Cum On

I sat at the bar watching the people around me. I really liked going with him when he would have to be away on business trips. We enjoy each other so much. I didn’t mind the time I was alone in a strange town while he was off working. We always met up when he was through and we would have time for each other then. We had been at this place before. We knew Ann, the barmaid, so he knew I was not bored.

He was at a “Conversion Workshop” and had just glanced at his watch wanting to see just how much longer he had until he could get to me. We had made plans to meet in the lounge for a drink, have dinner and then find something to do. That never seemed to be a problem for us. “One hour…” he thought to himself.

As Ann and I talked like old buddies, I continued drinking my frozen margarita. Slowly though, I knew how they could slip up on me. Ann’s attention shifted as a woman sat down at the far end of the bar. It was obvious to me that the lady was upset and that Ann knew her.

“Excuse me Shay,” Ann whispered as she walked to the end of the bar. The two of them were in deep conversation for about 15 minutes, then Ann began to walk towards me. She was obviously trying to get her to come join our conversation.

I watched in the mirror as the lady got off the barstool and started in my direction. She was about 5′ 6,” short dark hair and had a nice body. She was attractive even with the proof she had been crying showing in her big eyes.

Ann placed a coaster on the bar and put a drink on it for the lady as she introduced us, “Shay, this is my sister Lisa, Lisa … Shay.”

I looked at Lisa, smiled and asked, ” Nice to meet you Lisa. You OK?”

Lisa took a sip of her drink and replied, ” Yes..or I will be. Nice to meet you Shay. You from around here?”

I told her a little about me and that I was from Texas. The three of us talked for a good while. In doing so, I found out that Lisa was upset with her boyfriend of 6 years. As we talked time seem to go slow. Lisa seemed to be relaxing and enjoying the bashing we were giving her boyfriend. Ann told her she needed to go out with her friends, give herself time to cool down. She offered to let her to stay over at her place. “Get with him tomorrow and see where things stand,” Ann suggested.

I agreed and Lisa seemed to be in agreement too. She would go out with some friends and deal with him the next day.

“Ann…I need another blouse. I left without anything…” Lisa stated.

I thought I could save her some time by just taking her to our room and finding her something to wear. I told her, ” Lisa, I know I have something up in my room that would work, I also have my make-up there if you would like to wash your face and touch up. Please….you can bring it back tomorrow … will save you some time!”

As Lisa and I slid off the barstools, Ann told me she would let him know I was at the room.

With that being said the two of us made it into the lobby and were waiting for an elevator. Lisa was all smiles on the way up and telling me how much she appreciated my help. She said she would be staying over at Ann’s and she would be sure that Ann returned the blouse to me.

Slipping my key card in the door, I was already thinking about a light blue, off the shoulder top I had that would look great. I stepped to the closet and took out three different tops for her. When I turned, she was on the last button of her blouse and was peeling the top off. She was telling me about one of her favorite restaurants and I could hear a slight tremble in her voice. As I stepped up to her, I placed a top against her chest and began to tell her, ” This looks great Lisa, your eyes work it well….Chin up! You are going to have fun!”

Lisa placed her hands over the top I was holding against her ample breast and turned away. She walked to the dressing area and looked at her refection in the mirror. Lisa looked at me and said, ” Shay…he knew before we started seeing each other that I had a friend. A close friend. A female. He was ok with it. Thought it was great. He would watch us at times. I trusted him.”

I saw the tears welling up in her blue eyes so I went to the vanity and got a tissue, I stood to the left of her looking at her in the mirror as she wiped her face.

“He crossed the line didn’t he?” I asked. ” He hit on your lady.”

Lisa could only shake her head acknowledging what I just said was true. ” That happens a lot ya know” she continued. ” Men think they can see their lady with another lady and keep their thoughts where they should be. Keep their hands to themselves. Men look at it different. pendik escort His friends are off limits to his lady…but his ladies friends are theirs to share.”

