the back door. I quickly dismounted my raft into the cool water, but not before they both could get a decent look at what I had to offer.

My sister acted shocked and immediately covered her eyes, but Briana, well Briana, she was not quite so coy. I had known her for a while and we had always kind of had this middle school type relationship. You know the kind: sarcastic jokes and playful touches; poking, punching, tickling—just so you could make some sort of carnal contact. But that was about it—never anything more than that.

Briana just walked right over to the side of the pool, stared directly at my dick and asked me brazenly, “missing something?” My trunks were sitting over on the deck next to the pool. She slowly turned, walked over to where they were laid out on the ground, bent at the waist—showing off her shapely ass—and picked them up.

Briana was one of the sexiest girl I had ever met, with dark brown, slightly wavy hair that streamed down, gently framing her delicate face; the biggest, most beautiful almond shaped eyes that pierced right to your soul; and don’t even get me started on her body. My God, the curves on that girl would make you want to jerk off every time she entered the room. Anyway…I was in quite the predicament.

My sister ran over and grabbed the shorts out of Briana’s hands and immediately threw them into the pool. “Jesus Christ Sean, no one wants to see that little pecker of yours. Put your God damn shorts back on.”

“Hey the last time you saw my “pecker” was when we used to bathe together when we were 5. It’s grown a considerable bit since then.”

“I don’t give a shit,” she retorted. “Just put your shorts back on ’cause we want to come in for a dip, too.”

“Well let me pull myself together,” I said as I stared into Briana’s eyes.

“Don’t pull too much, we’ll be right in,” Briana shot back.

With that my sister yanked her away and back into the house.

I quickly put my swim shorts back on and ran back into the house to get another round of beers. If anything was gonna happen today, I figured we’d need a little “social lubricant.” I quickly, and as quietly as possible, snuck back in, grabbed not only some beers, but the bottle of Stoli Raz that I had bought the other day as well. That gets the job done a lot faster and I think 18 year-old girls would rather drink that than beer, anyhow. I threw the beers into a cooler and took everything outside and placed it down next to my lounge chair. I settled in just as they exited the house.

I could not even believe my eyes. The two most beautiful girls I had ever seen in real life just emerged from my house, in two of the smallest bikinis escort kadıköy I had ever seen in real life. First, Ashley came out in a small gold sequined string bikini that was nothing but a few shiny patches—just barely covering up everything that counts; then, Briana following right behind her—wearing what was ostensibly a more conservative cut bikini, but appeared to be a very sheer white material that I could only imagine would be quite revealing once it got wet.

I was speechless as they came and joined me on my lounge chair. I had sat up when they came out and they joined me on either side, placing their hot bodies at a dangerous proximity. I managed to stammer an offer of some beer, to which they gladly accepted.

“Is this all you’ve been doing all summer so far?” my sister questioned, disparagingly.

“Well, yeah. Pretty much,” I managed to get out.

“What’s that other bottle you’ve got over there?” Briana asked, as she leaned across my lamp to retrieve it. “Oh my God, Stoli Raz! I love this stuff!” she exclaimed as she removed the cap and took a big swig directly from the bottle.

I really liked where things were going, but felt kind of weird with my sister being here. Then all of a sudden Ashley grabbed the bottle from Briana and took an equally big chug and, after that, all my concerns seemed to melt away.

I looked at the two beauties sitting next to me and could not believe my good luck. I didn’t even know what to do next. I just kind of sat back and relaxed and enjoyed the view. I figured there was no need to force anything. They were kind of the ones in control of the situation and was at the mercy of their whims. The look on their faces portrayed nothing but complete assurance and composure, so I figured I would let them handle the proceedings.

We passed the bottle back and forth a few times and suddenly Ashley stood up and announced that we all needed to get in the pool. I couldn’t of agreed more. All I had been thinking about since Briana had first come through the door was the previous summers we had spent out back here flirting and fooling around. She had really matured, however, in the last year since I saw her and I could not wait to get my hands on that body.

My sister got up first and I stared guiltily at her small, but firm ass as she made her way over to the pool. It felt weird checking out my own sister, but I had never seen her in such an outfit and I found myself unable to take my eyes off of her sexy little body. I held back and allowed Briana to get up next, in order to get a good look at her before she descended into the distortive waters. A thing of beauty my friends; absolute perfection is the only way I can describe this girl’s ass and the way her thong bikini rode up into her delicate ass-crack made my bostancı escort dick hurt in anticipation.

I got up trying to be cool, but hurried into the pool behind them before they noticed my raging hard-on. I brought the bottle of Stoli over and once in the pool, we passed it around again. Everyone was obviously feeling pretty good at that point as we swam around and occasionally splashed at each other playfully. Every once in a while one of us would try to dunk someone and let our hands roam—wherever they happened to land. I got a handful of titties more then once and my dick poked into Briana’s ass over and over again.

At one point she even grabbed a hold—until my sister noticed and gave her another disapproving glance. I really had no idea how far this was gonna go, but was willing to follow wherever it led. As I had predicted, when Briana’s bathing suit became wet it was practically translucent and I could clearly make out the details of all her secrets. Her nipples were so hard between the cold water and the hot flirting that they threatened to break through the thin material. I wanted nothing more than to rip off her top and suck on them till she came.

But this fantasy was short lived as we heard our Mother pull up in the driveway out front of the house. “Fuck me!” Ashley screamed and hurriedly made her way over to the stairs. “I can’t let Mom see this bikini or she will never let me go to our beach house, ever again.” Briana was right behind her, not wanting to let our Mom see her in such a revealing outfit either.

I followed closely behind as well to attempt to hide my illicit beverages before our Mother entered the house. As Briana exited up the pool stairs, I was at eye level with her ass. When she got to the top of the stairs, I could clearly see straight through the thin material and make out every intimate curve of her tender pussy lips. She gave a knowing glance over her shoulder, stopped and moved her ass back as my forward motion carried me into her awaiting kiss. My nose practically went up inside her and we both began to laugh uncontrollably. Ashley glared at us once again and we both knew that, unfortunately, this was neither the time nor place.

I watched as two incredible asses ran up the stairs to my sister’s bedroom to change. Then, I hurriedly threw all the beer into the cooler and ran up the stairs and ducked into my room and shut the door as I heard my mom coming through the front. My heart was racing as I stuffed everything underneath my bed to ensure its safety.

I pulled down my shorts, as I planned to change to go down and talk to my Mother. But, as I got them half way down, I looked over into my mirror and noticed my huge erection sticking out—I knew there was no way I could go down there quite yet. My mom yelled up, “Hey guys I’m home,” to which both me and my sister simply grunted replies. I began pulling on my my dick as fast as I could to bring myself some relief. I stared into the mirror as my hand became a blur on my shaft and in a matter of minutes sprayed in ecstasy all over my mirror.

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