“Not all,” I said. “There are some that understand the rules.”

Lisa looked at me with a blank stare and asked, ” You play with ladies?”

Just the way she asked, I felt a rush. ” No,” I replied, but I could not seem to take my eyes from her bare shoulders.

Lisa ducked down a little to look me in the eye and asked, ” Ever thought about it? Your eyes are telling me you have.”

My mouth went dry. It was as if all the moisture went south. I caught her quick glance at my cleavage. Then Lisa commented, ” You have a man here Shay?” as she picked up his bottle of Curve and held the bottle to her right shoulder. As she rubbed it back and forth, not only was it leaving his scent on her skin, but causing it to fill the room as well. She then continued as she placed the bottle on the vanity, ” You sure you know what he would do if he saw you with another woman? Would he just watch? Would he please himself or would he come to the women for that? Would he come to you to please him or the other woman?” She went silent and bit her bottom lip.

I couldn’t help but smile…and I could not give her an answer either.

Lisa lowered the top and seem to suck all the air from the room.

I instructed her to put the top on and then I asked, “Wanna find out? You want to help me see what my guy would do? Keep in mind, he knows I have not been with a female before…I would think that would excite him even more. Don’t you think?” I stepped over to the desk and picked up the phone. I pressed *15 for room service. Lisa watched me as I watched her teasing her nipple through her bra.

” Yes…would you please send up a meat and cheese tray, a tray of assorted fresh fruits, whipped cream and…some pudding…make it butterscotch please. Thank you.” After placing the reciever back on the base, I then picked up my cell phone, pressed his programmed key.

“Hey Baby!” he moaned over the phone. ” I am pulling up to the valet parking now.”

I heard the bells go off as he opened the door. I told him I had gone back to the room, he could find me there.

” You OK Shay?” he asked with a serious tone.

I smiled at Lisa and told him I was fine, to please come to the room. I closed my cell phone and placed it on the desk. I then walked to Lisa taking her hand and leading her into the oversized bathroom. We both slipped out of our shoes and I lead her into the glass shower, both with a smile on our faces.

I heard the door open as he was saying to someone, ” I guess we are dining in tonight, thank you.” I could hear the cart so I knew Room Service was taken care of.

I placed my finger over Lisa’s lips to quiet her as I reached to turn on the shower. Then I whispered , ” He has always wanted to see this, let’s see what he’s made of. He will think the shower is going for him. Let’s play.”

I heard him call me as he started into the bathroom, ” Shay Lyn …” He stopped quickly as he saw Lisa and I standing under the spray of water looking at him through the glass.

I had slipped my index finger under her bra strap and Lisa had placed her hand on the front of my tight jeans.

The smile that spread over his face, I will never forget. I knew I felt Lisa’s heart race a little at the sight of him standing there, his left hand on his waist and titling his head smiling. He finally managed to ask, ” Shay Lyn…what are you up to?”

“Say hi to Lisa..and have a seat. I will be with you in a few,” I shouted to him as I reached to undo her bra.

He pulled up the chair from the vanity and sat just outside the bathroom door. He had the best seat in the house. He sat and watched as I, his lady, fulfilled one of his fantasies.

As I slid Lisa’s bra from her shoulders, I could still smell the Curve she had placed there. Leaning into her neck, I began to kiss her shoulders. He could see the nipple on her tit mushroom quickly. Water began to trail off of it like a stream. As Lisa laid her head back, he knew he was in for a good show. He watched as I moved my lips to her chest. He knew what a detailed lover I was. He always knew I could please a woman, he just wondered how I would receive being pleasured by one.

Lisa slid her hands under my top after she quickly untucked it. She started to lift it and brought it over my head exposing my breast being pushed up by my bra. She immediately scooped my right tit from the cup and placed her wet mouth on it. He actually heard my gasp over the running water. escort pendik My bra fell, I spread my legs to steady my self. He watched as Lisa moved over to my hard nipple. She took it inside her mouth. Her sucking was visible as her cheeks began to work in a rhythm that was taking me by complete surprise. My hands slipped down the curve of her wet body. Slipping my hands into the waist of her wet jeans, she sucked her tummy in as I started to the front of them. Removing my right hand to unsnap them, I slipped my left hand down to her trimmed mound.

I had not noticed she was peeling my jeans from me at the same time. I knew that Lisa was getting my attention. My concentration seemed to be going down the drain as she touched me with her mouth in places that only a man had touched.

He watched as Lisa began to suck at the top of my stomach. Lisa began to step on the bottom of her jeans and pulling up causing them to slide down her shapely legs. My inexperience did not seen to phase her.

He could see my hand between her legs, touching her pussy. He was getting excited. The fullness in his slacks was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. He unbuckled his belt, un buttoned his slacks and unzipped them. His dick was fully erect. He had to touch himself. As he watched the two in the shower, the water streaming down the glass, he had to stroke it. He was telling himself to go slow as he felt his balls reacting to the excitement. He tried closing his eyes to regain his composure. He could not do it. He had to watch.

Lisa had started a trail with her tongue down my tummy. As she got to my belly bo, I filled my hands with her hair. I turned and looked at him. He knew by the look on my face, this girl was fucking me up. I seen his dick in his hand. It was so hard, the head seemed larger than ever. The veins seems to be pulsing. I saw where his eyes were focused. He was watching Lisa licking and sucking at my little white panties. I could feel her sucking the water from them. When I felt her slip her finger inside the elastic waistband I pulled her hair back and looked down at her.

” Look at him,” I whispered.

Lisa turned and looked seeing his hand holding his thick dick. She gave him a little wink and turn back to me. Taking the fabric of my panties that was over my mound between her teeth, I felt it as she pulled the cameltoe from my wet slit. Slowly she pulled the wet panties from me and I stepped out of them.

I had to laugh as she opened the shower door just enough and tossed my wet panties onto the floor in front of him.

We both laughed as we heard him say in a raspy voice, “I should have known she would have got a sassy one.”

I knew I wanted to take this out of the shower, so I cut the water off. We popped the shower door open and grabbed two fluffy towels and began to dry each other off. Some areas took a little more rubbing than others.

He had moved into the bedroom area. He had removed his clothes quickly and had his boxer briefs on, well tented.

As we came back into the bedroom area wrapped in towels, he was going over the food cart. He was pretending not to notice we were in the room.

Lisa and I had stepped up to the edge of the bed and she pulled me to her. She placed her lips to mine and started to softly tug at them. I felt my clit begin to ache. Wanting to be touched. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and kissed her. Her mouth was sweet.

I smiled to myself thinking there was no stubble. I loved the stubble, but that thought quickly left me as I felt her hands on my ass.

I reached for her hand and turned to the food cart.

He was still there eating and pretending to not watch us. His dick was selling him out though.

I lead Lisa to the cart and picked up a big, red, juicy strawberry. Lisa took one and drug it through the whipped cream. She then placed it between my legs, pulled it through my slit and then placed it to her mouth.

As she ate the strawberry, I followed her lead and placed the strawberry to her slit, then to my mouth. As I bit into the fruit I glanced over to him. He stopped chewing finding it hard to swallow. I then asked Lisa, ” You like butterscotch?”

She assured me she loved it.

I picked up the bowl of butterscotch pudding, winked at him knowing it was his favorite as we walked to the bed. I placed my index and middle finger into the bowl of pudding. I then applied the pudding over her nipples. Peeking it. Making sure it covered the entire areola. I then got more pudding on my fingers and she spread her legs slightly as I smeared the pudding over her wet swollen lips. pendik escort bayan He was watching my hand as my middle finger slipped inside her quickly and back out.

Lisa then applied the pudding to me. Covering my areolas and then covering my pussy. She looked over at him as she put more pudding on my pussy and told him, ” I am a hearty eater.”

He smiled at her and said, ” Now Lisa, I felt that in my balls.”

Smiling, Lisa laid down on the bed. I turned and leaned over her taking my tongue and licking just enough pudding from her to uncover her left nipple, then I moved to the right one. Moving back a little hovering over her, she was able to latch on to my nipple and began to clean the pudding off. A slow lick at a time. He knew how sensitive my nipples were so he was not surprised when I started moaning with every slash she made over them with her tongue.

I had to taste her. I lowered my mouth to her diaphram and started a trail of kisses to her pussy. As I slide down her, I could feel her warm breath getting closer to my wetness.

Placing my hands on her knees, I spread her legs more as I looked up at him. I wanted him to see what I was about to do. My face got a quick change of expression as I felt Lisa’s first lick at my pussy with her tongue. I gasped as he looked at me, my eyes fluttered a little. I held my breath. Lisa was running her tongue up and down my labia. Stopping at times to slip her tongue up in me.

He could see the pleasure on my face.

Lisa placed her hands on my hips to hold me to her as she fucked me with her tongue. As I felt my body being pleased, I watched him as he stroked his dick. I could see the head becoming slick and shiny with his sweet precum.

I slipped my index finger inside Lisa and nodded for him to come to the edge of the bed. As he approached, his dick bobbing in front of him, I knew I wanted him too.

As I was working my finger in and out of Lisa’s wet pussy, I raised my head as to meet his dick. He placed two fingers on this shaft, pressing it down to me. I took just the head in my mouth and began to suck. He was getting suck for suck. He felt everyone I got from Lisa.

I then pulled my mouth from his dick. He was so hard.

Looking up at him standing over me, seeing my pussy in another’s woman’s face, my face between her legs.

I reached for his hand. Taking it, I pulled him down and he got on his knees at the foot of the bed. I then placed his middle finger at Lisa’s opening. He looked at me with a puzzled look. As I pushed his thick finger into Lisa’s pussy I whispered to him, ” We are partners…we share.” I begin to move his finger in and out until he started doing it himself.

Turning his palm upward, I heard Lisa moan from underneath me. I knew his long, thick finger had touched her g-spot.

I pulled up on the hood protecting her clit and he watched as I teased her with the diamond he had enjoyed. Lisa began to cum. Her body was soaring as he and I put her over the edge. He placed another finger to her pussy and brought it to my lips. It was coated with her juices, he slipped it into my mouth. I looked at him as I removed all of her from his finger. I then placed my finger into her wet pussy, removed it and then placed it to his lips. His surprise was all over his face. He began licking Lisa from my finger, never taking his eyes from mine.

Lisa took my clit between her lips and began to suck. I was louder than he had ever heard me. The feeling was so intense it was almost deafening.

He slipped his finger from her and I placed my tongue there, licking her up and down slowly then my ass begin to move up and down as I fucked her tongue. My tongue was going in and out of her as she had another orgasm.

I reached to him taking his dick in my hand. I raised up pulling myself from Lisa, quickly turning my ass to the end of the bed. He loved when I would get on my hands and knees. He quickly placed his arms around me and pulled me up as his thick dick started demanding entrance to my pussy.

Lisa moved forward between my legs and was able to place her tongue against the underside of his dick. That was the only part of his dick that was not inside me. She was stroking it with her toungue every time he entered and withdrew a little from me. I could feel her nose touching my clit and the sounds he was making as he fucked me were wonderful. I felt my body begin to tense up around his dick. I could feel it swelling more. We both began to cum. Lisa was there to taste us both as it came from me.

As we caught our breaths and separated, he and I could not wait for Lisa to leave. Now we wanted some one on one. Before Lisa left she told me it looked like I do knew my man.

I had to reply…” No…I try and include him ONLY when I feel safe about it…just like I just did.”

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